"What's wrong, son?" I asked, feeling a little concerned. "I thought you loved the bartending job. And you said it pays well. You having a rough time there?"

"No, it's just..." Jake said, pausing and sounding frustrated. "We're being so honest with each other and I've been feeling really weird about this, so I just need to tell you about something, Dad." We stopped walking and he looked at me with an apologetic and sincere look. "I do tend bar, but...that's not all I do that that place."


"Ok", I said to my son Jake as he seemed to struggle with how to continue his statements. "So, what else do you do at the bar besides bartend?" I honestly wasn't sure what I was about to hear, but his expression helped me guess that it was something he thought I might object to or find distasteful, so I had a few suspicions.

"I...I dance there too," Jake said. "Like, as a go go boy, up on stage. Mainly on Friday and Saturday nights. I tend bar until usually 11 or 12 and then get up on stage after that. When I work during the week it's still mostly bartending."

He was looking at me, clearly eager to see how I was going to respond. I admit that after his lead-up to the revelation, it was more or less what I expected him to say, so I was prepared for it. All in all I didn't think it was particularly shocking.

"Well, Jake...do you like doing that? You get tips and all that, when you dance, right? Is it better than the tips you get at the bar?" I asked.

"Yeah, dad, the tips are pretty good." he replied. "About the same as what I make at the bar actually, but the bar also gives me an extra hundred a night on top of the regular pay I'd be making tending bar anyway, so I come out on top in the end."

"On top, eh?" I joked back, playfully raising one eyebrow.

"Ha ha." He deadpanned. "And yes, to your other question. I like it too...I was a little scared at first but after the first night doing it, I knew I wanted to keep at it. And not just because of the money guys were giving me. It...um, I mean it really gets me excited I guess, showing off to a crowd like that. And all the admiration certainly makes me feel good about myself."

I smiled and nodded, I suppose in an approving way. "Yeah, I can understand that. I've got a little bit of an exhibitionist streak myself. I always liked trips to nude beaches and the chance to show off my body to women who like to look. And I guess to guys too, I never really cared who was looking."

"Yeah, dad, you seemed to take to strutting around the house in your underwear or naked pretty quick after moving in." Jake said jokingly.

"Well, if I can show off and be comfortable at home, it's a double win" I joked back. "But in all seriousness, as long as you're enjoying it and not letting all the attention go to your head too much, it sounds like a good gig. Did you think I would object or something? Why did you feel like you couldn't tell me about this, son?"

I saw his face get serious again and he looked away. There was a moment of silence and I realized that maybe he wasn't quite done with his revelations. Before he could speak again, I asked, "We walked by the place a couple weeks ago when you guys were showing me around the neighborhood. We didn't go in, but it seemed like just a regular bar. Is it a full-on strip club or something?"

"No, it's a bar. Or a club, really. It has a small dance floor and there's a DJ on weekends. Not a strip club, there's actually laws about strip clubs and alcohol and all that. We can wear jockstraps or show our asses or whatever, but not the full monty." Jake stopped and smiled a little. "I mean, that doesn't stop me and some of the other go go boys from occasionally flashing a peek of the goods. But we have to be subtle about it."

"And I'm sure that doesn't hurt your tips." I replied, not quite sarcastically. "So what's the big deal? I guess some dads might get upset about this, but I don't know why you think *I* would. You know me better than that. I support your choices as long as you're being thoughtful and true to yourself."

Jake seemed comforted by my statement and his face changed to one of resolve. "OK, so, here's the deal. I'll just tell you. The bar is what's known as a `cruise bar', which usually just means that there are some dark corners or back hallways or special rooms where guys can duck into and...well, whatever. I'm sure I don't have to explain that. And we have a couple areas like that. And on Saturday nights, and some Fridays, after hours...like after 2am when the bar officially closes, there's kind of an after-party. They call it `lockdown', I guess because the doors are locked and no new people can come in. If you're there when the doors are locked, you're in. Sometimes they usher people out who are too wasted or who clearly are not waiting around for lockdown. Like women, or clueless straight dudes."

