I was a single guy in my late 40's living on my own in LA, working for asemi-hip technology and media company and pretty much loving life. My sonmoved out a few years ago for college and is living on his own now up inthe Bay Area. I missed him terribly sometimes but he was happy and doingwell and we talk often. His mom passed away when he was young and while ittook us both a while to heal, we got through it to together and life wenton.

I was at an interesting point in my life and career. I broke up with mylast girlfriend about six months ago when I realized, after a year, that itwas going nowhere. We were basically just friends who fucked and we partedamicably. I'd dated a little since but nothing serious. Work was taking upa good amount of my time and I liked it but was starting to feel like Ineeded a change. So when my boss, the CEO, offered me a chance to open up anew office in San Francisco I jumped at the chance. It was a little bituncertain since the contract was only for six months, no guarantee thatwe'd keep doing business up there but everyone hoped it would turn intosomething longer term. Work had been the only thing keeping me tied down inLA, and I was excited at the chance to see my son more if I movedcloser. So once things were firmed up I gave my son Jake a call to give himthe good news.

"Dad, you're really moving up here??" he said on my laptop screen, lookingexcited. "That's great! Even if it's only for half a year, I'm gonna lovehaving you close by. Kevin, did you hear that?"

My son's boyfriend walked by in the background and leaned in to thecamera. "Hey Tom!" he said and waved. "Congrats on the news! Lookingforward to having you over for dinner, buddy! When do you head up here?"

"At the end of the month" I answered. "So I've gotta get a place sorted outpretty quick here! Let me know if you guys hear of any good sublets. I'lllook on Craigslist and see about contacting some rental agencies." Kevinsmiled and went back to whatever he had been doing, and Jake and I talkedmore about the thing that everyone in the Bay Area talks about these days-- how fucking expensive it is to live there. Even with my good salary andsubletting my condo in Westwood, I was looking at spending half my month'sincome on rent. Manageable, but I wanted to at least find a nice place,hopefully even a two-bedroom so I could have a little extra space. But Iwas willing to settle for less if it meant I'd be in SF itself and notacross the bay or down the peninsula.

I'll be honest, I was looking forward to meeting some women my age whoweren't racing to look 25 like most everyone in LA seems to be. The timesI'd been up to visit Jake since he started school at SF State, I was oftendistracted by the totally different style and vibe of the women up there,and had had a few one-nighters that left me wanting more. Last time I hadvisited, a few months ago, I'd stayed with Jake and Kevin, just after theyhad moved in together. I had met a nice and attractive woman at a bar andwe had quite a few drinks and were both pretty clear where the night washeading. I guess my she and I made more noise than we thought afterstumbling home and into the spare bedroom at 3am. We thought we werefucking quietly but we thought wrong. Jake and Kevin had teased us the nextmorning as I walked her to the door, and continued to mercilessly butlovingly razz me for the rest of the day.

Since I was familiar with their neighborhood, Jake was telling me about acouple `for rent' signs around and he started doing some searches todetermine the addresses. Then Kevin, from the kitchen, said something Icouldn't understand and Jake asked me to hold on. He muted the audio andgot up from the desk. When he came back he was smiling big and Kevin cameover and leaned in next to him to look at me too. Side by side they wereboth smiling, and I took half a second to feel happy that my son had foundsuch a great guy. I had met Kevin a handful of times since they starteddating a year or so ago, and from the beginning was stunned at how wellthey seemed to click. And not just them! Kevin was super friendly andgood-hearted and he and I got along great as well.

So perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised when jake said, "Dad...we'd likeyou to go ahead and move in here with us. The second bedroom's yours if youwant it! Chip in on rent and utilities and that's it...better than any dealyou'll find on Craigslist for sure!" I was surprised and a bit speechlessfor a moment. While I had been looking forward to seeing my son more, thethought of moving in with him hadn't even crossed my mind. My company wouldpay for a hotel for a few weeks if I didn't have something set up by thetime I needed to start work, so I wouldn't even have had to stay with themtemporarily. "Son...Jake...I'm touched. But are you guys sure? You justmoved in together and do you really want your old man crashing your lovenest? You don't have to do this, really..."

