I was really enjoying the video when all of a sudden I heard Kevin's voice saying "Hey Tom I was gonna clean up and run to the grocery store and...oh, shit..."

I looked over and Kevin was standing in my doorway (which I realized belatedly that I had not closed), wearing nothing but some small running shorts, his body covered in sweat. He must have been out on a long run. I had left music playing in the living room and so hadn't heard him come in the front door.

I was a little shocked but didn't really move to cover up (there wasn't much I could do in that regard anyway). So I just said "Uh...hey Kevin. Shit, I should have closed my door, sorry". I wasn't that embarrassed, but was more worried that he'd be embarrassed. Not every day you catch your boyfriend's dad with a wet hardon, jerking off to porn. But given how quickly we'd fallen into a roommate/buddy vibe, I should have know he wouldn't care.

"Ha, no worries, Tommy. I know you haven't had much time to yourself lately. That looks like a fucking hot video too..." he said as his eyes moved to my screen. "Double anal, huh? And that's some hot pussy too..."

I wasn't sure what to make of that last comment, so I just said "Uh, yeah it's one of my favorites."

Kevin looked unsure for a moment and then said "You know...I was planning on rubbing one out in the shower anyway. You mind if I join you?"


I didn't know what to say at first, but I quickly thought back to some of the hot jackoff sessions I'd had with my college roommates, sometimes watching porn together and sometimes not. And thought about how I missed those times of male bonding. And how hot it would be to have that again.

"Sure, buddy," I said. "Have a seat on the bed here."

Kevin grinned like a kid who just got a bike for Christmas and practically leapt onto the bed, quickly positioning himself next to me, while I sat in the chair. We both had a good view of the laptop screen. And each other.

Kevin rolled onto his back and stuck his legs in the air, and quickly slipped off his barely-there running shorts. At some point he'd already lost his shoes, maybe when he first came in the house. I watched as he whipped the shorts up his legs and got a brief view of his asshole. Like the rest of him it was hairless and his ample balls almost hung low enough to cover it, in this odd position he was in. He tossed his shorts to the corner of the room as he came back down into a sitting position. The whole move was smooth like a gymnast, and all his muscle were taut and flexing as he situated himself. His cock was already more than half hard and getting bigger than I thought it would.

"So you wanna run it back a few minutes, Tommy. Believe it or not I've seen this scene before, it's a good one...I wanna see that part where the bigger dude's ramming her pussy and the other dude's got two fingers in her ass...I love the way she's moaning right there and it's such a hot visual."

He wasn't even looking at me, but licking his lips as he spoke and stared at the screen, which currently showed a cock in the girl's pussy and another one in here ass, both slamming hard.

"Fuck, Kev," I said, already getting back being to fully turned on, "that's fucking hot that you've seen this, you're right that's one of the best moments. I also love when she's got both cocks in her mouth, right after the one guy just pulled out of her ass and came around to shove it in alongside his buddy's. All one take."

"Fuck yeah Tommy," Kev moaned as he worked his now rock hard cock, "Ass to mouth is so hot. Love seeing this bitch suck those nasty cocks one after the other, then taking em both.

Kevin had already matched my intensity, it seemed, and I was reeling from this new level of sexual energy in the room. The verbal interactions plus the images on the screen were getting me close, fast.

He reached over and slid the player control back about 5 minutes to get to the part he had mentioned. I didn't mind, and while he was doing that his muscular shoulder was only about an inch from my throbbing cock. I could literally feel the heat from his body on the slicked skin of my shaft, and it was amazing. That only lasted for a second or two as he then settled back to his sitting position on the bed, legs spread with one had working his tool and the other supporting his weight behind him. If I had to guess I would have said his cock was over eight inches, and damn was it thick, too. Precum was already making the head slick and it swelled up like a plum as his fist pistoned up and down.

I turned back to the screen and it was at the scene Kevin had described. One stud's big member was plunging deep into the chick's wet pussy, while the other dude's hand was under her ass, two of his fingers worked into her other hole almost to the big knuckles. On his deepest pushes into her cunt, the one dude's balls would occasionally slam the other guy's hand as he kept fingering her hole. The girl was moaning super loud and the close up was incredibly hot.

