Chapter 3:

Cock Confessions.



"Mom i have been in this house for 2 weeks straight. I dont like the boys next door. My friends are to far to come visit, plus my girlfriend isn't answering my calls. Mom just tell me that this is my hell and ill be fine."

She chuckled as she tied her left work shoe and she said, "baby how about this. Im doing a 12 hour shift. Come drive me to work and you can have the car for today."

My face lit up and i jumped off her bed and ran into my room and stripped off my sleeping shirt and gym shorts. I was standing their in some neon green briefs. As i searched through my drawer for a shirt i felt i was being watched. I looked out my window and saw The twins eyeing me down. I closed my blinds quick. Those incesting motherfuckers better stay the hell away from me. Ever since i saw Kevin get a bomb blowjob from his brothers, i havent spoke to none of them. One, because i feel thats nasty. And two, because i was on the verge of falling victim to Kevin suckin my 8 inch monster dick. Thinking about it gives me the creeps. I slid on my ripped tru religion skinny jeans and i put on a tru religion grapic tee. I stuck my feet in my timberlands, and headed out. My mom laughed and said, "wow i havent seen you dressed up since we got here."

I fake chuckled as we walked out the door. The sun hit my face and followed my mom to her car. I happened to look over at the neighbors house and Kevin was on the porch , on the phone. Our stares met each other eyes, and he gave me a smirk. My mom said, "hello kevin. Could you come here?"

I whispered,"mom what the heck?"

Kevin stood up and walked off the porch. He had on some tight swimming pants and a white beater that probably was one of his brothers own. He made it over to my moms and said, "hey."

She smiled at him and said, "is your dad home?"

Kevin replied, "yes why?"

She clapped and said, "well im giving my son my car and i want you to show him around town. Is that okay?"

Before i can chime in Kevin said, "is love to let me tell my dad." He turned and ran back towards his house. I couldnt help but stare at his ass as it jiggled as he ran. I shook my head and i looked over at my mom and got in the backseat. The passenger side door was jammed , so that mean Kevin has to get back here to. He came back outside and hopped in the back. 

My mom started driving and it became dark fast. All of sudden i felt a hand creeping up into one of the holes in my ripped jeans. I looked over and saw Kevin with the biggest smile on his face. I balled up my fist to punch him, however, the moonlight on those grey eyes made it impossible. I mouthed to him, "what are you doing?"I grabbed his hand and pulled it out of my jeans.

He mouthed back, "im trying to jack your dick. You owe me."

I replied, "How?"

He answered, "i let you smoke that joint with me two weeks ago, remember?"

I mouthed back, "and you jack my dick that day, remember? That was payment enough."

He chuckled and whiserpered, "you didnt cum, so that doesnt count."

My mom startled me and she said, "dont wreck my car out boys."

I gathered my thoughts and said, "im not."

I got out the car and hugged her and i said, "call me to come pick you up."

I got in the druver seat and looked over and saw Kevin sitting in the passenger seat, he must have hopped over the seat. I pulled off and turned on the radio. He immediately turned it down and said, "so where are we going?"

I snapped, "you live here wheres the spots?"

Well its a carnival in town. Like an hour that way, he replied.

I said, "cool lets go."

I wanted to bring up the incest thing so bad, but i didnt want him to know i knew. 20 minutes into driving i felt his hands pressing against my crotch. I looked over and said, "what are you doing?"

Getting my payment, he retorted.

As he massaged my dick, i can feel him slowly rising and rising. I moaned alittle and said,"kevin are you gay or something? Why does this have to be your payment?"

Kevin chuckled as he unloosened my jean buttons.

"Dennis im not gay, i love pussy. However, you are a sexy ass black teen boys. Your body is to die for, that cute dick with his pink head is suckable. This is my payment because i want it to be my payment."

Everytime he compliments me it sends me over the edge. I continued to drive as he masaged my dick. I had to get him off my back. I snapped, "KEVIN YOU WILL ONLY JACK ME OFF. THATS IT! GOSH, HURRY!"

He finish unbuttoning my jeans and my neon briefs shined bright. He smiled and pulled my cock out. He was standing tall and in attention. As Kevin grabbed my cock and started to jack me off, my body shivered. I kept my eyes on the road , but this contact was making it impossible. I pulled the car over and he said, "lean your seat back." I looked out the window and said, "fuck it we can go back to my crib. In my room."

I pulled up my pants and speeded back to the house. My Dick was still hard as a rock. My cock had a confession, It likes when Kevin touch it. 


