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Davon White, Superstud Chapter Eight

"You ain't heard of the 'Black Guerrilla Family' you stupid fuck?" I had him on his knees, had an arm behind his back which I was yanking on, and his face jammed into the cold water faucet in the shower. He was screaming as I was damn near breaking his arm, and kept slamming his face into the shower handle. I thought maybe I'd broke his nose and I may have been putting his eye out but I didn't give a fuck.

"I'm the 'Black Guerrilla Family'" I shouted in his ear. "And you're nothing but a piece of shit." He screamed again as I really yanked his arm up and slammed his face into the shower handle again.

"You big fuck, you gonna belong to me from now on" I growled. "Say it, you piece of shit. Say I own you."

I'd passed the word around that I thought Leeshawn was a big pussy, so I knew he'd come after me. I guy in his situation, being absolutely the top dog, couldn't afford to let anybody get away with bad-mouthing him. He came into the shower with a shiv, but how the hell do you hide anything in the shower? I saw he was hiding something in his hand from the second he entered and since I was expecting something from him anyway, I immediately jumped him, made him drop the shiv, and then started beating the shit out of him.

"Tell me I own you, you big shit" I shouted at him.

"You dead, man. You dead" he growled back. I don't think I've ever seen anybody with this much muscle. I'm no weakling here but I had his arm behind his back trying my damndest to break it, and it wouldn't break.

"I own you, you stupid fuck" I said as I slammed his face against the handle again, and yanked on his arm as hard as I could. Then I heard something pop, maybe his shoulder came out of its' socket, and wow, did that ever get a howl out of him.

"Yeeeeooooh" he screamed as he went limp and stopped fighting me. I slammed his face into the faucet once more and heard a crunch so now I knew I'd broke his nose.

"Tell me the 'Family' owns you" I said still holding his arm.

"The 'Family', the 'Family' he moaned.

"And Davon White" I growled in his ear.

"Okay, okay. And Davon White" he cried.

"You're my pussy" I said. He didn't answer but I really didn't expect him to so I let go of his arm, and getting a handful of hair, pulled him back from the wall. His nose was twisted and bleeding profusely and he was bleeding from half a dozen cuts on his face, and his right eye was swollen shut.

"You stupid asshole" I said. "You don't fuck with Davon White, ever."

All he had going for him was being big, really big, 350 pounds big, and most of it muscle. Leeshawn could fight but he wasn't a sophisticated fighter like I was and was used to simply overpowering guys with his enormous strength. I just stayed out of his reach and didn't let him get ahold of me. Wasn't ten minutes I had him down and banging his face against the wall.

So, that's me, Davon White, putting in my claim to begin to try to take control of this place. Yeah, here I am in prison again and god, I hate this place. It took me almost two years to get the 'Baltimore City Detention Center' pretty much under my control, and now, here I am at the 'Maryland Correctional Institution' in Hagerstown and I have to start all over again. My cellmate is a 61 year old black named Harry, a lifer. He's actually a nice guy, very quiet and respectful, but I can't turn an old man into my fuck boy. He's sixty-one years old for god's sake. But I don't know the guards and have no power here at all. And as a newby I have to be on my best behavior because they'll be watching and if there is anything I want to avoid, its solitary confinement.

So, how did this happen? How the hell did I get here? It's quite a story.

First of all, I wasn't raping that kid. Okay, yeah, I had my dick up his ass and he was screaming but it was consensual. Kind of consensual anyway. I mean, I know what rape is, because I've been involved in plenty of rapes, but when a kid asks for it, it ain't rape. Admittedly he had some encouragement from Raylon, but he asked for it, and he asked for it nicely.

The facts were that Raylon gave the kid credit on his drugs and he was behind on that payment and needed to be reminded that it was due. Raylon brought him into our 'dungeon' and worked him over a little and convinced him that it was in his best interest to service my prick. I'm not sure if consensual is the correct word, but he felt that maybe blowing me was better than any other options Raylon might have had in mind. And besides, just like everybody, he knew from the beginning that the interest rate on a loan from us included substantial late penalties. Okay, okay, so I know that Raylon recognized that this kid was just my perfect type, and maybe he was over generous with 'the tab' , and perhaps he knew the kid was likely to fall behind in payments, but the fact is, the kid still owed us money and we were just reminding him of the debt. Raylon is a good guy and is always looking out for my best interests. This kid was a young white boy, good looking and obviously straight with a fairly nice build. Oh yeah, Raylon knew that this was the kind of boy that would get my juices flowing and make my dick hard.

So this was the way it went. I'd had my workout and shower and Adam was giving me a massage, when Terrell came in and said Raylon had the boy ready. Adam grabbed my terry cloth wrap, put it on me and got on his knees and kissed my feet. Looking up he said: 'thank you. Master, for letting me serve you'. I tousled his hair and let him kiss my hand as I smiled down at him. Adam was a cute seventeen year old white boy who was about as perfect a slave as a guy could get. Adam was one of the few slaves that I didn't rule through fear, because he absolutely adored me. He'd do anything for me. Plus he gave great massages and craved being dominated by me and having me ram my dick up his ass.