"Dad, it's okay! It actually would help a lot right now to get a break onthe rent, and you know you're going to be over here all the time forKevin's cooking anyway! And look...it's not like it's forever. If yourthing up here becomes permanent and you're going to stay for good then youcan find a place of your own. But it'll be easier if you're alreadyhere. You and I lived together for 18 years, I think we can handle sixmonths!"

I was still shocked but already warming up to the idea. "Kevin," I said,looking at my son's boyfriend's grinning mug. "Are YOU sure about this?There's really no pressure and..."

"Dude!" he said, somehow smiling even bigger. "This was MY idea! You knowI'm head over heels for your boy here and I really wanna get to know hisfamily better. And you're clean and considerate and I'm really not worriedabout it. Just uh..." he paused as he started to crack up. "...let us knownext time you're gonna bring home a screamer, so we can put in someearplugs." They both busted up laughing. I was clearly never going to livethat one down.


Twenty-two days later, I was standing in my new bedroom! Well, not totallynew. I had stayed in that room once before when visiting, but then it hadbeen "Jake and Kevin's spare room" and their boxes were stacked in thecorner. Now it was my room, and my boxes stacked in the corner! And onlytwo boxes. Other than clothes and some personal items, I hadn't needed tobring that much. I had a queen size bed, a dresser, night table and Kevinhad even found a small desk for me at an estate sale. "You can't jerk offto straight porn in our living room, Tom", he had told me,chuckling. "House rules! So I wanted to make sure you had a place for yourcomputer that was nice and private."

I could already tell we were going to have lots of fun. In many ways thiswas going to be like my college days. I spent my junior and senior year ina 3 bedroom house in Silverlake (before it was "cool") with two of my bestbuddies. Jose, Max and I had a blast those two years and stayed roommatesfor a while even after graduating. Eventually I met Jake's mom and moved inwith her, Max went off to law school in New York, and Jose met the man ofhis dreams (who happened to be stinking rich) and left to travel theworld. So we all had happy endings, but I often longed for those days andwas excited to maybe have the same vibe going again.

Having had a close gay friend and roommate actually served me very wellwhen Jake came out to me as a young teenager. I can't say his revelationsurprised me, but I was happy that i could be a dad without any fears orprejudices, just loving and supportive. And because my college buddies andI were all pretty raunchy and carefree talking about our sex lives, I wasable to give Jake a pretty good "facts of life" talk that covered thebasics of what he'd need to know as a gay man. As he got older and starteddating and figuring things out for himself, I like to think he benefittedfrom my balance of love, encouragement and occasionaloverprotectiveness. He's told me as much in the last few years -- that onlywhen talking to other gay and lesbian friends he realized how lucky hewas. And I think it all contributed to how close we remain today, and why Iwas so easily invited to move into his home!

The first few days in the new place were interesting. On my only previousvisit to their place earlier in the year, which lasted about 5 days, Ithink Jake and Kevin were on their best behavior, since I was"company". Pretty quickly I noticed that they were more relaxed around methis time and quickly worked me into their joking banter, which was attimes filled with playful insults, dirty jokes and weird pop culturereferences. I could roll with the jabs and raunchy talk, but I knew itmight take me while to get all the video game and comic book stuffdown. Which of course meant that they just called me an old fart who wasout of touch, etc. So all good fun.

Another eye opener was that they both tended to wear very little around thehouse. They were often shirtless and sometimes just in their underwear,which ran the whole spectrum from boxers to skimpy briefs, and everythingin between. Most of their underwear seemed fairly high-end designer stuffthat I wasn't familiar with, but they assured me that my own Calvin Kleinboxer briefs were stylish enough to pass muster in their house. I wasn'tbothered by their lack of modesty, and again it mainly took me back to thecollege years -- it's just how any group of guys are when you all livetogether, no matter who you like to fuck. Usually I was just shirtless withsome shorts or jeans on in my own house, but after a few days with the boysI found myself relaxing in my Calvins while watching evening TV too.

Both of them were in pretty fantastic shape, working out 4-5 times a weekat their gym up the street, and Kevin often went running as well. Jake hasmore of a swimmer's build, lean and toned, but I noticed he'd been packingon muscle in the chest and arms lately, Probably inspired by Kevin who hada broader chest and was more naturally built big. I was somewhere inbetween and was thankful my job perks included membership at a nationalchain gym, which was not far from my new office. I had to keep up withthese boys, and seeing them run around half naked all the time was a goodmotivator to keep up my own fitness regimen.

