If you're under legal age, or you don't like erotic gay domination stories, don't read this. If you're into gay muscles and domination, I hope you enjoy this story.

Davon White, Superstud Chapter One

"Hey, that one's mine" I said as the guard walked by with a new prisoner. A cute young white kid. Not only very young and very pretty, but husky as well. No question this kid was into body building because, even with those loose clothes, there were muscles showing in all the right places. And that pissed me off. I mean, every guard on the floor knows what kind of twink I like, and they should have come to me first.

"Hey, Jackie. I said that one's mine." This time she stopped and looked back. Now, everybody in this place knew what kind of kid I liked, and this one sure seemed to fit the bill. I mean, I always have my pick of the youngest and prettiest ones and I'd had eight or nine as cell mates over the past two years. Black kids and Hispanic kids up till now but I wouldn't mind training a white boy to be my lackey and fuck boy. I preferred light brown skin color on my boys, but hell, I could make him get a sun tan.

"Ahhh... Davon. He was assigned to thirty-one. That's where I'm supposed to take him."

"Well, that's god damn well gonna be changed. Right now. You take him the hell back and get him assigned to me. Hey kid. Come here." The boy turned and looked at the guard.

Jackie shrugged her shoulders, and nodded over towards my cell. The kid just looked at her, kinda with a 'what the fuck' look on his face.

"Do as he says" Jackie said. So the kid walked over to my cell.

"Yeah, man?" he said with a sneer on his face. "What'cha'want." My prick gave a jerk and I got an instant hard-on. Oh fuck did I get hard. I've seldom seen a kid this perfect, and I wanted him. I wanted him bad. A frisky young colt with a pretty baby face and nice muscles. A totally arrogant white boy besides who really needed to be taken down a notch. Oh shit, I couldn't wait to take this kid down.

Reaching through the bars, I grabbed his collar and yanked him forward hard, banging his face against the bars. With my other hand I grabbed his crotch and squeezed.

"Yeeeoooh" he yelled. "Hey... hey..."

"Nobody calls me 'man', motherfucker" I said as I squeezed hard. "White boy's always call me Sir." Letting go of his collar I took hold of his neck with one big hand choking him and forcing his face up against the bars. But right now it was his balls he was worried about and he had dropped his bundle and was pulling at my hand with both of his, trying to pull me off. He was pretty strong but I was not about to let go of him. He may have had muscles but they didn't even begin to compare with mine.

"Yeeeoooh .... Stop. God damn it, stop. Please" he hollered as I kept squeezing. Then he yelled at Jackie. "Guard. Guard." He was panting like mad and obviously blown away by my actions. Jackie, of course, didn't interfere but just stood there waiting for me to do my thing.

"I said you call me sir, you white piece of shit. So say it." And damned if he didn't give in, right there on the spot. And I knew, I knew instantly as I felt my cock throb, that dominating and controlling this kid was going to be one of the most exciting events of my life.

"Okay, man, okay. Sir" he choked out as I let go of his crotch. "Jesus Christ." As I let go of his neck he stepped back away from the bars gasping for breath and holding his crotch with both hands. "Jesus" he repeated.

"Oh, you are a pretty one" I said with a chuckle. I couldn't believe how hard I was. This kid was turning me on like no one had for weeks, or even months. "You are beautiful."

"Fuck you" he answered as he stepped back out of my reach. But I saw something in his eyes. Oh, yeah. He wasn't so blind that he couldn't see that I was twice his size, with more muscle than probably anybody he'd ever seen before. In just these few seconds he already knew I was superior to him and could take him down with one hand behind my back if I wanted to. Hell, he already knew he was going to be submissive to me, I could see it in his face. I wanted to howl with excitement.

"Now, Jackie" I said as I smiled at the kid, "you head back the way you came and get him reassigned to me. And tell Ralph that I'm pissed that he wasn't assigned to me in the first place. He damn well should have asked me."

"But Davon, you've got Carl in there" Jackie said.

"So, transfer him for Christ's sake. Do I have to do all the thinking around here? Just keep him close so he's available when I want him. Now go talk to Ralph."

"Okay, Davon. Okay, okay" Jackie answered, and taking the kid by the arm she headed back up the cell block.

So, I was getting a new cell mate, and no doubt the prettiest one I'd ever had. I mean, shit, a real muscle boy, and he also had one of those boyish faces that made him look like he was only sixteen or so. My current boy, Carl, was a little on the skinny side even though I'd been making him work out with me every day and he had bulked up quite a bit. Carl had been with me for three months now and had been just about as perfect as a kid could get, but the fact was, I was getting bored with him. I mean, I used to fuck him three, four times a day but now I barely got around to it once. They say variety is the spice of life, and I was definitely ready for some spice.

Carl's been a perfect little pet almost from day one, because he seems to know instinctively what I want almost before I do, and he's one hundred percent obedient. He openly wears my slave collar and not once in three months has he complained or talked back. That's both good and bad, because, hell, I like showing off my muscles, and it's fun to knock guys around a bit to straighten them out. Oh, I slapped Carl around occasionally just for the hell of it, but he didn't need it.