So, when I got into the dungeon I saw that Raylon had the kid strung up from leather bands around his wrists so he had to stand up on his toes to relieve the pressure on his shoulders. He was naked except for the wrist bands and a slave collar. His chest was red and he had tit clamps attached to his little nubbins and there was some kind of clamp attached to his genitals.

"He's all ready for you, Boss" Raylon said with a grin as he gave the boy a gentle slap on his bare butt. "Cute little bugger if I do say so myself. And he's hot for your prick. Ain't you white boy?"

"Yes, Mr. Clark" the boy mumbled through the pain. "Yes, sir, Mr. Clark" he repeated. "I'm hot for his prick." Groaning a little and gasping for breath he looked at me. "Please, Mr. White. I want your prick."

"Say it again, and say it right" Raylon growled at him.

"Ahhh..., yes, sir. Please, Mr. White, sir. Please let me serve your prick, sir. Please, Mr. White, sir" he said, obviously repeating by rote the lines Raylon had taught him.

"Good boy" Raylon grinned and gave the boy another easy slap to the butt and removed the clamp from his balls, getting a groan from him. "Good boy" he repeated.

"Jesus Christ, Raylon" I said with a laugh, really impressed with the kid's amenable demure, "is he ever ready? Wow."

"Ain't nothing to it, Boss" Raylon laughed. "Gentle persuasion I call it. And look, hardly a mark on him. Nothing much that shows anyway."

"Okay, cut him down" I said. "Let's see what we've got." Raylon put a stool under the kid's feet and unfastened the chains holding his arms. Then, both at the same time, he jerked off the tit clamps, getting a real howl out of the lad. A howl from him but a grin from me because I know a little pain early on will get a kid in the right frame of mind for a good hot fucking.

"Hands behind your back" Raylon growled as he grabbed the kid by the neck and pushed him to his knees. I stepped forward and pushed my crotch into his face. And what a pretty face it was: light brown hair with a tinge of red and scattered freckles on his face. I guess he was about twenty with a nice slim body; not built but obviously in good condition. Not as muscular as my usual type, but hell, this was business as well as pleasure, because this was just a reminder to the kid of a payment coming due. I mean, I had three house boys now, fuck boys, all of them built, but there was always something special about taking a virgin ass. This magnificent fuck muscle of mine had had many a virgin ass, who knows, maybe fifty or a hundred over the years, but I was always ready for one more as long as there was a pretty face attached to it.

"Take this wrap off" I ordered him. He took hold of the Velcro connection and pulled it apart allowing the wrap to fall to the floor.

"Now say it once more" Raylon growled at him "and say it nicely."

"Please, Mr. White, sir. Please let me serve your prick, sir. Please, Mr. White, sir" he quoted.

Putting my hand behind his head, I rubbed my still soft prick back and forth against his face a few times. Shit, I loved the way my black dick looked when I banged it against a white boys face. Oh yeah, that's where my big schlong belonged, in a white boys face or in a white boy's mouth, or maybe up his ass. It turned me on so much that I almost exclusively fucked white boys these days. Call me a racist if you want and so what if I am? But the fact is, most white boys are racist anyway, and it was really special to slap the shit out of a cute white boy and then make him choke on my big black donkey dick; this niggers big black donkey dick. If you ain't seen a young racist white boy on his knees crying and begging to suck on a nigger dick you've missed out on one of the real joys of life.

The kid was weeping softly, evidently from the lingering pain in his tits, but he was keeping his hands behind him and offering no resistance. As always, Raylon knew exactly what it took to get them docile and well-behaved.

I put my hand under his chin forcing him to look up at me. "So you want my dick, do you white boy?" I said with a big grin. "Big black nigger dick? You want it? Huh?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. White, sir" he said, his voice quivering.

"Well, tell me. What do you want to do with this dick? Huh?"

He simply looked dumbfounded at first, not understanding what I wanted. "Ahhh... ahhh" he mumbled.

"What do you want to do with it?" I asked again as I heard Raylon chuckling. "You want to worship this dick, boy? This dick going to be your God? Tell me."

"Ahhh... yes, sir, Mr. White, sir" he said, his voice still quivering. "Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir, what?"

"Yes, sir, ahhh... I want to worship it, sir. I want to worship your dick, sir." Raylon and I were both laughing now. This kid was so fuckin cute, his voice shaking and tears streaming down his face.

"You're going to treat it like your God, aren't you? You're going to worship your God?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. White, sir" he said, finally understanding what I wanted from him. "Your cock is my God, sir, and I want to worship it, sir."

"Way to go cutie" I laughed giving his cheek a few friendly slaps. "You've definitely got the right attitude. Now, you ever kissed a dick before, boy".

"No, sir, Mr. White, sir" he mumbled.

"Well, you're got a beauty to start on. Great big beautiful black dick. Kiss it. Kiss it all over." With a quick glance at Raylon, the kid leaned in and started giving my prick soft kisses. I was only now beginning to get hard, as it began to wake up from his administrations. "Good boy" I said as I tussled his hair. "Good boy."

I just let him go at it for a couple minutes and then pushed his head back. "Just look at it, boy. Just admire it" I said. It was getting pretty stiff now so I grabbed it and wiggled it in front of his face. "Tell me it's beautiful, babe."

