Some time passed(I don't know exactly cause I was unconscious), I felt got and thought to myself thank God I was alive but then I felt movement inside me to be exact at my lower body. Realizing what was happening I opened my eyes and saw my cousin's face, I wanted to scream at him but he moved that causes me to moan instead and he grin at me.

He spoke "I sure miss you and wanted to do this to you for a long time". Then he sped up and I was moaning till we both climax. We were both panting from exhaustion but when we regained our breath. He slipped out from me. He stood up and drank water so I wanted to move but felt my arm and legs were constricted and saw I was chained and naked. Then realizing my predicament, I screamed to him to release me but he just ignored me. When he finishes drinking, he faces up to me then there I see in his full glory with a 10" hard cock. I was wide eyed and thought that was inside me earlier. Then Christopher saw my face and looks at what I'm looking at that made him show a sly smile. I said "Please Christ, stop this I beg you"

"No, do you know how long I waited for this?" he draws near me again.

"That isn't possible...ah-ahmm don't you had a wife and children, you are straight (thinking also you are my cousin)"

"Hahaha, those-those were just my past time to fill in the things that I could never do to you... yet" he was at my rectum and was inserting his cock inside me again

"Please don't" I beg him with tears

"You did not know that I was in love with you for a long time since that time" and started thrusting inside me, I wanted to say something but these sounds only came out "Ahh... Uhnn... Nghh..." with tears cause he was also kissing my body and nibbling my nipples.

1 week has passes and he did me every day and almost all the time, he would sometimes suck me or he would make me suck him but he would put some kind of big ring inside my mouth to stop me from ever biting him and he also do the same when feeding me food so I can't even die with this horror. I was losing hope because no one would know what happened to me and if they did, they wouldn't know where I am. Then suddenly the door to the room opened and a figure came to view which confronted Christopher and I eventually lost conscious.



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