Now I was excited that this white boy would probably fight back and I'd have a chance to knock him around a bit and really rape him. Oh yeah, rape. Hey, what do you think I'm in here for? Rape is my game. My one and only hobby. I'd raped more than a dozen guys over the past few years and a few girls besides, but they'd only caught me once. And since that kid was so intimidated, he said it was only an assault. Three years. Six months to go.

You might say I'm still raping guys, here in prison, but I'll tell you, it ain't the same thing. Forcing a guy to give up his ass while locked up in a cell with me is kindergarten stuff, not at all like picking out the prettiest kid on the street and dragging him home for a few days of pleasure. Besides, I had more choices on the outside and I wanted them young and hunky. And I ain't gonna lie about it, I got a thing about overpowering and fucking straight guys. It's like some urge deep down inside of me that tells me I gotta have some straight boy ass. It's like a street drug for me that I need over and over again. And taking them virgin is as sweet as candy.

Prison in some ways improved my life but in other ways made it worse. Although I kept some of the kids I raped around for a couple days, I never had a full time slave boy to take care of all my shit on the outside. In here, however, they're not only my flunkey's and bootlicker's, but my fuck boy's as well and available for me to get my rocks off whenever I want. But, except for maybe the first time I screw them, it wasn't rape. I always force them to beg me to fuck them, but most times they want it anyway, or at least they've learned to take it and pretend they want it. That ain't rape.

But there just ain't nothin like the real thing, taking a guy down and ramming it to him. Having my swollen monster jammed up a guy's ass, while he's squealing and crying as I drilled it to him, drives me to extremes of rapture and delight; and, oh fuck, do I ever miss it.

I mean, nothing gets my juices flowing more than raping a guy. Not just some weak little girl who wants my babies, but a guy, a real man, a really tough husky straight man. Just the thought of forcing some guy to choke on my ten incher and then ramming it to him in his tight virgin ass makes me sweat and drives my desire levels to new heights. I couldn't fuckin wait to get out of this damn place and back on the streets where I could get back into action.

Training and fucking this new boy, this white boy, was going to give me more satisfaction than anything I'd had since the day they'd put me in here. Like they say: 'double your pleasure, double your fun' with muscular white boy ass. Oh yeah!

As the buzzer rang I stepped over to the bunk beds and pulled the blanket off of Carl. "Shower time" I said, waking him up. By the time I'd walked over to the cell door he had already jumped down from the bunk, ran over and got my toiletries, and came up to stand beside me. As the door slid open I headed down to the shower room with Carl one step behind.

Once Carl got the water at the right temperature I stepped under the water and let it pour down over me. Then stepping out from under the water, Carl brought the shampoo and scrubbed my hair good. After rinsing and conditioning my hair I just stood there while Carl soaped me up.

Carl always pretended to be a straight boy although I never believed it, but there was no doubt he loved soaping up my big muscled body. I mean my 60 inch chest, 19 inch arms and 32 inch thighs were magnificent, those of a superman, and who wouldn't want to be able to feel me up? Carl had been doing it for three months and I could see that he would get almost delirious with the pleasure of feeling and soaping up every inch of my body. This was about the only time he was allowed to touch me with his hands instead of his mouth and tongue, so he had learned to really appreciate it.

"Pack up babe" I said to him when we got back to the cell. "You're leaving."

"What? Ahhh.... Really sir?" he said in surprise. That didn't need an answer so I didn't give him one, but he jumped to it to get his things together. And that was when Jackie came back down the hall with the hunky white boy again.

"Okay, Davon" she said. "Arrangements have been made. Louis is moving in with you and Carl it going down to twenty-seven with Cramer and Alex is going to thirty-one. Louis, this is your cell mate Davon. I'm sure he'll show you the ropes" she said and couldn't help giggling.

"Yeah, I'll do that. But what did Ralph say?"

"He said we got a lot of newbies this morning and he was rushed so he didn't even think about it. But it's okay now. He's fixed it. Shouldn't you get dressed, Davon?"

"This is just for you Jackie" I said with a laugh. "I know you like looking at this bod." As you can guess, I'd had Jackie a few times and she was crazy about me sticking my big boner into her. She said I ruined her for her boyfriend who evidently had a tiny dick. A lot tinier than mine anyway. I offered to stick my ten inches into him to show him how good it could get but she only laughed. But I swear to god, she considered it and I damn well know she would have loved watching.

"Come on, Carl. Let's go" she said as she grinned at me and then herded Carl down the hall.

So, suddenly, I had a cute young white boy to play with. He had one of those really wonderful baby faces which made him look like a teenager. He had to be older than that, but hey, I'll take a cute teenager any day of the week.

"Ahhh... I guess we got off on the wrong foot" he said with a gulp and he stuck out his hand. "I'm Louis." I mean, hell, he had to be intimidated because I was still only wearing a towel. My body is absolutely massive, and all of it muscle, and anybody'd be intimidated.

"No we didn't" I growled as I ignored his hand. "Now stay the fuck out of the way. I've got work to do." He got this shocked look on his face and dropped his hand. I was happy to see that he wasn't so much angry with me as surprised and disappointed. That was good. I think that'd make him more malleable.