"Yeah she fucking loves that...mmmmm" Kevin said as he fell into a long moan. I looked over and he was leaning back with his eyes closed. I looked again at his cock and it somehow seemed even more engorged. His balls were starting to tighten up and I knew he was close.

This whole scene had me so turned on I felt myself heading to the point of no return as well. "Fuck, man, I'm gonna shoot" I said.

"Mmmmmeee too!" Kevin shouted and a second later he did. I saw his thick cream fire out of that swollen cockhead, with the first shot landing on his shaved pecs. The others came out just as hard and covered his abs, running into the gaps between each well defined muscle and also into his navel. His eyes were still closed and he was moaning quietly as, after about five spurts, his orgasm began to subside.

I crossed the finish line a second later with a surprisingly intense cum. I found myself shouting out for a moment and closing my own eyes, leaning my head back. I felt the chair move along with my small convulsions and just lost control. My hard cock pumped out several bursts and a few seconds later I let out a deep sigh and opened my eyes up. Kevin was also breathing heavy and I heard him moan loud. It seemed odd since he had cum right before I did, so I looked over with dreamy post-cum eyes at my son's naked lover on the bed next to my chair. I saw what I expected, him laying back with one hand on his cock (only slightly less hard now) and resting on the elbow of his other arm. He was looking down at his cum covered chest.

Except I remember most of his load squirting onto his stomach. I suddenly realized that I didn't have any cum on me, and put two and two together. The way the chair had moved and the angle at which I had been holding my cock...I had shot my load all over Kevin.

I now saw that in addition to what was on his chest, there were some streaks on his forearm and bicep. He really did look like he himself had just shot an obscenely massive load, since he had both of our juices covering his tanned and hairless body. He looked up at me and smiled big.

"Whoops, daddy" he said. "Looks like you made quite a mess." It was only then I noticed a small line of semen across his chin and cheek as well. I was't sure if he was even aware of it. I wasn't a forensic expert, but even a novice could see by the angle of it that the cum on his face had come from my cock.

"Oh shit...man, I am SO sorry about that...fuck, I was so out of it I didn't even realize how..."

"Tom, Tom, hey, it's cool, really", Kevin said sternly "Don't worry, it's not like it's the first time I've had another dude's load all over me. Really, I'm not bothered at all, man"

"Ha, yeah I guess so." I said, feeling less guilty. "I just...wow, I haven't lost control like that in a while. Guess that's what happens when I lose track of things and don't release the tension for a few days in a row."

"Whooo..." Kevin let out an exhausted shout, as he reclined fully on the bed, both his arms stretched above his head. His cock, now softening, flopped to one side and made a wet sound as it slapped around in the pools of cum coating the shaved area right above it. "Oh, buddy that was nice. Thanks for letting me jump in on your session here. Sorry I came so quick, though. I had seen a couple of hot dudes out running, and I was already a little horned up when I got home. Guess even more than I thought."

As Kevin was talking, he started doing something which transfixed me, at first because I was shocked and then because it had such an unintentional sensual quality. He was absentmindedly rubbing both our loads around on his chest and stomach. Not playing with the cum, but rubbing it in like lotion or sunblock. I had been about to grab him a towel to help him clean up but I decided to let him take the lead on that, as he seemed in no hurry to remove the sticky mess from himself, or even to get up off my bed.

My own cock was mostly down at this point but I didn't feel like getting up either. Enjoying the post-orgasmic glow with my new roommate was nice. I decided to ask him something which had occurred to me during the events of the last few minutes.

"So Kevin, are you bi? I just noticed how much you seemed to like seeing that pussy up on the screen, you even made several comments about it. Not that it matters to me at all, but I'm just curious I guess."

Kevin sat back up a little bit to look at me, but kept idly rubbing his chest and abs, working the fluid down into his skin. He also still had the streak on his chin. "So I guess Jake's never told you about me and my background?" Kevin asked.

"Well, not too much, I guess" I replied, "I know your mom's been out of the picture since you were young. He told me that was something you guys bonded over initially. And that you were raised by your dad who moved around a lot for work. He owns restaurants and that's one of the reasons you got an interest in culinary arts and went to the academy here."

