If you're under legal age, or you don't like erotic gay domination stories, or interracial fiction, don't read this. If you're into gay muscles and domination and interracial sex, I hope you enjoy this story.

Davon White, Superstud

Chapter 10

So I'm setting here in the rec room talking to Omar and Jasen and god, I hate this place. Back at 'Baltimore City' I had slave boys, yes, boys, as in 'more than one' all hot to trot and ready to serve my needs day or night. I had cock hungry guards trying to get my attention, I had a fantastic weight room with special privileges for using it. I had everything a guy could ask for. Shit, I was king of the world.

But here I was still powerless. Oh, things were changing and I was beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was going too slow. I needed a fuck boy desperately. For god's sake, the wrinkled ass of my sixty-two year old cell mate was beginning to look attractive. Let me tell you that is sheer desperation. I was so hot and horny that I've actually turned to my right hand, which I haven't had to do for years.

"Jesus, fucking, Christ, what is that?" I gasped as I looked up.

"What?" "Who?" Omar and Jasen both said as they turned around to see. And there, just entering the rec room was 'Mr. Ravishing Beauty' and I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. I mean it must have been a mirage because nobody can look that stunning in real life. But there he was, the most beautiful kid/man I'd ever seen. I'll repeat that; he was the most beautiful kid I'd ever seen, bar none.

Has that ever happened to you? You see a guy and do a double take in disbelief because he is so magnificent that he looks unreal? He simply has a glow about him that makes him stand out in a crowd?

Well here he was, but I had no idea who he was, but I'll tell you this, my dick got harder than it's been in days or weeks or maybe months, and it happened in about two seconds. And I swear to God, I think it was now twelve inches instead of ten. I glanced down at my bulge and it sure as hell looked like it had grown to twelve.

Sorry to get carried away here, but I was pretty much overwhelmed. My cock was aching from need and desire and I couldn't pull my eyes away from that incredible vision.

"Get your eyes back in your head, Boss" Omar laughed.

"Shit," I said in amazement. "Shit." I was simply speechless.

"Calm down, Boss" Jasen laughed. "You look like you're going to have a stroke. And that damn snake in your pants is looking obscene."

"Who is that... that... that creature?" I asked in awe.

"They're just summer interns. Law school kids" Omar said.

"They?" I said.

"There's two of them, Boss" Omar laughed. "There's a girl next to him. Get your head out of the clouds." Now that Omar mentioned it, I saw that there were two kids with the Warden, but I wouldn't have noticed a herd of elephants thundering by with 'Mr. Ravishing Beauty' standing there.

Light brown hair rather tousled with a cool unkempt look. Call it rakish or dashing or whatever, but he was one fucking gorgeous kid. And me and my dick were both standing at attention, and I'm not sure, but I may have been drooling.

Young and proud and sure of himself, you'd expect someone that beautiful be look disdainful, but he seemed to have a pleasant smile on his face as he walked through the room with the Warden. My cock gave another enormous throb, trying to tear its way out of my coveralls.

"Alright" I said, finally coming to my senses. "Tell me again. Who is he?"

"They're summer interns" Omar said. "They're first or second year law students who will spend the summer here volunteering to help the prisoners with any legal issues they might have."

God he was a pretty kid; looked to be sixteen but had to be in his twenties; reminded me of my slave boy Corey from 'Baltimore City'. I'd had two white boys as slaves at 'Baltimore City', Louis and Corey. I'd only had Louis for a couple days, but Corey had been my fuck boy for almost three months. A real good looking hunk, a football player type, over 180 pounds of muscle, and after I'd got him trained, a perfect cock hound. I'd fucked him four or five times a day and he learned to do things with his tongue that would drive me crazy with pleasure.

Now this kid was a perfect Corey, actually even prettier and maybe every bit as muscular. He was wearing a suit but there was no way he could hide that hunky body, and let me tell you, I'm into bodies. I swear I've got, like, x-ray vision or something, and I can envision every muscle on a guy's body no matter what he's covering it with.

He may have been only 5'9" or 5'10" but he had to weigh over two hundred pounds, and I would bet you wouldn't find a single ounce of flab anywhere. The warden was giving him a tour, along with some girl, a pretty girl I suppose, but I wasn't noticing because you wouldn't notice anybody else when that boy was in the room.

"I think I've got a serious legal issue I need to discuss with him right away, and it's got something to do with my cock" I said dreamingly. "What do you think?"

"I think you've got it bad" Jasen laughed. "Instant infatuation."

"What?" I said. "You don't think he's gorgeous?"

"Hell yes, I think he's gorgeous" Jasen answered. "But I know when a guy's way out of my league. That kid would never even look in my direction."

"Hell, I don't care if he looks. I'll do the looking; and the touching; and the fucking; and... well, you know what."

"He's going to be a tough one, I'm afraid" Omar said. "They're only here two or three days a week, and they take turns setting up here in the rec room for their consultations."

"Hell, I don't need three days, I just need two hours. I just need to get him in private for two hours."

"Not possible, Boss" Jasen said. "It ain't gonna happen."

Now, to be brutally honest here, Davon White is very much accustomed to getting what he wants. Alright so I admit that I'm terribly spoiled and am used to getting my way in most everything. I mean, we try to keep our 'Black Guerrilla Family' operation clean; mostly just drugs, but the fact is, it's pretty damn lucrative and it's worth our while to keep a number of politicians on our payroll. We have three judges, half a dozen cops including a Lieutenant, two members of the city commission, the local congressman, and even the federal congressman. Admittedly the 'Families' connections were in Baltimore, and Hagerstown was seventy-five miles away, but Jamal can work wonders, so I turned my problem over to him.

"He won't do anything for you, Davon" Jamal told me. He had checked the kid out to see if there was some way to get to him. "He's only a first year student at 'Francis King Carey' and he'll only be there for the summer."

"Francis who?"

"Francis King Carey School of Law at U. of Maryland. Listen, Davon, he'll have no connections inside the prison to help you, and I imagine they wouldn't allow him to spend time with a single prisoner anyway.

"Hell, I don't give a damn" I said. "I just want him. I mean, you gotta see that ass of his, and you won't believe that pretty face. He was just made for Davon's dick, Jamal. And hell, every guy I fuck in this prison doesn't have to come with benefits or be a long term affair. Sometimes I fuck a guy simply because he's gorgeous and I want to fuck him. My cock says go for it."