I sat in the only chair in the room at the tiny table and picked up my cell phone. "Don't set on the bunks" I said. There was no place to sit in the cell except the chair I was sitting in or the bunks, so Louis had a choice of standing up or sitting on the floor. That was a good way to start with him because I knew it'd make him uncomfortable.

Now, let me tell you about my situation in this place. I'm Boss. I do whatever the fuck I want. I know when they are going to inspect the cells, so I just slip my phone into a guard's pocket and he or she hands it back a half hour later. No sweat. And the guards are well compensated, several with my cock and all of them with other goodies. And, of course, I have a lucrative business outside.

Even as a child I was always a big kid and tough as nails, so when I joined a gang at age thirteen I beat the shit out of the twenty-one year old leader and took over and had been in charge ever since. We were a small gang and kept to our own neighborhood so we weren't bothered by the big boys, but our own drug trade was substantial enough to keep all of us in the chips. And, even though I was in prison, the guys were still terrified of me and of my Lieutenant, Jamal. Jamal and I had been fuck buddies when I was outside and he was damn near as big as I was, so nobody messed with him. And he's totally dedicated to me.

So I got Jamal on the phone and we went over what was going on with the trade, and I got an update of the balance of my bank account, well into six figures now.

"Okay, Jamal, I've gotta go" I said into the phone as I looked up to see where Louis was. "Gotta new cell mate, a white boy, I gotta get acquainted with." Jamal laughed and I laughed along with him.

Louis was standing in the corner by the bars leaning against the wall and just kinda looking at the ceiling but glanced over when I stood up. My towel accidently on purpose slipped off and fell to the floor leaving me totally nude. A monstrous muscle god; a demigod in the raw who towered over his five foot ten by six or seven inches. A muscle god with a demon sized prick dangling down from his middle.

"You been in prison before, boy?" I asked him. He looked at me and his eyes went up and down and stopped at my middle where my 'thing' was hanging. Just the thought of what was coming was making it wake up, and in just those few seconds it began to grow and lengthen.

"No man, I ain't never' he said as he took a second look and then tried to look away.

"You ever see muscles like these, Louis" I asked as I gave him a most muscular pose, forcing my incredible muscles to expand to their maximum. "Huh?"

"Ahhh... man. I... ahhh."

"You ever see a pecker like this, Louis?" It was at least half hard now and sticking out as I reached down and gave it a flick, and watched as it bobbed up and down. Louis was watching intently and I saw his Adams apple move as he took a gulp. "It's a beauty, ain't it?" I asked. I couldn't help but grin as Louis couldn't seem to take his eyes off it as it continued growing. "Ten inches, babe. Ten fat fuckin inches."

Hey... man. I... ahhh. I... I ain't..."

"I know you're new here Louie, but there are some things you gotta learn real quick. One is that I'm in charge." Leaving my towel on the floor I raised my arms and flexed my incredible nineteen inch arms into a double biceps pose. "I'm in charge because I say so, and because these muscles say so."

"Hey man, I don't want no trouble with you. I can see you're a big guy, and I don't want to mess with you, but I ain't no punk and I ain't no fag. You don't want to mess with me either."

I laughed aloud as I dropped the pose and stepped closer to him. "I ain't had a workout yet today so maybe you and I could get it on, get me limbered up a bit." I was giving him one of my biggest grins which I knew was probably as much or more intimidating than my muscles.

"Hey, man. Don't."

Hey, I'm not going to bother getting into the nitty-gritty of this but need it be said that fifteen minutes later he was on the floor with his pants down to his knees and his hands tied behind his back with the underwear I'd ripped off of him? He was lying on his back with me sitting on his stomach and one of his socks was stuffed in his mouth. He had a bruise or two and a cut lip but that was all, and of course I was totally unscathed. But the look on his face was sensational. Huge terror filled eyes bugged out, with tears dripping down his cheeks. So fuckin hot. Believe it or not, I'd actually forgotten how incredibly fabulous it was to clean up on a beautiful young white kid. I know he's locked up in a cell with me, but it almost feels like the real thing. I mean, I hadn't raped anybody in here for weeks even though I dreamed and fantasized about it all the time. But right now, taking this white boy down was driving me totally bonkers, and had to be the most exciting thing on the planet. Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it. Ain't nothing as much fun as wiping up the floor with a cute muscle boy.

"Oh, baby. You make me so fuckin hot" I said, grinning from ear to ear. "Oh shit, yeah. And you see what you do to me?" Rising up on my knees, my enormous fat cock was now right in his face but pointing up at the ceiling. "Look at this, baby. You ever see a prick like this? Huh? Well, it's all yours. You gonna get fucked like in your wildest dreams." Sliding up slightly to sit on his chest, I pushed my pole down and started rubbing it against his face. He tried to turn his face away so I grabbed him by the hair, banged him hard against the floor, and told him to behave. I had to do it two/three times before he finally gave in and held still while I rubbed my prick all over his pretty face.

Gathering a big gob of spit, I let it drop on my prick and smeared it around. After doing it a second time my cock was getting nice and wet, so I started smearing it all over his face again, getting him nicely coated with my spit, and letting him know I could do any damn thing I wanted to him.