"It's beautiful, Mr. White, sir."

"You can do better than that" I purred. "Describe it and say it with conviction."

"It's... it's... beautiful... It's ahhh... gorgeous, Mr. White, sir."

"And you want to worship it don't you?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. White, sir. I want to worship it." Holding my prick up, I pulled his face into my crotch.

"Worship my balls first, babe. Pay homage to your God."

Without any hesitation he started licking my balls. "Lots of saliva, babe. Get 'em wet and suck on 'em." As he continued sucking on my balls I pulled him in tight and just humped my now full ten inch rod into his face smearing my pre-cum on him.

Every time I used one of Raylon's boytoys I was impressed. I mean, this kid was amazing. Totally docile. Totally obedient. Absolutely dedicated to execute my every whim on command. Raylon's techniques are almost unbelievable. How he can turn a kid into a sniveling, spineless, utterly submissive little cocksucker in just a couple hours was astonishing.

"Great job, Raylon. Great job" I said looking over at him. Raylon was wearing some kind of skin tight nylon thing around his waist which barely covered his big schlong. The shorts were soaking wet, presumably from the kid's earlier ministrations while being trained, but the big bulge showed Raylon was fully hard. That always surprised me because Raylon was as straight as they come, but would invariably get hard while watching me dominate and fuck a kid. The reason was, of course, because Raylon was into violence and his female partners seldom came away from his bed without bruises to show for it. So he got sexually excited watching me dominate a kid, but he also got excited while whipping a kid's ass getting him ready for me. But, I mean, who wouldn't get excited about taking a kid with attitude and turning him into a whimpering little cum dump?

"Thanks, Boss" He said giving me a smile and reaching down and groping himself. "I knew you'd like this one. He almost turns me on." Stepping over to us, Raylon reached down and gently removed a large dildo from the kid's ass. It wasn't as big as my enormous schlong, but it was pretty good size.

"Oh shit, Raylon" I laughed. "You have got him ready."

"Yup. All ready" he laughed. "Just ram it in." I grabbed the kid by the hair and pulled him over to a leather bench, forcing him to crawl. Pulling him up on the bench on his belly with his ass hanging over the end, I got behind him and spread his legs. "He's prepped, Boss" Raylon said. "Just go for it."

Lining up my big bludgeon with his little hole, I pushed, hard, ramming all ten inches into him in one fell swoop. The kid let out one hell of a scream that could have waken the dead, but my cock was sending incredible spasms of rapturous delight shooting into my brain.

That's when the cops burst in.

"Oh shit" Raylon and I both said at the same time.

The good news about our dungeon is that it is sound proof so you don't worry about any noise the schmuck your fucking is making, but the bad news is that we didn't hear the cops coming, so they got quite a spectacle as they stormed in with the kid screaming like a banshee and me ramming my dick up his ass.

Those assholes not only cuffed me and took me to the wagon totally naked with my prick still dripping, but I was at the jail for a couple hours before they finally got me something to wear. But shit, I wasn't surprised. Stunningly handsome stud like me with a body of a superman and a demon sized dick, you can bet they were mostly checking me out. Hell, most of those cops couldn't keep their eyes off of me, and had the circumstances been different, I could have had half a dozen of them chowing down on my dick in no time. I gave each of them a wink and a smile when they stared and I had to chuckle because most every time they turned red with embarrassment and had to turn away and rearrange their growing hard-on's. Hey, I got nothing against fucking cops, but I just like teenagers better.

Of course neither Raylon nor I had had a chance to emphasize to the kid the penalty for squealing, so he was screaming 'rape' from the moment the cops burst in. Also, Raylon had made the mistake of snatching the kid from his own front lawn, and his mother had seen them and called the police. But strangely enough, that wasn't the reason for the raid. It actually was a drug bust. The god damn cop who was supposed to notify us was on vacation so for the first time, Jamal didn't even know the bust was coming.

Luckily, Jamal is super careful, so what little 'shit' we had on the premises was flushed away in seconds. So, their drug bust was a flop, but they got Raylon for kidnapping and me for rape.

-------------------------------- It was driving me crazy that I didn't have a phone here in prison. I was so used to being up to date on everything by talking to Jamal several times a day. I definitely needed to do something about that.

Jamal used his connections to find out where they were sending me and passed on the word that two members of the 'Family' were already there so I got with them right away.

"So, how come none of you have a phone?" I asked Omar and Jasen when we got together. As with most members of the 'Family' they were both hunks; dedicated body builders.

"Shit, Davon, that..." Omar started to say.

"Boss" I said, interrupting him. "Even in here, I'm still Boss of this 'Family'. Don't you forget it."

"Okay, Boss, sorry," he replied. "But I don't know anybody has a phone. Even Leeshawn, the guy who's pretty much in charge around here, doesn't have one.

"He's in charge?" I asked.

"Well, yeah. He's big and tough and he seems to own the guards. I mean, nobody dares mess with him, and he's got a couple goons to support him as well, so he seems to be able to do whatever the hell he wants. I mean, with Jasen he... "

"Shut up, Omar" Jasen said.

