I was rudely awakened by Adam.

"Get up we got school Goldman."

It was 7:45 in the morning, and we were about to be late for school. I then quickly got up from Adam's bed and rushed to the bathroom to get ready.

I put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and brushed away. The memory of Adam kissing me last night flashed into my head. I spit the toothpaste out and rinsed my mouth with water. I just stared at myself in the mirror and put my fingertips on my lips it was if I could still feel his lips on me. His lips were soft and warm like the rest of his musculared armored body. It was the first time I've ever been kiss, my first kiss was from......Adam Griffin???


"Hurry up Goldman" said Adam as he was knocking on the bathroom door.


I wanted to ask Adam so many questions about last night.

Adam was eating the last pieces of his toast. I walked into the kitchen. He was wearing a dark grey hoody with dark blue jeans and a black backwards flat billied hat.

"Um good morning." I said shyly to him hoping he would say the same thing back.

He tilted his head up a bit which meant whats sup.

"Um Adam about last night I just wanted to......"

"C'mon we gotta go."he quickly said

He grabbed his bookbag and car keys and headed toward the door.

And reluctantly I let go of the subject of last nights kiss . But I certainly didn't forget about it.

It was 8:15, when we got to school we were 15 minutes late and so was half of the school.

When we got to the parking lot, people were still rushing to find a parking space and people were quickly going up the steps to get to the school. Adam parked his truck.

When we got out I remeber that I left my car in the school parking lot. And when I got out to see if my car was still there, I stopped in my tracks.

Adam came to my side and saw what I was looking at.

My small beat up car was covered in writing and no it wasn't poetry.

I slowly walked to my car and read the words that were on the car.


I literally dropped my sketchbook that was in my hand.

I froze just staring at my car. The culprits didnt write on my car with washable paint or marker. It was all written in bold tipped permanant marker.

I trembled a little and started breathing a bit heavyily.

And before I snapped. I felt Adam put my sketchbook in my hand I looked at the sketchbook and then at him.

He looked at me with his calm eyes and gave me a empathetic look.

I felt him put his hand on my shoulder and then he slowly pulled my away from my vandalized car.

There was no one in the parking lot but us. The whole way from the stairs to the front door of the school, Adam had his arm around me keeping me from crying and breaking down.

The kids in this fucking school are heartless.

When we entered the school,we went our separate ways to get to our 1st period classes. I was headed to Chemistry and Adam to History.

His class was on the 2nd floor mine on the 1st, the hallways were empty.

Before Adam walked up the steps to get to his class I said.

"Adam ............."I wanted to say more

Adam just turned around and looked at me. We looked at eachother for a few seconds.

he turned around and started walking up the steps.

I watched him as he walked up the steps. I couldn't even resist looking at him anymore. He was tall he was cute as hell he was just .....Adam...and ....I liked that.

I came into my chemistry class late.

My seat was in the back of the classroom with Ellie Champion my friend.

She waved at me as I was walking to our Lab table.

She looked beautiful as always. Her hair was all big and puffed up she wore several bracelets on her and a shiny golden necklace around her. The clothes she was wearing was an oversized black and white top that showed her shoulders and her bra straps and she wore very short blue jeans way above her knee cap but she had long black socks that covered them up and she wore some chuck taylors.

"Hey how are you doing?" she asked in a polite whisper.

"So so I guess."I replied.

"I uh saw your car." she said reluctantly.

"I think everyone did,Ellie." I said with a bit of frustration in my voice.

A few of the guys in the class were looking at me with snickering faces and cruel smiles. I tried not to give them eye contact.

"Don't worry I'll hunt down whoever did it and kill their asses." she said half jokingly and half seriously.

I just shrugged my shoulders.

"So where have you been staying?" she then asked.

I then remebered Adam telling me that no one in school knew that he lived alone. I think he wanted to keep it that way.

"I can't really tell you." I said to Ellie feeling bad that I couldn't even tell my best friend.

"Why not" she started to say until the teacher caught her and told her to be quiet......it was a long boring class period.

"We're going to finish this discussion later." she whispered.

School went by slowly and then it was lunch time.

Like the day I came out ,everyone stared at me as I entered the gigantic cafeteria. Several of the guys looked at me and gave me mocking winks and I heard a few of them whisper the F word. We all know that word.

So without looking at anyone I shyly grabbed my trey and food and went outside, Hoping that I wouldn't be eaten alive by these people I call my classmates.

I found a table under a tree and sat down. Ellie came and sat down next to me a minute later.