"Don't you worry, baby, you'll get your chance at my juicy Popsicle," I said with a laugh. "You gonna learn to suck on this demon like it's your favorite cream stick." He still had that shocked look on his face and the tears were really streaming down his cheeks and you just can't imagine what this kind of total domination does to me. It turns me into a raving lunatic. I slugged him in the face with my fist. Oh shit you wouldn't believe how that turns me on. I slugged him with my other fist. "Oh shit. Oh fuckin shit" He screamed both times as I hit him, but then just lay there not moving, damn near unconscious. But I was delirious. Shit, this is what I lived for; beating up a guy, a muscly guy, and getting ready to rape him. I couldn't restrain myself so I actually howled in pleasure. After a few seconds, Louis started moaning and then whimpering. At least he was conscious now because I was so hot I was almost in a frenzy and I couldn't wait any longer.

"Baby, I gotta fuck you" I said as I flipped him over on his stomach and yanked his pants off. Getting my knees between his legs I forced his ass up in the air so it'd be perfectly aligned with my throbbing pecker. Now this is a rape and I didn't much care if it hurt, but I didn't want to tear him up. I intended to use this hole lots of times in the future so I knew I couldn't ram into him completely dry, so I dropped a gob of spit into his crack and rubbed it around a bit. Then doing it again I punched my thumb into his bung hole and slid it in and out a couple times. Then spitting one more time I crammed two fingers in there and decided he was as ready as he was going to get.

However, just before punching it into the boy's tiny little hole, I spit on my cock one more time to get it really well lubricated. I may be a rapist, but I ain't no monster, cuz, as you can see, I can be pretty damn thoughtful sometimes. I took aim at his little pucker and pushed.

He had a sock crammed in his mouth, but you'd have hardly known it from the loud squeal he made as the head of my big missile launched its way into his ass. I just held the head of it in there for maybe a full minute, letting him adjust to it because I know the head of the damn thing really opens a guy up like he's never been opened before. I'm into domination but not necessarily into torture. I ain't gonna make him suffer too much but he sure's hell is gonna know I'm taking his ass and that I'm gonna own him from now on.

After giving him that minute, I started to push harder. Like any virgin ass that had not been stretched to super-size, he was incredibly tight, but there was no holding back my big bludgeon as I forced three or four inches into him. He was still screaming but at this point I no longer cared. I knew I wasn't tearing him up so if it hurt him some, that was just a benefit of being fucked by a muscle stud with an oversized dick. Hell, no pain, no gain, and this kid was learning to handle one huge dick up his ass. With time, he'd learn to appreciate getting this muscle stud's prick anyway he could get it, and I can tell you, he was going to get one hell of a lot of practice.

At this point I was genuinely enjoying the fuck and nothing was going to hold me back from enjoying it a hell of a lot more before I was done. Hesitating for just a few seconds now, I started to fuck. Pulling back an inch or two I pushed back in. Doing it over and over, and each time going slightly deeper. The feeling against my cock was fabulous, like sparks shooting through my brain. A virgin ass of a white muscle boy who now belonged to me was wrapped around my cock and was sending signals of sheer ecstasy throughout my system. I mean, damn, what more could a guy ask for.

When I finally reached bottom, I just flopped down on top of him, flattening him to the floor. He wasn't yelling any more but he was weeping softly. "Oh fuck kid" I gasped, trying to get my breath. "What an ass. I may stay in your tight little hole all day." And I wasn't lying. I didn't want it to end.

But I knew all good things must come to an end, and besides I was hot, really, really hot. So getting back on my knees between his legs and pulling his ass up again, I started really reaming him out. Reaching around him and getting a good hold on both his shoulders, I started slamming it to him, hard and fast. I could hear a muffled grunt each time I slammed into him but at least he wasn't screaming now. Now, I have incredible control and can sometimes fuck a guy for hours, but right now I was getting much too hot much too quickly.

But how often do you get a pretty white boy's hunky virgin ass to fuck? Man, this was just too good to make into a quick fuck. I was hot and getting really close but there was no damn way I was going to finish already. I mean, I hadn't raped a guy for months, and seldom a guy as hunky as this one, so I wanted to savor it and make it last. Shit, Louie's ass could only be virgin once, and when he learns to accept getting fucked it ain't gonna be rape anymore, so this was a one-time event.

I slowed down and started to gently push in and out. I was still going deep, but I wasn't slamming it to him and I wasn't going as fast as before. Slow, smooth movements going in and out of his beautiful ass. An absolutely marvelous feeling of squeezing my cock in his tight hole, and I wanted it to go on like this forever. I reached up and pulled the sock out of his mouth.

"Oh man, baby. What an ass you got. You're hot little hole was made for my big horse-meat."

"Please, man" he whimpered. "Please. It really hurts."

"This is Davon fucking you, babe. Davon, superstud. Davon, with the biggest and bestest damn fuck stick in the state. Ain't many lucky enough to get their virgin ass broke in by me, baby, so you damn well better appreciate it." I was whispering in his ear as I continued the slow fuck, but now I moved down to his neck and gave him a good solid love bite. He let out a yelp and I knew I'd marked him good and it was going to show my ownership tomorrow.