Their place was decent sized, with a separate dining room and familyspacious living room. But there was only one bathroom which took someadjustments those first few days. With Jake in school and working as abartender a few nights a well, Kevin (who just graduated) working odd hoursas a chef's apprentice, and me trying to start up a new office, none of ushad a consistent schedule from day to day. So it seemed like someone wasalways needing to get ready to go when another one of us was just gettinghome. A few days of constant knocking on the bathroom door got old, so wequickly sat down and decided -- if you're taking a shit, lock thedoor. Anything else, leave it unlocked and be cool if someone comesin. Even though it was a small bathroom, there were two sinks so it waspossible for the three of us to be getting ready at the same time if needed(assuming someone was in the shower). And while I don't like to perpetuatestereotypes...man, these guys had me set up good with skin care productsand grooming supplies. "No wonder you guys need help with the rent!", Ijoked one day. "You spend it all on products and and creams and shit!"

"Listen, Tom. Pantene and Irish Spring doesn't cut it here! Only the bestfor us, and for our paying guests!" Kevin said, the first morning we weregetting ready at the same time. He had just stepped out of the shower and Ihad woken up and was getting ready to shave at the sink. Kevin was wrappedin a towel and fixing his hair in the mirror. I was in some boxers andsplashing some water on my face to help me wake up. I reached for myshaving cream and suddenly Kevin grabbed my wrist. "Hold up, daddy-o! Whydon't you give this stuff a try". He reached over and handed me a bottle ofshaving oil, some brand name that I didn't recognize. "It's way better thanshaving cream, you don't use as much and since it's clear you can actuallysee what you're doing."

"Huh" I muttered as I dispensed a little bit into my hand and started torub it on my face. "It sure smells nice...  How long have you been usingthis stuff?"

"A couple years," Kevin answered. "An old flame turned me onto it when Idecided I wanted to start shaving my chest."

I turned and looked at him, a little surprised. "Wow, Kev, I have to saythat you had me fooled...you've been running around with no shirt on sinceI moved in here and I never noticed any stubble anywhere. I figured youwere naturally that hairless. Do you shave every day?"

"Yup! Head to toe! I'm not that hairy but I like how it feels to be totallysmooth. I leave a little in my pits but that's really it! And with theshaving oil there's never any irritation or cuts...it's good stuff."  As hesaid that he was rubbing his smooth cheek with one hand and his chest andwell-defined six pack with the other. And he was right...he had a towel onbut from what I could see, the only hair below his eyebrows and the top ofhis head was some little tufts in under his arms.

"Head to toe, eh?" I said, playfully raising one eyebrow and slightlygrinning as a returned to shaving, but kept eye contact with Kevin in themirror.

Kevin cracked a big smile and said "you know it buddy!" and then surprisedme by whipping off his towel. I looked over and, lo and behold, Kevin wasshaved bare, no pubes at all...nothing on his balls, or legs either. I hadseen his ass plenty of times already since moving in but hadn't ever takennote of what was going on in the front, I guess. Which was difficult toimagine now that I was actually noticing because FUCK. This guy's cock wasimpressive. He wasn't hard at all (well, maybe a little?) but it hung thickand plump there between his smooth testicles, which were also impressive. Ifigured it was about five inches soft. He was circumcised and the head wasa deep purple color, as thick as the rest of his meat.

He ran his hand over the area where his pubic hair would have been and said"Feels so nice! And Jakey loves having me smooth like this..." he stammeredafter saying that, his smile faded a little, and he looked slightlyalarmed. Clearly he had just remembered he wasn't just talking to hisbuddy, but also to the father of the guy he was fucking.

I chuckled and quickly tried to ease his discomfort. "Ha, Kev, don't worryabout saying shit like that. We're all good here. Believe me I've beenstumbling across Jake's porn stashes and browser history since he was ateenager, I know he's into shaved guys."