"Yeah, it was just me ad my dad most of the time I was growing up. He had a few serious girlfriends but never anything that ended up being long term. He was...I guess people might say he was a `ladies' man' or whatever. Man-ho?" He said laughing. He was always a really popular guy and was always out with women, having a great time. More often than not when I'd wake up in the morning his conquest from the night before would still be there. Sometimes she'd make us breakfast. Hell, since he ran in the foodie circles some of them were fantastic in the kitchen, I learned a few things from the ones that were over more than once or twice."

"So you're saying you were pretty aware of what he was doing from early on?" I asked.

"Yeah, for sure. I think I remember being 7 or 8 when he told me that `daddy has lady friends to sleep over sometimes' and that I shouldn't bother them after they went to bed. After I got a little older I understood better what it all meant. He's actually just a crazy horndog, Tom. He once said he had been diagnosed with high testosterone or something that just gives him an extremely high sex drive. So it wasn't just him having visitors over, he was always checking out porn and trying out sex toys. I learned about sex earlier than most kids just through gradual observation of what he was focused on most of the time. Don't get me wrong, he was a great dad and always made quality time for the two of us. He never neglected me in favor of his other pursuits. But that was always there alongside things. Like even on family vacations with just the two of us, he'd usually get a separate hotel room for me because he'd usually end up meeting some girl....a waitress, an art gallery tour guide...hell, someone from the hotel front desk."

"Were your first experiences with women, then?" I wondered aloud. I could see how Kevin had started on the path to becoming the pretty sexually open person he clearly was today. I mean, not only had he jerked off watching porn with a guy who was his brand new roommate and his lover's dad, but he hadn't even batted an eye when I had accidentally shot a huge load all over him. Fuck, it had practically gone IN his eye.

"Yeah" Kevin said. "Even before I was having sex, my dad had explained the facts of life to me and then after that was pretty open about leaving porn around the house. Magazines, DVDs, even just leaving stuff up on the computer. All straight of course, though there were plenty of hot guys to check out in most of it. So I've never been too...discriminating about who I was attracted to. I only had sex with girls for a few years, till my junior year of high school. Never really had serious girlfriends though and I guess was on my way to being a ladykiller like my dad. But then I fell for this guy in my Chemistry class and he was my first boyfriend. It didn't last too long, maybe a couple months. But after that... you know, even now I still like pussy and will have fun with women when the opportunity presents itself, but after that I was always pretty sure I'd end up with a guy for a serious relationship."

"How did your dad feel about that? Was he surprised or bothered by it? You preferring men I mean." I really hoped that Kevin didn't have some rough coming out story, since his dad seemed pretty cool in other respects.

"Aw, god no, he was fine about it. I mean I had always talked to him about how I thought guys were hot too. And he had plenty of friends and colleagues who were gay so he didn't have any weird hangups about it. Hell, I know he's been in group fucks with some of them at some of his wilder parties, and as long as there's a pussy and some tits in the mix for him, he's happy. I don't think he'd ever be into going one on one with a guy himself, but he was always supportive of me exploring my sexuality. After I started dating dudes he even set me up with some of his friends, or guys he'd meet through work or whatever."

"Wow, even when you were in high school?" I asked, my interest piqued a little.

"Yep, I think he was happy to keep helping me get experience and follow in his footsteps, no matter who I was fucking, haha. I mean mostly it was college aged guys, around my own age. But there were a couple times I commented on one of his buddies, guys his own age, being hot. And then a couple days later suddenly that dude would be over for dinner...we'd all go out in the hot tub, then dad would disappear and I'd realize it was all a setup for me. I still have a thing for older guys sometimes, you know." Kevin smiled big at me, winked, and playfully kicked my leg with his foot.

I admit in my relaxed state I blushed a little bit, and also got a little turned on remembering what we had just experienced together. Watching porn with another guy and knowing that another dude was turned on looking at me -- both these things reminded me of my college days living with Max and Jose. Jose was gay, Max and I were straight, but we were all super comfortable around one another, even to the point of often being nude around the house and not being ashamed to see one another with hardons. We had jerk sessions now and then (both with and without porn playing) and Jose made no secret that he liked seeing Max and I naked, hard and jerking off.

While Jake and I had never jerked off together, it sounded like Kevin and his dad had at least done that. Kevin was clearly pretty comfortable with situations like this and I wondered what the coming months would bring for the three of us in this living situation. But at the present moment I was still enjoying getting to know Kevin better.

