If you're under legal age, or you don't like erotic gay domination stories, or interracial fiction, don't read this. If you're into gay muscles and domination and interracial sex, I hope you enjoy this story.

Davon White, Superstud

Chapter 12

So, I'd had Bradford now. Jesus, was he a hunk. As you know I love fucking hunky kids, but dominating a real mature muscle stud is nothing less than awesome. He's not only a muscle stud but he's totally submissive and likes it rough and he seems to be into bondage as well. I ain't much on bondage because it makes it look like I can't control the cunts without tying them up. Shit, I'm into karate, I'm a top notch wrestler and a boxer with two hundred and sixty-three pounds of solid muscle, so the day that I can't overpower a guy with one hand behind my back and fuck the shit out of him is gonna be the day I die.

You know I'm into rape; hell, that's why I'm in this damn prison; so when I'm taking a guy by force there ain't nothing more exciting than having him fight back so I can show him my strength and power by overpowering him and then fucking him. You tie a guy up so he can't fight back and there ain't no challenge, and it takes all the fun out of it. But if Rad lets me have Bradford again I've got some ideas in the back of my mind and maybe I could experiment on some bondage.

So, when I got back to the cell from fucking Bradford, Angel had gotten rid of the two kids who cleaned our cell today. It didn't actually need to be cleaned every day, but Angel just loved to lord it over the other young prisoners. Other than getting it on with me, his favorite past time was playing at being king-of-the-castle.

I'm getting pretty much acclimated to this place now, and have discovered that being Rad's boy definitely comes with benefits. I can now work out in the weight room whenever I want and take a shower at any time of the day as well. And, the best thing, I can even keep a boy in my cell, in my bed, overnight.

So I was getting pretty damn comfortable. However, one of the things I really missed was the four man cells they had at 'Baltimore City'. Yes, I fucked kids overnight sometimes here, but I could only keep one permanently in my cell. Probably doesn't sound like much of a hardship to you, but I liked waking up in the morning with two or more cute boys ready and anxious to service me. One is good; two is great; more than two is even better But I had a plan. Hell, you know Davon White is always working on something. I'd already discovered that this prison did not have bunk beds, but only singles, barely cots actually, two to a room. Consistently, throughout the prison, two to a room. However, if I could somehow slip the idea to Rad that he should purchase at least one set of bunk beds, I could get two kids in here with me. The cells weren't huge but were definitely big enough for three and a bunk bed doesn't take up any extra space anyway. I'd already mentioned it to Nick and Beth and was going to suggest it to Bradford. Hopefully, one of them would mention it to the purchasing agent or to Rad. Besides, I'd already made arrangements with Jamal to buy it and get it ready to ship. I only needed an okay from Rad.

As you know I've become very partial to white boys these days. Ain't nothing better than taking a white boy, a racist white boy preferably, and teaching him to kiss my black feet and eat my black ass. I teach them to beg for it; beg to be allowed to eat my ass. Once I get them trained, it's pretty damn sensational watching my ten inch black dong sliding in and out between a pretty white boy's pink lips or slipping in and out between his sweet ivory colored buns.

I'm still biased towards brown boys; Hispanics and blacks with beautiful brown skin. But, I admit, because of our racial history, there was really something special about using and demeaning pretty young white boys and turning them into my groveling little cum-dumps. The only thing better than having a fawning white boy cunt begging to be allowed to eat my black ass, is two white boy cunts begging to be allowed to eat my black ass. And I was just crazy about the contrast when I'm looking down and seeing my big black dick lying on a white boy's face while he's slurping on my nuts.

I already told you I'd picked out a blond kid, Ryder, to start on my training program. Angel, of course, is a butch looking young white boy; a real beauty. Call him angelic if you will, an angelic Angel, but he had dark complexion and black hair. Actually that's my favorite, but as long as I'm going to enjoy white boys anyway, I might as well have the pleasure of having corresponding types. I mean, seeing two white boys, one blond and one brunet, with their faces buried in your crotch at the same time is outa this world. Totally spectacular. And that's what I was going to have.