"Your job from now on is to make me feel good and keep me happy, baby. A little pain is nothing when you can get your ass plugged by a god. And baby, I'm a god." I rammed it to him hard as I said this, and he howled.

"Yeeeaaaoh. Man, you're killing me. Stop. Please stop."

"Shut the fuck up, you little prick. You ain't never had it so good. You gettin fucked by Davon."

The continuous pressure on my cock as I continued the slow fuck was incredible, and I began to think I could go on like this all morning; my ten inches smoothly sliding in and out of this muscle boy's no longer virgin ass.

He was still whimpering a little while I continued fucking, which was annoying, but I let it go. Next time I fucked him I'd make him beg me to do it, and I'd force him to tell me he loved it. I'd make sure he understood that being fucked by muscle god Davon was an honor and he was fuckin privileged to take a little pain when I allowed him to take me up his bung hole. A well trained slave craves pain when it's provided by his Master.

"Ah... hum..." I heard a voice.

"Go to hell, Jackie" I growled and I didn't hesitate for a second on my slow fuck.

"Warden wants to see you, Davon. He says now."

"I'm busy, Jackie."

"He says now, Davon."

"Okay, right away." I scooted my knees in and pulled his ass even higher in the air, and holding on to one shoulder I grabbed a handful of hair with the other and started slamming it to him hard and fast, real pile driver blows. Since I'd removed the sock he was now yelling, but I was so close it really didn't matter. I'd been holding myself right up to the edge for the past twenty minutes so I was there within thirty seconds.

Slamming into him one last time and giving a hard yank on his hair causing him to yelp, I blasted my first shot into his ass. We were both dripping with sweat as I fired time after time into his butt. He was groaning and so was I as I kept blasting into him, and I assume Jackie was getting her eyes full through the bars.

But it finally ended and I began to relax and get my breath.

"You better watch the noise, Davon" Jackie said.

'Oh, shut up, Jackie" I said with a laugh. "Just enjoy the show." Jackie loved to be roughed up when I fucked her, and she also loved watching me rough up my boy's as well. This wasn't the first time she'd come to my cell to watch. As I finally got my breathing back to normal I pulled my cock back allowing it to pop out of Louis' ass, and stood up.

"There's a sink and washcloth over there, Louie. Clean yourself up and I'll see you when I get back." Louis was still lying there while I got dressed and went along with Jackie to see the warden.

All the Warden wanted to know was why Louis was shifted from cell thirty-one to my cell. I simply explained that Carl had already requested a move, and Ralph had forgotten about it, so now they had to make the switch. I'm not sure if the warden believed me, but I don't think he wanted to mess with me and rock the boat either.

When I got back to the cell Louis was lying on the top bunk on his side facing the wall. I walked right over and gave him a slap on the ass. "How you doin, baby" I asked happily?. I was in a great mood because, for god's sake, how often can you put something over on the warden of the prison. It was really no big deal manipulating the guards, but the warden?

"Leave me alone" he murmured.

"You show me some respect and call me sir, I'll leave you alone." There was a long pause. "If you don't show me some respect and call me sir, I'm going to drag you out of there and kick the shit out of you." I put my hand on his head, letting him know I was ready to follow through.

"Sir" he said, actually shouted. Bit of sarcasm there, but I decided to let it go. No big deal. I'd straighten him out later. Besides, I was in such a great mood that I figured I could give him a few hours off before we got into the serious slave training.

After dinner I made a couple phone calls and then decided it was time. Walking over to the bunks where he was lying on his stomach, I slammed him really hard in the lower back with my fist, right into the latissimus dorsi. He screamed and rolled over away from me.

"It's time kid. You and me gonna have a little talk, and I'm gonna teach you a few things. Get down here." I walked over and sat on the chair. Louis was staring at me with a frightened look on his face, but he hadn't moved. "I'll give you ten seconds to get over here, and then I'm coming to come get you and you ain't gonna like it. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six....." He knew he'd better go along with me so he got down off the bunk and stepped over to me.

"You know, I didn't like the way you said 'sir' to me when I came in. I think you need to practice. Say 'yes, sir'."

Yes, he was sweating, and there were the beginning of tears in his eyes but he knew he'd better obey. "Yes, sir" he whispered. I stood up and smiled at him, and so quick he didn't have time to blink, slammed him into the sternum, right between his pecs, knocking him back across the room to bang into the bunks, but he stayed on his feet.

"That wasn't good enough" I said still smiling. "Get back over here and say it again."

"Hey, man. Please" he said, his voice shaking. "Please don't do this. Just leave me alone."

"I already told you, boy, that I'm in charge and I do whatever I hell want and you'll do whatever the hell I want too" I said with a laugh. "Now, get over here." Obviously frightened but knowing he had no choice, he came back to stand in front of me.

"You ain't very good at 'siring', so let's make that 'Master'. Say 'yes Master' and say it nicely."

Very meekly he answered: 'yes, Master." I slammed him in the sternum again, this time knocking him back on his ass. He let out a yell and just stared up at me in horror. I was still smiling.