"Yeah, I know what you're saying, Davon, and I've got a pretty good idea what your cock is saying to you as well," Jamal answered. "But you need to be spending your time finding somebody who can help you and set you up like you were at 'Baltimore City'. Forget that kid."

"Hey, Jamal," I said, beginning to get a little annoyed, "you can take your ideas and stick them up where the sun doesn't shine. My cock needs some action. That kid's hot and I need him. I've been wanting somebody like him for months. What can you do about it?"

"Okay, okay, Davon. Don't get a bug up your ass" he answered. "I'll see if there's something I can do."

I had no doubt Jamal would come up with something. I mean, Raylon and Jamal were always looking out for me, and making a point of spoiling me. If I wanted something or somebody bad enough they'd usually find a way. For example, just two weeks before I got thrown back into the clink, when I was out on parole waiting for sentencing, I saw this really beautiful kid walking down the street with his girlfriend. Really gorgeous Latino kid and the bitch he was with was totally stacked. I was totally turned on and even had Raylon stop the car so I could get a good look, but then we just went on our way and I forgot about it. The very next day or the day after or something, he was delivered to me in my bedroom with his ass greased up and ready. They brought the bitch along too, so I had one hell of an entertaining day fucking both of them. I don't know how they did it and I didn't ask, I just enjoyed it. And 'enjoy' was hardly the word because although I'm more into guys these days than bitches, if I'm going to fuck a bitch, there ain't nothing more exciting than making her boyfriend watch while I do her, and then fucking him too.

Any penalties for pulling this kind of shit? No way. The 'Black Guerrilla Family' with me as Boss gets away with just about anything. First of all, the kids I fuck never dare complain, but if they ever did, with our connections it wouldn't have made much difference. So, as I said, I'm pretty damn spoiled. But I like being spoiled and even here in prison, I damn well planned on staying spoiled.

The very next day Fred came by and said I had a call to visit the warden. The Warden? I wasn't sure the guy even existed because nobody had ever seen him. So just after breakfast Fred escorted me up to the Warden's office. The office was enormous, a large black desk in front of the windows, a small conference table to the left, and a lounging area with a sofa and easy chairs to the right.

And there sitting at the conference table was 'Mr. Ravishing Beauty' himself, the only person in the room. "Thanks, Fred" he said. "We'll be okay."

"Okay, James. Give me a call if you need anything." Fred left and closed the door. The kid, James, was not wearing a suit, but a blue and white striped polo shirt and dark slacks, and if I said he was gorgeous before, I only knew the half of it. He was nothing less than spectacular..

Me, Davon White, superstud, demigod, so sure of himself: I was overwhelmed. My jaw dropped down and I just stood there stunned. Instant hard-on, and I mean instant.

"Alright, what ahhh... what is it you want?" he asked as he stood up. And for the first time in my life, I was temporarily speechless.

"Ahhh... ahhh..." I mumbled.

"No games here, ahhh... Davon" he said. "Just so you know, some giant talked to my sister in the mall last night. So ahhh... what ahhh... what do you want?"

"Talked to her?" I said finally getting my wits together.

"Well, actually he was very polite as he gave her a note. She read the note to me over the phone, and it said that it was very important that I contact Davon White. So, what is this?. What's so important?"

Now that I was over my temporary insanity I realized that he seemed to be every bit in awe of me as I was of him. His eyes had gotten big in amazement from the moment I walked into the room, and he was stuttering in astonishment. Hell, even 'Mr. Ravishing Beauty' had to be enraptured to have a Hercules in the room with him.

Now that my brain was functioning lucidly again, the real Davon White personality, the arrogant aggressive personality, came back on-line and kicked into play. My coveralls were already unzipped to my waist, so I kicked off my shoes, shrugged the coveralls over my shoulders, and let them fall to the floor. I was wearing a tight wife beater that was molded to my bulging pecs and rippling abs and a jockstrap that was stretched out obscenely from the pressure of my ten inch hard-on.

His eyes bugged out, even more than before, and his jaw dropped in astonishment from my gargantuan body. I gave a quick double bicep pose, and then pulled the wife beater up and off, and pulling my jockstrap down, tucked it under my balls.

"What do YOU want from ME?" I said with a sly grin. I brought my arms up and performed the double bicep pose again and held it. "Hmmm...? What would you like?"

"Ahhh... hey... ahhh" he mumbled, unable to overcome his amazement. I walked up to him, took one of his hands and wrapped it around my dick.

"You like black nigger dick, James?" I chuckled. "You into big black meat?"

"Ahhh... Davon... ahhh" he stammered but he didn't try to pull his hand back from my dick. "We're... ahhh... this... ahhh... this is the Warden's office."

"Yeah, I noticed. But he ain't here, is he?" I laughed.

"Ahhh... please, Davon. Not here?" He phrased that like a question" 'not here'? Like, what? He wanted it somewhere else?

"So you're gay" I said with certainty. "I figured anybody as pretty as you had to be gay."

"Ahhh... man... we..." he sputtered. Still holding his hand on my dick and squeezing it, I put my other hand behind his head and pulled him into a kiss. A deep tongue lapping, spit exchanging kiss. He returned the kiss from the first instant, and damned if he didn't put his arm around my shoulders and pull himself in against me.

Shit, can you believe it was this easy?

But of course, I should have known. How could I forget, even for a second, that Davon White is a fuckin god and pretty much everyone recognizes that immediately, so of course he was smitten with me. Hell yes he was turned on to a big dominant stud like me. I foolishly let this kid's beauty temporarily overwhelm me, but Davon White was now back in control.

Moving my hand from his neck down to his ass, I started squeezing it gently. Beautiful ass, beautiful face, this kid had everything. Absolutely, positively fuckable.

Letting go of his hand and his ass, I reached between us and unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants. He was squeezing my muscled shoulder with one hand and my super hard-on with the other as I reached around again, pushed his pants and underwear down off his ass and grabbed those creamy white buns with both hands and squeezed. Shit, I couldn't remember the last time I had a sweet ass like this that turned me on so much.