"What?" I asked. "He fuck you, Jasen?"

Jaden didn't say anything as I looked at him questioningly. "Well, cough it up. What'd he do to you? Speak up, damn it."

"Well... I... he..." Jasen mumbled.

"Omar, tell me" I said.

"Leeshawn roughed him up and fucked his boytoy and made him watch while he did it" Omar said. "He's done it more than once."

"Oh, fuck" I said, understanding now why Jasen was so embarrassed. "So he didn't want your sorry ass but he wanted to humiliate you by fucking your boy."

"Yeah, that's about it" Jasen answered. "He's a huge guy, probably weighs over 350 pounds but he likes skinny feminine looking guys, and my Otto is a bit on the fem side. Besides, Otto is white and Leeshawn prefers white boys when he can get them. He's got his own fuck boy but he fucks just about anybody he wants with impunity, and usually has one of the guards standing watch outside the cell while he does it."

"Actually he does it just to prove his power more than anything else, and let everybody know he's in charge" Omar said. "He's a guy you want to stay away from."

"I don't know about that" I said. "Sounds to me like a guy I want to get close to." So, that was my introduction to Leeshawn, and it was only two weeks later that I sent him to the hospital. I got away with it for two reasons: one, because he was the aggressor and had the shiv and planned to murder me, and two because the guards wanted another sugar daddy and I was the obvious replacement for him. I mean, they're not totally stupid. The word was already around that I was head of the 'Black Guerrilla Family' and had the connections and the bucks.

Didn't take but four days after I whipped Leeshawn that the first guard came to me being subtle but hinting that he was for sale at the right price. He said he heard on the grapevine that I was generous, and he said he was willing to be helpful. His name was Fred and he was good looking, kinda husky, probably late twenty's, early thirty's and from our first meeting I knew I could get him on my dick if I was willing to really put on the charm. I didn't want to fuck a thirty year old, but I thought I'd keep that in mind as a backup depending on how things went.

Three more guards, all female, came by over the next few days, all of them wanting benefits but also showing interest in my prick. Hell, I'm gorgeous in every way; face and body and prick, so how could they resist? I found out real quick that my looks and charm and ten inches were going to be just as popular here as they had been in 'Baltimore City'. I mean, barely fifteen minutes after I met Latisha, one of the day guards, she was down on her knees worshiping my dick while her cohort, Jacy, kept watch outside the cell. I had to literally drag her off in order to fuck her. Turns out Leeshawn didn't have near the prick I've got, so Latisha was getting satisfaction like she'd never imagined.

--------------------------------------- Now this was supposed to be one of those progressive prisons, where instead of just punishing the prisoners, they tried to rehabilitate them. We'd been naughty and they were going to try to keep us from being naughty again. So, I was assigned to a Clinical Psychologist. Not a psychiatrist but a psychologist. Not sure what the difference is but I think the psychologist is supposed to be almost as good as the real thing, but probably cheaper, so why waste the big bucks on a prisoner when you can get by on the cheap.

So, meet Dr. Taylor. Dr. Ezekiel Taylor for god's sake. A doctor with some fancy degree but he definitely epitomized his name because he was a total nerd. I mean, you gotta know, anybody named Ezekiel has got to be a nerd. Ezekiel had this stack of papers in front of him all the time, presumably my file, and he was constantly writing something. He had kind of a thin face with indrawn cheeks but wasn't all that bad looking. He was about 5'8" and maybe 150 pounds and was probably in his mid-thirty's. He had these rimless glasses and when he looked at me, which wasn't very often, he'd look over the top of them.

And that's what struck me from the first few minutes of our first meeting; he wouldn't look at me. Of course I can be intimidating. With my 19 inch arms and 58 inch chest, my muscles have got muscles and the skin tight t-shirts I wear just emphasis them. Yeah, I know, I know, we have to wear these stupid prison coveralls, but nobody said I had to have them zipped up all the way. I keep them unzipped down below my navel so my big meaty pectorals show in all their glory. And since I made a point of getting coveralls that were a couple sizes too small, my enormous shoulders and arms looked like they were about to split the seams.

So I'm intimidating. And he's a nerd. But he's also supposed to be a professional: a psychologist by training so my good looks and my amazing physique should not have affected him. But, since he was such a little guy, he looked like a damn midget sitting across the table from me, Hell, most anybody'd look small next to me, Davon White, at 6'3" 263 pounds. So, from the first meeting we had together I could see that he was apprehensive about being in the room with me.

"Mr. White, it's this aggression that we have to work on. All the records show you as being very aggressive and controlling. We need to discuss this and see if we can find out what caused it and what we might do about it. What do you think about this?" This was my third session with Dr. Taylor, Ezekiel that is, and I could already read him like a book.

During the first two sessions I just sat there with a smirk on my face and occasionally giving him a 'yes' or a 'no'. He'd set there writing furiously not daring to look up at me. The few times he did look, I'd smile, and he'd quickly look back down.

"These sessions can be important to you, Mr. White. They will count towards your good behavior if you participate" he said.

"It's all because of sex, Dr. Taylor" I said softly.

"I beg your pardon?" he said. "Your aggression came from sex?"