Ryder was waiting in the cell when Angel and I got back from lunch.

"Hey, Angel, I already cleaned this place for you this morning" he whined. "What'chu want now?"

"Get lost for a while, Angel" I said and Angel slipped out of the cell. Jesus this kid was pretty. Yeah, I know, I say that about all the kids. But I only pick the very best to begin with, so of course they're pretty. But this kid; first of all he was tiny, the tiniest I'd ever picked up, maybe only 5'3" or so, and second, he was a towhead, almost white hair. I intended to spend a lot of time rubbing my big black dick all over that pretty white face and maybe rubbing it through that silky blond hair as well.

He was wearing the typical prison coveralls, but they were rolled up at the sleeves and at the ankles because they were way too big for him. I was pretty sure he had a nice body underneath those baggy coveralls to go along with his pretty face and I intended to find that out right now.

Stepping up to him, I grabbed the zipper and jerked it down to his waist. Pushing the coveralls off his shoulders and arms, I let them fall to the floor. Putting one big paw around his neck I lifted, pulling him up to his tiptoes.

"Hey, man. Fuck" he shouted. "Stop it! Stop it! Get your nigger hands off of me you son-of-a-bitch. Guard! Guard!" I could only smile; a real racist. This was going to be fun. I just loved this kind of kid. I could only laugh at him calling a guard. Of course no guard was going to come.

I grabbed him around the neck with both hands and putting my foot on his coveralls where they were now lying on the floor, I actually lifted him up off his feet and out of them. I was choking him so he was having trouble shouting. 'Mmmggggg. Mmmgggg" was all that came out as he tried desperately to remove my hands from his neck.

Then he started flinging his little arms around trying to hit me, but he was so small he could only bang futilely against my arms. I stood there smiling at him, holding him a couple inches off the floor as he struggled.

"Honey bun, you gonna make me real happy" I chuckled, and then I spit in his face. A nice big wad of saliva right in the forehead and watched it drip down over his nose. Letting him down so his feet touched the floor, but still holding him tight with my left hand, I slapped him hard with my right.

"Aaaauuuuggg" was the sound he made as he tried to scream while I was crushing his larynx. His face was bright red and he was squirming around like crazy trying to get away. Jesus, was he cute, squirming around that way. A total turn on. I was loving it and decided right then-and-there that I was going to have him squirm exactly like that when I got my prick up his ass.

I spit in his face again and then slapped him hard. He was trying to scream and trying to cry and trying to get away all at the same time, but this was impossible since I was holding him and strangling him. His face was getting even redder, tears were streaming down his cheeks and snot was coming from his nose and he kept trying to make a sound. I was still holding him up with my enormous strength, so his feet were only barely touching the floor. I actually had to chuckle because the way he was dangling there and thrashing around was just like the proverbial puppet-on-a-string. It was beautiful. Maybe I am a bit of a sadist sometimes, I don't know, but having total power over a kid like this and watching him squirm and cry is absolutely mind-blowing.

I spit a healthy wad into his face for a third time, hit him again, and then let him fall to the floor. I went over and sat on the bed as he gasped and cried and groaned all at the same time and held on to his sore neck. Unfortunately that neck was going to be black and blue for the next couple weeks, and I'm afraid his face was too, but he'd recover and he was eventually going to look gorgeous once I got him on his knees in front of me with my dick in his face.

I gave him about five minutes before I got up and stripped. He wasn't even looking as I flexed my big arms, stuck out my chest, tightened my abs, and watched my half hard dick bob up and down, but, oh yes, it wouldn't be long before I'd have him trained to worship every inch of this gorgeous physique of mine. Oh yeah, he was going to learn to love this body.

He was lying on his side in a fetal position, crying softly and holding his neck as I walked up and put a bare foot on his face. No pressure, but just sliding it over his face.

"What's my name?" I said softly. Only now, he finally opened his eyes and looked up at me, showing total terror. Just that quick, less than ten minutes, and all of that arrogance was gone.

