Chapter 4: A Marvelous BlowJob.



I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. I strecthed my limbs and looked down at my boner. I rubbed and adjusted it. I didnt even care to grab a shirt. I got out the bed and went to the bathroom. I washed up and walked into the kitchen only wearing black sweatpants. 

I rubbed my eyes as my size ten feet walked down the wooden floor. I heard my mon laughing and talking. I was confused because no one else stays here. I walked into the kitchen and saw the nexf door neighbors dad sitting there eating Breakfast with my mom.

 I said, "goodmorning mom."She said,"hey baby. I invited Rick over to breakfast."

He turned to me and was gawking at me being shirtless. He was staring at my defined body. My abs, my vcut, and quarter shape nipples. He was looking like i was a god. Thats when the other night popped in my head, when he asked me to let him suck my dick and when i caught his older son giving him a blowjob. 

My dick started yearning in my pants and i hurried and sat down. He said, "so havent seen you around the house lately Dennis."

"Yea ive been busy catching up on my shows on netflix."

My mom chimed in, "well ive been off this weekend so we have been spending time to together."

We all smiled at each other and Rick said, "thats over now. Your mom got called into work this morning for the evening shift."I questioned her, "really?"Yea, baby. 

I then felt a foot land on top of mine. It had to be Ricks it felt like a boot. He rubbed it up my leg and i started to feel a little uncomfortable. I sat up straight and said, "so Rick how have Kevin, javon, and jason been?"

Good. Kevin thinks you are a good person. Also, ill be over a little later to fix the bathroom sink in your moms room."

She chimed in, "oh yea. Like an hour after i leave for work."

I didnt even respond. I hurried and finish eating and got up and went back to my room. When i got there, i grabbed my laptop and continued watching Pretty Little Liars. Yea, im a straight hard male and love Pretty Little Liars. After about 4 episodes i dozed off to sleep.I woke up to something banging on something. I got up and walked into the hallway. 

I went out and walked towards my mom room. I walked in and saw Rick bent down under the sink. I said, "rick is my mom gone to work already?"He stop banging and said, "yea, she told me to tell you, that she will be home at 6 in the morning."I gave him a fake smirk and replied, "im going to smoke a joint on the back porch. If you need me thats where ill be."I went down the hall and went outside and lit up the joint. I was smoking and it felt good. I havent smoke weed in days. I heard leaves breaking and i looked and saw Kevin walking over to me dressed in some skin tight jeans and a skin tight shirt. 

Those jeans hugged him so hard you can literally see the figure of his plumped ass. He walked over to me and i got so uncomfortable, i have been dodging that household because the things they do are nasty and are making me think about my sexuality. And thats a no no, i love pussy, ass, and titties on a women. He sat on the other chair and snapped, "dennis so we arent cool no more?"I didnt answer him. I blew the smoke in the air. 

He then said, "hello? Just say you dont wanna be boys anymore and ill leave."

I stated,  "fine. I dont wanna be boys no more."He stood up and the look on his face was of a sad little puppy. I figured i hurt his feelings so so bad. 

As he walked off the porch i screamed, "aye we can stop being boys after this joint."

He looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. He walked over i handed him the joint. We puffed puffed give a couple of times and was laughing at his two brother play fight in the junkyard across the way, filled with broken down materials.

 He then said, "im sorry man. For what ever i did to you. You the only cool guy that lived in this house since we moved over here. I dont have any friends, only girls that just wanna fuck because i have a huge dick for a latin guy. Dennis can we boys?"

I looked back at him and said, "man Kev you cool too we can be boys. I dont know just dont do no more wierd shit, alright?"

Oh if me jacking you off was wierd im sorry man. I just wanted to have some fun. It didnt mean nothing. ImNot gay or anything, he replied.

I snapped, "dude lets just drop it."We clapped each other up and he said, "im going to shower and shit. Ill be back."I walked into my house and i heard my mom shower running. 

I ran down the hall and i looked into her roomand saw Rick leaning into the shower. I asked, "is everything okay?"He turned the water off and said, "yea was just checking something."He walked into the room and was staring at my body again. I snapped, "Rick my eyes are up here. Why are you staring at my body?"He licked his lips and smirked, then spoke, "your body is banging. Your caramel skin and your 8 well defined abs."He walked up closer to me and took his index finger and followed my vcut to where it stopped at, before it entered my pants. I backed up and said, "i think its time for you to go." He walked up to me more and stared up at his tall structure. I backed up out into the hall and he followed me into my room. I sat down on my bed and he said, "you promised me i can give you a blowjob."I stared at him and said, "sir i cannot let you suck my dick. Its not even happening."He grabbed the brim of my pants and pulled them down with my briefs. My limp 8 inch dick was asleep. Rick grabbed it and forced it into his mouth. He was slurping it like a slushie drink. I was so shocked that i couldnt stop what he was doing. He looked up at me and used his hands and pushed my body down on my bed. This man was devouring my dick like a a piece of meat. Sucking it up. His mouth was like a vacuum. I was groaning so loud. A girl never gave me a bomb blowjob like this. 

He then stopped and started sucking on my balls. I screamed, "oh shitt!" I was immobile. The more i wanted him to stop i couldnt let him stop. I cried out, "im bout to cummm!l" he quickly returned to sucking my dick and i exploded my load into this mans mouth. 

He didnt drop not one drop of cum and he cleaned me up. He looked up at me and smiled and said, "wow you taste good."He got up and walked out of my room. I slid out of my sweats and walked over to my drawer to grab some new clothes and i looked out the window and saw Kevin sticking the middle finger at me. I put on my clothes and ran outside. 

He was walking into the junkyard thing. I walked over to him and said, "STOP!"He looked back at me and said, "i get the third degree for trying to jack you off, but you let my dad suck ya dick."

I grabbed his arm and snapped,"no ya dad seduced me and sucked my dick. You sucked your dad dick and not mine i should have been mad."

I cant believe that i just admitted toBeing jealous. He turned to me and said, "dennis you shouldnt be jealous of that."I walked up to him and our chests bumped into each others.

 He suddenly wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. I leaned up against the tree and kissed him back. I did care for Kevin alot, i really did. He wrapped his feet around my waist and i hold himup by his ass. He smiled and said, "dennis what are we doing?"I chuckled and said, "i really dont know."

To be continued...-------



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