Kevin looked relieved and slapped me on the back. "Cool, cool, Tom. Andhey...eyes up here buddy!" he said as he gestured at his face. I realizedthat even as I'd reassured him about his comments, I was still staring athis junk. I looked up at him and he just winked at me. "Enjoy the shavingoil, man, and feel free to use it any time! I'll grab you your own bottlenext time I get some." He then playfully slapped my ass (a first for that),tossed his towel in the hamper and exited the bathroom. I let myself starefor a moment at his tight, muscled ass as he walked away. Gotta bump up thelevels on the stairmaster if I wanna keep up with these boys, I thought tomyself. I had a nice ass but damn, nothing that looked like that.

In the following days, I couldn't help but notice that Kevin seemed toenjoy being fully nude around me more often. Nothing that seemed out of theordinary given how casual we all were around the house anyway, but it wasstill enough of a change for me to think his level of comfort hadincreased. Mainly just in the mornings after waking up and milling aboutthe house (we all preferred to sleep nude, we had quickly realized). Andsometimes after showering in the evening or after a run, he'd be struttingaround in the buff. It didn't turn me on or anything, but I appreciated themale form and he was a sight to see.

Not that Jake was any less of a specimen in that area. He didn't shavebare, but like me he kept his moderate body hair trimmed pretty close andit balanced out his otherwise youthful looks in a nice way. Especially inhis designer briefs, at times he looked like he could have just stepped outof an ad for one of those underwear companies. He seemed more at ease aboutbeing totally naked around the house too. Since I had noticed Kevin'sendowments I also couldn't help but assess my son's assets as well. He washung nicely too, not quite as long as mine (at least soft), maybe about 4"but a little thicker than me. His pubes were neatly trimmed and blendednice with the smattering of hair on his stomach. His ass was lightly hairyas well and had a nice bounce to it when he walked.

I decided I'd go ahead and not worry about nudity around the house mucheither. Sometimes I'd toss on my "around the house" boxers when I woke up,before heading to the bathroom or to eat breakfast. Other times...Iwouldn't. I realized that both Kevin and Jake might feel a littledifferently about it that I did about them, seeing as they were actuallyattracted to men and all. But I thought back to my conversations with myold roommate Jose who said I shouldn't feel weird being naked around gayguys. "Listen Tommy" he had said at the time "If you see me or any otherdudes checking you out, it's a compliment. Guys should always feelcomfortable being naked around other guys and admiring each others'bodies. It's not always sexual, it's like a bonding and camaraderie thing,you know?" He, Max and I would often hang naked at home, and even took afew weekend trips to hot springs resorts back in the day, where most peoplewent nude. Eventually we got to the point where boners in front of eachother weren't a big deal, which was a level of friendship I had never hadbefore. We were more demure when we had guests over of course, but it waspart of the reason I felt so tight with those guys. If this ended up beingsomething similar with Jake and Kevin (and it was already starting to feelthat way) then I wasn't going to question it or worry about the fact thatone of them was my son, or that they were a couple.

The first time Jake woke up and walked into the kitchen to find me standingthere stark naked eating my Corn Flakes, his eyes got a little big and thenhe chuckled. He was naked himself. He smiled. laughed and said "Glad to seeyou've made yourself at home, dad!" I faked confusion and said "What do youmean? Because I'm not eating my cereal at the table?" He rolled his eyesand went to get his own bowl of cereal.

"Seriously though", he said as he poured milk into his bowl, "Kevinmentioned that he loves how you're just so cool with everything...and youare, you know? I've said it before, but I don't know anyone else whose dadis so 100% comfortable with them being gay that they'd not only move inwith their son and his lover, but hang out naked or whatever. Is it weird?I dunno...but I'm just saying it makes me feel happy. I'm really gladyou're here, dad". He surprised me with a half hug, that was semi-awkwardgiven that we were both naked and I was holding a bowl of cereal in onehand. But not as awkward as I would have thought.

"I'm glad too, Jake" I said. "Besides, now that I've had a chance to seeall of Kevin, I understand even more why you love him so much!" I grinnedand made a teasing face, to make it clear what I was referring to.

Jake smiled big himself. "Yeah well, you know I've always been kind of asize queen, and I love his body. He fucks me just the way I like it, hardand deep, but that's just one of the many reasons he's the man for me."

Hearing Jake say that so casually was a little shocking to me -- "he fucksme just the way I like it, hard and deep" -- but I guess it shouldn'thave. It had just been a good while since he had spoken so openly about hissex life with me. Since he moved out, I guess. But thinking back, he's beenpretty open with me since the beginning, and because of that I was able tobe a better dad to him.