"Davon?" he whimpered as he looked at me and hoped that was the right answer.

"My name is Mr. White, sir" I said. "Say it."

"Yes, sir, Mr. White, sir" he croaked.

"Sit up" I said to him removing my foot from his face. He slowly lifted up so he was sitting on his butt looking up at me. "You used a bad word with me, Ryder. That makes me unhappy. Apologize."

"Sorry, sir, ahhh... Mr. White, sir. I'm sorry." No hesitation in the apology, so this kid knew already realized it was in his best interest to give me what I wanted.

"I think you should be punished. What do you think?"

"Ahhh..., sir. Mr. White, sir. Please. I ahhh..."

"I'm going to punish you. Is that okay with you?"

"Please, Mr. White, sir. Please don't. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"Answer my question" I snapped at him. "Do you want me to punish you?"

"Please, Mr. White, sir..." he started crying now. "Please, sir."

"Say yes you piece of shit" I shouted.

"Yes, sir, Mr. White, sir."

I reached over and grabbed his neck and pulled him to his feet. As he looked into my eyes I made a production of hawking up some spit and spit into his face again, this time a lot of it going right into his open mouth.

"Swallow" I growled at him as I pulled him back on this tip toes, just inches from my face. He had a look of total horror on his face, but he swallowed.

"Say thank you" I snapped.

"Ahhh... sir" he had to think about this, but he quickly came to his senses. "Yes, sir. Thank you, Mr. White, sir."

Then I slapped him, hard. He howled.

"Yeeeaaaoooh." I pushed him back down on the floor again and walked over and sat on the bed and just watched as he lay there whimpering and crying. I gave him a couple minutes and then called him over.

"Crawl over here to me" I ordered him. He did hesitate for a moment, but only a moment because he knew he had no choice. He crawled over in front of me on his hands and knees.

"You don't like niggers, boy?" I asked. Now he got a really shocked look on his face. He didn't have a clue how to answer that.

"Ahhh... Mr. White, sir..." and more tears came to his eyes. He was definitely afraid of saying the wrong thing.

"Well, you're going to learn to love niggers, and particularly this nigger" I said. I couldn't help but grin as I said this, because this kid had no idea how true this was, and how much I was going to enjoy teaching him. Reaching out and grabbing a handful of his beautiful blond hair, I just held him there looking into his eyes. "You gonna learn to love me, hon. I'll make sure of that."

He just sniffled but the look of terror was still in his eyes.

"I know you're sorry for calling me names, aren't you?" I said as I pulled him in to just inches from my face.

"Yes, sir, Mr. White, sir" he whimpered.

"I know you want to show me how sorry you are, so if you ask me nicely I'm going to allow you kiss my feet." I just waited for his response.

"Ahhh... ahhh... sir? Ahhh... wha...?"

"You will ask me nicely if I will let you to kiss my feet to make amends" I said sternly as I tightened the grip on his hair. "You WILL do it now." He hesitated too long so I hit him again, in the chest this time with my fist; I didn't want to totally mess up his face.

"NOW?" I ordered.

He was really crying now be he did respond. "Please, Mr. White, sir. May I kiss your feet?"

"Say it again" I growled.

"Please, Mr. White, sir. May I kiss your feet?"

"Go ahead" I answered as I let go of his hair. He bent down and kissed each of my feet. "Okay, now lick" I ordered him. And he did. Still crying softly with tears dripping off his cheeks he started licking my feet.

So that's how it goes. This is how Davon White teaches a kid to perform. Sometimes it's so easy that it's almost disappointing and I had to chuckle as I watched him groveling and licking my feet. I mean, you can only have the pleasure of training a kid once; then he becomes a fawning minion needing only occasionally discipline. But hell, I was certainly enjoying it right now.

"Now beg me to forgive you" I said as I pulled his head up so he could look at me.

"Please, Mr. White, sir" he cried. "Please forgive me."