I pulled up in the driveway and we got out. I looked over at his house and his little brothers was on the porch watching as we walked into myHouse. I swear those little boys are wierd. We walked into my room and he said, "wow your rooms nice."

I closed the door and made sure that the blinds was closed. I sat next to him on my bed and he sad, "relax Dennis dont tense up." I inhaled and exhaled. He laughed. He pushed my shoulder back on my bed and whispered in a seductive tone, "Kevin got you."

I grabbed his arm and said, "only jack off. Dont put my dick in your mouth or ass or anything else."

He winked and unbuttoned my jeans again. I pulled them down and my briefs aswell. He chuckled and said, "i see you are still hard."

All of sudden, he spit on his hand and started jacking my dick. His cold slippery saliva rubbing with his hand on my dick was amazing. My girlfriend never did this good. I started moaning and moaning. He said, "shh the neighbors may hear."

I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes and enjoyed the handjob. This man can work magic with those hands. He was going slow,fast,soft, and hard all at once. It was amazing. I strecthed my legs out because i felt i was about to blow. I said, "kevin im about to cum!"

He didnt stop, he kept going. I opened my eyes and saw him with his mouth open over my dick. I didnt realize what he was doing until i cummed and my nectar shot right into his mouth and he caught all of it . My legs were still twitching. 

He said, "Yum! Your cum is good!"

He sat up and said, "you wanna smoke a joint over at my place?"

I laughed and said, "sure but im bringing the weed. No more of these types of payments."

Oh so now i owe you, he said.

I pulled my clothes up and said, "i guess you do."

I grabbed a bag of weed out of my dresser and we walked over to his house. His brothers was staring at us like they knew what we had just done. We walked upstairs and I whispered, "I thought your dad was here?"

He was earlier, i noticed his car gone when we got back, he replied. 

We made it to the room and closed the door and lit up the joint. Ten minutes later we was laughing about dumb crap. He said, "your cum is so good. I can drink it all day."

I looked at him and said, "im not a cow you cant be milking me for my goods. And wassup with that, why you like me?"

He rubbed his face and stood up and those shorts was in between his butt cheeks. He said, "well because you are hot. Its not pussy over here. So i have to get what i can get. And its you that i want."

He walked over to me and thats when his little brothers started being loud downstairs. We got up and went down to see what was wrong. We made it and we saw them watching a movie and laughing. We joined them on the couch and watched it. I never saw this movie before so it was hilarious. Especially, that i was high. 


I woke up from laying across the couch and it was dark in here , the only light that was in there was from the moon. I looked over and Jason and Javon was on the floor laying next to each other and Kevin was laying on the one seater couch that recline. All of sudden, i heard the front door open and in walked their dad. Big muscle bound . He looked fresh out of prison. I was scared to move , because he didnt know i was here. He walked over to Kevin and tapped him. I thought he was waking him up to go to sleep. However, Kevin whiserpered, "right now?"

The Dad said, "yes my date was a bust!"

Kevin looked over at me and closed my eyes, because i didnt know what was going on.

I then peeked back open and the sight was seeing through the moonlight was unbelievable. Kevin was sucking his Dad dick. His dad dick was fucking huge. However , Kevin was swallowing all of it. I wont lie his head game was turning me on. I felt my Dick starting to raise. I dug into my briefs to adjust it and when I grabbed it i couldnt let go. I slowly started jacking off as i watched them.  I was fighting back every moan. I then heard the dad say im cuming. Kevin quickly swallowed his dad dick and swallowed his load. This sent me over and i cummed in my briefs. Frankly, it made me jealous. Seeing Kevin swallow his dad load after mine made me mad. I have to get my payment for that weed back fast. What am i thinking? This isnt me! These incesting people have made my life and sexuality questionable. The dad walked off to his room. I closed my eyes and Kevin tapped my shoulder saying, "Dennis let me walk you home."

I said, "its okay i got it."

I walked out their back door and was about to hop the gate to my side and thats when i heard his dad from a window say, "come here boy!"

I looked back and walked over slow. I made it to the window and he only had on briefs. I said, "im sorry sir. That i didnt ask to--"

He placed his index finger over mymouth and said, "its cool. However, i saw you jerking off to what you saw. You like what you saw so much, how about i suck that dick of yours."

My eyes got so big and so did my dick. I said, "sir i have to go get my mom another time."

I walked off fast. I just lied im not letting him suck my dick... I think.

To be continued



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