I was beginning to see where this was going. Or at least I thought I was. "Ah, I see. And I assume after this `lockdown' things get a little...raunchier? I've had a few gay friends tell me about these kind of parties at clubs and stuff. So what, is it like an orgy type thing?"

"Well, some nights it can get like that, yeah," my son said. "They do `naked night' or `underwear night' now and then. And usually at least some of the guys strip off no matter what, the ones who really like to show off. And usually us go go boys will loose our jocks or thongs or whatever, pretty quick. And keep dancing naked for the crowd. It's...I mean, it's pretty hot a lot of the time. And guys are much more free to touch us and all that."

"Where does the money go?" I asked.

"What?" Jake said, looking at me confused.

"I mean, where do they put the tips? If you're naked." I clarified.

"Oh my God, dad. You are such a dork. Only you would ask some banal question like that after being told your son dances naked and gets groped by dudes at after-hours gay parties." Jake was cracking up.

"I'm a practical kind of guy, son." I said, also laughing. "These are the questions that come up in my brain."

"In my socks," he said. "The tips go in my socks after I get naked. Sometimes before, too. Most of us wear sneakers or boots or whatever."

"Wow. See, female nude dancers would never wear socks. I mean, maybe stockings. Huh. See this totally makes sense, and I learned something new." I said, trying to be pretty casual about the whole thing. In truth, I really wasn't bothered by what I was hearing. This seemed just like something wild a guy does in his early 20's and it's not like Jake wasn't also in college and on a good path in the rest of his life. And extra cash is always handy.

"So let me just get this all out on the table. I want to keep being honest with you." Jake continued. "So guys tip me and, especially after hours, that gets them license to feel me up. And down, and all around. And it's all good. I usually get hard and guys can play with my cock a little. It's pretty hot actually. Sometimes I even let guys put it in their mouth, or I show off my ass and let them finger at my hole a little. And sometimes some of us go go boys will...get up on each other a little and put on a show."

"Shit, Jake." I said, now understanding why he was a little hesitant to talk about this. "I gotta admit, that's a little intense, but it also sounds like it's hot. As long as you like it too, I mean."

"Yeah, dad...I do like doing it. Not just for the ego boost or the feelings and pleasure, but it also makes me, I dunno...confident about myself in a way." He said.

"Yeah I can see that." I responded.

"So then sometimes..." Jake continued. And I thought to myself -- Jesus, there's more? I still wasn't upset but found myself wondering how far this confessional was going to go.  "Sometimes guys will...make me an offer. For sex. And sometimes I take them up on it."

Ah. There it was. And I understood now why he was feeling hesitant about telling me all this. I took a moment to think about how I should reply, and how I felt. Certainly there was a spectrum to all of this. Go-go dancing, taking tips, getting felt up in exchange, nude dancing, letting dudes suck you for tips, performing on stage with other people for tips. Where does it stop being "performing" and start being "sex work"? Certainly I had been to strip clubs in my life, some classy, some sleazy. A few that were really sleazy, where the "champagne room" was just a laughable euphemism for "you can fuck her in the back of the club". I had never done anything quite like that, but I had traded tips for a couple fingers in a strippers' pussy a few times, at some of the less reputable places. And I once had the tip of my cock rubbing at a hot dancer's extremely wet opening as she tried to entice me for additional "services". I remember that night I was out of cash and that was the only reason I didn't take her up on the offer.

So was I going to judge my own son for being on the other end of similar transactions? I realized that I cared more about how he was feeling about this than about any legal or even moral standard that might apply.

"Well, Jake..." I said, finally. "I'm not sure what to say. But I just want to know, are you in charge of all of this? I mean, is the club or your boss or whatever, are they making you do that? Is it part of what the people are there for? Like is it expected?"

"No! Not at all, dad." He said in a reassuring tone. "It's totally up to me. I mean, it's pretty much an anything goes sex party and I'm getting paid for my time to be on stage. But anything else I do is up to me. The management knows what happens but I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. And they don't `take a cut' or anything like that."