Putting one hand behind his head and breaking off the kiss, I pushed him down to my massive pectoral muscle. "Kiss it, baby. Worship your man's big chest." He went at it with a vengeance, licking and sucking and rubbing his nose against it. I told you this kid was really built with striking muscles showing through his tight polo, so I was not surprised he'd be totally enthralled by my incredible body. Most body beautiful types are in awe of a guy like me, much bigger than them, with an enormous perfectly defined physique. They all wanted to look like me.

Putting both hands on his ass again, I lifted him up off the floor and walked across the room carrying him with me. Dropping him on the sofa, I yanked off his shoes, pants and underwear, and pulled the polo shirt up over his head. Sitting down, I pulled him over so he was sitting on my lap facing me. He had raised his head to look at me with complete idolization. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and then pushed him back down to my chest.

"I know you love these big muscles, honey" I purred. "Worship 'em with that sweet mouth of yours." As he continued licking and kissing my chest he put both hands on my bulging deltoids squeezing and massaging them. "That's it, sweetheart" I crooned. "Worship me. Worship Davon's big body." As he moved his hands down from my deltoids to my biceps, I raised them and flexed them for him, giving him a good feel.

He let out an enormous groan and lifted his head to look. "Oh shit" he said in awe. "Oh shit, Davon... Ohhhh shiiit." Leaning forward he started kissing and licking my right bicep. Reaching over with his other hand he started squeezing the massive muscle with both hands as he continued worshiping it with his mouth.

"Oh, baby. Oh, baby" I whispered. "That's it. Worship your man. Show me you love me." Without any input from me he moved from my bicep to my armpit and continued licking. My super hard cock gave a shudder and I gasped because this is the kind of submission and obeisance that I demand from my chattel but this kid was giving it willingly, without direction.

Grabbing his head with one massive paw, I jammed him into my pit, mashing his nose and twisting his face around through the sweat. "Don't kiss it babe, suck on it. Suck it" I demanded. "Suck those juices out of your Master's pit. Do it." I gave him a slap to the back of the head in encouragement and jammed him back in, as he now sucked up a storm. I held him there with an occasional slap to the back of the head for several minutes, enjoying the amazing passion of his worship.

Then I jerked his head up and looked at him. I told you he was one of the most beautiful men I'd ever seen, but now he looked glorious, his hair matted against his forehead, his face covered with sweat and saliva, with a big grin on his face, he looked to be the perfect minion to add to my collection.

"Other side, honey bon. Other side" I said and he dove into my left armpit. As he started working my pit, I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer so my big dong fit nicely into his ass crack. I could feel his own six to seven inch hard-on pressing into my belly.

"You got any cream, honey" I whispered into his ear.

"Uhh Uhh" he mumbled through his sucking of my pit.

"I'm gonna fuck you, hon. Wet or dry I'm going to fuck you" I said as I squeezed his cheeks with both hands and gently humped my prick into his crack.

"Let me suck you, Davon. Please" he said softly looking into my eyes. "I'll do it good, I promise. Let me suck your big dick."

"I said I'm taking your ass, hon. I'm gonna split those sweet cheeks apart with my big prick."

"Okay, okay, Davon. But let me suck you first. Let me get you ready."

"Okay, hon" I said as I pushed him off my lap. "Go to it." He grabbed my prick with one hand, squeezed it and then leaned in and kissed it. Then he backed off and just admired it.

"It's beautiful, Davon. I love a black dick. This is the most beautiful one I've ever seen." He leaned in again and started giving it soft kisses, slowly moving up and down the ten inch length. "Mmmm, mmmm" he murmured as he kissed. "It's gorgeous, Davon" he whispered faintly.

I could only marvel at this kid's actions. This awesome looking hunk, this beautiful white boy, was a total cock hound for big black dick.

"I love your dick, Davon. It's so beautiful" he said as he squeezed it with his hand and backed off to just admire it some more.

"You want to suck it, well suck it" I growled at him as I knocked his hand away and grabbed a handful of his hair. Grabbing my cock, I took aim, and pushed it into his mouth. I pushed my big black cock into the most angelic white boy's face I'd ever seen, right where it belonged. "Suck on it" I barked.

Hey, I got nothing against a guy admiring my prick, but I want some action along with that admiration. I pushed four or five inches into his mouth and then let go of his hair. There was no doubt this kid knew what he was doing because he started doing wonderful things with his mouth and tongue. Teasing the tip and then sucking and licking up a storm; taking it deep and then bobbing his head up and down, and generally making me very hot. He didn't quite take all ten inches but he got pretty damn close to it.

I let him go at it for ten minutes or so, just enjoying the wonderful things he was doing to my prick, and also enjoying watching that gorgeous angelic face bobbing in and out of my crotch. Ain't nothing like watching my big black boner sliding in and out of a pretty white boy's face.

"Okay, baby" I said finally. "You better get me wet cause I'm gonna fuck you." He coughed up some phlegm and slobbered up and down my prick before lifting his head and looking at me."

"Let me do it, Davon. Please."

"What?" I said in surprise. "You think you can handle it? It's gonna hurt."

"It's not gonna hurt, Davon" he said with a smile. "It's gonna feel good; because I'm not dry."

"What? You planned this?" I said in surprise, and then came to the realization. "You did plan this didn't you>?"

"Well, yeah, I did" he grinned. "Yeah, I did."

"Oh, shit" I said as I started to laugh.

"Yeah" he said. "Davon, I saw you in the recreation room the first day I was here. Hell, how could I not see you? You stick out like a sore thumb, like a giant among pigmies. What is it they say: a rose among thorns? I thought you were the most beautiful man I'd ever seen."

"Well, I'll be damned" I said.

"Only today did I have an excuse to see you, so I got up the nerve to try to get you alone. I knew you'd be a tough dominant stud who would take control and make me into your pussy. I knew you would and you certainly are living up to my expectations."

"Well, climb on, babe. Let's see if that ass of yours can live up to my expectations." I slid down on the sofa cushion a little and he got back up on my lap. I put my arms behind my head and just looked up at that captivating angelic face as he reached around and took my cock and taking aim for his little pucker. Then he gradually sat down, allowing it to slide into his ass.

He was definitely not dry because it slide in slick-as-a-whistle. Not that he wasn't tight, he was, but he'd obviously prepped himself for this.

"You little son-of-a-bitch" I laughed. "You planned to have me fuck you."