"Ok now explain to me WHY you can't tell me where you're staying."

"I just can't they made me promise not to tell."

"And why not?" Asked Ellie at this point she was getting frustrated.

"Ellie look I just can't plain and simple thats my final answer." I said to her quickly and sternly.

Ellie then let out a deep breath and said.

"Justin,I've been worried about you all weekend last friday you didn't even tell me you were homeless all I heard was that you came out to the football team by Richie (Who was her cousin and is also on the football team and a close friend.) And then I tried calling you and I got no answer and now you can't even tell me where your staying????? What's going on Justin?"

My cell phone was cut off the night I moved out so I couldn't even recieve any phone calls anyway. I just looked at my plate trying not to look at her.

'Aye que locura."she said quickly in spanish

"Ellie Thank you but I'm okay really I am." I said to her reasurringly trying to calm her down.

Then Adam came to the table we were sitting at and sat down across from Ellie and me.

He set his trey on the table, sat down and started eating without saying hi.

Ellie looked at Adam with a puzzled look. She looked at me and then back at Adam and than to me.

"Um hi Adam hooooowww are you?" asked Ellie in a suspicious tone.

"Eating" said Adam quickly eating the food on his trey.

Then Ellie looked back at me with her hand under her chin. She then looked back at Adam.

"Sooooo What are you up to?"

Adam just kept eating not answering her question.

Ellie gave me one final look and than another back at Adam. Thats when the look of realazation appeared on her face. For Ellie the mystery was solved.

"Okay Adam I'm just going to get to the point. First of all you better take care of my best friend he's all I got and he's irraplacable. If you so much as hurt Justin......I swear you will regret it, comprende?" She said to Adam in a threatening tone.

Adam just kept eating his food.

Ellie just glared at him and turned to me and said.

"Great choice there Justin." She got up and threw her trey away.

Ellie than left and went back in to the school.

"She's sweet." Said Adam sarcastically while eating his food looking down at his trey.

"I didn't tell her about you living alone I promise." I said quickly to Adam hoping he wouldn't get mad.

"I know, if she's your friend it doesn't matter."said Adam.

I began thinking about last night again and the kiss between me and Adam. I've been thinking about it all day.

"Um Adam so about last night I mean ......."


The bell rang and lunch was over. Before I could even finish my sentence, Adam got up and threw his trey away. In frustration I banged my head on the table.

School was finally over.

We ate some dinner at a resturant and headed back to the apartment.

It was now 8:30 at night.

I was at the kitchen table just drawing a few sketches, while Adam was in his room watching a movie.

His bedroom door was halfway open.

I sat at the table and thought to myself.

(Okay I've been keeping this in all day. I need to ask him once in for all what that was about last night.) meaning the kiss between Adam and me.

I gathered the courage and walked toward his bedroom and opened the door.

Adam was laying on the bed shirtless with grey boxer briefs on. Oh man did he look sexy.

He was laying on his big bed watching the movie that was flashing on the screen. One arm was behind his head and the other held the romote control on his chest.

"Hey mind if I join you?" I asked him shyly.

He just shrugged his shoulders. I guess that meant yeah sure why not.

I then layed on the bed with him, a few inches away from him.

The movie that was playing was Pulp Fiction. It was at the part where Samuel L . Jackson's character was preaching a verse from the bible just before he shoots his unlucky victim.

I layed there wanting to ask him so may questions. My mind was racing a billion miles per nano second. I had all these question but I didn't know which one to ask. Before friday I always considered Adam to be very intimadating now......I'm not even scared of him at all. In fact I felt comfortable just laying there next to him. Even though I had a billion questions, I was happy being next to this really sexy guy who happened to be really nice in his own little way.

Then Adam increased the volume.

It was the resturant scene, where John Trovolta's character was on a date with Uma Thurman's Character.

I was a little confused why Adam increased the volume but I snapped out of it and watched and listen to the two characters on the screen. I recognized this part and Then Adam began to follow and copy what the two characters began to say he repeated each word.

Thurman:"Don't you hate that?" Adam said reapeated it along with Uma Thurmans character.

Travolta" Hate what?"Adam copied

Thurman: "Uncomftorble Silence..........Why do we feel it's necassary to yack about bullshit in order to be comftorble? Adam repeated every word along with Uma Thurmans character.

Travolta: "I don't know, thats a good question." Adam mimiced the coked up Travolta.

Thurman:"Thats when you know you found somebody really special.....when you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably share silence." Adam finished repeating the characters line and put the movie on mute.