"Well, that's good to hear." I said, And it was reassuring, I admit. One thing I didn't want was for my son to get trapped in some lifestyle or exploitive situation, "So do you just...have it all go down right there? In the club, I mean? Or do you go back to the guy's place?"

"It depends, but really most guys want to just get to it right there in the club. Most actually just take me to one of the back areas and we...do whatever we do. They're drunk most often, and don't want to waste time. There's some who want to do me in front of their buddies or just the crowd. Which is a premium." He said with a dirty smile. "I only go home with a guy -- whether he's paying or not -- if it's someone I've met before."

"That's good to hear, son." I said. "About being careful, I mean. And that you're the one deciding."

I paused for a moment. Clearly I needed to say more here, after Jake had opened up about all of this.

"Listen, I am really happy that you feel comfortable enough to be honest about all of this with me. And I understand why you were hesitant to talk about it. So I want you to know that it's cool. I mean...yes, I am a little shocked, I suppose. And it's not like this was on my list of things I hoped you'd be doing in your life." I laughed but quickly moved on, since I realized that was meant as a joke but sounded like disapproval.

"But what's always on that list is you being happy and making good choices. And while I guess it's kind of a legal gray area, you're playing it pretty safe and you don't seem conflicted about it. So...it's all good."

Jake took a deep breath and looked up at the clear sky. "Wow", he said. "I can't even...I've just had this one thing kind of hanging over me since you moved in, and I was so worried about telling you, or you finding out, or something. It feels really good to get this out in the open."

"I assume Kevin knows about all of this, and is okay with it?" I asked, already pretty sure of the answer.

"Totally" Jake replied. "I had done a little go go dancing at another bar before we met, but didn't start working here until after we got together. And I have been open with him about it the whole time. Like I told you before, we don't have much jealously going on, and he actually thinks it's kind of hot. A couple dudes from the club will even come back to our place for a three way now and then. Not the ones who pay, I mean. But guys we've met and like."

"Sounds...well, it sounds like a pretty great setup, I guess. All things considered." I said, not sure what else to say. After all of the openness and new experiences since moving in with the boys, I wasn't really feeling strong opinions about any of this. I wondered if I would have six months ago?

"Maybe I'll have to come by the bar some night soon." I said, and it surprised me a little to hear the words come out of my mouth. "And see you strut your stuff. Before this `lockdown' thing, I mean. I'm not sure that's really my cup of tea, but I'll get some drinks and see what all the fuss is about."

"Really, dad? That'd be cool. I mean, I guess it's nothing you haven't seen at home anyway. And...yeah it would be interesting to have you see this part of my life. Both the bartending -- which I really like doing too -- and the dancing and stuff. And things do get pretty wild after the lockdown so you're right, that might be a little much for you. But...who knows..." he trailed off.

What did that mean?, I wondered. Did he think I wanted to hang out and watch him and a bunch of other guys mess around? Or participate? I suppose given what had happened with Kevin -- and, hell, just now in the park -- it wasn't hard to imagine why he might think I'd be interested. But jerking off with roommates, even if one of them is also my son, is a long way from being in the middle of a gay sex club setting. It's not like I'm disgusted by gay sex at all. I've seen plenty of gay porn in my day and even stuff happening right in front of me on occasion, and in the right setting (especially if a woman's around) it can be part of what gets me turned on and horny. But at this point I felt pretty sure I didn't have the desire to dive into that real life world myself.

We arrived at the edge of the park and stopped at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change.

"I'm really glad you've been open and honest with me, Jake. And that you trust me. You know I always love you, no matter what." I said, and meant every word.

"Aww...jeez, you're gonna make me cry." Jake replied. Then he surprised me by grabbing my hand, intertwining our fingers together and gripping it tight. Sorta like when he was little, but also not. As we stood there waiting for the signal to change, he leaned his head on my shoulder and sighed deeply. I have to say, it felt really nice. Over the past weeks I'd probably become closer to my son than I had been since before he moved out, or maybe even longer.