"So was your first time -- with a girl, I mean -- something that your dad set up for you? It sounds like there was pussy around all the time. Did you ever get with one of the women he had staying over?" I wasn't sure what made me ask it but for some reason the idea of Kevin getting with one of his father's girlfriends really started to get me turned on again.

I think Kevin saw my cock start to react even after just asking the question, and he smirked. "Yeah, Tom, I did have my first time with one of my dad's regulars. It's actually a pretty fucking hot story. Wanna hear it?"

"I do, my friend, I do...but make it a good one okay?" I said. I tugged at my cock casually because I knew it would get Kevin a little excited himself.

"Here's the deal...if it turns you on hearing it, I wanna see you jerk off. Alright?" Kevin said with a naughty glimmer in his eye.

What was going on? I was so fucking horny even after shooting a huge load less than 10 minutes before. And here I was about to jerk off with Kevin watching me and telling me about his first time. I didn't question it though, there'd be time for thinking about what all this meant, later. Right now I just wanted to hear about this stud's first fuck in graphic detail.

"Fuck yeah, buddy" I said, and kept my hand on my growing cock.

"So..." Kevin began.

~~~~ (this section is told by Kevin)

Like I said, after I got the sex talk from my dad he pretty much abandoned any attempt to hide his lifestyle from me. He wasn't fucking women out in the living room during the day or anything like that, but he left porn laying around, would have women stay the night or even the weekend, and didn't care if I heard them fucking or if I heard him telling his buddies about what he did with these girls.

When I was 12 or so he even started giving me the highlights of his nights. Blow by blow, as the saying goes, haha. So what I hadn't learned from his original sex talk, and the porn I was starting to investigate on my own, I learned from hearing him talk about it. He would even sometimes tell me about wild parties he would go to -- basically orgies I guess -- or even ones he'd have at our house on nights I was staying over at a friend's house. He'd talk about 3 ways and 4 ways too, and which of his buddies was best for tag teaming a girl.

Over that next year, when I turned 13, he started to get less worried about doing things when I wasn't home or waiting till after I went to bed. Often times he'd bring a woman home after a dinner out and the three of us would sit out in the living room watching TV or something, and they'd start getting hot and heavy on the couch. I'd usually head off to my room before anything too intense happened, but I increasingly had the feeling like my dad didn't care anymore what I saw.

I remember the first night I actually saw him fucking a woman, it was out back in out hot tub. He and his lady friend had headed out there right after coming home, it was already pretty late and I was heading off to bed. It was a warm night and I was sleeping with my window open, and I could hear the sounds of them going at it. I was naked (dad and I both always slept nude) and with surging 13 year old hormones it didn't take much to get me hard. So I figured what the hell, and I crept downstairs and went to the back of the house where I could see them out the window. I left all the lights off so they wouldn't notice anything. I was only about 20 feet away and had a great view.

She was some woman about his age -- I guess 35 at the time -- and had amazing tits. Probably fake, though at that age I didn't know how to tell the difference yet. Dad kept making them change positions, sometime they were standing up in the hot tub facing each other, other times he turned her around and was going at her hard from behind, and then she'd ride his cock now and then too, as he sat on the edge of the tub on our wooden deck.

They both looked so hot out there, it was like my own private porn show. I jerked off and came pretty fast when I started watching them, and ended up cumming again before watching my dad cum inside her, right after bringing her to a pretty loud orgasm. I'm sure even our neighbors heard something that night. I snuck back up to my room as they were drying off, and jerked off a third time replaying it all in my mind.

After that I tried to spy on dad and whatever girl he had over, whenever I could. For a couple months I was doing that at least once a week. The hot tub was an easy place to watch them but he didn't always take them out there. Sometimes it would be in his room and I could only get a peek if he left the door open. Usually he'd do that if they were really into things already and distracted when they made their way up there. But it became more common for him to be nailing his women on our living room couch or in his office, both of which were open to the whole downstairs of our house and easy to see from multiple spots. So I'd be hiding around some corner, naked and furiously jerking, watching him do all manner of stuff. He'd eat their pussies, fuck all their holes and shoot his load every place he could think of. I learned quite bit that year I was 13 and started spying on him.

So Tom...you liking this? That fucking cock of yours is rock hard and leaking...Looks so hot, man. See how hard I am too, buddy? I love that this is turning you on. I'm gonna get to the best part here in just a second.

So one night my dad had this woman Deb over. She was a little younger, probably like 22 or 23. I think she worked for him at one of his restaurants. She had been over a few times and I had met her before, she'd even spent a whole Saturday with us recently at the beach. Not quite a girlfriend for my dad, but as close as he got in those days. She was hot and I admit I kinda had a crush on her. She knew it too and wasn't shy about teasing me when she had the chance. Going in our hot tub nude while I was in there with them, or changing in front of me at the beach.