Even before his first time, when we talked about sex Jake seemed clear thathe thought he'd like bottoming more. He told me he had his best orgasmsmasturbating when he was fingering himself and stimulating his prostate(though when he first told me this he didn't quite have the knowledge todescribe it that way). And after his first time -- a few days after ithappened, when he told me about it -- he said he liked it, but I could tellhe was conflicted. So I encouraged him to just be open with me, and let himknow I was here to help if he wanted to talk. And he did talk, much to mysurprise. The boy he had been with, a friend from his soccer team, was alsopretty inexperienced. They used lots of lube and Jake said it wasn't aspainful as he thought it would be. But what made them both uncomfortablewas, as Jake put it, "how dirty and smelly it was". It sounded like thatkind of ruined things for them both, ultimately. At one point Jake seemedlike he was about ready to cry and I had to reassure him that it wastotally normal, and that anal sex wasn't always going to be as clean andsimple as they made it look in porn.

That conversation happened in the morning, and I told him we'd talk morethat night, and sent him off to school feeling a little better. But I wasdetermined to get him on the right track so the next time would be betterfor him. On my lunch break I headed over to a sex shop in West Hollywood toget Jake some supplies. After looking at the enema kits I realized I couldget what I really needed at Walgreen's for much cheaper. Most of theequipment at this shop was expensive and needlessly embellished, and thepackages were heavy on the fetish imagery. I didn't want to scare him,after all. This was actually my first time in a gay sex shop (though I hadbeen in plenty of shops that catered to all audiences) and I was a littlesurprised at the lack of "vanilla" stuff available. But whatever, Ithought. It's not like the stuff I need has to come from here. As I turnedaround to head out I found myself face to face with a wall ofcocks. Dildos, that is. And I realized that it would probably be good forJake to have something to practice with at home besides his fingers (or,god forbid, some household item). So I found one that seemedsmall-to-medium sized and had some handsome porn star on the box. I grabbedsome lube and took it all up to the cash register. The guy behind thecounter was a little older than me and quite a bit more hairy andmuscular. His cotton shirt was almost totally unbuttoned and he looked upfrom his magazine, at me, and then down at my items.

"Hey buddy," he said, and I could tell he was trying to turn on thecharm. "This it?"

"Yup", I said with a polite smile.

"Huh...you know I would have thought you could take something a littlebigger than this. You sure you don't wanna get something a littlemore...robust?" And he made a face at me that maybe was supposed to beflirty, but just came off as awkward. I think he might have been stoned orsomething.

Trying to deflect his weirdness, I said "Oh...no, it's... not for me, it'sfor someone else. My son. He's just getting started with all this". Iquickly realized there was no reason to be giving this guy more details,but it was too late.

"Oh, nice buddy...I love the dad/son dynamic, getting your guy all trainedup. Trained a few sons myself in my day". He chuckled to himself and itlooked like he was reaching down to grope his crotch, but I wasn'tinterested in what was going on down there. And he still was making no movetoward doing the actual transaction I was there for.

"That's great, man." I said, trying to be nice. "Could you ring me out forthis stuff?"

"Sure, man, sure..." he said lazily as he finally started working the cashregister. "You should bring your boy in with you next time...I could giveyou guys some advice and show you some other items to help you with histraining".

"Oh, no I don't think so" I said, anxious to wrap this up and trying tokeep it light. "He's 15 so I'm sure he's not even allowed in here anyway,heh" I said, with a small fake laugh.

The guy stopped and stared at me with his eyes getting bigger. "Fifteen,buddy? Wow...so, wait...are you talking about your actual son? Like you'rehis real dad?"

"Um...yeah?" I replied.

"Well shit...buddy you can bring him in here anytime you want. I'll tossthe `closed' sign up on the door and we can try out whatever you wannatry. I'm up for that anytime." He was getting way more intense and I madethe mistake of looking down, if only to break eye contact. What I saw wasthat aside from his mostly open shirt, he was only wearing a pair of brightorange, extremely short shorts. And his hand was groping an obscenely hugeerection. So huge, in fact, that the head and about an inch of the shaftwas sticking out of the leg hole. He had a Prince Albert piercing and dueto the repeated squeezing his was giving his member, precum was steadilyoozing out of the slit and running down the chrome of his ring.