A female jogger trotted up and stood next to us, doing the running-in-place thing as she also waited for the light to change. She looked over and smiled. "You guys are such a cute couple!" she said.

I chuckled and smiled and wondered if I should correct her or just let the comment go. Before I could decide, I heard Jake say "thanks" and he squeezed my hand tighter as he said it. Maybe it should have been a weird or funny moment, but love is love and it all still felt nice.

The light changed and the jogger dashed off as we resumed our walk back to the train stop. Jake held my hand the whole way across the street (again, I was reminded of when he was little, but it still felt different). On the other side he let go and pulled out his phone to check the time and his messages.

Jake said, "You know, dad...if you want to come by the club tonight, you could."

I thought it was interesting that he was so eager for me to come by, now that his "secret" was out. And I was curious as well, but tonight I had other plans that I realized I hadn't told him about yet.

"I'd love to, son," I said, "but tonight I actually have a date."

"WHAT?!". Jake exclaimed with a huge grin. "How could you not have told me? That's awesome! So what's the deal, where'd you meet her? Give the scoop, old man!"

I laughed at his use of the phrase. "Well," I said "You know this old man has been around for a while and knows plenty of people. A colleague from my last job moved up here a few years ago. When she lived in LA we were...I guess you would say `friends with benefits', both when we worked together and for a while after. Things were always cool and low key, though we haven't talked much since she moved. But the other day she messaged me on Facebook, after seeing that I was up here now. And so we're having dinner."

"Nice, dad! Only here a few weeks and you're already getting a list of booty calls going." Jake said teasingly.

I cringed a little at the term. "Ugh, come on son. She's a little more than that. We're friends too, and I am really looking forward to catching up with her and hearing what she's doing now."

Jake just looked at me with one eyebrow raised.

"And..." I continued, "yes, ok, I am pretty sure that we're going to end up in one of our beds afterward. She's single too, and still just as hot as I remember. Maybe even more!"

"Ok, good, dad. That's what I wanted to hear. You're a man in your prime and you need to sow your oats still. Somewhere else besides on my boyfriend's abs, I mean."

"Shut up, little fucker" I said in a mocking tone, as I pushed him playfully. He pushed back in the same way and we had a fun little `mock' struggle for a moment.

"Seriously though, Kevin's coming to the club tonight and probably staying late too, so you'll have the place to yourself. Make good use of it!"


And make good use of it I did! Nadira, my old friend, and I had drinks and then dinner not far from the apartment. And the we went to an upscale, overpriced bar and had some more drinks. And, at the urging of the bartender, some shots. And then some more drinks.

As I had told Jake, we both knew how the evening would end up. Together we managed to stumble back to my apartment and proceeded to go at one another. She really was even hotter and hornier than I remembered. I think we made use of every surface in the place. Sofa, chair, kitchen floor, kitchen table. I fucked her on Jake and Kevin's bed, which was at her urging -- she said it was `hot and kinky'. And the we finished the night in my room. She had always loved it in the ass and that hadn't changed. She probably came 3 or 4 times over the course of the night (compared to my twice) and we both had our last one together as I took her over the edge, then pulled out of her perfect asshole and shot all over the lubed opening and her tight buttocks. Definitely one of the hottest nights I had had in quite a while. We were both exhausted and passed out pretty quickly after that.


I woke up to four things -- thirst, the very faint start of a hangover, the realization that I was still pretty drunk, and music. Music? Where was that coming from? What time was it? I glanced over at the clock on the night table and saw that it was 5:30am. Still dark outside, Nadira was sound asleep next to me on top of the duvet. On her stomach with her gorgeous face looking peaceful. I could still see my load drying on her ass.

The music. It was coming from the boys' room across the hall. And -- shit -- my bedroom door was open, more than just a little. I guess I hadn't closed it during all of the wild fucking we were doing. I wasn't really embarrassed if they had come home and seen us naked and sleeping, and figured I would get a fresh round of friendly teasing about my `conquest' later on the in the day.