"For what?" I asked.

"For ahhh... for calling you a bad name" he replied.

"For calling me what?" I said.

"Please, sir, Mr. White, sir" he cried. He had a look of terror on his face, not knowing what to say, not daring to use the 'N' word, and expecting me to hit him again. "I'm very sorry, Mr. White, sir. Please, sir. Forgive me."

"You're a worthless piece of shit, Ryder" I growled at him. "You know that?"

"Yes, sir" he whimpered.

"Say it" I ordered him. "Tell me you're a worthless piece of shit."

"I'm a worthless piece of shit, Mr. White, sir."

"Back on my feet. Soft gentle kisses only." I put a couple pillows behind me and just relaxed as he got his mouth back on my feet and started kissing them. With a slave in training you have to make sure they are obeying orders and know exactly what they need to be doing. So, after letting him kiss for five minutes or so, I directed him to lick. I hate a dry tongue so I had him get lots of saliva and really wash my feet for a while. Then I had him lick between the toes for a bit, followed by actually sucking on each toe, always giving him careful instructions.

I slapped him on the ass a couple times when I felt he was not being sufficiently servile, and made him thank me for slapping him. I didn't slap him easy; I slapped him hard. That's how you train a kid, and after each slap he became more attentive and more immersed in his duties.

And I was loving it. I can't even remember the last time I had a beautiful blond boy worshiping my feet and the contrast between my blackness and his whiteness was a delight to behold. And that cute little butt sticking up was quite an invitation. I mean, you know how much I'm into body worship, and I can spend hours having boys working me over with their mouths, but I've also got a big dick that needs lots of attention as well, and that ass right now looked delectable.

My cock had been hard ever since I spit in this kids face the first time, and now it was demanding some action. Grabbing his underwear, and with a quick yank, I ripped them off of him. Then, getting a nice grip on his hair, I pulled him back up to his knees and stood up in front of him. Grabbing my dick with the other hand, I rubbed the tip against his pretty red lips smearing them with pre-cum.

"Look up at me, baby" I said. There were no tears now, and maybe just a little fear. Basically he looked to be showing resignation, perhaps acceptance of whatever I was going to do to him.

"Now lick your lips. Lick my cum off your lips." Looking up into my eyes he licked his lips without question or comment. "Good, boy" I said.

"Now kiss" I said, still holding my dick up to his lips. He kissed the tip of my dick. "Again." He kissed it again. "Now lick. Only the tip." I kept holding my hard dick there while he licked around the tip. Oh shit, what a trip. Pretty blond towhead licking my black dick with his cute little red tongue. "Oh, shit, yeah" I moaned.

"May I come in now, Master" a voice said and I looked up to see Angel standing at the cell door.

"Perfect timing, Angel" I chuckled. "As always, perfect timing."

"Yes, Master" he said as he entered the cell.

"Strip down and join us, babe. I got me a virgin ass here needs some of your attention." Within seconds Angel stripped down to the buff and came over and got on his knees. I still had one hand in Ryder's hair, so I let go of my dick allowing it smack up against my belly, and grabbed Angel with my other hand.

"Just kiss. Up and down my dick" I said pulling both boy's faces into my crotch. Angel got with it immediately but Ryder was confused or hesitant, so I gave his hair a jerk. "Kiss it pissant. Do what Angel's doing." This got his attention and he started kissing, so I had me a blond and a brunet, one on each side of my dick, giving me hot kisses. Yes. Finally.

Finally. I'd been dreaming about this moment for weeks, and it was even better than in my dreams. Both boys were young, Angel was eighteen and Ryder was nineteen, both had what you call baby faces, and while Angel was muscular, Ryder's build was better than average. And both boys were worshiping Davon White's big dick. I wasn't about to cum yet but let me tell you I was about as hotted up as I could possibly get.

"Oh shit, babies. You are beautiful" I gushed as I watched them and admired them as they worked my big black super hard prick with their mouths. Oh yeah, this was my thing. I could spend hours watching this, and hell yes, I fully intended to spend hours watching this every fucking day. These boys were going to make me deliriously happy every morning and every afternoon, and definitely every night.

