After a short nap I felt more refreshed and started to pack my gym bag. The thought of trying out a new gym sounded good, it always helped to mix up the workout routine with a change of scenery. The gym by my office was working fine, but maybe I'd find more inspiration at this one -- it was a "gayborhood" gym after all, as the boys liked to say, and so I assumed that the clientele might have a higher level of general fitness and dedication than what I saw at my downtown financial district chain gym. Not to make blanket stereotypes about gay guys being more fit than straight guys, but...come on.

As was puttering around my room I got a text and, after reading it, all I could do was close my eyes and groan in exhaustion. It was from my boss, the CEO of our company, and he needed me in LA tomorrow morning for some investor meetings, which would be going most of the week. Important stuff, for sure, but I was already irritated at how much this would set me back with what I had going up here in SF. Did they think this new office was going to run on auto-pilot? I sat down at my computer and quickly booked a late evening flight and hotel for myself.

"What's up, dad?" I heard Jake ask from behind me as I finished up the last few clicks and made sure everything was arranged. He might have heard my earlier reaction to the news, or maybe it was already time to go work out.

"Ugh...last minute thing. I'm flying to LA late tonight and I will probably be there most of the week." I said.

"Aw, that sucks," my son said as he walked up behind my chair and started giving me a light shoulder rub. "I know you said you had a bunch of stuff to get done at the office up here this week."

"Yeah, well, it is what it is." I said, resigning myself to reality and also relaxing from Jake's gentle pressure on my neck and shoulder muscles. "Mmm that feels nice".

"And...Aw, man! I thought we could also hang out here tonight, just the three of us. You know, like you told me you and your buddies used to do in college? `Circle J Sundays' was it?"

"Hah! Yep." I said, closing my eyes and relaxing a bit more. "But I also told you we'd use those Sunday nights to regale one another with tales our separate weekend conquests. And I think we all already know what we were getting up to last night, don't we?" I turned my head back and looked up at him with a grin.

Jake got a slightly wicked look on his face and then laughed and said "yeah, yeah, I guess so. Still I was...I guess I was looking forward to it."

Damn, I thought. My son really wants to jerk off with me again. What was up with that? It wasn't all that surprising given that he had basically told me it had been a fantasy of his for a while. Right before we had made it a reality in a secluded area of Golden Gate Park the day before. He's just a horny young guy, not much different from me at that age, I figured. Indeed, the constant horniness and need for relief was was led my college roommates and I to start the Circle J Sundays tradition in the first place.

"Maybe next weekend, Jake," I said in a humorous tone. "And hey, it's not like we have to wait for it to be Sunday."

Did I really just say that? Maybe there was something in the air in this place, I said to myself, and shook my head with a smile.

"Let's get going, guys!" I heard Kevin's voice from the other room. Jake took his hands off my shoulders and left to grab his gym gear. I tossed on my sneakers and grabbed my own bag, and the three of us were soon walking down the street to the gym that was a few blocks away.

I was surprised that there wasn't much in the way of signage on the outside of the building. The whole thing was on the second floor and there were lots of windows up there, but from the street the place could have easily been mistaken for a warehouse or nondescript office building. Like many places in San Francisco the first level was an enclosed parking garage. Kevin opened the door from the street with a keycard and we walked up some stairs to another door. Once we entered I saw why the boys liked this place. Not just for the crew of hot guys working out -- and there were plenty -- but it was pretty large, and I realized the building must take up most of the block. There was a huge free weight area, along with plenty of cardio equipment, weight machines and spots for stretching and pilates. It was extremely clean and things looked well-maintained. Dance music played and echoed but wasn't obnoxiously loud, and the sound of clanking weights and low conversation balanced out the scene to make a great first impression. I quickly noticed that the patrons were all male, and remembered Jake mentioning that it was a men-only gym. Something about how the current owner had taken it over a few years back and remade it that way, even combining the two locker rooms (one had been the women's) to make a single expansive and luxurious one. I couldn't wait to see that, if the rest of the gym was any indication.

Jake and Kevin greeted the front desk attendant, who obviously knew them on sight, and arranged for me to sign in as their guest that day. Jake made a comment that I might join up if I liked the place (odd, since we hadn't talked about that, but it was always a possibility I guess) and that they would make sure I got a good tour. As I listened to the whole conversation, I noticed that neither Jake nor Kevin referred to me as Jake's father. I was their "roommate" or "Tom" whenever either one of them spoke about me. I thought that was interesting but didn't think much of it. The attendant, a guy about my age named Todd, didn't seem to take note that Jake and I had the same last name, when he took a quick look at my driver's license. Or else didn't think much of it (it's a common name). He handed it back to me, winked and smiled a big grin and just said "Enjoy yourself, buddy."