Thirst. Stop the hangover. I decided I had better get up and get some water.

I stood up and shuffled over to the doorway, rubbing my eyes. I stepped into the hallway and ran into a cock. Literally, I took a step forward and then all of a sudden there was a big erect penis jabbing right into my pubes.

I looked up and there was some dude who looked just as surprised as me. He was about my age, maybe a little older. Big burly muscular guy -- really big muscles, actually -- with a covering of neatly trimmed body hair.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed. "Sorry, buddy. I didn't see you coming out of there." He grabbed my elbow briefly in a friendly way, or maybe to steady himself (or me) after our semi-collision. He didn't really take a step back at first though, and his large purple cockhead kept rubbing around in the area just above my own cock. I'm not sure if he really noticed.

In my bleary state I understood that he had probably come out of the boys' room and was on his way to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

"Um...it's...it's okay. Sorry. Who are you?", I said, still feeling both drunk and a little confused.

At this point I noticed that the guy seemed a little wound up, he was breathing a little fast and kind of sweaty, and his eyes were not quite focused on me.

"I'm Alan. `Scuse me, I gotta take a piss." he said as he took a step away. He looked down briefly and smiled in an odd way. "And uh...sorry about the mess."

As he walked over to the bathroom to piss (not closing the door or turning on any lights, I noticed) I looked down and saw what he meant. His cock -- which I continued to notice was fucking massive, maybe one of the biggest I had ever seen -- must have been covered with lube and...something else? It had left a shiny, sticky mess in my pubes and one side of my balls. What the fuck was going on?

Since it seemed like they were awake (the music was playing) I decided to look into the boys' room and maybe ask about who this dude was walking naked and hard around the apartment at 5:30 in the morning. I took the few steps over to their bedroom door which was also wide open now, and looked inside. I wasn't sure what I expected to see, but it definitely wasn't the scene I beheld.

Kevin was on his knees at the head of their king size bed, facing toward the doorway (and me). Jake was on all fours on the bed facing away from me. Both were nude and it was clear that Jake had Kevin's cock in his mouth. His head was pressed into Kevin's crotch and one of Kevin's hands was on the back of his head. I couldn't see Jake's face or Kevin's cock but I could tell that my son had his lover pretty far down his throat. Kevin had his eyes closed and was moaning softly as Jake worked him over.

Kevin was leaning forward a little and his other had was reaching down the length of Jake's back and he had two fingers at Jake's asshole. The asshole that -- jesus -- was gaping pretty wide. Even with Kevin's fingertips at the edge and a little bit inside, I could still see a good amount of open space. Jake's rear was actually just a few feet in front of me so I had a front row seat to...whatever this was I had stumbled into. My still-addled mind suddenly put all of the pieces together and I realized that the hallway dude -- Alan -- had just moments before been fucking Jake with his massive cock. That explained the distended state of my son's wet hole.

As Kevin worked Jake's hole a little more with his fingers, my son moaned softly (as much as he could with his mouth full) and I noticed a rivulet of cum running out of his ass and making its way down his shaved ballsack. Alan must have just unloaded in there, which explain his need to piss. And, I guess, the sticky mess his cock had left all over me when we ran into each other.

I just stood there for a moment, I suppose in shock, taking in the whole scene. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes of Jake's ass. His opening was red and a little puffy from the pounding he must have just taken. And glistening from both the copious amount of lube that must have been needed as well as the semen that had been deposited inside him, more of which was now starting to trickle out. The repeated motion of Kevin's two fingers right at the edge of his hole corresponded with the muffled moans of pleasure I continued to hear from Jake.

My drunk mind flashed back to Nadira's wet asshole that I had been fucking just hours before, and how my swollen cock had looked as I pulled out and shot my load all over her opening. It looked a lot like what I was seeing right in front of me, and that blew my mind in an odd way.