"Oh yeah" he whispered, actually groaned, as he pushed down harder forcing my big prong deeper into his ass. "Oh yeah" he said again. "I hoped you'd fuck me."

"Well, you got your wish, baby. Now go to it." Starting slow, he began to lift up and then gradually set back down allowing my monster to drive deep into his ass. The feeling was exquisite. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd let a boy fuck himself on my cock, but I know it'd been years. I'm a control freak, but what James was doing felt so fabulous, and the contortions on his beautiful face were so marvelous that I just lay there moaning softly, watching him and enjoying the feeling of tight boy ass.

We were both moaning as he gradually began to speed up, and the heat began to build up in my nuts. This kid was not only the most beautiful white boy I'd ever seen, he was an absolute genius at fucking himself on my big prick. I swear he must have been inside my prick because, every slight move he made sent burst of pleasure shooting right through my tool and up to my brain.

As he got faster, I started moving my hips up slightly, meeting each downward thrust of his ass. The feeling was heavenly. Finally unable to restrain myself any longer, I grabbed hold of his shoulders and started slamming my throbbing dick into him, actually throwing him up in the air, and then slamming into him as hard as I could on the rebound.

"Yes, yes, yes" he screamed as his cock fired, his first shot hitting me in the chin.

"Ohhhh, fuuuucccck" I screamed at the same time, as I slammed him down and exploded into his ass.

I kept my eyes open so I could watch his glorious face as he showed almost excruciating pleasure from shooting his load and having me blasting into his ass.

"Yeeeeessssss" he screamed again as I hammered into him one final time. His throbbing cock kept spewing him cum onto my chest as my jism rocketed into his ass.

"Oh, shit" I huffed as we both finally began to calm down after shooting our loads. Putting his hands on my biceps, James leaned forward and started kissing my face. Soft sweet kisses covering my forehead, my nose and eyes, my mouth, covering every inch of my face, and then even licking my ears.

"Thank you, Davon" he murmured. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was the best sex I've ever had." I just lay there basking in the lingering feelings of pleasure as he kept kissing and licking my face. Then, he slowly lifted up allowing my softening prick to pop out of his ass.

Without a word from me, he slid down and carefully licked up all the cum he'd fired onto my chest and chin and then, getting on his knees, he went back to my cock and lovingly licked it clean.

"And the warden?" I asked as we were getting dressed.

"I knew he was out of town at a convention" he said with a grin. "Fred said I could use his office."

"You little son-of-a-bitch" I said with a grin. "You are something else." Giving him one final kiss and a slap on the ass, I headed out to find Fred and go back to my cell.

------------------------------------------ Unfortunately that was a one-time only event with James. But then again, that was probably for the best.. I was so enamored by him, more than anyone else I'd ever seen, that I wouldn't have been comfortable slapping him around and seeing fear in his eyes as I forced him to beg to suck my toes or lick my ass. I just could not see him as the slave type, and what I really needed was a slave. So, back to Bradford.

"Will you tell me what the hell is going on?" I growled at him. "I heard about that fight that Angel had in the gym yesterday. What was that about?"

"Angel doesn't need an excuse to fight" Bradford said. "As long as the kid is smaller than him he'll take offence if they even look at him. He sent that kid to the hospital, so he's in solitary today."

"Well, what the fuck are you going to do about it?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact, the Deputy Warden raked me over the coals yesterday and said I was to get that kid under control or else. So I'm on the hot seat."

"So?" I said.

"Well, yeah, he's yours" Bradford answered.

"Well, hell, it's about time" I said with a big smile.

"There's a conference room at the end of the solitary wing, it's bigger than the cells and it's got a small bathroom attached. It's kind of isolated and the Deputy Warden has turned it over to me for the near future."

"It's okay with him? The Deputy?"

"Yes it's okay with him. In fact it's more than okay" he laughed. "Anyway, I've put two bunks in there and the place is yours for the next couple days. The only person authorized to be there is me, so nobody is going to bother you. But you'd better give me results. I'm on the hot seat here."

"No problem, Bradford. No problem. You give me two or three days and I'll have that kid as sweet as an angel" I said with a laugh. "Yeah, a perfect angel." Bradford laughed along with me.

"Okay, get what you need and be ready to go after lunch. Once I get you settled in I'll go get him so you can get to work" he said as he walked away.

It was only six thirty so it wasn't even breakfast time yet, so I had plenty of time to get ready. But hell, what did I need? I needed to be horny, but I was always horny so I was ready. In fact, just thinking about that hunky white kid was making me hard. It was going to be tougher than hell waiting until after lunch.

Actually, it was tougher than I thought and by ten o'clock I was going stir-crazy. See what not having a regular fuck can do to a guy? My prick was hard as a rock and refused to go down, and believe it or not, I was nervous. Me nervous? Imagine it. Davon White nervous. Jesus Christ, I hated waiting.

Even though the gate between the 'youth' wing was open during the day, it was common knowledge that the regular prisoners needed an escort to go in there, so I got hold of Fred.

"What's up, Davon?" Fred asked. "You know damn well you can't fuck any of those young kids. The guards in there have their own little world and even I have to have a good reason to go in there."

"Bradford wants my help working with that problem kid, Angel. We're going to have a conference with him this afternoon, and I just wanted to check to see if everything is ready."

"Does that conference have something to do with your prick" Fred chuckled "because I ain't never seen a lump that big in anybody's pants before." Then he actually reached over and grabbed hold of my monster. Shit, I couldn't believe it. Fred, the family man who was always talking about his kids? He was a fucking cock hound? He only groped it for a second and then tried to pull his hand back but I grabbed him and held him there.

"If I'd only known, Fred" I said with a grin. "I woulda let you have some of this dick a long time ago." That wasn't actually true because Fred was on the skinny side and had to be over forty. But hell, he was a guard. Exceptions can be made, particularly when a guy is as desperate as I'd been recently. Hell, like most everybody, I stuck my cock through a glory hole once. I didn't like it because I want to control my cocksuckers and force feed them, but when you can't see the guy on your cock, you just picture him in your mind as being the most gorgeous man on the planet. Fred wasn't pretty but I could keep my eyes closed and just imagine he was my former slave boy Corey.

"Don't get carried away, Davon" he said as he kept trying to pull his hand away. "But I admit I've been curious about what you've been hiding in there."