I thanked him and the three of us walked along the side of the open space toward what I assumed was the door to the locker room. As we passed some of the other patrons I noticed some smiling at Jake and Kevin, others doing the head-nod hello and a few shouted out some greetings. My son and his boyfriend seemed to be pretty popular, but I got the feeling that everyone here was just friendly. There was lots of sweat and testosterone in the air, and lots of bigger muscular guys (along with other body types) but it didn't have the undertone of aggression that you find in some of the "straighter" bodybuilding gyms.

Kevin pushed open the door to the locker room and we strolled inside. I wasn't disappointed. The front of the space had rows of lockers and a wall of mirrors with a counter. As we headed toward one of the back locker rows (me following the boys' lead) I noticed the back half of the space had a big jacuzzi that could probably seat 8 people, doors to a steam and sauna and entrances to both an open shower room and at least one row of curtained stalls. A door to the bathroom area rounded out what I had to admit was a pretty fucking posh locker room.

I said as much and Jake and Kevin both smiled, with Kevin saying "Yeah, Tom, I knew you'd be impressed. This isn't some old 24 hour chain gym like you're used to." And he was right. I hadn't even set down my bag and I was already thinking I could get used to this. We turned down the last row of lockers, not far from the jacuzzi, and I noticed two guys down at the far end of the row up against the wall. Both were naked, with one holding but not wearing a towel. They were clearly moving apart after what was probably an intense kiss, given how one of them was still pressed back up on the concrete wall. Both, I noticed, had full erections and weren't making any attempts to hide them.

"Kev! Jake!", one of the studs shouted. "I haven't seen you guys on a Sunday in a couple weeks! How you been?"

"Good, Armon," Kevin answered in a warm tone. "How about yourself? Still can't get enough of Richard, I see". Kevin nodded at the other guy in the duo, who had now turned to his open locker and started casually rummaging though his stuff. He turned as Kevin mentioned his name and gave a friendly nod.

"Yeah well..." Armon replied, looking at his friend. "He's hot as fuck, so what am I supposed to do?" Jake and Kevin both laughed a little at that. I just smiled and stood there a little awkwardly. As they all spoke I noticed that Armon, who seemed like he might be part middle-eastern, was pretty hairy but kept it all trimmed pretty short. His still-hard cock was thick and uncut and the foreskin was pulled most of the way back, showing off his deep purple cockhead. Richard was almost the opposite, he was very fair and looked of northern European ancestry, with very little body hair. In fact, I realized, he had none at all, much like Kevin. His cock, also still hard, was cut and quite long, maybe 8 inches, curving slightly downward. Why was I staring at these dudes' bodies and cocks? I guess because I didn't have much else to do as they carried on with small talk. I didn't know where my locker was or anything.

"Oh, jeez, sorry -- guys, this is our new roommate, Tom," said Jake. as he gestured for me to step forward. I noticed again that he didn't say anything about me being his dad. "He's checking out this place for the first time." Both Armon and Richard stepped forward to shake my hand, introduce themselves and welcome me to the gym. Both of them still had mostly-hard cocks while we spoke. After saying they hoped I'd join the gym, they grabbed their towels and slung them around their necks, closed their lockers and headed off to the showers. I noticed Armon's hand drift to Richards smooth muscular ass as they walked up the row of lockers and turned toward the wet area.

"You can use the locker next to mine, Tom," I heard Kevin say, and I turned my head to see that both he and Jake were already shirtless and pulling off their shoes. We all quickly changed into workout clothes, and I noticed that both the boys favored short jogging-style shorts and tight tank tops. I wanted to make a joke about the 80's really being back, but I didn't think they'd appreciate it. Still, they looked like models from a workout video of that era. I found myself feeling proud of both of them, and realized it also felt nice to be thinking of Kevin in that way -- like another son.

I pulled on my own gym clothes -- some modern-length workout shorts and a pleasantly snug t-shirt -- and headed out to the gym floor. I noticed Armon and Richard sitting in the jacuzzi, making out. Judging from the motion of their shoulders, even with the rest of their arms underwater, it was fairly obvious that there was more going on beneath the surface.

Wow, I thought to myself. So this is how things are at a mostly-gay gym. I wasn't bothered at all, and in fact was interested to observe some of the social dynamics here. At this point, after everything that had happened over the past few weeks, I supposed the odds of being presented with some sexual opportunity here was pretty high. As were, I guess, the odds of me being open to that. I probably would't have said that six months ago, but it felt good to be open to new possibilities, in some ways. Plus, I also felt sure I would only do something I felt comfortable with. But that would probably be while unwinding later after the workout, if at all. I had some sweat to work up now!

The workout was great. The equipment was all in excellent condition and I checked out all of the different areas. At one point, Jake, Kevin and I were running on treadmills next to one another and got into sort of a race, or maybe more of an endurance test. I was the first one to have to slow down and immediately felt a little old, but about 30 seconds later Jake gave in too. Kevin, who ran daily anyway, was the clear winner and kept going for a while just to show off. I socialized a little, both when the boys were nearby and on my own. No new best friends made, but everyone was polite and it seemed like a good place overall.