But, some good things must occasionally give way to even better things. I was ready to fuck. I was ready to fuck this beautiful blond boy's virgin ass. I'm gonna stick my big black dong up this beautiful white boy's virgin little hole. A virgin ass is only virgin one time. I know it and my big prick knows it, and there ain't nothing better in this world than sticking your dick into a hot young virgin. I've had way, way, way more than my share of virgins; maybe fifty, maybe even a hundred, and it's been pretty damn fabulous every time.

"I think he's a virgin, babe, so get the cream and start getting him ready" I said to Angel.

"Yes, Master" he answered as he got up and went to get my seldom used tube of fucking cream.

"Get on my balls, honey bon" I said, grinning down at Ryder. "Suck on 'em. Keep me hard for the main event." He started sucking on my balls but didn't react otherwise so I think he was so caught up in the delirium of the moment that he didn't realize what was going on. But he was going to damn well find out real soon because my dick was hot a ready and dripping.

I was watching my big black ten inches lying across Ryder's face as he slurped on my balls. There ain't anything more beautiful than that. My big black dong on a pretty white boy's face. Angel rubbed some cream into Ryder's ass and then stuck a finger in and wiggled it. Ryder let out a grunt but didn't react otherwise.

Then I realized that this kid hadn't even had a chance to taste my dick yet. I mean, he was going to learn over the next couple weeks how to deep throat a big black bazooka so there ain't no better time to start than right now. I reached down and put my hand under his chin pulling his face up to look at me. He was covered with my spit and his own saliva and looked rather teary-eyed, which made him look even more gorgeous than before. I spit another wad into his face and smeared it all over with my hand. The look on his face was..., I don't know, maybe resignation. It wouldn't be long, just a couple weeks, before that look would change to respect and gratitude and maybe even love. Yes, he was going to respect me and he was damn well going to be grateful for anything he got from me, and he would learn to fear me or love me, or maybe both.

I stuck three fingers into his mouth. "Suck on 'em, honey bon" I said softly. "Look at me while you worship my fingers." He looked into my eyes as he sucked on my fingers like a trooper. Oh yeah, he was hot and he was ready. Pushing my rock hard cock down to his lips, I pushed it in, replacing my fingers. The look on his face changed to shock but he knew what he had to do and he started sucking on it.

I only gave him about two inches to give him a chance to get acclimated. He grunted again as Angel evidently stuck another finger up his butt. "Not too much Angel. I want to know this is a virgin ass. And I want him to know he's getting it from Davon White."

"Yes, Master" Angel said as he set back on his haunches. "He's ready. He's tight so it's gonna be good for you, and he's definitely gonna know you're breaking his cherry."

I grabbed Ryder's hair and slowly pulled his head into my crotch, forcing more dick into his mouth. Four inches, and then five inches, and he started to choke. He raised his arms to try to push away so I yelled at him.

"Get those fucking arms down" I shouted, and he immediately dropped them to his sides. "Now suck" I growled at him. He gradually got the choking under control and I let him just work on five inches for now, but even so, it was filling his mouth all the way back to his throat. It looked good and it felt great; pretty blond boy with my black dick in his face. "Oh yeah, baby" I crooned. "I'm looking forward to teaching you to burry that pretty white face into my black crotch. I'm gonna love it and so are you."

Then I pushed him back off his knees so he fell on his butt and then onto his back. Pushing his legs up against his chest, I reached around them, grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up against my chest. Hey, I told you he was tiny, only weighing one hundred ten pounds or so, and with my muscles and two hundred sixty-three pound physique, he was like lifting a toy. I was going to give this virgin boy the ride of his life. I pulled him in tight, his legs pointing straight up and his face pressed against my upper chest. The top of his head barely came up to my chin.