"I've been hiding your birthday present, Fred. You just let me know the day" I said with a smile as I let go of his hand. "We'll make it your special day."

"I bet you will" he said. "I bet you will. Now, tell me what's going on with Bradford?"

"Like I said" I answered "I'm going to help him try to straighten out Angel."

"I know Bradford's been coming around here some and you're both really into big muscles, but watch out for him Davon. He rules the youth wing with an iron fist and I know there's some bad shit going on in there."

"He rules?"

"Shit, yes" Fred said. "You didn't know the Deputy Warden is his brother? His twin brother?"

"What? You're serious?"

"Hell yes. Bradford's head guard in that wing because of his brother, and he can do anything he damn well pleases and his brother will always back him up."

"Well, I'll be damned" I said in surprise.

"I been wondering what Bradford's been up to, hanging around here" he said. "Being two of the biggest muscle hunks in the place, you certainly have something in common. But, watch out for him."

"What?" I asked. "Watch out for him?"

"Just be careful, and watch out for that brother of his. He's a tyrant."

"His twin brother?"

"You think your muscles are big? Just wait until you see the Deputy Warden. He'll make you look small. And he's a mean son-of-a-bitch so it's just better to keep out of his way. The story going around last year was that Leeshawn had to give him regular blowjobs."

"You're making this up, Fred" I said with a laugh.

"I'm surprised you ain't met him yet, because he seems to take an interest in really big guys like you" he said. "But when you do meet him, watch out."

"Now you got me wondering, Fred. I definitely better check out that conference room before this afternoon."

"Okay, Davon" he said as he led me to the youth wing. It was a fairly long hallway with cells on both sides. At the end of the hall was a locked door which opened when Fred pushed a buzzer. "This is the solitary section, Davon, and the conference room is down there at the very end. Just ring the bell by the door here when you're ready to leave. Okay?"

"Okay, Fred. You're a good guy. Thanks. And remember I'm keeping this warm for you" I said as I groped myself. My damn cock was still hard and aching as I forced it into a different position, but I wasn't thinking of Fred. Me and my cock were both fixated on Angel and we were raring to go. Angel didn't have perfectly beautiful features like James, but he was very attractive and he was really husky, and you know how I love kids with muscles. Even with the baggy coveralls he wore I could see he was hot, and at eighteen years of age he was my perfect type. I still didn't have an agreement from Bradford that I could keep him after I straightened him out, but we'd work that out later. But at least I'd be able to fuck him for a couple days.

As I took hold of the door knob, I hesitated because I could hear sounds from inside. 'ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh'. Hell, I know those sounds, somebody was getting fucked in there. Bradford said nobody would be in there until after lunch, so what was going on? Something was totally screwed up here.

Very carefully, I turned the knob and pushed the door open a crack. At first glance I saw the room was empty, no bunks in there as Bradford had told me there were. At second glance I gasped and damn near fell through the floor.

Strapped up against the right hand wall was a naked Bradford, his hands outstretched almost to the ceiling and held there by wrist bands. Standing behind him with his cock up his ass was Angel, busily banging the hell out of him. Did I say Angel was husky? Well I didn't know the half of it because standing there in the nude he showed a jaw dropping body for an eighteen year old. He may not have been tall but he sure was wide; all of it muscle. He was gorgeous.

The whole scene was mind blowing, but when I see a kid that gorgeous I literally freak out. My cock couldn't get any harder, but it sure as hell was trying. Dragging my eyes away from the kid I took in the whole room.

Bradford. Great big 220 pound muscle bound guard was secured to the wall with straps around his wrists and his ankles, a slave collar around his neck, being plowed by that spectacular 175 pound white boy. I was struggling to keep quiet from total astonishment, but I was also fucking turned on. Who in the hell wouldn't be turned on? Jesus Christ was it hot. Bradford being dominated and giving his ass to a white boy half his size? I would have never guessed.

Angel was wearing a leather studded collar as well which didn't make any sense because he was doing the dominating, but it sure as hell made him look hot. I love seeing a kid wearing a slave collar even if it isn't mine.

It was completely quiet in the room except for the soft 'ugh, ugh, ugh' sounds Bradford made as the kid slammed into his ass. Then I heard Angel whisper: "you mine you big cunt. You're nigger ass is mine." I was astounded. Not only domination, but racism as well. I felt sparks shoot through my cock, and I swear to god it grew another inch. There ain't nothing I like better than a young racist white boy who I can kick the shit out of and turn into a groveling slave begging to worship my black dick. Oh fuck yeah, my absolute favorite.

Trying to get my emotions under control, I had to figure out how to handle this. My obvious first thought was to barge in on them, kick the shit out of the kid, and then fuck the hell out of him. And maybe fuck Bradford as well. My heart was beating fast and I was sweating and my hard cock was killing me but I knew I had to handle this carefully. Obviously Bradford had lied to me about everything, just as Fred had warned.me about.

I decided my best bet was to back off and see if I could make sense of what the hell was going on. So, very carefully, I closed the door and made my way back to my cell. I absolutely had to have that gorgeous kid, and I decided I was going to have Bradford too, but it was going to take some careful planning.

But the real question was: what was Bradford up to? He said I was to take control of that kid and take two or three days to straighten him out. He was obviously lying about that, and everything else as well because the conference room was not set up with bunks like he said it would be. So what were my options?

I wanted to discuss it with Jamal but I didn't dare use the phone without Fred keeping watch. Lunch was already over so I couldn't talk to Omar and Jasen, and Bradford said he'd be by right after lunch. So I was on my own. But hell, this is Davon White, Superstud. There ain't nothing that comes my way that I can't handle. So I decided to take a 'wait-and-see' attitude and just play along with Bradford and see if I could figure out what he was up to.

It was obvious that I was not going to be allowed to straighten out that Angel kid. My best guess here was that Bradford was not offering the kid to me, but maybe just the opposite, giving me to the kid. I mean, what other possibilities were there? He's obviously a submissive who likes to be dominated by hunky white boys, or at least this one hunky white boy. This was all too strange, and things were moving too fast for me to make any sense of it. Was Angel in charge? Did he control Bradford?

"Davon," Bradford said as he walked up to my cell. "You ready for some action? You ready to straighten that kid out?"