"Yeah, it was sex" I answered. "I mean, I'm good looking and I've got a big dick and as you can see I'm what they call a real beefcake. I mean, I'm a hunk, just look at this." I stood up and gave him a double bicep pose, flexing my incredible arms, and we actually heard the seams popping and saw it split open at the left bicep which may have been a smidgen bigger than my right one. "Shit, I did it again" I said with a grin. "You gotta look, Dr. Taylor if you want to understand" I said as I held the pose waiting for him to look up.

"That's enough, Mr. White" he said as he glanced up at me and then quickly back down at his papers.

"From the time I was a kid I was one hunky number" I said as I sat down "and people wanted to get it on with me. I mean, you can see why just by looking at me, but they also wanted me to dominate them. A good looking husky stud like me, they just expected me to be rough. So I was." This was the first time I'd actually answered any of his questions in anything other than monosyllables, so I definitely had his interest. (scribble, scribble, scribble went his pen).

"Well, I'm glad you've decided to open up to me" he said, glancing at me over the top of his nerdy glasses, and quickly back down again. "Maybe we're getting somewhere" he said. "They wanted you to dominate them?"

"Yeah, they all did" I answered. "I mean, for example there was this girl I met at McDonalds, Tease or Tits or Twat or something like that. She worked there so I waited for her to get off work and let her take me home. She couldn't keep her hands off of me and all she could talk about was how big my muscles were and what a marvelous prick I had and how she bet I was really rough in bed. So, I was fucking the hell out of her in her bedroom and yes, I was being rough, but she was begging me to fuck her harder when her mother walked in. I guess she came home early or something. Anyway, her mother let out a scream and looked really shocked.

"Trish" she screamed and just stood there looking. I'd been surprised and had pulled my dick out, and she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of it. But I can tell you, I'm really good at pickin up on people and I saw it in her face. She was envious. Hell yes she was. She saw my big dick and wanted some of it for herself. Weren't no big surprise to me because I got that kind of reaction from bitches all the time.

"Anyway, she was finally able to pull her eyes away from my dick and left, slamming the door behind her. The girl tried to push me off but I wasn't about to interrupt a hot fuck so I rammed back in and kept at it until I blew my wad. Now, I told you what I saw. Weren't no doubt in my mind that the lady wanted me. So when her daughter went to the bathroom I walked out into the kitchen completely naked with my dick still dripping and walked up behind her and gave her a healthy swat on the ass. And you can guess what happened: she yelped but then turned around with a smile on her face and tried to kiss me. I wasn't much into kissing at the time so I gave her another swat on the other cheek, put her on her knees and let her suck on my bull dick for a while. And I can tell you that's what she wanted; the bitch was really hot for my big black dick."

"Ahhh... Mr. White" he said. "That's..."

"Wait, let me finish" I said interrupting him. "I didn't plan to fuck the old lady because she had to be over thirty, too old for a fourteen year old kid, so I turned around, put a hand behind her head and pulled her into my ass. She didn't seem to mind at all because she was ramming her fingers up her cunt like mad. So, I just held her there and let her eat my ass while I jerked off all over her kitchen floor."

"Mr. White" he said. "It's not necessary to give me the explicit details of your exploits. Generalities will be sufficient."

"I just want you to understand, Dr. Taylor" I said innocently. "I've fucked hundreds of bitches since then, but that time, when I wasn't even fifteen yet, is an example of what I had to go through just after I reached puberty. But I ain't finished yet. A couple days after I fucked her, the girl's big brother came looking for me, a college jock, probably five years older than me. He came after me, you understand, so it was not my aggression that was at fault. After I kicked the shit out of him I fucked him up the ass. I really wasn't into fucking boys at that time but I found out that working a guy over and dominating him before taking his ass was very exciting."

"Alright, Mr. White. That's enough" he said. "You have to know it's a simplification to blame your aggression onto the people you aggressed upon."

"Well, I'm just telling you the way it was" I answered, still pretending innocence. "I became pretty much of a regular at their house after that. As I recall, I never did fuck the old lady, although I let her suck me off a couple times. But the girl and the boy were terrific fucks, the girl because she loved a rough fuck and the boy because he was terrified of me and I found out how much fun it was to force him to do all kinds of shit against his will. I got more dick action in that house over the next couple months that you can possibly imagine. And let me tell you, Dr. Taylor, I was as aggressive and demanding and raunchy as I wanted to be, and except for the boy, they loved it. I mean, I didn't even know what the word 'orgy' meant until I started fucking them. I was big kid for my age but I was not even fifteen at the time, but I learned how to be quite a hellion, one very lecherous dominate stud."

"Alright, that's enough" he said firmly. "I think we'd better end this session for today. I'll see you again next Tuesday."

"Okay, Dr. Taylor. Okay" I said. "But I've got a few other examples of events that will help you understand why you think I'm aggressive."

"We'll talk about it next week" he said.

"Okay, sir" I said. "But it weren't my fault if everybody was after a fourteen year old kid's dick, and begging him to be as crude and abusive as he wanted."