"Uh...right. Probably not, listen, keep the change" I said as I tossed $60onto the counter and grabbed the dildo and lube. I made a mental note tostay away from that place in the future, and got back in the car. Needlessto say, my transaction at Walgreens was much less eventful, with the olderlady not batting an eye at my purchase of the Johnson & Johnson enema bulb.

That night when Jake got home I sat him down and we talked about how he canclean himself out before sex. He seemed really relieved. "I thought that wewere doing it wrong" he said. "But this makes sense...how do you know aboutall this, dad? Did your gay friends tell you about this stuff?"

I smiled and thought about telling him the college-era story of when Maxand I found Jose's "cleaning equipment" that he'd accidentally left in theshower we all shared, and made him tell us about how it all worked. Butended up just saying "Yeah, that's how I learned about some of it. But youknow Jake, straight people have anal sex too. And some of the women I'vebeen with in my life really liked it, so this was part of my sex life too,in a way." I refrained from mentioning that his mom had been one of thosewomen who loved it in her ass.

Jake seemed to take in this new knowledge with interest. Then he looked atthe dildo and his face tuned a little more mischievous. "Thanks for thistoo...I'm kind of both excited and scared about this, but I think it'll bepretty ...um... fun."

"I just want you to be able to explore your own self and figure our whatyou like. It will make you a better partner and also help you keep yourselfhappy. Just remember to keep it clean and put it away when you're done. Idon't want your grandma finding that when she visits". We both laughed.


Jogging me from my trip down memory lane, Jake said, "Well I had bettershower and get ready for school. What are you up to today, dad?"

"Since it's my first real day off in a week, and really since moving in, Ihave plans to do nothing at all. I'm exhausted, son, and just wanna relax!"

"Nice, dad" he said as be slapped me on the shoulder and walked past towardthe bathroom. "You've earned it. I can't believe you've only been here aweek! Just already feels normal in a lot of ways. Enjoy your day!"

Jake left about 30 minutes later, and for the first time I had the place tomyself.  While in my bedroom, I had heard Kevin come in from an early shiftat work and then quickly leave again, shortly before Jake left. I didn'tknow when he'd be back but it was nice to put on my own music and justenjoy the space for a while. I unpacked my last few things and did somecleaning.

I set up my laptop at the small desk in my room and remembered Kevin'scomment about watching porn, and realized I'd been so busy it had been dayssince I'd jerked off. And what better time than the present? I pulled up mychair, shucked off my boxers and found a couple of my best "go to" videofiles. One of my favorites was a scene where this really hot brunette chickwas servicing two guys, and they kept switching ends, with one gettingblown while the other fucked her in the pussy or ass. They'd swap every fewminutes and she seemed to get more horny each time. Eventually they shovedboth their cockheads in her mouth for a while, and then she turned aroundand they got busy trying variations on double penetration. That's usuallywhat sent me over the edge, especially the double anal.

I was really enjoying the video when all of a sudden I heard Kevin's voicesaying "Hey Tom I was gonna clean up and run to the grocery store and...oh,shit..."

I looked over and Kevin was standing in my doorway (which I realizedbelatedly that I had not closed), wearing nothing but some small runningshorts, his body covered in sweat. He must have been out on a long run. Ihad left music playing in the living room and so hadn't heard him come inthe front door.

I was a little shocked but didn't really move to cover up (there wasn'tmuch I could do in that regard anyway). So I just said "Uh...heyKevin. Shit, I should have closed my door, sorry". I wasn't thatembarrassed, but was more worried that he'd be embarrassed. Not every dayyou catch your boyfriend's dad with a wet hardon, jerking off to porn. Butgiven how quickly we'd fallen into a roommate/buddy vibe, I should haveknow he wouldn't care.

"Ha, no worries, Tommy. I know you haven't had much time to yourselflately. That looks like a fucking hot video too..." he said as his eyesmoved to my screen. "Double anal, huh? And that's some hot pussy too..."

I wasn't sure what to make of that last comment, so I just said "Uh, yeahit's one of my favorites."

Kevin looked unsure for a moment and then said "You know...I was planningon rubbing one out in the shower anyway. You mind if I join you?"



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