So one night I had gone to bed (or so they thought) and the two of them were really going at it in the living room, loud and dirty. He could get really verbal sometimes with the right girl and she was definitely into that. I was down there around the corner spying on them, rock hard myself and super into it. I guess I was feeling bolder that night and I stepped more out into the living room than I usually did. Still semi-hidden by some shelves but I was closer than I normally was. It was worth it since she was on him in the reverse cowgirl position, so I could see her tits bouncing and see his huge cock going in and out of her shaved wet pussy.

Yeah Tom, I should mention that my dad's cock looks a lot like mine... like this big fucker you're watching me stroke right now. His is just as thick and a little longer. I had seen him hard around the house growing up, but man after seeing him in action so much when I starting spying on him and his chicks...I couldn't wait for mine to get that big.  So glad that it did, heh.

Anyway, there I was crouched down and jerking my own cock while Deb was riding my dad and moaning, rubbing her clit as she bounced on his rod. Suddenly she looked right at me and smiled. I was scared to death at first but when she didn't do or say anything, and just kept going, I figured it was cool and picked back up myself. My dad couldn't see me so I got brave and showed her that I was naked and jerking off, which I could tell she liked.

She did something subtle to suddenly take my dad over the edge, and before I knew it he was unloading in her, I couldn't see his face but I knew he was throwing his head back and really getting into it, by the way he was shouting and groaning.

As soon as his orgasm started to subside, Deb didn't miss a beat and she quickly raised herself up off his cock and then slid right back down on it...but taking him in her ass this time! It was crazy to see that, and I later found out that this was one of her special "things". I had't seen it happen the couple other times I had spied on them, but I guess it was something that drove my dad crazy and probably why she was around more often than average chick. For his part, dad was so horny and charged up that he could usually keep going too, without missing a beat. His cock wouldn't even get soft and he'd be able to just keep fucking her, and she'd make him cum again.

So there I was seeing this crazy move and I was just amazed and how quick and slick she did it all. And she was looking me in the eye the whole time. After she got going good on his cock again, at a steady rhythm and getting him worked up and moaning all over again, she leaned back a little bit and said something to him. I think it was something like "We have a audience" but I couldn't really hear.

But my dad picked his head up and peeked around and saw me. Again I got scared for a minute but I he just chuckled and said "Hey buddy...enjoying the show?"

I think I nodded, and wondered if he was drunk or high or just really didn't care, but I was shocked that he wasn't making a big deal about it at all. Later he ended up telling me that me always figured I'd catch him one day sooner or later and he had decided that he didn't care and could probably learn something. But he hadn't planned for what happened that night.

After they both knew I was watching there was no point in me hiding so I walked up closer. Real close, Tom. At one point I even got down and put my face about a foot away from Deb's pussy, just to get a real good look at it and to see my dad's cock pushing in and out of her ass.

Deb loved seeing me get that close and she started playing with herself. I could actually see that she was wet, not only with her own juices but with the load my dad had shot in her just a few minutes before. I was s fucking turned on at that moment and my head was swimming. I really want to reach out and touch her, or shove my face in there, or my cock, but I wasn't bold enough to try any of that and so just kept hammering away at my own cock and staring. I stood up again at one point but was still pretty close to them.

Dad look over Deb's shoulder at me and smiled big, and in between grunts he just said "do it Kev...fuck that pussy man! I know you wanna! Deb wants it too! Do it you little stud!" He kept on with that and so...well, Tom. I did it.

I sunk my cock into her and jesus christ it felt amazing. She was so warm and so so wet. She let out a long moan as I got all the way in and I was practically screaming myself.

I thought I would cum right away and almost did, but managed to control myself so that I could enjoy it at least for a few minutes. I knew I wasn't going to last long. The three of us quickly got into a rhythm and it was fucking incredible. My dad and I had our thrusts timed to keep her building toward a hot cum of her own. I say "we" but he was running the show, I had no clue what I was doing. But I thought it was hot that I was making her feel good.

Dad had had his hands on her hips this whole time and then at one point, one of his hands moved to my hip to pull me into her tighter. This changed our center of gravity a little and she fell a little more backward onto him and I had to follow, sorta standing on my tip toes to stay inside her. We kept moving and I was so intent on not slipping out that I just put my knees up on my dad's upper legs. So my feet weren't even on the floor, I was basically kneeling on his knees and she was in between us. I remember feeling my balls hit my dads when we'd both be bottomed out in our thrusts...fuck Tom, you have no idea how intense this all was.

I was closer to her face now too and we made out a little bit, with my dad's breath hot on our faces since his head was right behind hers. We were all quickly building toward cumming and we knew it. Dad and Deb were both shouting out "Fuck" and "Jesus" and all kinds of crazy dirty shit, and all I could do was grunt while getting lost in all the sensations.

I started cumming first and totally lost control. Dad ended up grabbing my other hip with his other hand just to hold me in position as I added my load to his deep inside her.

That set her off I guess, and I remember how amazing it felt when she was cumming and convulsing with me still inside her. And then that set my dad off right after. I vividly remember feeling his cock pulse through the thin bit of Deb that was separating our rods.