As I stood up, I stuck my hand inside my unzipped coveralls and groped myself, pretending to be subtle, but being very obvious. He couldn't help but see it, but as he quickly looked away I saw a look of embarrassment on his face. Since he was behind the table I couldn't actually see if he had a lump in his pants but I was betting it was there. Oh yeah. He was not only intimidated by me, I think he was fascinated by a meaty prick. Time would tell.

I figured a prison psychologist couldn't be as helpful as a Deputy Warden, but it wouldn't hurt to have someone in an 'official capacity' under my control.


---------------------------- So, here I was, in the process of getting a new prison under my control. With his connections, Jamal got me assigned to a lenient judge, so I got only seven years, eighteen months for good behavior. But I was determined to get this place set up to my liking. Unfortunately, both the Warden and the Deputy Warden were grizzled old political hacks who I knew would be immune to my animal magnetism. Hell, they lived in their offices and were on the phone all the time so the prisoners never saw either one of them.

After destroying Leeshawn I was well on my way to getting control, but I had a long list of objectives. First of all I needed a boytoy. Some cute young thing, preferably white, that I could train to serve me and become my regular fuck boy. I found out almost immediately that this was going to be a lot harder than 'Baltimore City', because they put the young guys in a wing by themselves. Jensen's boy 'Otto' was 27 years old, too old to be in the 'youth' wing, and Omar didn't have a boy of his own. I wanted a young muscly one, preferably a teenage, but they were locked away.

Yeah, they segregated the young ones. It was supposed to be for those between eighteen and twenty-two but there were some slightly older who were particularly 'pretty', and some who were overly effeminate. And that was pure discrimination. I mean, who decided if a guy was 'pretty' or 'effeminate'? Did the warden pick them out? Total discrimination.

Although the young pretty ones were in their own wing, they mixed with the regulars during the day, but as long as they kept away from the showers they were okay. So I picked out a few cute studs with attitude that might fit my requirements, even though they were temporarily out of reach.

My next priority was getting a phone. I can't be Boss of the 'Family' if I don't have contact with Jamal to give the orders. Actually this might be more important to me at the moment than satisfying my prick.

So, I got to work on Latisha, and within a week I had a phone. I got the other guards, Fred, Jacy and Ellen in on it so I'd be notified of searches. There were still other guards not on my payroll so I had to be very careful when I used it. Actually, what I arranged was for Fred to come by once in the morning and once in the afternoon and stand guard while I talked to Jamal. Problem solved.

------------------------- I felt I had a good start on my manipulation of Ezekiel Taylor, the psychologist, so I was really looking forward to my next meeting with him. Besides, I hadn't had any sex except with my right hand for over a month and I was dying to get my cock into some tight hole. Ezekiel was my candidate for that honor and I didn't intend to wait much longer.

"Hello, Dr. Taylor" I said happily as I entered the conference room and sat at the table. Ezekiel was already there with his papers spread about on his side of the table.

"Hello, Mr. White" he said. "Well, you're in a good mood today. That's great. I thought we'd start by talking about this 'Family' I've been hearing about. You want to tell me about it?"

"Sure" I said with a grin. "It's the 'Black Guerrilla Family' in Baltimore and I run it. I'm the Boss."

"You're the Boss? How's that, since you're here in prison."

"Yeah I'm Boss. I just have to have a phone so I can keep in touch on a regular basis."

"You know phones aren't allowed. How do you plan to manage that?"

"Where there's a will, there's a way. I'll figure it out" I replied with a grin. "You ever piss on anyone, Dr. Taylor?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"You want to know about my aggression, so I thought I'd tell you about the times I pissed on someone."

"Why would you want to do that?" he asked.

"Hey, I'm a Dom and I'm always in command. I own the people I'm fucking and if I want to piss on them, I will."

"What does that do for you?"

"It's a feeling of power, Dr. Taylor. A feeling of superiority. And it makes me hot; it makes my dick hard."

"Ahhh..., Davon... ahhh" he stuttered.

"Remember that story I told you about last week? The twat, her mother and brother? The brother was a wimp, a total pussy, so once, just for the hell of it, I took him into the backyard and pissed on him."

"Mr. White, we need to..."

"Then I made him shower before I fucked him" I laughed. "That was fucking funny, making him wash my piss off before I stuck my dick up his ass. You would not believe how much that turned me on."

"Mr. White, what we need to do today..."

"Then there was that time I was at 'make-out point' and saw this couple walk into the woods, so I followed them. When I found them they had both pulled their shorts and underwear down and he was starting to push his dick into her."

"Davon, that's enough" he said. "I don't want to hear it."

"This time I admit I was aggressive" I said, ignoring him. "But they were white kids, a cute teenage couple and they really got me all hot and bothered, so I stripped down to the buff and walked over to them. 'Well, what have we here?' I said. They both looked up at me in shock, and when they saw my huge muscled frame and my enormous prong sticking out in all its' ten inch glory they were shocked even more."

"Davon, stop" Taylor said. Amazingly enough, he still wouldn't look at me. He was staring down at the papers on the table. I had stood up to better describe the event and had put one hand down into my crotch, playing with myself so he'd notice.

"So, I just yanked his pants off, climbed on top of him and spread his legs, and pushed in. I'd spit on my prick a couple times but his ass was still a tight fit, so he really let out a howl and started to squirm. I put my muscled arm around his neck and started squeezing as I pushed my prick in deeper."