"Maybe it'll sound better if you do it on your knees. Here, in front of me" I said pointing to the floor at my feet. Obviously, I had him totally terrorized now. He was afraid to get close to me, but he was also afraid not too. "Move it" I yelled and scared him so much that he jumped to obey. In three seconds he was in front of me, and since I was still pointing at the floor, got on his knees.

"This if definitely better" I said continuing to smile brightly. "I like you down there. Now say it."

"Yes, Master" he whispered. Then, as he watched, I unbuttoned the top button of my pants and very obviously stuck my hand inside and groped myself. Pulling it back out I held it in front of me him.

"Kiss it."

It's hard to believe that he could look even more shocked that he had been already, but he did. "Ohhh... man. Geeze.... Please man" he mumbled as he stared at me in horror. I gave him ten seconds or so to think about it.

"You're going to kiss it. Either now or after I kick your ass, but you are going to do it."

"Oh.. man. Oh please man. I ain't.... This ain't... This ain't my thing." And of all crazy things, he raised his hands and put them in front of his face. The most fuckin hilarious thing I'd ever seen, as if I was going to go away if he couldn't see me. It totally cracked me up and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. What a wuss. But as I laughed I reached over and slugged him on the jaw with my fist, right next to where his hand was. He went over backwards and hit his head on the floor. Now I've got more muscle than any other two guys in this place and when I knock a guy down he stays down, and he's going to remember it for at least a week.

He just lay there totally dazed for over a minute and then started whimpering softly. "Please, man. Don't. Please." I gave him another minute or so just watching him lying there crying.

"Get up" I said softly. Sniffling and crying he looked up at me with these big sorrowful eyes. He looked totally pitiful, but this was a look I loved to see on my boys. I've seen this look lots of times. It's the final look they have just before they give in to me completely and accept my total domination.

"I don't like to repeat myself" I said ominously. "Get-up-here."

"Please... man" he whispered through his whimpering as he slowly got back up on his knees. "I ain't... I ain't... I..."

"I told you to kiss my hand" I said very softly. This is how I train a guy. Don't shout. Speak softly and let them hear the menace behind the words. "Now do what I told you." And damned if he didn't lean forward and give my hand a kiss. But hell, nobody should be surprised. This kid was now broken, or damn near broken. Give me another twenty-four hours and he'll be a near perfect slave.

Again, as he sat there on his knees watching me, I reached inside my pants, groped myself and pulled back out. I just watched as his brain assimilated this and he decided what to do. When he leaned forward to kiss my hand, I pulled it back.

"Say please" I said softly.

"Huh?" I just waited and stared into his eyes.

"Please?" he whimpered.

"Ask for it."

"Huh? Wha...?"

"Ask for permission to kiss my hand."

"Ohhh... geeze, man. Geeze." I waited for a bit and then formed my hand into a fist and raised it up in front of his face. "Oh fuck, man. Can I kiss your hand?"

"You're getting there" I said smiling down at him. "Do it again and say please."

After a pause he whimpered. "Please, may I kiss your hand"?"

"Yes" I said. My hand was back at my side and I didn't move it so he had to lean forward to give it a kiss.

"Again" I said and he leaned forward and kissed it again.

Just to emphasize how completely in control I was, I reached into my pants and groped myself once more. Pulling my hand out I waited.

"Please, may I kiss your hand?" he said, still crying softly.

"Master" I said.

Giving into me totally he said: "Please, may I kiss your hand, Master?"

This was stage one of my training program, and it went perfectly according to plan, just like it did every time. I mean, I'd done this lots of times before and it was guaranteed to go like clockwork and it was an incredible turn on every time. Think about it, there ain't much to do in prison to entertain yourself, but dominating and humiliating a kid makes up for a whole lot. Right now, my cock; shit, my cock was like a steel rod and was actually aching. Getting a new straight pretty boy ready for a blow job had to be the most exciting thing in the world.

"Every time I speak to you, you answer 'yes Master'."

It took him a few seconds to figure this out but then he answered. "Yes, Master."

"Hands behind your back."

"Yes, Master" he said as he obeyed me. Then I put a big paw behind his head and pulled him into my crotch. There was no question that he knew this was going to happen, although he may have been hoping and praying that it wouldn't. He knew it was coming, and he also knew he was going to end up giving me a blow job.

"Kiss it" I said. "Kiss it through my pants." He had stopped crying and whimpering, but I could see the tears still dripping down his cheeks. But, he had given into the inevitable and was going to do what he was told.

The fun thing about making a straight guy into a fuck slave was that they usually fight back, and there are few things I like better than whipping a boy's ass. Louis fought back at first but was smart enough to see that he had no chance against a muscle man twice his size, which actually made him smarter that most of the guys I'd raped. Even the assholes that fought me knew they didn't have a chance but somehow their masculinity required that they must try to defend their honor.

So it looked like Louis was going to come out of this in a whole lot better shape than a lot of the punks I'd taken down. Only a couple bruises so far.

"Now don't fuck with me, little boy" I said menacingly. "Kiss it"'. So he gave my big prick a kiss.