The boys and I wrapped up our workouts and the three of us stood in the back of the workout area, drinking the last out of our water bottles. "Shall we go shower and relax, gentlemen?" Kevin asked with a smile.

"Lead the way" I replied, and he walked over to the locker room door as we followed him. There were a few more guys milling about the locker area than when we had arrived, I noticed as we made our way back to our row. I noticed one dude rubbing the shoulders of another one who was sitting down on the bench in front of him, as we passed a row. The guy sitting down was naked, and had his eyes closed while getting the massage. The one standing up was in a jockstrap and was speaking quietly, too low to hear as we passed by. Other guys I saw were just changing, or sitting and checking their phones. When we reached our lockers I noticed a guy about halfway down our row, shirtless and tying his shoes. He was probably around my age, bur hairier than I was. He looked up as we approached and brightened up when he saw my son and Kevin.

"Hey Gary," Jake said to the guy tying his shoes. "How's things?"

"Hey guys. Doing good, doing good. How bout yourselves?" Gary replied.

"Just had a great workout, man." Kevin said as he opened up his locker. "Oh and this is our new roommate, Tom. Tom this is Gary, he and his son work out here, but I usually don't see them on the weekends. so this is a nice surprise."

"Hi there Tom," Gary said as he shook my hand. He had a nice, firm handshake and maybe little bit of mischievousness in his eyes. "Yeah, we're trying to work in a weekend day when we can."

"Where *is* the little guy?" asked Jake, as he peeled off his sweaty shirt and tossed it into his locker.

As if on queue, a voice came from the open end of the row of lockers and a younger guy, who I assumed was Gary's son. came around the corner. "Come on `Big Jake'...", the kid said with a humorous but sarcastic tone. "You know I hate it when you call me the little guy!" The smaller fellow was indeed little, but clearly worked out regularly. He was lean but very muscular and had a deep tan that made me assume he was either a swimmer or just frequented a tanning salon. He had a slight five o'clock shadow -- so slight I might have joked it was more of a two o'clock shadow -- that made him look like an older teenager. But with his smaller frame and the slightly whiny response he had for Jake, I had to wonder a little about his actual age.

The kid was shirtless and only had a pair of small red athletic shorts on, the kind that basketball players wore when I was a kid. I had to admit, with his smaller but sculpted and tanned legs, they worked well on him. As he moved to walk past me to get to his own open locker next to his dad's, he seemed to notice me for the first time. Or perhaps it was because I was pulling my own wet t-shirt off right at that moment. The look of interest in his gaze was unmistakable even to me, and he stopped and watched me finish removing my shirt before giving me a "cool guy" head nod and saying "Hey".

"Hey yourself," I replied, and I heard Gary chuckle next to me.

"Finish getting dressed, kiddo, and let's get out there and work up a sweat," Gary said to his son. The older man pulled on his own tank top, which showed off his hairy and muscled arms quite nicely, and glared at his son, who was taking his time finding his own shirt. I noticed he was stealing quick glances at Jake, Kevin and I, who all continued stripping off our sweaty workout clothes. For a moment I had questioned -- perhaps ironically, given my own situation -- a father bringing his teenage son to a cruisy mostly-gay gym, but the younger guy was clearly in his element. I wondered if his dad liked guys too, or if he was just here for the gym equipment and inspiration, like I was.

Jake and Kevin were now stripped naked and grabbing their towels, and as I shucked off my own shorts, Gary's son walked past, between me the locker bench, to catch up with his dad who was already headed toward the locker room door. I distinctly felt the kid's hand brush against my ass cheek as I was bent over grabbing my shorts from around my feet. The contact lasted almost a full second, and felt his fingers press into the flesh of my inner glute quickly but confidently.

Damn, I thought to myself, that kid is bold. Groping a dude he just met who's probably 20 years older than him. But hey, I could already tell that guys weren't shy here.

I started to wrap my towel around my waist, but as I looked at Jake and Kevin, already walking away from me and heading out of the row of lockers, I saw they were strutting nude and proud with their rolled up towels in their hands. When in Rome, I said to myself, and did the same. I caught to them and the three of us walked side by side across the center of the locker room, toward the open shower area. I noticed plenty of eyes on us. I wasn't who everyone was looking at. Kevin and Jake got a few head nods and hellos from random dudes, and I caught several others making deliberate eye contact with me and smiling. One guy, at his locker only about a foot away from me, even made a point of tugging at his not-quite-soft cock and staring right into my eyes as I walked by. I'm not sure why, but I suddenly felt both nervousness and anticipation. Again I realized that the hand I had felt on my ass a moment ago probably wouldn't be the last one that groped at me today. But also as before, I figured I'd just handle whatever happened when it happened.