"When the girl tried to get away I grabbed her by the hair and jerked her back." I said without even hesitating. "So there I was, strangling him, yanking on her hair, both of them screaming bloody murder, as I fucked the bejesus out of him. You cannot imagine how exciting that was. Total delirium."

"Davon" he shouted. "Stop it, stop it, stop it."

"Okay, okay, Ezekiel, I'll stop" I laughed. "I just wanted to tell you that they were really uncooperative, which was annoying as hell because I was just a young kid having a little fun. I mean, shit, I didn't really hurt them much, not that you'd notice. But the girl kicked me in the balls, and even though it was her bare foot it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch and really pissed me off. So after I fucked their brains out, I pissed on them. It was an incredible experience. It was amazing, and I wanted you to know what an incredibly enlightening experience it was for me at that young age. I loved doing it."

"That's just enough" he said. "I'm sorry I called you Davon, Mr. White, but we must be formal here. You're Mr. White and I'm Dr. Taylor."

"Sure, Dr. Taylor" I said, sitting back down at the table. "Do you think it be easier for us to talk if you were on this side of the table next to me?"

"What? Ahhh... I don't think so. No."

"Sure it would" I said. "You right here next to me, we could get all cozy and friendly like."

"Mr. White, you must stop..."

"Come over here, Ezekiel" I said firmly, interrupting him. "Bring your chair around here."

"Mr. White, you're getting very aggressive."

"You don't know the half of it" I said as I got up and walked around the table. Pulling his chair back, I grabbed it with him still on it, and carried it around to my side of the table. "That's better" I said as I sat him down right next to my chair. He was so shocked that he didn't even offer any resistance but he did start sputtering.

"Mr. White. No. Stop it. Don't, don't" he sputtered.

"This is definitely better, Ezekiel" I said as I sat down, put my arm around his shoulders, and pulled him into a hug.

"Davon, I'm going to get the guard."

"No you're not" I said as I grabbed the back of his head, turned him towards me and started kissing him. Holding his head tight I kissed him with deep spit exchanging kisses, literally taking his breath away. He tried to mumble something but I wouldn't let up. With my other hand I grabbed him by the wrist and jammed his hand down inside my coveralls forcing him to feel my enormous, fully hard donkey dick.

"It'd be better if you kissed me back" I said as I momentarily let him up for breath.

"Please, Davon. Please don't do this" he whimpered and I saw he had tears in his eyes.

"You're going to love it, babe" I answered and kept forcing him to grope my dick as I went back to the kiss. There was a long period of silence in the room, except for soft kissing sounds. I was kissing him aggressively, forcing my tongue into his mouth until he finally started to kiss me back. Yes, it took a while but he was actually kissing me back. Hell, I knew all the time he was turned on to me. Frightened and apprehensive yes, but still turned on.

This went on for ten, maybe fifteen minutes, and at one point I let go of his hand but he kept playing with my prick on his own. Eventually, I pulled away from the kiss and started stripping him.

"Please, Davon, don't do this" he whimpered as I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. He was crying softly as he said it.

"It's okay, honey" I whispered softly into his ear. "It's okay. You now Davon's, honey. You mine." I undid his belt and pants, and pulling him to his feet, pushed them and his underwear down to his ankles.

"No, Davon, no" he blubbered, crying more now.

"Don't you worry, honey. I'll go easy. I've got a big prick so it's going to hurt some, but I'll go easy. First time is hard, but next time will be better." Leading him to the end of the table as he kept sobbing, I bent him over it on his belly and pushed his legs apart. Pushing my coveralls back over my shoulders I let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. I flexed my enormous arms and grinned as I looked down at this little man preparing to feed him my enormous black dick. Pressing against his butt and bending over him, I grabbed some hair, lifted his head and gave his ear a lick. "It's gonna be good, honey. You gonna get fucked by superstud Davon White."

He was sobbing softly but uncontrollably as I spread the cream I'd sneaked in, into his crack and onto my big ramrod. I worked his butt for a few minutes, getting a couple fingers in his hole, loosening him up as he just lay there whimpering softly but offering no resistance. Then, holding him by the shoulders and taking careful aim, I slowly but firmly pushed into his tiny pucker.

"Davon, Davon" he mumbled through his crying.

"It's okay, baby" I said. "Just relax. Open up and let me in. Come on, baby, take Davon's big dick." Putting my hand over his mouth just in case, I kept pushing until I felt the monstrous head of my prick pop into his tight hole. "Yeah, baby. Your ass was just made for Davon's dick. Shit, yeah." I was not going to pound it to him because, as much as possible, I wanted this to be good for him. I mean, I'd conquered him and I wanted him to stay conquered. Besides, a slow easy fuck can be really nice sometimes, just for variety.

So I fucked him. On and on and on and on I fucked him, for over half an hour whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

'Hot ass baby; real sweet, honey; ain't no stud like Davon, baby; my big pecker loves your ass, baby; sweet, baby, sweet; you giving your ass to a god, baby; your ass is mine, honey" and on and on and on.

