Chapter 1:

"Damn you have a lot of ass."


I am pissed off that I am leaving my neighborhood and moving to a new city. I'm leaving my friends and girlfriend behind. As my mom pulled out of the garage I looked at her with my hazel brown eyes and said

"This is not fair I do not derserve this."

She said

"Your dad is dead and I can't afford to stay here anymore Dennis I'm sorry."

My dad had died of an heart attack like 6 months ago. Mom tried to take care of me and keep out big house but her little nursing assistant paycheck wasn't cutting it.

I sucked my teeth and sat back. At this new town I hope it's a good football team because I'm going to miss playing football and my big built and my good frame could not go to waste. I put my head on the head rest and went to sleep to cool off some of this tension. It felt like I was only sleep for five minutes and my mom said

"Get up Dennis we are here."

As I stretched and open my eyes I could not believe what I was looking at I saw two condo like houses and that was it. Everything else was trees and dirt road. I looked at my mom and said

"You got to be kidding me."

She said

"Get out and help me unpack."

I stepped out the car and stretched again and it looked as though I was flexing my ebony muscles but it was because I didn't have on no shirt. All I wore was some gray sweatpants and under it some Abercombie and fitch briefs. My dick was recovering from a hard on that was there because I just woke up. My dick was big as fuck like literary ten inches long and 6 inches in width. And all the workouts I do my ass is fit as well, my girlfriend always tell me that I have a girl ass because it's so big and soft. I went around the car and grabbed the first box and carried to the porch and sat it down. As I made my way back to the car for like the 8th box I heard a truck flying up the dirtroad, it must be the people who live next door. As the car parked by the other condo. Four people got out of it. First it was the dad he was about 35 and he was built like he was a body builder and wore some cut up jeans and a flannel shirt. Then it looked like the oldest son was in the passenger seat he wore a Hollister shirt and some little ass shorts like my girlfriend would wear to make her ass look bigger and it was doing the same for him(no homo). Then two boys around the age of 16 got out the backseat matching in swimming trunks and flip flops they where built too. The whole family had muscles I knew anybody in there right mind wouldn't cross them. My mom said

"Dennis hurry so I can go grocery shopping to start dinner."

She threw off my train of thought and I got the lady box and it dropped out of my hand and I cut my hand on a piece of glass that was sticking out the box. My mom ran over and the nurse in her came out and she told me to go inside. The dad from other house said

"Ma'am me and my boys wouldn't mine helping bringing the rest of the boxes in the house if you wouldn't mind."

My mom said

"Thank you so much."

The eldest son said

"Dad i have Something to do my girlfriend is waiting on my call."

The dad looked at him and said

"Well she is going to keep waiting until we are done."

He said

"Fine and started walking over to our car to help."

Ten minutes later my mom was placing a bandage on the small cut and she said

"Come on let's check on what they are doing."

When we walked out of the bathroom the dad was placing the last box in the living room and my mom said

"Thank you so much, how can I repay you."

He said

"Nonsense just think of it as a house warming gift."

My mom then said

"Well can I ask you one more thing, can you drive me to walmart?"

The man said

"Sure let me grab my keys."

Mom looked at me and said

"See they was never this nice in our old town, I'll be back."

I walked into the room that was going to be mine and I decided to change I was kind of hot. I took off my sweatpants and then off my briefs. As I searched through my boxes with my clothes I felt like I was being watched. I looked up and looked through my window and saw one of the young boys with the swimming trunks on eyeing my to death through his room window and he was rubbing his crotch and I can see his dick getting hard. I grabbed a pair of briefs and slid them on and then walked over to close the window and I saw the boy mouth to me

"Damn you have a lot of ass."

I was pissed off I closed down the blinds and put on a undershirt and some gym shorts and went on the porch to smoke some weed until my mom got back to calm down. As I lit the blunt I couldn't get my mind off that boy watching me out his window. Maybe I am going crazy or imagining things. I put the blunt in my mouth and after a few puffs I heard someone walking up to my porch it was the oldest son. He said

"Can I take a hit?"

I looked at him and said

"Sure." He still had on them little ass shorts and he sat down next to me and I handed him the blunt.

After he puffed he said

"So what made y'all move out here?"

Money problems.

"Damn this shit boring out here but I'm just happy someone finally moved in this house so I can have someone to kick it with at home."


"Because I be having to waste gas and drive to town and chill with my friends and shit."

Yea well atleast your girlfriend isn't 500 Miles away.

"True shit but my girl ain't putting out and we been together a year almost."

Damn, that's fucked up. What's your name though?

"I'm Kevin and I'm 17, my dad is mister James he's 35, and my two younger brothers are Jason and Javon they are 13."

Damn they are big as fuck for 13 and I'm Dennis and I'm 17 like you.

"Cool and you built you play sports?"

Yea I play football.

"I play soccer."


"Yea I love kicking balls."


As he passed the blunt back to me I noticed his shorts riding up his leg a little and you can see the bottom of his ass. I don't know what made me look but I was kind of shocked that he didn't feel the breeze against it. He then said

"Well Dennis I going to call my girl on the phone and have phone sex with her."

I said

"You was just having the same thought like me."

I went into the house and I unpacked my clothes and shoes and all the rest of my stuff it took like an hour. I grabbed my iphone 5 and called my girlfriend but she didn't answer I was mad. I went over to the window to smoke another joint and I would blow the smoke outside so that it wouldn't smell in the house. As I pulled up the blinds my sight of javon and Jason was unbelievable. I saw one of them on there knees sucking the other ones dick and should I just say he was swallowing it whole and was not choking and he is doing it like a pro. He was even better than my girl. I snapped out of it and said

"What the fuck is going on with these boys?"

As I was closing the blinds the one who dick was getting sucked blew a kiss at me and licked his lips at me. I looked down at my gym shorts and I saw my semi hard dick ready to be released and i was like why that turned me on I'm not gay. Maybe because I am horny as fuck right now.

I jumped in my bed and said

"What the fuck?"

Them two are not only gay they are into incest. Should I tell Kevin? No because I think we are going to be friends. What I do know I have to do something.."


Chapter 2 coming soon.. Comment what you guys think?



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