As we reached the outer shower area and were tossing our towels on hooks, Kevin said "Yeah, Gary's a cool guy, he's one of the first members of this gym, friends with the owner or something. Kinda wild that he brings his son here, though."

Jake and I made eye contact when Kevin said that, and both of us smiled.

"Not that weird, is it, Jake?" I asked him in a humorous tone.

"Nah, not really, Tom", my son replied, laughing a little. Though we hadn't yet discussed the fact that neither of them was referring to me as Jake's father, it was clearly intentional. I wondered what was up with that, but didn't really care ultimately,

"How old is Gary's son, though?" I asked. "If I had to guess..."

"You have to be 18 to belong here, so he must be 18," Kevin replied in a slightly direct tone. I noticed that Jake just looked at Kevin briefly and then smiled again. What was that about, I wondered.

The three of us found ourselves at adjacent shower heads and I think we all lost ourselves for a few minutes, under the relaxing and hot spray. I know my own muscles were enjoying it and I was looking forward to more heat in the sauna or steam room, maybe some time in the jacuzzi. I glanced over at Kevin and was again amazed at his chiseled and muscular frame. His eyes were closed as he let the water hit the back of his head and cascade down his hairless body. He was subtly flexing and stretching, both working the muscles he'd just been using and, I suspected, showing off a little bit. His hips were jutting a bit forward and his impressive cock was on full display. Still soft but it looked like the blood was beginning to flow. His show was not going unnoticed. I glanced across the shower room and saw two guys, probably in their late 30s, both staring at Kevin and casually stroking their cocks as they soaped up their bodies.

Looking one shower head further down on my side, I saw my son was facing toward the wall and soaping up his lower back, ass and legs, with the water hitting his chest. His eyes were also closed and he seemed relaxed as well. Both his hands settled on his ass cheeks and I noticed one move further down, some of his fingers moving to clean his asshole. Damn...suddenly my memory of last night rushed back again. Earlier it had been so hazy, I had half wondered if I had dreamed some of it. But now in full color I remembered the sight of Jake's used and cummy hole being spread open just a few feet away from me. Kevin's hands pulling my son's ass open and showing it to me and Alan, as Jake's face was buried in his crotch, throat full of cock. And I remembered Kevin's intense but oddly hazy stare right at me as it was happening. It had been so overwhelming at that moment, and I still wasn't sure what to make of all the feelings that surged at the time. Adding to that was the fact that this morning, Kevin didn't give any indication that he remembered me standing at the foot of their bed and seeing all of this. I wondered if perhaps he was drunk or high on something, which might explain both the weird stare and lack of memory.

Shaking myself out the brief reverie, I noticed the guys across the shower room were both now fully hard and stroking their cocks watching what was suddenly now a three-man show. Jake was continuing to clean his hole, though it might have become a bit more than that. I saw that his cock was half-hard, and from my angle I could tell my son had at least two of his fingers grinding up inside himself while he used his other hand to spread his cheeks. His eyes were still closed but he probably knew he had an audience. Kevin's eyes were now open and he was clearly stroking his now hard cock for the onlookers as he lathered up his tanned and firm body. And me? Whether it was something about remembering last night, or the relaxing heat of the water, or just the charged atmosphere, I noticed my own cock was at half mast. I wasn't embarrassed and didn't try to hide it but figured it was time to at least soap up. As I worked up my own lather I was feeling playful and smiled at the guys who were staring, giving my own cock a few tugs.

I heard Kevin chuckle and I noticed that he had seen that. He just smiled and winked at me as he turned around to rinse off. Had I just cruised some dudes for the first time?

After a minute more, we were all rinsed off and it was time to move on. For us anyway...the dudes across the way had now reached over to stroke one another's erections and, while still glancing at the three of us, seemed more wrapped up in each other. As we grabbed towels and exited the shower room, I noticed the empty and bubbling jacuzzi and felt called.

"I'm gonna take a few minutes to soak, boys," I said, tossing my towel on one the hooks by the tub. "You worked me hard today and I could use the jets in a few spots."

"Alright, Tom," Kevin said, as he shot me a coy look. "I hope you'll join us in the steam in a bit".

"Yeah, probably," I replied, as they headed to the frosted door which was only a few few feet from the jacuzzi. Both of them still sported semi-hardons that they did nothing to hide. My own cock had settled down as I had left the showers. The two young men vanished into the steamy shadows on the other side of the door, as I lowered myself into the almost-too-hot water, with a long sigh. I found a good spot with the jet hitting me in the middle back and settled in, again closing my eyes and just relaxing into the warmth. The sounds of the locker room -- running water, footsteps, a few conversations that were too far way to understand, and all of it echoing off the tile and concrete -- all combined to a soothing cacophony that helped me loose the stress about the upcoming travel and work week, and recover from the alcoholic indulgences of the previous night.