~~~~ (back to Tom's narration)

I was stroking fast as Kevin got to the end of his incredibly hot story, my cock was slicked up good from all the precum I had been oozing as his words got me more and more turned on.

Kevin was in the same state, rock hard and throbbing as both his hands played with his massive meat while he told me about his first time.

"This is fucking incredible dude" I said to him breathlessly. "Your first time fucking a girl was in a 3 way with your own dad, and you had his cummy sloppy seconds. You fucked your own dad's fresh load on your first time. Fuck."

"I knew you'd like this story Tommy...I knew you were a dirty fucker. Mmmmm. I am so fucking turned on right now, telling you all about this and watching you jerk that hot cock."

Kevin and I locked eyes and just stared at each other for a moment while jerking, it was so fucking intense.

"You close, buddy?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah" I moaned, and I was. The image of Kevin fucking the pussy his dad just fucked, while dad was right there inside the slut's asshole, both of them shooting huge loads into her...fuck I was about to shoot one myself.

"Cum on me, man. Stand up and cum all over me!" Kevin stated intently, still staring at me.

"What...fuck Kev are you sure..." I asked haltingly, not sure about all the crazy things I was feeling at that moment.

"YES! FUCK!! DO IT FUCKER!!!" Kevin shouted, closing his eyes and leaning his head back, laying flat on my bed.

Without thinking any more about it I stood up from my chair and so was already standing between Kevin's legs that were hanging off the side of my bed. My fat throbbing cock was pretty much right over his, just a few inches above as we both continued to jerk madly.

"Fuck...oh fuck here it comes dude!" I yelled as I felt myself go over the edge.

While my load was big this second time around, bigger than I expected, it didn't shoot as far as the first one had. More like it just came pouring out like syrup from a spigot, going all over Kevin's wet cock and his huge balls, and the his hands that were working his own equipment to climax. As the spurts of my hot load hit him and he could feel it, that seemed to take him over the edge. He moaned loud and as my own convulsions subsided I could see his hands start working my load into the skin of his balls and cock and he jerked furiously, continuing to moan. The hand that was massaging his balls, now pulled up tight against the base of his cock, moved down and I could see him rubbing my cum right onto his shaved hole, massaging it and pressing hard, even pushing a little bit of the cum inside of himself with a fingertip. His other hand was using my cum as lube as he finally began to shoot his own load all over himself.

"FUUUUUUUCK UHHHH" he cried as the streams covered his abs and chest once again, his hips bucking up from the bed a little. The hand on his cock stopped and gripped tightly at the base while his other hand squeezed his balls and perineum, two fingers still making small movements right on his smooth pucker.

By this time I was ready to collapse and I let go of my cock and eased myself back into the computer chair as I started to breathe slower. Kevin moaned a quiet moan and brought his hand up from his balls and ass, the other one still unwilling to let go of his cock that oozed the last bit of his second thick load of the day.