Suddenly I felt a presence near me and an arm around my waist. Alan was standing to my left and a little behind me. His hand was around the right side of my waist and I looked down and saw his cock -- holy fuck, it was huge -- pressed up against my left hip.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear playfully. "Hey buddy...looks hot, right? Your roommate's got an amazing ass."

At that point, Kevin opened his eyes and saw the two of us standing in the doorway. Kevin's face got a big and kind of wicked-looking grin. His eyes...something was different about them. Not quite focused, he looked a little spacey. In the low light it was hard to tell, but his usually light hazel eyes looked almost black.

As the slightly unnerving smile stayed on his face, he made eye contact with me and at the same time moved his other hand away from the back of Jake's head. It joined his other one at my son's asshole and he used them both to spread Jake open a little more, now with a finger from his other hand joining the two already inside. This caused even more of Alan's very fresh load to run out and trickle down Jake's scrotum. Kevin said nothing at all and just maintained the intense stare into my eyes, while Jake's soft moans continued.

Alan continued to whisper in my ear. "I was gonna have another go in him, buddy, but you can go next if you want. They said you're straight but, fuck...his ass feels sooooo nice. Way better than that pussy you've got in the other room."

The hirsute stud reached down and started stroking my hard cock as he continued to talk. Fuck! When did my cock get hard? It wasn't just plumped -- I suddenly realized I had a full-on throbber going, and Alan's hand was doing its best to keep it that way. He made use of the mess he had left in my pubes moments earlier, using the small amount of lube (and I guess what was his own cum) to slick up my rod as he stroked it.

He continued "You're cock's pretty big, buddy, so he'll be tight. But he can take it. He loves big ones like ours. Just do it. Look...he's busy and probably won't even know it's you at first."

Kevin's eyes were still locked on mine. His stare was crazy intense, but still seemed to be a little bit `out of it'. But he kept staring at me as he spread Jake's hole open even further.

What the fuck. What the FUCK? Here was this stranger standing next to me, stroking my cock and telling me I should step into the room and fuck my own son's asshole. From what he said, I could guess that maybe he didn't know I was Jake's dad. But still...what was going on here? My heart was beating fast and I was feeling really confused and addled by all of this, due to the fact that I was still a little drunk and sleepy. I had to get out of this scene, I told myself, not sure what I was feeling at the moment.

"I'm...sorry. I'm good, man. Thanks." I said to Alan as I stepped back. In my confused state, a weird automatic politeness seemed to take over. "Enjoy the rest of the night", I said, as I turned around and staggered to the bathroom.

I didn't turn the light on. I splashed some water on my face and took a long drink from the faucet. Still barely able to process what I had just seen and what had just happened.

I took the few steps back to my own bedroom, noticing that the other bedroom door was mostly closed now. My cock still rock hard, I laid down on the bed next to Nadira. The motion woke her up a little and she stirred, opened her eyes and saw my erection.

"Mmmmm" she whispered with a faint smile. "Looks like you were having a nice dream. How bout I finish that thought for you."

Before I could even react, she had scooted over slightly and had my cock in her mouth. The sensation took over and I tossed my head back and just moaned, not at all quietly. I kind of lost my thoughts at that point, everything coming together in my mind's eye --

Nadira's wet, open asshole. My hard cock, my load shooting onto it, and into it.  Alan's massive cock, wet with cum. Alan's cock fucking Jake's hole. Filling it with cum.  Jake's wet, open hole. My hard cock, ready to cum.  Nadia sucking me. Jake sucking Kevin. Me shooting a huge load on Nadira. On Kevin. On Jake.

FUCK. I felt myself go over the edge and filling Nadria's mouth with my seed. She seemed startled for a moment, probably because she had only been sucking my cock for about a minute. I had been close even before getting back in bed.

I let out a long moan as my orgasm trailed off and relaxed back into the pillows, exhausted.

Nadira pulled off my cock and wiped the corners of her mouth.

"Christ, Tom," she said with an amused tone, as she settled in next to me. "That really must have been a great dream you were having."