After a little time had passed -- maybe just a few minutes, but I wasn't sure -- I sensed that someone else was getting in the jacuzzi. I didn't open my eyes right away but when I eventually did, I noticed that my new tubmate was the younger guy from earlier, Gary's son (had he told me his name?). The kid was looking right at me, sitting about ninety degrees away. Not next to me, but closer than you might expect with just two people in the small round pool. He smiled at me when he saw my recognition.

"Hey," I said, sitting up slightly in the water, "What's up?"

"I just saw you in here and I thought it looked relaxing, seemed like a good idea," he said very casually, but keeping eye contact with me the whole time.

"Didn't you guys just get here?" I asked. "What about your workout?"

The young man shrugged and looked over at the other end of the locker room where the door to the main gym was. "Dad's got a long workout day today, but me coming along was last minute. I had today planned as a rest day anyway so..." he just trailed off.

"Oh," I replied, not knowing what else to say. "Well, this sure is a relaxing spot to be, you're right." He went back to staring at me.

"So you're Kevin and Jake's roommate, huh? Are you going to join this gym? It's a pretty great place, lots of good equipment and a good crowd of guys who work out here." He paused and smiled with a mischievous glimmer in his eye. "And lots of hot muscle dudes too..."

"Yeah I moved up here from LA not too long ago and this place is pretty close to our apartment. Jake and Kev sure seem to like it...for all the reasons you just said," I replied and smiled back. "Have you been coming here long?"

"My dad has, I joined about six months ago," he said. "Lots of motivation to get here as often as I can." He raised his eyebrows and looked down at my chest as he made that statement. Was this kid trying to flirt with me or something?

I stared at him for a second and again wondered how old he was. His face and jaw had the look of a college student, sort of. And what I had seen of his upper body, earlier and right now in the jacuzzi, was pretty toned and he was putting on some mass. But his small stature and general attitude sure made him seem almost like a high school kid. And I noticed he didn't seem to have any armpit hair, as he sat with his arms spread along the rim of the tub.

"Yeah," I decided to reply simply. "There's lots of...inspiration here, for sure."

We sat for a while longer in silence, both of us enjoying the soothing heat and jets. Or at least I was. After a few minutes he ran his hands through his hair and sighed.

"Man, this water's hot!" he stated, and then hoisted himself up to a sitting position on the edge of the tub. The water wasn't really that hot now, at least to me, and I was surprised that he couldn't last longer fully submerged. But I quickly realized that he was probably continuing his attempt to flirt (or whatever) by showing off to me. And he certainly had something to show. I was surprised to see that he was not only hairless everywhere, but had no visible tan lines, and his cock was surprisingly large. That might have had something to do with the lack of hair, or his smaller frame, or the fact that he was clearly on his way to an erection. Probably a combo of all three. He noticed me looking at his crotch (I'm sure he was waiting for that) and smiled.

"I'm a swimmer so...I shave it all off. Most of the guys on the team do." As he said that he moved his hand down and rubbed the area where his pubes would be, and then quickly tugged at his semi-hard cock before putting his hand back on the edge of the tub, next to his leg. I guess that also explained the lack of hair on his armpits and everywhere else below his neck.

"Doesn't that itch when it starts to grow back?" I asked.

"Sometimes," he said, "but I usually keep it pretty smooth. And we finally found someone who would wax me so I've been trying that out, that keeps the hair from growing back as fast."

That seemed like an odd comment. I'm not a frequent salon visitor, but I know in LA there's no shortage of places that wax men, and I assumed it was the same in San Francisco. But I wasn't really looking to probe into this guy's personal care routines. I decided just to keep up the small talk.

"So are you a good swimmer?" I asked with a smile.

"Fuck yeah, I am!" he replied, beaming with pride. He then rattled off a bunch of stats. I struggled to remember what really counted as good times for some of the races he mentioned, but I just kept nodding and figured I would take him at his word that he was a star on the team. He was clearly trying to show off and so I figured I'd go ahead and turn the subject back to something I could converse about more.

" it a nude swim team?" I asked with a joking tone.

"Huh?" he replied, smiling but looking at me funny.

"Well, I noticed you don't have a speedo tan or racing suit tan. But you must spend lots of time at the pool. How does that work?"

"Oh" he said, and laughed a little. "Yeah well, I never really liked having a speedo tan, my butt's just so white compared to the rest of me! So...yeah, this past summer my dad took me to some nude beaches, and we started going pretty often. Not as much now that it's getting cold again and school's back in session. But I got to even out my tan." He smiled a big grin and looked down at himself.

"I think it's hotter with no tan lines. And there's plenty stuff...happening at some of the beaches too." Again he got the mischievous look in his eye.