I just stared at the screen. I realized what Adam was trying to tell me.

I slowly turned my head to look at Adam, he was already looking straight into my eyes.

Everything was silent, there wasn't a sound in the apartment.

Adam looked at me with this look I never saw from him before. His eyes were calm and soothing.

My breathing was a little fast and then I said"Adam......"

Adam slowly leaned in and started kissing me. He slowly came on top of me and held me in close. His amazing muscular warm chest was on top of mine his body was in between my legs and his warm rough hands held my face.

His lips were gentle. And he kissed me slowly and reverently. My arms were around his broad back. He was solid as rock but he was gentle. The bulge in my pants began to get harder and harder and so did his. From the feeling of his crotch on top of mine I felt it gettting harder and thicker. It felt huge.

He slowly parted away from my lips and slowly moved down to my neck and started kissing it every few seconds sticking out his tounge to make me feel good. I moaned a little.

He then pulled my shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

He looked down at me and for the first time I saw him smile a little it wasn't noticable but it was there.

"I'm not built like you." I said shyly with my face all red from blushing.

He shook his head a little and said."Your built beautifully." His smile was a little more noticable now.

He then leaned down on me again and kissed me. My chest was against his I could feel his pecs and six back against my body. He was warm very warm.

From my lips he slowly licked me down from my chin,to my neck, down to my chest.

He then slowly brought his tounge to my nipple and teased it with his tounge. It brought me instant joy and I happily moaned.

His tounge danced all over my nipple and then down my not so yet defined abs.

And then he licked the area above my shorts. He put his hands on the shorts I was wearing which were his, and slowly pulled them down. My 7 inch dicked popped out to say hello to him. My dick was uncut and decently thick but not so thick. It was now hard. Adam looked at it and gave me another smile. HE then came back up to me with his nose close to mine and said.

"If you want me stop just tell me and I'll stop ok." He said to me gently.

"Okay" I barely whispered.

"Do you want me to continue?" He asked me in a whisper I could only see his eyes not his mouth.

"Please, Please continue Adam. He smiled and quickly kissed me and went back down to give me dick attention.

He put his hand around my dick .................and began.

I itmediatly felt a sensation I never felt before. My entired body tingled as Adam licked the tip of my dicks head. He put his mouth around it and managed to swallow my entire dick. His mouth was warm and while he was sucking my dick he licked my dicks head at the same time.

My body was writhing with plessure I moaned softly but noticably. I held the bed sheets with my life. Adam sucked the life out of my dick with such reverence and passion.

Then I felt .....that other sensation. My dick started feeling like it was about to erupt. With every movement Adam made with his tounge and mouth, brought a second closer from me to shoot the load of my LIFE.

and then without warning my dick shot out cum. I moaned loudly with pleasure. Adam took in every drop and swallowed every bit of my load.

I breathed heavily but man I was in heaven.

I slowly let go of the bed sheets and looked at Adam.

Adam's chin was next to my dick with my dick limping next to his face. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

He then came up to me again and said. "If you want, you can lie on your stomach, so I can show you." he said in a seductive whisper that sent a chill all over my body.

"Show me what?" I asked him.

"He leaned in again, his lips were up to my lips and he said.

"I want to show you once in for all how much you mean to me."

I just stared into his eyes and said." How much do you care?"

All he did was smile.

I then layed on my stomach and was waiting

I felt him put his arms under my legs and with each hand,he placed each one on my ass cheeks his left hand on my left cheek and the right on my right cheek.

I felt his breath near my hole and then out of nowhere felt his warm talented tounge teasing my hole. I moaned loudly and I put my face in the pillow. He began rimming my ass like it was sugarcoated candy

His tounge danced around my hole, It felt amazing, this is probably how a girl feels when she gets eaten out.

Adam did some slow strokes with his tounge then some fast uncontrolable ones that made me moan for my life. His hands held on to my ass the entire time it was like his hands belonged on my ass and I definetly didn't mind.

I then felt Adams chest slowly sliding up against my back. He was on top of my back he put his arms around me with his face next to mine and the he said in a whisper.

"You ok?"

I nodded

"If it's ok with you, Justin. Can I go......further?" He asked whispering in my ear I felt his stubbled face against my cheek.

"If you don't want me to I'll stop."

"Adam........I'm .....I'm a virgin." I said to him shyly

"Yeah I know. You don't have to if you don't want to. I can just hold you here I wouldn't mind that one bit."