"Yeah, I'm ready" I said returning his smile and just playing it all my ear. "Hot white boy ass really turns me on. And that 'Angel' is hot. Doesn't he turn you on too?"

"Hell yes he does. He's a hot kid" he said as he entered the cell. "Sorry about this, Davon, but they're very picky about anyone in the youth wing, so I have to handcuff you."

"You're kidding?" I said. "Since when?" So this was his game plan. Get me under control from the get-go.

"Since always" he said. "Sorry, it's a rule. I have to cuff you before you can go in there."

I'd already made the decision to play along, but this was really going to put me at a disadvantage. I ain't no Houdini so once the cuffs were on they were going to stay on, so I was going to be completely under his control until the he decided to remove them. This probably meant that the first person that was going to be fucked was me, not Angel or Bradford.

So, do I play along or do I just call it off? I had to make an instant decision. Did I want to continue with my frustration and boredom, or did I want to get involved in something exciting and maybe painful.. But shit, anybody fucks with Davon White gets fucked back in spades. Nobody, and I mean nobody puts anything over on Davon White and gets away with it.

It was obvious that I was going to get fucked, probably by the kid and maybe by Bradford, but hell, if I'm going to get fucked, I couldn't do better than a big black muscle hunk or a really hot white twink. Life would be boring if you don't occasionally take chances. Besides, I know me. Chances are, I'd figure out a way to get the best of them. I decided to go for it.

"Well, okay, Bradford" I said. "If you absolutely have to."

"Don't worry, Davon. I'll take them off as soon as we get there" he said. God damn liar and God damn racist too, I thought. I mean, he let that white punk call him a nigger and he was evidently delivering me, another nigger, for the kid to fuck. If there's anything more racist than a black racist I don't know what it would be.

Bradford cuffed my hands behind my back and led me out of my cell. Curiouser and curiouser, because he was going to have trouble fucking me with my hands cuffed back there. Besides, I was wearing my coveralls as well. What the fuck was he up to?

So, if I thought I'd had enough surprises for one day I was only kidding myself. When Bradford opened the door to the conference room I saw one single chair in the middle of the room, and sitting on it was another Bradford. Fred told me Bradford's brother was the Deputy Warden and was a twin but it didn't occur to me that they would be identical. Identical in the face anyway. This guy sitting there was wearing only a pair of jockey shorts and was obviously much more muscular than Bradford and definitely more defined. If I said Bradford was gorgeous, and I did, this guy was nothing less than spectacular. An incredible muscle hunk.

And surprise. On his knees between the big guy's legs was Angel, hands behind his back, sucking on the enormous piece of meat protruding from the guy's middle, barely covered by the shorts. The shorts were soaking wet so Angel must have been at it for a while, and now it was clear why Angel was wearing a slave collar.

"Here he is, sir. Davon White." Bradford said as he pushed me into the room. Sir? Calling his twin brother sir?

"So I finally get to meet the muscle stud I've been lusting over for months. Shit, Bradford, he's even hotter than you said. Fucking delectable" the guy said as he chuckled. He reached down and pushed Angel's head back away from his crotch, almost knocking the kid over backwards. But Angel immediately dove back in and continued working the giant bulge with his mouth, keeping his hands clasped behind his back.

Then the guy did it again, pushing Angel's head back, but this time he gave him a slap across the face. That didn't faze Angel in the least because he gave the guy's hand a quick kiss and then dove back in and went back to sucking. Evidently this was some kind of game they played: suck the cock, no matter what.

"So, you like my Angel?" he chuckled as he grabbed Angel's hair and jerked his head up. Angel's face was glistening with a layer of saliva, his hair was matted against his forehead, and he seemed to be rather bleary-eyed.

"Please, Master" he whimpered softly as the big guy held him up by the hair. "Please, Master."

Master? Calling the guy Master?

"Angel loves his Master's black dick, don't you Angel?" the guy said. Angel kept his hands clasped behind his back but I could see that he was pulling against the big guy's hand, trying to get back on the dick.

Angel whimpered 'Yes, Master, please, Master." He was obviously on something, some drug, but even so, I was astonished at the worshipful look in his eyes. He was desperate to get back on the guy's dick.

Then the guy spit on him, hitting him on the upper lip. "Angel loves anything he gets from his Master, don't you pussycat?" Angel made some kind of whining noise from the back of his throat and then scrunched up his face in pain, so I could tell the guy was pulling his hair hard, hurting him. "Don't you pussycat?" the guy asked with a laugh. Angel closed his eyes in pain, but he stuck out his tongue and licked the spit from his lip. Smiling broadly the guy slapped Angel again, hard.

Angel squealed for a second and then started kissing the guy's hand, over and over. "Thank you, Master" he whined. "Thank you, Master." The guy let go of his hair and in an instant Angel was back on the bulging jockey covered wanger. He kept whimpering as he sucked and the big guy started petting his hair gently as if he were his pet poodle. Which he obviously was.

Jesus fucking Christ. I'm a Master and I've had many slaves, but I'd never in my life seen anything like this, or even imagined anything like this. I was astonished, I was amazed, I was dumbfounded, and I was envious as hell. I'd never seen a slave so docile and groveling as Angel was right now.

Bradford and I were just been standing there watching what was obviously a show, being put on for my benefit. The guy looked over and nodded at Bradford, evidently giving him an okay.

"This is Davon White, sir" Bradford said pushing me a step forward. "Davon, this is my brother, Rad, the Deputy Warden. You can call him Sir."

"I'm going to give Angel to you, Davon" Rod said with a smile. "As you can see he's an absolute jewel. He's yours if you want him. That is, if you don't mind my castoffs."

I didn't have to think twice about what to call him. He was gorgeous hunk of muscle as well as an unbelievable slave master and I'd never been more impressed with anyone in my life. He definitely deserved my respect. "Yes, sir" I said and gulped. "Yes, sir" I repeated.

"So," Rad laughed. "Does that mean you want him?" Leaning down Rad whispered something in Angel's ear, and Angel started visibly shaking. Taking the band of Rad's jockey's in his teeth he pulled them down slowly over the massive thighs, allowing the enormous cock to pop out. And shit, the guy had to be at least as big as me. Definitely ten inches or more. Angel just waited, staring at it from only inches away, shaking in excitement, and obviously waiting for some direction. Rad smiled at him for a moment as Angel waited, and then whispered something. Angel leaned forward and started giving soft worshipful kisses up and down the big pole.