So this guy's dad brings him to a cruisy gay gym, and also takes him to nude beaches in the Bay Area, which I'm sure are also pretty cruisy. And despite his awkward flirting I had the sense that my tubmate was likely taking advantage of some of the "opportunities" available both at the beaches and here at the gym. Sounds like he and his dad are pretty close, and I figured the dad was probably gay too. I wonder what that would have been like, being gay and growing up with a gay parent? Or two gay parents? Probably pretty great, none of the stress and worries that most gay kids have, I supposed. But was his dad encouraging him to play around in these spots? I had to wonder if that was odd for them. But then quickly realized that over the past few weeks I had seen my own son running around our apartment naked and hard, seen him jerk off next to me in the park and seen him deep throating his boyfriend while his freshly fucked asshole was right in front of me. So who was I to judge what a father and son should see and do?

Thinking of Jake and Kevin, I decided I'd go join them in the steam and continue the post-workout relaxation in there. I ran my fingers through my hair and moved to stand up.

"Well, I'm gonna head to the steam and catch up with my roommates." I said casually, noticing that my new friend was checking me out as I got to my feet and climbed out of the hot tub.

"I think I'll join you," he said matter-of-factly, and stood up himself. His cock hadn't gotten any softer in the last few minutes, and it was flopping around half hard as he walked over to the towel hooks. He grabbed his own and handed me mine. Our fingers touched briefly as I took it and he made a point to extend that small contact for a second longer than was needed. Oh yeah, he was trying hard, I thought to myself. It was pretty sweet, all things considered.

We strolled over to the steam room and I opened the door and went inside, keeping it open for my young friend to follow me. The door closed and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust. The steam was running at that moment so it was a little loud. I spied Kevin sitting on one of the tile benches nearby, uncovered with just a towel underneath him. He was sitting with his back straight, feet on the floor and hands on his knees, eyes closed, looking almost like he was meditating. Very relaxed, for sure. I sat down in the spot next to him, laying my towel on the bench beforehand. The guy from the hot tub did the same and sat on my other side.

After a brief moment, Kevin opened his eyes and glanced over at me. When he noticed it was me, he smiled his big Kevin smile and reach over and patted me on the knee. It was actually quite a friendly gesture, not the least bit sexual, and in that moment I was again glad to have him as a friend in my life. I saw him also notice who was on the other side of me. Kevin's smile changed to something a little more mischievous as the two of them presumably made eye contact, and then Kev returned to his placid state, eyes closing again. It was pretty steamy by that point and I could barely make out how many others were in there with us. We were more or less in the middle of the back wall of the steam room. On the side that was a little closer to me, I had noticed one or two person-shapes on that bench, but I couldn't tell who was on the other side. Where was Jake? I had expected him to be sitting next to Kevin, but he hadn't been. Maybe he had left to go cool off in the shower and I just hadn't noticed since I had been chatting with my new friend in the hot tub.

The steam suddenly stopped and it was quiet, just a fait drip-drop sound of water. Then I started to hear a soft moaning, coming from the side of the steam room that was still too hazy for me to see far into. The moan repeated a few seconds later. It didn't sound like Jake's voice, but as my eyes finished adjusting and the steam started to clear just a little I realized that Jake was indeed still in the steam room with us. I could make out the shape of a man sitting on the far bench, with another man -- my son, I soon noticed -- on his knees on the floor right in front of the seated fellow. Jake was going down on the guy and the dude getting blown was the one moaning occasionally. His head was leaning back, eyes closed and he was clearly enjoying Jake's service.

So here I was again, for the second time in less than 24 hours, seeing my son giving a blowjob. Except this time it wasn't his boyfriend getting serviced, but a guy who (I could now make out more clearly in the lessening steam) was older than Kevin, probably more like my age. He was a pretty built stud with round and prominent pecs and bulging arm muscles. Shaved head and a beard. A type of guy I knew Jake was really into. I wondered if Jake knew him at all or if this was anonymous cock he was servicing. Both Jake and Kevin had confessed that they were into "anon" fun as well as playing with guys they knew.

A third guy was sort of standing up on one side of Jake, but slightly bent over He was watching the scene, jerking his own cock with one hand and had the other on the back of my son's head gently pushing it down onto the other man. This third guy was also built, but hairier than the one getting sucked and had more hair on his head. With Jake's muscled back flexing and tight ass up, as his head bobbed up and down, this seemed like it could have easily been a scene from a porn movie.

I looked over at Kevin who was watching the scene now, his eyes no longer closed. He looked over and noticed me watching too, and stared at me for a moment before turning his head back to the main show.  I looked to my other side and the hot tub kid was already jerking off to the hot scene in front of us, and I could tell both of the dudes on the other side of the room were as well. Looks like my assumptions about this place were right on -- these guys were pretty open about having fun and didn't care too much about anyone else seeing. Did Jake even know I had come in? I really had no idea.

