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I woke up the next morning with a major boner and i had to release it. I cAlled up my girlfriend from my old town and she didnt answer the phone. I was so mad. I got out my bed and went to my bathroom.

I turned on the shower and stepped in. My boner was still raging hard and i just had to cum. I started jacking off and the showerr and out of nowhere the image of the two twin boys next door came into my head. The one on his knees sucking up his brother. I started to jack off faster and faster and before you knew it i blew cum all over the showerr. I must have been moaning loud because my mom banged on the bathroom door and SCREAMED


I said

"Okay mom."

I took a shower and hurried and dried off. I walked into my room and jumped on my bed naked and said

"What the fuck came over me? Why would i jack off to that?"

I slid on some black briefs and some grey sweatpants and walked into the kitchen my mom was cooking some breakfast.

I said

"Mom what you cooking?"

She turned around and said

"Boy put on a shirt! And im cooking me breakfast i have to work a 24 hour shift at the hospital and im leaving in ten minutes."

I pounced down on the couch and said

"so what do i supposed to do all day?"

She shrugged her shoulders and said

"Go hang out with the young boys next door."

I said

"Mom im not friendly but the oldest boy seem cool just maybe."

**2 hours later**

I had done fell asleep on the couch and i got up and my mom was gone.

I stood up and strecthed and my dick was back hard. I was going to my room when i heard a knock at the door. I went over to the door and opened it. It was kevin the one i smoked with yesterday.

He said

"Wassup dennis? I wanted to know do you wanna come over to my house and smoke a joint in my room."

I contemplated did i want to go over there with his little brothers present. They have seen my ass, they have seen me watching them suck each others dicks and all. But i looked at the joint in kevin hand and said


I closed my door and followed him over to his house. I noticed he had on some tight ass jeans that was hugging his ass and the shirt he had on was way too small and you can see his abs and stuff right throught the shirt. And his ass was so plump and nice. I hit myself and the head and said to myself "dennis you are straight , you like pussy and girl asses."

When we got to his porch he looked back and started laughing. I said

"Kevin whats funny?"

He said

"Umm that boner of yours."

I looked down and saw my 8 inch dick pitching a major tent in my sweatpants. To play it off i just laughed and said

"I havent had pussy in a couple of days man, dont judge me."

He winked and said

"I will never do that."

I was confused at what he meant by that. We walked in the house and went upstairs. As we walk upstairs his brothers Javon and Jason passed by us going downstairs. I felt a hand graze my ass and i looked back at them and they where just laughing. I speed walked up the last stairs and followed Kevin into his room.

To my surprise his room and clean and neat and in order.

He bent over by his dresser and my mouth watered as his ass began to pop

Out of those little skimpy jeans. He threw the lighter at me and said

"Light it up."

We started smoking and he said

"Bro, my girl broke up with me last night. We had a big ass arguement and everything."

I passed the joint to him and said

" thats fucked up man and my girlfriend hasnt been answering my calls i think its over too."

He puffed and said

"Thats to bad for you because i see you cant last for long without getting laid because that big black dick springs up a boner every few seconds."

Did i just hear what he said?Maybe we high and im hearing things. Did he just call my dick big?

I stuttered and sAid

"Hell yea i need pussy daily. Where the girls at around here?"

Kevin stood up and looked into my eyes and said

"They are far from here, my buddy. So come close with your hands because you are going to need them."

I laughed and said

"Word but where is your father at?"

Kevin laid back down on his bed and said

"At work til 11 tonight, thats why i invited you over to smoke."

He motioned me to come and sit on his bed. I got up from the computer chair

And walked over and sat down. And said


He asked

"Why dont you have on a shirt?"

I replied

"Well when i got out the shower i put this on."

He said

"Oh because i thought you was trying to show off that banging body and all those abs."

I snapped

"What the fuck dude ? Why you keep complimenting me on my body and my dick and shit? Are you bisexual?"

Kevin sat up in the bed and said

"What the fuck ? You are tripping, im

Just telling you the facts."

I stood up and said

"Thanks for the smoke im out."

I started to walk towards his door but then he jumped up and said

"Dennis why cant i compliment you on your body and dick?"

I turned to him and leaned on the door and said

"Because you are not a girl."

I looked down at him. I was taller then kevin by a few inches. And buffer than him. But those gray eyes just stared at me and he strolled up to me. And before i knew it he was standing right in front of me.

He said

"Dennis i know im a boy but your dick doesnt seem to mind my compliments."

I look down and there my dick was hard as a rock. Just as i was about to respond , kevin hand dug deep into my sweatpants and briefs and was holding my dick tight.

He smiled at me and said

"Its so thick just like i expected it to be."

All the fibers in my body wanted to punch the kid. But my horny side was just happy to have some playtime.i grabbed his arm to remove it from My pants and he shook his head "no" and i let go. How can this guy way littler than me can be powering over me.

All of a sudden he went to jerking me off, i said

"Oh my god stopp man what are you doing?"

Kevin smiled at me and said

"Helping out a friend in need."

I walked over to his bed and laid down. I pulled off my sweatpants and briefs and my brown monster cock stood there standing strong.

Kevin grabbed it and i moaned. His touched just sent me over the edge.

He resumed jacking me off and then he whispered

"Dennis can i suck it?"

And when those words prieced my ears thats when i knew i was making a big mistake this is not me and this is not right.

I got up and pushed passed him and slid up my pants and ran out his room and went home. I went inside my room and laid down and screamed


I needed another joint. I went into my dresser and grabbed one and opened my room window so that the smell want be in my house. As i smoked i looked into javon and jason room and i saw their room door open and it was Kevin completely naked. I was in aw because for a latino boy his dick was huge and his body was amazing.

All of a sudden i saw jason and javon dropped to their knees and starts sucking on their older brother dick and balls. I was amazed and disgusted . And thats when it set in for me.


I closed my window and put the joint out and laid down. I looked down and saw my dick hard once again and i knew why but i was going to deny that was the reason. Seeing kevin to brothers worship at his cock was sexy ass shit to me. I pulled down my pants and jerked off and nutted fast. I frowned and said

"WhAt is that family next door doing to me?"


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