"Line me up, Angel" I said. Angel grabbed my super hard prick and aligned it with Ryder's little pucker and I lowered him just enough for the huge head to press against him. "Here we go, baby" I laughed in enjoyment. "Here we go. You getting Davon White's hot prick up your pretty little ass."

Then I slowly allowed his weight to press against my prick, gradually forcing his ass to open up to accept my bludgeon.

Ryder started screaming: "Owwww, owwww, owwww. Nooo, nooo." I had him tight against my chest so he couldn't get his arms free so I just ignored him and concentrated on the pleasure of his tight ass attempting to crush my prick as I forced the bulbous head up into him.

"Oh shit yeah" I groaned in pleasure as I just held him there with just the head of my prick in him, only an inch or two. "Hot fuckin ass, baby." He kept yelling 'no, no, please, please' and crying but I was relishing not only the fabulous feeling, but the knowledge of taking this tiny little white boy's virgin ass. Yeah, three things: a white boy, a tiny white boy, and a virgin white boy. My newest boytoy.

As you know I ain't no sadist, so I know that because my prick is so damn big, taking a virgin ass can be tough on a kid. I didn't give a shit if he enjoyed it, this was for my enjoyment, but I didn't want to tear him up, so I pulled completely out, and gave him about twenty seconds of respite.

"Okay, Angel. Do it again" I said and Angel lined me up and I pushed in again. The kid still screamed, seemingly in agony, but what the hell, I wasn't about to pull out again. I gently lowered him allowing a couple more inches of cock to press into his butt. Oh shit, he was tight. Angel got him ready so I was sliding in smoothly, but that ass was opening up like it had never opened up before.

I pressed on, allowing a couple more inches to force its' way into him. The kid was still screaming, right in my god damn ear, which was getting me pissed.

"Angel, muffle him" I growled. Angel grabbed the kid's torn underwear from where I'd dropped them, came over, and stuffed them in his mouth. That was definitely better. Quieter anyway. Then I slowly lowered him, forcing all ten inches of Davon White's enormous donkey dick into his hot ass. Oh, yeah.

I was just standing there, my knees slightly bent, my head thrown back in delight, as I lifted him up a couple inches and lowered him back down. Not really fucking, but just getting a good feel of his ass. Then I did it again, raising him a couple inches and then lowering him back on my prick.

Holding him steady against my chest, I now started fucking gently. Pulling back, withdrawing four or five inches and pressing back into him. He was still tighter than hell, but with Angel's prep it was very nice smooth going as I pushed slowly in and out of his sweet butt.

I'd already decided, since he was such a light weight, and just for the novelty of it, to fuck him from beginning to end while standing up. I'd done this plenty of times with other kids for just a few moments, but Ryder was so little that it was like nothing to carry him around. Holding him with one arm around his back, I grabbed his ass with the other and started bouncing him up and down on my prick. Oh yeah, this was it, the ultimate. As I lifted him and dropped him, I bent my knees even more and started banging my crotch up into his butt, meeting each bounce.

He was still moaning and groaning and saying shit, but since he was muffled it wasn't bothering me none, so I just closed my eyes, threw my head back again, and started really slamming into him. Really ramming my crotch into him now, I was literally throwing him up in the air and letting him fall back to meet my next thrust. With a ten inch prick to work with there ain't no worries about it popping out.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, baby" I moaned in satisfaction as I now started walking around the cell. Hey, that's the whole idea. There ain't nothing better than walking around with a boy on your prick as you're fucking the hell out of him. The grin on my face must have been a mile wide as I slammed him up and down. I was in heaven.

The little shit was still moaning, but I knew damn well the worst of the pain must be gone by now. But as always, pain is pleasure. He was going to learn that giving me pleasure was paramount, and he'd even learn to enjoy and appreciate any pain that might go along with it. Yeah, that's just the way it is with Davon White. My boy's always loved and appreciated the pain when they knew it was giving their Master pleasure. Maybe he wouldn't enjoy this, his very first experience with my big black dong, but he was going to get a whole lot more of it from now on and, pain or no pain, was going to learn to love it.