Always going slow and easy, gradually going deeper and deeper, it was a good ten minutes or more before I got all ten inches of my prick into him. He cried softly on and on, which eventually turned to soft whimpering. I took my hand off his mouth early on because he was taking it very well, whimpering and crying the whole time, but doing it very softly.

After a good half hour of exquisite pleasure I started to pick up the speed and let the heat buildup in my balls as my prick kept forcing its' way into his tight little hole. It was heavenly. Partly because he was a virgin, and I love taking virgins, but mostly because he was the psychologist who was supposed to be changing my behavior. Yeah, him changing my behavior, what a laugh. In all truth, he never stood a chance, because from the first time I saw him, I knew it was just a matter of time before I was going to have him bent over this table taking my big schlong.

Speeding up just slightly, I felt the heat begin to build up. I closed my eyes and pictured Craig in my mind, the enormous muscled guard from 'Baltimore City', imagining him under me taking my big dick up his muscled ass. Skinny little be-speckled runts like Ezekiel didn't do it for me, but gorgeous muscle stud Craig got me hot in an instant. I get really crazy when I reach my peak so I slammed into his ass, probably mashing his little dick into the table, and reaching up, grabbing a handful of hair,I slammed into him again as hard as I could, actually moving the table.

"Ohhh shhhiiit, Craig" I screamed. "Ohhh shhhiiit." My big dick firing time after time into this tight ass was heavenly, a world of difference from a hand job.

After I began to calm down, I bent over him and just licked his ear for a bit. He was still crying, but probably more from the situation than from the pain. Oh, he'd be sore for a couple days, and he'd never forget that he'd had Davon White's monster prick up his ass, but he was probably more embarrassed than hurt.

Very gently, I pulled my softening prick out of his ass and pulled him up to his feet. Reaching down, I grabbed his pants and underwear and pulled them up, and reaching around him zipped them up and fastened his belt. Putting my hand under his legs, I lifted him into my arms and carried him away from the table and lay him down on the floor on the thick rug. Lying down beside him I leaned over and started giving him gentle kisses on his face, everywhere except his lips.

"Nobody's done this to me before," he sobbed.

"I know baby, I know" I said softly as I removed his glasses and continued kissing his face: his cheek, his nose, his eyes, his forehead, kissing on and on. "But it was good for me, honey. Real good. And I know it was good for you too. Wasn't it?"

"It hurt, Davon. It really hurt."

"I know, baby. I know" I said softly as I moved my kisses to his neck and now started petting his hair as well. "But sometimes a little pain is good. What you gave to me today is something wonderful. Something really special. Giving up a little pain to me, Davon White, shows a true understanding and respect for me. I appreciate it more than you can imagine and I love you for it."

"Mmmm" he murmured, a sound coming from the back of his throat.

"You do understand don't you, that it's okay to respect me? Huh?" I said as I raised my head and looked him in the face. "Sure I'm a dominant stud, a beefcake, a real man's man, and I've got these manly needs that are sometimes overwhelming, but that's just who I am. You can't change that, and neither can I. Do you understand that?"

"I... I... I think so, Davon, I think so" he mumbled.

"Kiss me" I said. Raising his head, he started kissing me and slowly raised an arm and put it around me. I let him take control and just followed his lead as the deep tongue kissing went on and on. When he finally pulled back from the kiss I put my arm around his neck and pulled his face into my chest and started petting his hair again. We just lay there for the longest time, me on my back and him on his side with his head on my chest. Neither of us said a word, as I hugged him to me and continued petting his hair. I felt a couple tears on my chest at first, but he put his hand on my shoulder after a couple minutes and started hugging me back, pulling himself in close. Twice during that time I felt a feather like touch of his lips as he kissed my chest. It was real, I wasn't imagining it. We were definitely over the hump now because he was actually starting to show affection. It was so quiet and so comfortable that I almost dozed off, and I think he did too.

"Well, I guess we'd better clean up" I said softly as I pulled his face back away from my chest and gave him a quick kiss. "I think I've made you late."

Believe it or not, he actually chuckled. "Yes, I do believe I'm late" he said. I picked up his shirt, helped him put it on, and then buttoned it up for him.

"That was wonderful, Ezekiel" I said as I climbed into my coveralls. "I loved it, and I love you." Stepping over to him I gave him a big hug and a final long kiss.

"Mmmmm. Mmmmmm" was his reply.

Going over to the table, I stacked his papers and handed them to him. "You okay with this, hon? Huh?"

"Yeah, Davon" he said with a sly smile. "I'm okay." I was escorted back to my cell.

Okay, so I'm a contemptuous son-of-s-bitch, but I owned that white motherfucker now. Lock, stock and barrel, he was mine. Just another toy for me to play with, to do whatever the fuck I wanted with. And he was the god damn psychologist. Not a Deputy Warden, but somebody who was supposed to be smarter than a Deputy Warden. But, now you know, ain't nobody can stand up to Davon White's charms and manipulations.

You think I'm cynical? Hell, I personify the word.

Author's note: I have extended this story beyond the original plan because there seemed to be substantial interest. Still Interested? Want more Davon White? Let me know. If there is enough interest I'll keep it going.



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