Kevin's took his hand -- fingers still coated in some of my thick cum -- and moved it toward his face. For a moment I thought he was going to wipe sweat from his brow and that he didn't realize the mess he was going to make. But then he fucking blew my mind by shoving his first two fingers, and some globs of my seed, into his mouth and slowing withdrawing them again, clean and shiny with his spit.

"Mmmmmmm" he moaned with his eyes closed for a moment, before opening them and lolling his head to the side a little to make eye contact with me. I was staring at him and honestly had no idea what expression was on my face at that moment. But it must have been something that looked positive because Kevin smiled big and licked his lips a little, and said "Tastes a lot like Jakey's, dad." We locked eyes intensely again for a moment before I had to look away.

I sighed deeply and made some other kind of moaning sound as I placed my hand on my forehead and closed my eyes.

"Shit...Holy Shit...Fuck" I said, repeating those and similar expletives a few times. Kevin, who seemed to have recovered from his own orgasm fairly quickly, said,

"Whoa whoa man, what's wrong?" He stood up and moved to stand behind me and behind the chair, and then he grabbed my shoulders and started to knead the muscles there in an incredibly disarming and relaxing way. "Listen Tom, it's all good. What's up, buddy? Talk to me."

"Just...Jesus, Kevin. I just shot two huge loads like 10 minutes apart and both of them onto....my son's boyfriend. That was crazier than any jack off session I ever had with my buddies and ...

"Listen don't worry about this or make it a bigger deal that it needs to be. We're just two horny guys who got some relief at the same time. We put on a porn and both got crazy turned on. Guys can't help it and that's why we need to do this sometimes.

"Do you make all your jerk off buddies shoot cum on you?" I asked somewhat sarcastically.

"Some" Kevin answered matter of factly, Some even are willing to shoot right into my mouth if I ask em." I was glad Kevin couldn't see my face when he said that because once again I have no idea how he would have read my expression.

"Look" I said, I'm not going to keep this from Ja..."

"I know" he said firmly. At some point he had moved from rubbing my shoulders to rubbing my pecs, and was slowly running his fingers through my trimmed chest hair. "I'll tell him about it tonight. We have no secrets from each other and there's no way I'm going to start now."

I was releived but also still concerned about how Jake would react to hearing about this. "Okay" was all I said.

Seeming content to have that resolved, Kevin took his hands off me and let our another deep breath. "Well I don't know about you buddy, but that really charged me up. Woo!" He said with a loud yelp a the end. "I know I just got back but I really wanna use this feeling and go on a quick run."

He stepped over to where he had tossed his running shorts earlier, and slid them back on. One hand reached into the inner lining to reposition his softening but still huge cock. The move didn't improve anything if he was trying to conceal it, since afterward his cock was clearly visible in an obscene outline, laying across his left thigh.

He stood in my door for a second and just smiled again and said, "Thanks, Tom. This was hot. I hope we'll do it again sometime soon." He winked at me and then was gone, I heard him putting on his shoes and then dashing out the door, practically naked except for those tiny shorts. Holy shit, I thought to myself. Did he really just head out for a run with two loads sprayed across his body? FOUR loads, I corrected myself, though he had all but rubbed our first two completely into his skin. And he had never even wiped that now-dried streak of my cum from his cheek. He probably didn't even know it was there.

A text message came through on my phone and I glanced over at it. One of my potential partner investors in the new office wanted to reschedule our dinner meeting from tomorrow to tonight! And I only had about two hours to get ready and meet up with him. I was irritated at losing the rest of my day off but this was something I needed to make happen, so I stood up and headed toward the bathroom. I was sweaty and felt like I was covered in jizz even though I didn't have a drop on me. I was slightly relieved since this meant I wouldn't see Jake tonight between school and his bartending job. While I wasn't ashamed about what happened, I still needed to sort through how I felt a little bit, before being around him after Kevin told him what happened. Would he be weirded out? Mad? Shrug it off? I realized I had no idea. But the two of us had tentative plans to get lunch and go to Golden Gate Park tomorrow (it was Saturday) so I'd find out soon one way or another.

I glanced over at my computer and closed the video player, which had stopped playing the video about 20 minutes before. Neither of us had noticed or cared. I chuckled to myself and headed for the shower.



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