I didn't want it to end. I continued walking around the cell, banging the hell out of him, and chuckling to myself, savoring the pleasure of the fuck. But all good things must come to an end, and I was getting very hot. So, grabbing his neck and lowering him away from my chest and holding him in front of me, I started really slamming into him like a pile driver, over and over, at least fifteen times, as hard as I could,

And I literally howled as I came into this cute white boy's hot ass, firing shot after shot into him. Jesus I love taking virgins.

The kid was still blubbering and crying I think as I fired into him over and over again, but as I fired my last shot into that sweet ass I noticed that his little prick wasn't even hard. That's something we'd have to work on. I expected my fuck boys to love being dominated by me so much that they'd shoot their load without even touching themselves. This kid would learn that being used and abused by Davon White was an honor, and he'd learn to love it and look forward to it. As with all my boys, it wouldn't take long to bring out his masochist side and get him to appreciate how hot it is to be dominated by a this black muscle god.

Laying Ryder down on my desk, I very slowly pulled my softening prick out of his no-longer virgin ass. Tears were still dripping down his face as I pulled the underwear out of his mouth, but at least he was quiet.

"You've been totally fucked now, baby" I said with a grin as I tussled his hair. "You've had Davon White's big prick up your sweet little ass. But now you've got to thank me. Little boy's like you always got to thank their Master when he fuck's them." I pulled him off the desk onto his knees in front of me.

"Look at me, baby" I said, taking his chin and forcing him to look up. "Now say 'thank you, Master'. Tears were still dripping and he now started whimpering again. "Say it" I snapped at him.

"Thank you" he whimpered.

"Master" I growled.

"Thank you, Master."

"Good boy" I said. "Now clean me off." Sticking my thumb in his mouth forcing it open, I pushed my cock in. "Suck on it, slave boy. Get it nice and clean." I put a hand behind his head, holding him there, as he sucked on my softening rod.

So he'd called me Master and I'd called him my slave boy, so we were well on our way. I had great hopes that with a week or two of training, this kid was going to be a perfect little worshiper, and he and Angel were going to give me a hell of a lot of pleasure.


So, here I was, lying on my bunk with Ryder's face buried in my ass slurping up a storm. I had my hands crossed under my face as I relaxed, and I glanced around occasionally to see him, just to enjoy the vision of this cute blond white boy with his face pressed into my black ass. It was the middle of the afternoon and Ryder had been at it for about a half hour now and I intended to spend all afternoon here relaxing and being worshiped.

Angel was on his knees next to the bunk waiting in case I had any instructions for him. He'd occasionally lean in and give my arm or shoulder and even my cheek a soft kiss. He knew he could get away with light kisses without any direction from me. I was going to give Ryder another half hour on my ass, and had pretty much decided to get one boy on each side and get a half hour tongue bath. After that I'd have one of them, probably Angel, give me a slow easy suck job for an hour or two. Ryder was learning to be a pretty decent cocksucker now that he'd had a couple weeks training, but for a long drawn out afternoon blowjob he tended to be a little too aggressive. I'd probably let him suck on my toes while Angel did me just to give him something to do.

Life was good. I had my bunk bed now so I had Angel and Ryder at my beck and call 24/7. I also had a couple dozen other kids available from here in the youth wing if I wanted some variety. No virgins anymore because Rad always got them first before giving me the go ahead, but taking Rad's seconds was pretty damn incredible since nobody, and I mean nobody, could turn a kid into a servile fawner in one session like Rad could. Hell, just knowing that Rad's dick had already been in them turned me on like crazy.

I was still Rad's boy and he used me once or twice a month, and I loved every second of it. Yeah, me, Davon White, a masochist; can you believe it? It was never easy with Rad, and I always ended up with a sore ass and a sore throat and a few bruises. But he was so exceptional, such a god, and I revered him so much, that I savored every moment I had with him. I don't think I loved him, but I idolized and venerated him. I simply admired and respected him for his amazing power and strength and incredible masculinity.