The third guy, the one Jake was not blowing, moved to more of a crouching position next to them. He moved his left hand from his cock to the back of Jake's head, and took the hand that had been on Jake's head and started rubbing my son's back. The hand quickly started to moved lower and went to Jake's buttocks, massaging one and then the other. Jake shifted his weight a little, never stopping his main activity, and I saw him stick his butt out a little more. That was all the encouragement the other dude needed, and I saw his index and middle finger move quickly to Jake's hole, which was now more easily accessible. Both fingers slipped right in, to the second knuckle, faster that I would have guessed possible. I heard a muffled moan come from Jake as the man's fingers penetrated him even further and then started moving in and out of his hole slowly.

I could see Jake working his ass on the guy's fingers too, almost pulling the dude into him further. I looked down and saw that Kevin was rock hard and stroking his own cock slowly. My eyes moved up and I was surprised to see Kevin looking right at me. After a moment he leaned in and whispered in my ear, "They look hot but it's even fucking hotter watching you watch them." He pulled back and stared again into my eyes. It was an intense moment. I opened my mouth to respond, even though I have no idea what I was going to say. When I felt a hand on my cock I caught my breath in surprise. I kept looking at Kevin and assumed it was his hand, but I quickly realized that the person touching me was on the other side. It belonged to my tubmate who had also been jerking off watching the action a few feet away. He had his hand on my cock, and my cock was hard too.

I wasn't sure when my erection had started, but my neighbor's hand was already slowly stroking a fully erect cock by the time I looked down to see it. It felt amazing, his hand was soft and his touch gentle but electric, his pent up horniness coming off him in waves. I wasn't surprised and figured he'd try to make a move on me when we came in. But I hadn't expected the intensity of everything that was happening in this moment. And that moment held for a while. Jake and his two buddies pleasuring one another, and the three of us on the bench next to them watching, stroking. My hands weren't doing anything but both of my hot tub buddy's hands were full, one with my cock and one with his own. Kevin stroked his cock and alternated between working his balls and nips with the other hand. His eyes alternated between his lover and me.

By this time everyone was glistening with moisture -- sweat and condensation, keeping all of us lubed in the right places. The moaning from the guy Jake was sucking suddenly got louder and more frequent. I could tell he was going to nut soon, and sure enough he started grunting and I could see Jake's neck and shoulders tense up. The guy right next to them, his fingers still in Jake's hole (three of them now), had an even closer view and was clearly getting turned on by what he was seeing. He surprised me by standing up quickly, removing his digits from Jake and moving both hands to his cock. He leaned in and started shooting his load onto the side of Jake's face. His moans got louder as the other guy's were just tapering off. I was a little too far away to tell, but it seemed like this other dude was shooting a lot. I saw my son pull back from the guy he had been sucking and turn to take the standing guy's cock in his mouth. I'm not sure if Jake got the last few squirts or not, but he was sure enjoying cleaning the guy's cock off.

Eventually he released the cock from his mouth, and shifted his weight backwards to be in more of a crouch. Jake steadied himself by holding onto the sitting guy's knees and stood up. The sitting guy stood up too and spent a moment caressing Jake's ass and chest. I saw the other guy slip two fingers in Jake's mouth, probably moving some of the cum from my son's face in along with them. The two guys slowly stepped back and then left the steam room, both with smiles on their faces and spent cocks still bobbing, half-erect. Jake slowly turned around, in the direction facing away from me, and walked over to Kevin and sat down across his lap.

They locked into a deep kiss for a good 15 seconds, and at moments I could tell that Jake still had cum in his mouth and they were sharing it. I had never told Jake or any of my male friends, but I love it when a woman lets me cum in her mouth and then crawls up and kisses me with my load still in her mouth. Often that would get me so worked up I'd be ready for a second round with the lady right away. So it was a strange experience seeing my son doing that to his lover, and having a dude I had just met stroking my cock while watching it. Strange but damn, it all felt good. I hadn't known what to expect from this trip to the gym and I don't think I could have imagined this in any case. Fuck.

The boys broke their kiss and only then did Jake notice that the guy next to Kevin was me. I saw his eyes go through flashes of what was probably panic, embarrassment, resolve and then it settled into a sleepy grin, his eyes softening too. I heard him laugh to himself a little, and then his expression changed again when he realized that his friend Gary's son was jerking my cock, slowly but sensually. Jake's eyes got a little bigger but the smile remained. My son's gaze moved back up to me and he had a lurid look, like I hadn't seen on him before. He still had the other guy's load on his face and in his hair. Then he looked at Kevin and started sliding down toward the floor, along Kevin's legs. In a swift motion he lowered his head and swallowed his boyfriend's hard cock. Even though I knew he had been deep throating another dude just a minute earlier, I was still surprised to see Kev's entire member slide into my son's mouth. His nose was rubbing along his Kevin's shaved crotch, and I could see a little of Jake's tongue above his bottom lip, massaging the area where Kev's scrotum began. Kevin moaned loudly as Jake took it all, and his hand went to the back of my son's head.