"Yes, sir" I stuttered, rather tongue tied. "Ahhh... well... ahhh... shit yes, sir."

"Of course he ain't free, Davon. You understand that. I'm gonna fuck you. Big dominant muscle stud like you, a total top, you are my perfect type. I'm gonna stick this big dick up that tight black chute of yours."

"Ahhh... sir... ahhh..." I stuttered.

"You ever get fucked, Davon?"

"Ahhh... well. Ahhh... yeah, I mean yes, sir. Years ago."

"Too bad" he chuckled. "But I don't mind seconds, as long as it's been years."

"Ahhh...sir..." I started to say.

"Tell him, Brad" Rad ordered. Brad? Not Bradford?

"Here's how it goes, Davon" Bradford said. "Sir is going to fuck you, with or without your cooperation, but he'd rather you cooperate. If you submit willingly you get Angel transferred to your cell. Otherwise... Well, there isn't any otherwise. You will cooperate."

"Cooperate?" I asked.

"That means you climb on and do all the work. You fuck yourself on his prick."

"You see, Davon," Rad said, smiling at me and continuing to pet Angel's hair. "I got this fixation of having big dominant muscle studs screwing themselves on my dick. It's the ultimate in domination and makes my prick go absolutely bonkers. Brad's got a hot ass, and some of these kids are good fucks, but I occasionally need a real hunk." I looked over at Bradford but there was no reaction showing on his face. He wasn't the least embarrassed to hear his brother tell me he was getting screwed regularly.

"Ah, Rad, ah Sir..."

"I'm going to fuck you, Davon" Rad said interrupting me. "And I'm going to enjoy it. I don't particularly care whether you enjoy it, but I'll tell you this, it's definitely in your best interest to make sure I enjoy it a lot. It's most definitely in your interest. As you can imagine, with this prick of mine, I can make it pretty uncomfortable for you." Talk about understatements! Uncomfortable? He could kill me with that monster.

"I've been training Angel for months" Rad said "and he's not only a beautiful white boy but a real hellion who likes to be knocked around. He's also got a hot ass and a sweet mouth, and give him a little weed and he becomes completely docile and mindlessly obedient. He's yours if you want him."

Decision time, and it really wasn't much of a decision. I wanted Angel, and believe it or not, I was excited about getting fucked by this giant muscle man. Yeah, me. Davon White. I wanted to be under this guy's control. Although I'd only known him for less than ten minutes, I already respected him more than anyone I'd ever met in my entire life This guy was deserving of respect, worshipful respect, and yes, I was willing to become his submissive, and if he wanted me to worship him, I'd damn well worship him.

"Well" he asked?

"Okay. Yes, sir" I said. Obviously I didn't have much choice, but I was actually looking forward to this.

"Get the cuffs off him and get the mat" Rad said. Bradford quickly removed the cuffs and then went into a side room and pulled out a big mat. Not a full sized wrestling mat, but it must have been a good eight feet square. There was no hesitation on my part as I slipped out of my coveralls, tank top and shorts. I'm a good fighter and I could possibly have taken on Rad and Bradford both, but I didn't even consider it. My cock was like a steel rod, my heart was beating fast and I was nervous and anxious about being dominated by Rad.

"Lots of saliva, pussycat. Get it wet" Rad said to Angel as he stood up and pulled his jockey shorts down and off. "Do what you need to do, Davon" he said to me. "You've got two minutes."

I spit into my hand and reached around to my ass and rubbed it in my crack. Doing it again and again I stuck a finger into my little pucker. Shit, he was going to find me tighter than a drum. Glancing over at what Angel was doing with that giant dick, I got chills up my spine trying to imagine how I was going to get that monster up my butt. I knew it was going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

Pushing Angel away and getting a groan of disappointment from him, Rad jerked his giant prick a couple times and just looked at me as I was desperately trying to get two fingers into my tight hole.

"I'm not only going to fuck you, Davon, but I own you. That's all part of the deal. Got that?"

"Yes, Sir" I said.

"Make that Master."

"Yes, Master" I said.

"Get on your belly" he ordered as he continued playing with his cock, keeping it hard. I stretched out flat on the floor. "Crawl over here." I did as I was told dragging myself across the floor. "Kiss" he said. I said he was deserving of my respect, and I'd already accepted him as my Master, so if he wanted me to worship him, I'd worship him. I started kissing his feet.

Think about this. I mean really think about this. Davon White kissing another guys feet. Davon White, the most stunning muscular African-American around, crawling and groveling at the feet of another guy. Not to be believed, heh? But of course, this was not just any guy. This was a true dominant, a dominant's dominant, a true demigod. I envied him and I wanted him.

Reaching down and grabbing me by the hair, he pulled my head up and spit in my face, hitting me right between the eyes. "You say, thank you" he said giving me a big smile.

"Thank you, Master" I said as I felt a surge of excitement shoot from my cock to my brain and back again, and my cock was actually throbbing. I'd had hundreds of submissives but had never, ever been one myself. In fact it had never occurred to me that I might want to be one. But now, being a slave to this demanding Master, this perfect demigod, was perhaps the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me.

"Crawl over here" he said as he walked over to the mat and lay down. I crawled over to him. "You may kiss it" he said. I raised my head and gave his enormous wanger a kiss. God damn, I didn't know how I was going to get that monster into my ass.

"Climb on, facing me" he said. Climbing over him and straddling him on my knees I looked down at him. He was very handsome, in a very masculine way, just like his twin, Bradford.

I haven't said much about Rad's body because I've been so enthralled over the events as they have unfolded, but now, as he put his hands behind his head, I took a good measure. He wasn't really flexing his arms, but his biceps were bulging magnificently anyway. I wanted to kiss them and lick them, and would at my first opportunity. And his chest; superb bulging pectoral muscles of unbelievable size. Simply astonishing. You know how much I'm into muscle worship so I hoped Rad allow me at some point to really give his muscles the attention they deserved. He was absolutely dazzling. An totally awesome African-American male animal.