Angel still had a year to go on his sentence, but Ryder was getting out in three months. He'd need to be replaced but there was no hurry, and with Angel and Ryder being such perfect slaves I didn't want to even think about training anyone else. I just wanted to hang loose and accept their worship, the culmination of all my efforts at training them to be my perfect slaves and fuck boys.

My prison sentence called for only eighteen months with good behavior, and I have to admit I have actually considered talking to Rad about extending it. Can you believe that? What is it they say? I was as snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug here at 'Maryland Correctional' and I wasn't sure getting out would be an improvement.

However, no matter how you look at it, I had obligations. Jamal was struggling to run the business and needed my help. He'd always been my Lieutenant, my second in command, and he really wasn't hardnosed enough to keep everybody in line. He needed me.

So, I was probably going to get out in just over a year, but I was definitely going to enjoy the time I had left. I mean, it was going to be like seventh heaven, and me and my cock were going to revel in it and savor every single minute.

Davon White, Superstud




As I opened my eyes, I stretched my massive arms and then rolled over to look at my bed partner. Jamal was so gorgeous. Big muscular hunk, any gay man's dream, and he was all mine. Very gently, I pulled the sheet off of his muscular body, and then slid down to his crotch. I just admired his beautiful black prick for a moment before taking it in my mouth. Jesus, I loved doing this for Jamal. And this is the way a guy needs to wake up, with his lover's mouth wrapped around his prick.

I knew while I was in prison that Jamal missed me. Hell, he mentioned it damn near every time I had him on the phone, and that was once or twice a day. He wasn't really capable of running the business by himself, and I was so dense that I thought that was the only reason he missed me so much. What he has finally admitted to me now, is that he has been in love with me ever since we were fucking each other as teenagers. He was just being very patient and waiting for me to notice. That patience ran out when he picked me up on the day I was released from 'Maryland Correctional'.

Of course he picked me up in a limo, but I'd barely closed the door when he was kissing me madly and started unfastening my pants. Three minutes later he had my growing prick in his mouth. Hell, I couldn't say no to Jamal even if I believed that 'friends don't fuck friends'. Jamal is gorgeous and is a top; a real dominant stud. But, damn, does he ever know how to give a blowjob.

But, it wasn't just the blow job, because Jamal just wouldn't stop. After he blew me, he climbed on and fucked himself on my cock, and then he fucked me right there in the back of the limo. By the time we finally arrived in Baltimore an hour and a half later, he was trying to blow me for the third time.

So I have a lover and I'm monogamous now. Well, almost anyway. No more rapes, which is probably a good thing, since that should keep me out of jail. Jamal and I both tended to be dominant tops so we had some pretty rough sex between us, but, as lovers, we both enjoyed bottoming for each other. But we also brought in a twink about once a week for a threesome, so we could really let loose and be as rowdy as we wanted. At my insistence those were usually cute white teenagers. I mean, I'd really got hooked on fucking white boys while I was in prison.

Occasionally we brought in two boys so we could get long, drawn out blowjobs while lying back on the bed necking with each other. And let me tell you, there ain't anything quite like kissing your lover while both of you are plowing into tight little teenage asses at the same time.

So, I was happy, and I was in love. We spread out from the drug business into real-estate and were doing very well so we had unlimited funds, and being Boss wasn't particularly strenuous. I already told you that my penthouse was a palace, and with Jamal next to me in bed every night it was damn near perfect.

Believe it or not, it was even better than being in prison.

Duane (aka: Gladiatorkid)

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Authors Note: Thank you very much, those of you who responded to my story. You gave me the incentive and encouragement to continue this story well beyond its' original planned three chapters. However, as the writer, I don't want to get into rehashing some of the same or similar events. At some point the story will begin to get boring, and that is to be avoided at all costs. So, the idea is to quit while you're ahead and I think I'm still ahead. I hope you enjoyed my story.

P.S.: Davon White 'lived happily ever after'.

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