"Yeah," was all I could say as I wrapped my arm around her and drifted back to sleep. All of the images running through my mind, plus the lingering drunkenness, had worn me out mentally and I just needed to get back to sleep.


At about 10am I awoke to Nadira getting out of bed and putting on her clothes. She was beautiful, I thought to myself, and then told her so. We shared a few more nice moments chatting and kissing a little, and making indefinite but genuine plans to get together again soon.

I pulled on some jeans and walked her to the front door. Jake and Kevin were sitting at the dining room table noshing on some biscuits or something. They both looked up as we walked by, and I did some quick introductions. The boys were dressed in shorts and t-shirts and baseball caps, both looking quite wholesome and all-American. They were super polite and both wished Nadria a pleasant Sunday as I showed her out. After our quick goodbye I walked back in and the wholesomeness went out the window.

Jake and Kevin both went from wholesome to frat boy faster than I could step into the kitchen to grab myself a plate.

"Hooo-eee, old man!," Kevin shouted. "Goddamn, she is HOT! Bet you had a nice time last night getting all up and in that!"

"We saw you guys passed out when we got home, dad," Jake teased, "and it sure looked like you had a nice time. I think you knocked some stuff off the kitchen counters, though. And are those cum stains on the couch?"

That continued for a few minutes. Boys will be boys and I had to grin and bear it. I was laughing and letting them have their fun, but in the back of my mind I was also recalling the hazy events of the early morning. It felt almost like it had been a dream. Had it been?

After Kevin and Jake's dirty comments subsided, and we all were quietly chowing on the biscuits Kevin had made, as well as some pretty tasty scrambled eggs, I decided to just ask. "So what time did Alan leave this morning?"

There was a moment of silence, and I wasn't sure if it was awkwardness or confusion. What if it HAD been a dream? Were they about to ask me who Alan was and what the hell I was talking about?

Then Jake replied "Uh...I guess about 7 or so. Sorry for, uh, not introducing you guys, but you were asleep when we got home and also when he left. How did you know he was here, dad?"

Jake looked puzzled, but not embarrassed or concerned, that I seemed to know about their late night guest.

"We...ran into one another in the hallway when I got up to piss. It was just a surprise is all. He...seemed like a nice guy?" I wasn't really sure what else to say.

The whole time I was watching Kevin out of the corner of my eye. Jake clearly didn't know I had seen anything at all last night. But Kevin should have remembered. Even though some of the early morning events were still a little hazy in my mind, I couldn't forget that crazy intense stare Kevin was giving me for those few minutes that I was standing in the doorway. He had to remember that, right?

But his demeanor gave no indication that he did. The times our eyes met during the breakfast conversation seemed to carry no weight or secret knowledge. He HAD seemed a bit out of it himself, maybe he was drunk too?

"Yeah, Alan's a nice guy for sure," my son continued. "We've known him for a little while and he comes over now and then. He's...pretty fun." Jake said with a slightly dirty smile.

"Uh-huh," Kevin teased at Jake. "Pretty HUNG, you mean. Dude's got a cock from here till Thursday. Jake can't get enough of that thing."

"I didn't hear you complaining after you ate his loads out of my ass, Kev," Jake playfully shot back.

Both of them suddenly, and rather comically, realized that Jake had made a fairly graphic comment, even for them, and both looked at me simultaneously to see how I would react.

Now past my brief concern about whether either of them remembered my intrusion in the early hours, I tried to make some lame dirty-sounding joke about cream for my coffee, and got up and went back over to the kitchen area.

They both faked laughter at my attempt at humor and we all cleaned up the breakfast dishes. As I washed out the pan Kevin had used for the eggs, I thought once more about the events of the wee hours and figured it was best to let it go and not mention it any further. I admitted to myself that I still felt a little odd about thing things Alan had said to me in those moments, but wrote off the strangeness to all of us being drunk, horny and up too late.

Jake turned to me and said "Dad, Kevin and I were going to head over to our gym this afternoon for a workout. I think we all could use some sweat time to get some of last night out of our systems. Wanna join us? I can get you in with a guest pass."



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