"Adam...I want....I want it to be you."

"You...really want me to Justin?"

"Please Adam I want it to be you.....I want you."

Adam then said empathetiaclly with some worry in his voice."It's going to hurt....and I don't want to hurt you."

"I can handle it." In reality I didn't know if I could but I wanted him I didnt want anything else.

"You sure?"


Adam then kissed me on the cheek and then said "okay."

He got up from the bed and pulled down his boxers. His dick was a behemoth. At least 9 inches cut and thick, the head of his dick was in the shape of a mushroom almost. even though it was big , it was beautiful perfectly straight and well porportioned. His balls didnt hang extremely low but they were also a very good size.

(oh boy that thing is going inside me?)

Adam opened the drawer of his nightstand and took out a condom.

He got back on the bed and put the condom on his dick.

I braced myself it was coming.

I felt the tip of his dick on my hole and then I heard him say.

"You ready it's going to hurt ?"


POP went my cherry.

I screamed in agony.

I cursed with my head in the pillow.

I then held back my scream and then just grunted I didnt want to sound like a bitch.

"It's all the way in big guy." Adam said to me.

I breathed heavily, he didnt have to tell me I knew.

"You ok ?"

"Yeah." I said with pain.

Adam then slowly went in and then out.

He slowly went pass that special little spot in my ass but I barely noticed because my ass was still trying to adjust.

after several moment the pain subsided.

And then Adam ,slowly but noticably, started picking up the pace.

His dick was banging my insides but it felt amazing it was an incredibly amazing pain of the good kind.

the bed started making squeeking noises. I moaned in pleassure.

"ADAM ADAM ADAM." I said over and over in ectasy.

Adam was now at this point pounding my ass like it was meant to be pounded he held my ass, then I felt his chest on my back.

He put his legs around under my legs his left arm was under my chest and his right hand was touching my head, I felt his breathing next to my cheek.

This guy was fucking me like a champion.

bam bam bam every thrust was more exciting and plessurable as the next.

At this moment I was proud to be gay.

Adam's breathing got faster and heavier and he started making silent grunts

We sweated like crazy but who cares.

bam bam bam bam bam

My love nut was having the time of its life.


I came stronger and faster than the blowjob Adam gave me earlier. I cummed all over his sheets.

Adam than pulled out his dick threw the condom and quickly said. "Justin turn around." He said breathing heavily and fast.

He jacked his dick for a couple more seconds and then


His cum splattered all over my face,chest and face it hit the wall behind me also.

Both me and Adam breathed heavily. Adam looked down at me and I looked up at him.

He then slowly came down and reverently and lovingly licked the cum off my face and swallowed it.

His chest was on top of my chest again, our dicks side by side.

He looked into my eyes and kissed me. He hugged me tightly with his huge strong arms and I held on to his broad back.

When we parted our lips he asked."You okay did I hurt you?"

I shook my head smiling.

He looked down at me smiling.

He then went back and licked the cum off my chest and went to the bathroom to clean up he brought me one also.

When were were done cleaning, he came back on the bed and cuddled with me he pulled me in so close to his chest.

I was little compared to this guy. So I was perfect cuddling material.

He kissed my neck multiple times and nuzzled his nose on my neck.

"Adam......What just happened?"

"I made love to you and fucked your brains out." he said to me with his mouth talking against my neck

"Haha trust me, my ass knows that already."I said to him with his arms completely wrapped around me.

"Then why you ask?"

"Because right now....I'm really confused."


I then turned around to face his handsome stubbly face.

"I'm confused about you...I mean....Who are you really?

Adam just raised and eyebrow signafying he was confused.

"My names Adam Griffin I'm 16 years old ummm..I play football..." I interupted him and said.

"No dummy...I'm asking who are you really? are you........gay......bi.........what?

Adam just looked into my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me passionatly. He then said.

"Does that answer your question?"

I just looked at him and said. " I think so."

Adam then pulled me in closer ,with my neck under his chin and his chin on top of my head.

I then whispered in his ear and said." You know for someone who doesnt say much you really make me feel like I'm worth something."

Adam than said with his eyes closed with a sleepy yawny voice and him kissing me on the cheek."Because you are worth it. Your worth a million and more."

I almost cried when he said that.

I then drifted off to sleep with Adam still holding on to me.

My last thoughts before I finally dozed of were......

(Man my ass hurts how am I even going to sit down tomorrow thanks alot Adam...haha He's got a big heart to go along with that huge dick.)

TO BE CONTINUED.......................



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