I reached behind me and took hold of his cock. Jesus, was it huge. Adjusting the aim, I lined it up with my ass hole. Of course I knew it was going to hurt. But this is Davon White. Pain is nothing to me; I crave pain. I'm a god damn demigod myself, so there ain't no pain that I can't handle. I gradually lowered myself on the enormous pole, forcing my ass to begin to stretch like it had never been stretched before.

I yelled. "Yeeeeooooh." Partly from the pain but partly from the enthusiasm of actually doing this. And doing it for my new Master. He said he wanted to enjoy it, so I was damn well going to make sure he did.

Every part of my body is solid muscle including my ass, so I was having trouble getting Rad's monster in there. I put on some pressure internally, as if I was taking a shit, and I seemed to open up a little more as I continued to force myself down on the his big pole.

"Yeeeeooooh" I screamed again. Hell yes it hurt, it hurt like crazy, but I was in ecstasy. Totally caught up in being a submissive for the first time in my life, and giving my all to a gorgeous, utterly spectacular African-American god. A true god to be worshiped.

The pain was so intense that I had kept my eyes clamped closed all the time until now as I hit bottom. As I opened my eyes I saw that he was smiling brightly.

"Oh shit, baby. My pussy boy" he laughed. "I love that look of pain on your face. Giving your all for your man. That's it baby, make me feel good."

Now, very slowly I pulled up and then pushed back down. Not really humping him yet, but just trying to get the damn thing loosened up in my ass. The pain was incredably intense and didn't seem to be letting up at all as I pulled up again.

"Please, Master, may I take it out" I asked because the pain simply wasn't diminishing. "Please."

"Yes" he answered evidently recognizing the look of complete torment on my face. Pulling up and completely off of him, panting wildly, I spit in my hand and rubbed it up and down his cock, and then spitting again, I pushed the extra saliva into my crack.

"Okay, Master. Sorry" I said as I wiped the sweat out of my eyes and took aim again. He was still smiling brightly, enjoying my pain and my difficulties as I pressed down once more, forcing the monster back into my tight ass hole.

Rad reached up and slapped me, and it really stung. My cock gave a surge. Shit, shit, shit. I know that my pain is his pleasure, and the more pain, the more pleasure, but to be on the receiving end of the violence is incredibly hot and mind-blowing. Hell, I'd played this game hundreds of times myself with my own slave boys, slapping them around to increase my pleasure. A true dominant using and abusing his chattel at will. Now I really started humping up and down on his giant dick.

"You forgot to thank me" he said and he slapped me again, hard, almost knocking me over. And my cock exploded. My first shot went clear over his head and my second one damn near reached his chin.

"Ohhh Fuuuccck" I screamed as I fired shot after shot onto his chest and stomach. I was momentarily oblivious to what was happening other than my exploding cock, but Rad was patient and just waited. It was only after my final shot that I actually felt the pain from his slap. Jesus, he was rough.

"You make a beautiful submissive" he said as I finally finished shooting my cum onto him. "A perfect pussy for my cock. Now, get back to work." Obviously I was so involved in my own ejaculation that I had stopped humping, so now I started in again. The pain in my ass had lessened now, less than excruciating anyway, and I was determined to make this good for Rad, so I really started banging him.

He hit me hard again and got a yelp from me this time. My face was definitely going to be red and maybe blistered for the rest of the week. "You still didn't say thank you" he said calmly. My cock hadn't gone soft at all after my ejaculation, and now I felt a surge shoot through it again in excitement. God, I loved being dominated by this magnificent creature. This glorious man who knew exactly what it meant to be a very severe demanding Master. A man to be totally worshiped.

"Thank you, Master" I gasped as I slammed down on his cock as hard as I could. "Thank you, Master" I repeated as I slammed down on him again. And again. And again.

"Shhhiiittt" he screamed as his whole body shuddered, almost tossing me off of him as he started to blow. Just as I am when I'm in the throes of an ejaculation, he was totally out of control, and he grabbed my hair, damn near pulling it out by the roots, and slammed his fist into my jaw. I let out a yell but was drowned out by his yell.

"Shhhiiittt" he roared again as he rammed his crotch up against me several times, actually lifting me up in the air as he fired over and over again into my ass.

I reached down and jerked my cock three times and started shooting again. Jesus. Have you ever been so excited that you ejaculated twice within five minutes? Well, neither had I. I yelled in ecstasy again as I shot only about three times onto his rippling abs. Maybe it wasn't a real ejaculation but just a hangover from the previous one, but I shot so hard it almost hurt.

Was it pain or pleasure? My jaw hurt and tears were dripping down my cheeks because he had really slugged me, but my ejaculation had been incredibly intense.

"Oh shit, Rad" I gasped. "That might have been the best ejaculation I've ever had. The two best ejaculations I've ever had" I said as I grabbed my sore jaw. "Shit."

"Oh, baby. I think I can say the same" Rad gasped. "You are one hot fucking son-of-a-bitch. A real pussy boy for my prick.." He still had a big grin on his face. I don't think that grin had stopped for a single second the whole time I'd been in the room.

"You're my pussy, Davon. Say it" he ordered

"I'm your pussy, Rad" I answered, smiling back at him.

"Okay, get off and clean up this mess you made" he said. I raised up slowly allowing his big dong to gently slip out of my ass. I actually felt empty once it slipped completely out, a very strange hollow feeling in my gut, from somebody who has almost never been fucked. Of course my ass hurt like hell and I probably wasn't going to be able to sit down for a couple days, my cheeks hurt and I was probably going to have bruises, and my jaw ached like crazy and I know it was going to be bruised. But I was satisfied. I'd just serviced, and serviced successfully, the hottest, butchest, most gorgeous stud I'd ever seen. And as a hot Master myself, I'm very well aware that it takes a lot of pain to completely satisfy a demanding Master like Rad.

As I got off of him, Rad grabbed me by the hair and gave me one final hard slap to the face. I yelped, and more tears sprung from my eyes. Shit, he was rough.

"Pussy boy" he said as he pulled me down to his massive chest.

"Thank you, Master" I murmured as I slurped up all the cum I'd spurted onto him.

Authors note: The thing that keeps me going on this story is the response from readers. That is a necessity. .If I know you're reading it and enjoying it, I'm inspired to continue. I'm enjoying the story myself so I'm willing to continue, but you must let me know. So, take a few seconds to send an e-mail.

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