"Suck on it" I ordered. "Get it wet. I want to see my pants dripping." And away he went. Getting lots of salvia together he started sucking on the enormous bulge in my pants. With my hand gripping his head, I maneuvered his face up and down the ten inch length of my monster, getting it completely soaked.

"Okay, show time, slave boy" I said. "You gonna give me a blow job. Get your hands up here and undo my pants."

"Oh, man. Please, man" he whimpered. I grabbed him by the chin, squeezing his cheeks fiercely.

"You gonna blow me, boy, no matter what. So, do it before I break your god damn arm."

He started crying again but he reached up and unbuttoned my pants so they fell to my feet. My prick was so hard that it was pushing my jockey's out three or four inches. Hell, there ain't anything that can hold my cock back when it gets hard.

"Pull 'em down." He hesitated for only a couple seconds and then pulled my shorts down. "Get 'em off" I ordered. He pulled the pants and shorts off as I stepped out of them.

"Okay, now look at it." Rising back up on his knees he looked at what was surely the biggest, baddest most beautiful prick he'd ever seen.

"It's a beauty isn't it?" He just stared at it in dismay because he knew he was going to be sucking it in a minute. "Your best reply is 'yes, Master'" I growled at him.

"Yes, Master" he mumbled.

"Go get the chair and bring it over here." He gave me a strange look but started to get up. "On your knees" I commanded.

So he crawled over on his hands and knees and grabbed the chair. He couldn't lift it while on his knees, so he had to drag it over to me. You gotta understand here, that in order to train a slave, you've got to humiliate him like crazy so that there ain't nothing too down and dirty for him to do. Once you've got him completely subservient and malleable and have proved your total dominance over him, you've got one hell of a perfect slave. Louis was not there yet, but he would be pretty damn soon.

I sat on the chair and taking Louis by the ears, maneuvered him around in front of me. "You ever see such a beautiful cock?" I asked, grinning down at him. When he didn't reply immediately, I pinched one of his ears.

"Ow" he squealed. "Ahhh.. yes, Master. I mean, no, Master."

"Kiss it. Kiss that beautiful cock. Kiss it all over." He knew he had no choice and my threats of kicking his ass were evidently enough for him to give into me completely. Most of the kids I put the screws to would still be fighting and getting their asses kicked, but Louis didn't seem to be that stupid. Didn't matter a whole lot to me since I would end up getting my blowjob anyway. In fact I might have to decide to work Louis over just for the hell of it, because I admit, I'm sometimes a bit of a sadist and I like showing my power and dominance over guys and I sometimes like hurting them. I like watching them cringe and quiver when I even look at them funny and I love hearing them cry and beg. In fact hearing a kid beg me to hurt him, or not to hurt him, whatever, was my favorite activity right up there next to fucking him.

Louis said "yes, Master" and started to kiss my huge boner. I told you I was about ten inches and I've had dozens of fucks who wanted to measure it, evidently so they can brag that they handled the biggest hunk of meat they'd ever seen. Some of them measured eleven or more, and others just over ten, but never less than that. And it wasn't skinny either. Maybe it wasn't beer can size like some guys brag about, but it was pretty damn hefty and one hell of a mouthful even for an experienced cocksucker.

I'd trained Carl to be one hell of a deep throat cocksucker so I might have to use him some while I get Louis trained. And, believe you me, Louis was going to be one fantastic cocksucker by the time I was through with him. They all were once I got them totally trained.

"You ever suck cock before, slave boy?" I asked as I took him by the chin and forced him to look up at me. "Hmm?" He was teary eyed and sniffling and looked terrified as I held his chin, squeezing his cheeks hard.

"Ahhh... no" he mumbled. I gave his head a violent shake.


"Ahhh... no. Ahhh... Master" he said.

"Well, we're going to start you out with a big one." I pressed my thumb against his lips forcing his mouth open. "Suck" I said as I held his face forcing him to look up at me. With tears still dripping down he started sucking on my thumb. Removing my thumb after a bit, I grabbed his head with one big hand, my cock with the other and took aim at his lips.

"Open up" I said as I pushed lightly. He opened his mouth a little, and then wider as I pushed, and then wider again as the head of my cock pushed in. "Suck on it you stupid shit" I snapped as he just sat there looking dazed. "Suck." After a few seconds he accepted what was happening and started to suck. "Lap it with your tongue, damn it. Ain't you ever had a blowjob before?"

I know he hasn't done this before, but Jesus, every kid over twelve knows what a blowjob is and should know instinctively how to do it. I let go of my cock and gave him a slap across the face which, of course, knocked it out of his mouth and got a yelp from him. I pushed it back in and holding his head still, slapped him again. "Now, suck on the damn thing" I barked. "Suck."

I don't slap easy so he was hurting, and it showed because he started sucking frantically, moving his jaw and mouth in double time and lapping up a storm with his tongue. This was more like it. I know he'll get better with practice, but in the meantime he was going to bust his ass trying to do his best or I was the one who was going to be breaking ass.