My own cock was starting to ooze precum, with the slow and steady stroking from the guy on the other side of me. I looked over at him and he was looking at me with clear lust, his own cock looking huge in his smallish hand. I didn't know what else to do so I just smiled at him. He smiled back and then suddenly got on his knees. And before I knew it he had my cock in his mouth. I reflexively removed my own hand and he got about halfway down on his first gulp. Maybe not the clear pro like Jake was, but I was pretty sure he gets lots of practice. I felt a groan of pleasure rise up and I let it go, closing my eyes and sinking back into the experience.

For a good five minutes, maybe more, I was just lost in it all -- the heat, the feeling of my new friend's mouth and hand on my cock, the heat (both thermal and sexual) I could feel from Kevin right next to me, who was also getting an excellent blowjob. HIs thigh and shoulder were touching mine and it felt incredible. His smooth and hot skin against my hairy arm and leg. Fuck. This was the first time I had ever been blown by a guy, and my son was right next to me watching it happen -- and sucking his boyfriend's cock.

I looked down at Jake and watched him, eyes closed and lost in his own feeling, nursing on Kevin's swollen cock, keeping most of it in his mouth and throat for long stretches of time. The other dudes' cum on one side of his face was drying but still glistening since Jake's face was so wet. His eyes opened and he was looking right at me, and suddenly the heat was even more there, in both senses of the word. Jake, his eyes never leaving mine, reached along the tile bench with his right hand and grabbed my left hand that was laying the between my leg and Kevin's leg. My son grabbed my hand and held it tight. Kevin's cock was still sliding in and out of his mouth, but slower than before. His strong grip sent a wave of chills down my spine, an odd and sensual feeling in the hot steam room. We stared at each other for a moment more and then he closed his eyes again and resumed working Kevin's rod intently with his mouth. Kevin groaned again as Jake sped up. But we kept holding hands.

I was close. Everything that was happening was getting to be too much for me. And with the heat, I was starting to feel a little light headed. A small part of my mind worried about overheating but I was so lost in pleasure and the erotic charge of everything that I knew I had to cum before I could get up. My eyes were closed and my head was back. And then I felt hot breath on my neck and I knew Kevin was leaning in. I felt his lips on my ear and even a little of his tongue. After a second or two I heard him whisper -- so quietly I could barely hear it -- "I remember everything about last night, Tom..."

The images from the drunken night before came crashing back into my mind's eye. Kevin spreading Jake's wet hole open and looking deep in my eyes as he did it. Alan's cum seeping out of Jake and Alan's hand on my hard cock. Alan telling me to fuck Jake and not realizing the reality of what he was saying, that I should fuck my own son. I felt Jake's hand gripping mine tighter right then.

Then I lost it. With a suddenness and intensity that surprised even me, I groaned and my cock began shooting down the throat of the guy from the hot tub. He was caught off guard and had to stop and take a breath before getting it back in his mouth to take the rest of my load. I saw that some got on his face and in his hair. I don't remember how many times I shot. I do remember hearing Kevin start cumming right after that. And then things got a little blurry. But Jake kept hold of my hand.

I remember being helped out of the steam room. Walking on my own but having some support on one side. I think it was Jake since I saw Kevin opening the door for us. Then I was in the shower, a cool spray hitting my head and running down my back, then my shoulders. I breathed a little easier after a moment. Hands were rubbing my back. More than one person's hands. I opened my eyes and Jake and Kevin were on either side of me, making sure I was okay. I wasn't so out of it that I couldn't feel both their semi-hard cocks pressed against the sides of my legs and ass as they stood close to support me under the shower. And I was pretty sure I felt one of them feeling up my own cock, but I didn't look down to see who it was. I closed my eyes and relaxed more in the cascade of water. Eventually I was able to step away and use the soap to wash up properly. All of us did. Jake leaned in and asked quietly, "You okay, dad?"

It was the first time at the gym that he'd addressed me that way. I replied, "Yeah, son. I just got a little overheated is all. I'm kinda embarrassed."

"No, don't be. Things got...pretty intense in there. I was about to pass out myself. We just have to be careful next time."

Next, I thought. This was probably one of the craziest things I'd ever done, sexually. At least in quite a few years. Semi-public sex, doing stuff in a group, doing stuff with a guy. All of it had happened before, at one time or another. But never all at once. Shit. And to think that I might do this again, or have the opportunity...what, every time I went to the gym? Suddenly a whole new world was open to me, I realized. I had been excited to move in with my son and Kevin just to get to know them in new ways, but this was more than I ever imagined. I didn't think that I would discover so much about myself and what I didn't even know I wanted.

I wanted to go home and spend the rest of the night talking to my son and Kevin about all this. But I realized I had to be on a plane in a few hours. And you know what? That was okay too. I also thought a week on my own would do me some good, too. Give me a little time for self-reflection. And when I got back? Who knew what else might happen.



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