I moved my hand from the back of his head to his ear and twisted his head to the side. Grabbing my cock with the other hand, I pulled it out and slapped him in the nose and eyes a couple times before pushing it back in. I jammed it into his cheek a couple times and then aimed it dead center towards the back of his throat.

He only had four or five inches in his mouth so far but it was more than he could handle because his reflex took over and he gagged. I wasn't too worried about that because he was going to be doing a lot of gagging over the next couple weeks until he learned to handle ten inches. I pushed in, not into his throat, but right up against it causing him to upchuck, sending a stream of saliva out of his mouth and into my crotch. With my hold on his hair, I yanked him back, pulling my cock completely out of his mouth. He coughed twice and gasped for breath, and I rammed back in, all the way back against his throat again. He upchucked once more but I still held him there for a couple more seconds before I pulled him back. He was gasping for breath now and moaning and crying as well and his face was bright red, partly from my slaps and partly from his choking.

"You'll learn, baby" I said with a snicker. "It'll take time but you're going to become a deep throat specialist." Then I pushed just about four inches into his mouth. "Now suck on it, kid. Give me a blowjob. Make me feel good." Now he started to seriously concentrate on sucking my big shaft. Not frantic like before, but evidently trying to do whatever he could to make it good for me. I pushed his head back and forth a few times getting him in the rhythm of the suck, and then moved my hands away and just let him go at it.

"Make it tight, slave boy. Let me feel those lips moving up and down my prick." Since he was a virgin at this I knew he'd get tired really quick so I just let myself go, allowing the temperature to rise and the heat to build up in my prick. Carl's cocksucking style popped into my mind and I imagined myself being deep throated by him. It's amazing what a fantasy can do sometimes because I could almost feel my cock forcing its way deep into Carl's throat.

Louis wasn't particularly terrible as a cocksucker, but then again he wasn't very good either, so there was no way he was going to bring me off this way. So, grabbing his hair again, I dragged him back, twisting his head to the side, and started to vigorously give myself a hand job. It was not two minutes later that I felt myself reaching my peak. Standing up and holding Louis' head back I started shooting wads of cum into his face. The second shot went into his hair but the rest went on his cheek, his nose, his lips, and even in his left eye.

Louis hadn't said one word, nor even made a sound as I held his head and covered him with cum. He just sat there on his knees with his eyes closed stoically waiting for me to finish. "Suck" I said when I was finally done, and I pushed between his lips into his mouth. "Get a taste, fuck boy. You're going to be getting a lot of this." I let him suck me for a couple minutes so he could clean the final drops of cum off my prick.

I was still holding his hair as I pulled out of his mouth and sat down. I reached over and picked up my jockey shorts where we'd dropped them on the floor, and carefully wiped his face.

"What ya say, boy. You like big black nigger cock?" I chuckled as he opened his eyes and looked up at me. "Do you just like it, or do you really love it? Tell me boy."

"Oh, man... " he started to say but I hit him just below the ear with my fist, knocking him over on the floor.

"Please, man" he whimpered as he put his hand to his ear.

"Master" I said.

"Master" he repeated. I snapped my fingers and pointed in front of me. He got back on his knees and looked up and saw me glaring down at him. He was sobbing again with tears streaming down his cheeks but he repeated 'Master' once more softly.

"You open that mouth again you better be saying something I want to hear. Now, tell me you loved my big black dick." I just stood there with my hands on my hips looking at him, my still half hard cock dangling down in his face. He was looking up at a massively muscled giant of a man, as completely menacing as was humanly possible.

"M-m-m-master" he croaked through his tears. "I.. i.. I loved your cock." Raising my arms up into a double bicep pose forcing my enormous nineteen inch biceps to bulge up to their maximum, I watched his look of awe as he saw a body of almost unbelievable proportions.

"You love my body too, don't you, boy?"

"Y... y... yes, Master,"

"You're going to love being my slave, aren't you?"

He hesitated for just a couple seconds, clearly knowing what he had to say. "Yes, Master."

"Say it" I ordered, still flexing my massive arms.

"I'll love being your slave, Master" he said as he took a big gulp.

"Pick up my underwear" I ordered as I relaxed my arms. He gave me a puzzled look but picked up the underwear I'd used to wipe the cum off his face. "Put it on your head."

"Huh?" he murmured, still weeping softly.

"I said, put it on your head" I said threatingly. He quickly slipped my cum soaked jockey's over his head.

"You'll wear that all night so you can smell my cum. Now go to bed." I walked over to the open toilet to take a piss as he got up and climbed into the upper bunk. When I finished I walked over to him. He was facing the wall and still weeping. I reached over, grabbed him by the chin again and jerked his head around to face me. My underwear was covering one eye but he could see me through the leg hole with the other. He looked terrified.

"I spend my time training a little prick like you, I expect some gratitude. You ain't never had nobody built like me with a cock like this even look in your direction before. You're one lucky little fuck, and I want to hear a thank you." He just looked at me with total terror showing in his face. I waited until he sunk into him what I said, but still holding his chin, I gave his head a good shake.

Then he got the point. "Thank you, Master" he whispered.

As I let go of him and climbed into my bed I could hear him sobbing softly, and had to smile. I intended to sleep well because I was looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow.

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