A few days passed, i avoided both of them and pretty much avoided a confrontation but one day i was in the library and was in deep thought as to why both the friends i made were doing weird or unusual(for them) things. I suddenly felt a presence and look behind me and saw him which was Bruce.The kiss flashed back in my head, i instinctively tried to get away but he cornered me and said "I need to talk to you".

"Please not today. I feel really not in the mood"

"Please here me out, i need to explain what i did"

"okay okay. I can't do anything anyway"

"Louie, I like you not just a friend and as me showing that to Renz is cause i was jealous of him whenever you think about him and i want to be your boyfriend"

"Wait that can't be... I mean you have a girlfriend for pete's sake and there is nothing likeable about me since many quite hate me and whenever i'm near them they move away as if i have a transferable disease or something"

"NO that is not true you're quite likeable if they ever get a chance to get to know you because your humble, caring and... as a man, i would say your quite sexy and for my girlfriend, i broke up with her a week before the day i kissed you"

"OMG you broke up... wait what?!!! You think i'm sexy, in what sense of the word this look what you say" indicating or pointing my body

"The way you look at school is baggy and i know your quite shy so many misunderstood you but one day i saw you at the swimming pool, your arms are thin yes but your body is slender to the point of being sexy and then the day i met you and got to know you at starbucks that made me fall for you"

I blushed as red as a tomato because i did not know someone saw me and most of all thought i was sexy. He then said "So can i be your boyfriend?". I kinda stared there all fidgety cause it is all new to me being confess and all but i knew i needed to say something so i said "Can i think about it since it is quite new to me and if ever i say yes this would be my first relationship ever"

"I understand but please do consider since this would also be my first relationship with a guy" with a smile that almost made me say yes right there.

We separated and i got into thinking for a week that it would not be bad to experience it at least once even though i'm a hopeless romantic but one thing is for sure he is someone i'm really comfortable with so possibly can develop for him. The thought also scared me since if it would not work out, what then would we separate then i'll be alone again without any friends. I feel so lost but i do sure am attracted to Bruce and how he sees me just makes me feel so good inside so i made my decision. I looked for Bruce and found him at the lockers at the hallway and gave him my yes.

"What is the yes for?" He look me in the eye and "Does that mean, what i think it means?"

I nodded and kind of blush then suddenly he hug me right infront of many people so i pushed him away and hid my face to hide my very red face. Bruce was startled when i push him but when he saw the looks of everyone he understood and patted me at my shoulder then walk away. We then started dating like eating out and watching movie either romantic or horror and he would hold my hand and sometimes kiss me but discreetly so not to be talked around. When it is a horrror movie, i would sometimes cling to his arm and cover my face (really not into horror but he likes them) and whenever i do that he would say " i'm here don't be scared" with a big smile and would hold my hands. I think he purpsodely pick horror not just that he likes it but to also be intimate to me without being seen in that way. I smiled at that thought but still horror gives me nightmare. When it is romantic movies (a big fan of this), i would sometimes lean my head at his shoulder and just feel a hearth warming feeling. We were at the back so no one would see us and might also hide my face at his chest. A few times he would visit and give me roses and gifts as such (i'm living alone) that makes me feel giddy inside i don't know what girl feels like but i sure know it would be like this as if your floating on air and would be speechless. In one particular day, he arrived and we got in to talking then suddenly he was kneeling in front of me and took out a small box in his pocket. I froze cause i mean isn't it a bit to early for a proposal but my heart was pounding of the excitement giving me goosebumps. But when he opened it, it was not just one ring but two and they are identical. The rings were silver adorned with sapphires in a cross pattern at the top. He gave me a grin and said "You thought i was proposing right?"

I said "I hate you" and threw a throw pillow at him. He dodged it and started laughing.

"Sorry, sorry... I just can't help it but i wanted to try it out to you and this rings are ours. I especially made this for us and look at this" he took one ring and showed me the inside and there i see my initial and below is the date of my birthday and the other one is his initial and birthday. Suddenly my tears started falling, i mean no one has made such a special thing for me not even my own family.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" said Bruce.

"I'm just so happy cause this is really special to me"

"Ohhh... This is special also to me cause you are special for me" while hugging me and caressing my head.

We both place the rings at each other's right hand ring finger like how the wedding does it. The ring i wore has Bruce initial and birthday while mine at his. So i feel kind of different for a few weeks now as if i don't see anyone around me, made no attempts to look at their reactions to me and i feel confident then one day i tried to change my looks so i change my outfit to slim ones and change my hairstyle then suddenly people are noticing me in a different way and talking to me much often now. The looks of the girls are divided some look at me with admiration and some had sour faces and the looks of the guys are really different, they do double takes at me i mean i'm not really sure but i think there is lust in there. Their reactions do little to me cause i'm in cloud nine and they are only looks no physical contact. That friday i was walking at the hallway, i saw someone eyeing me then when i was getting near him, he walk right in front of me and grabbed me by my shirt which gave me a fright since i'm really weak at this kind of situations. He whispered at my ear "Would you like to play with me?" with a smirk that gave me goosebumps cause when i saw his face real close, he was one of the wrestling team so i panicked and struggled to break free. He punched me at the gut and said "Don't make it any more difficult cause there is no escape". Suddenly Renz went by and saw what was happening so he pulled me away and said "What do you want with my boyfriend?' with a glare. That made the guy to scram since Renz is bigger than him. When we were alone i said "T-Thank you for saving me" then he wanted to say something but instead look at me and kind of stared at me like a guy looking at a bikini wearing girl that made me conscious so i turned and started to walk away when he suddenly he pulled me to one of the stalls at the boys restroom and kiss the hell out of me. My knees buckled and this time he caught me and held me like that so long that i did not notice both our pants and underwear was down. I look down saw that he got a hard on then suddenly he grab my ass and fondled it that made me moan next he turned me around felt his dick at my ass. Panic had taken over but i was not able to react before he plunged into me and felt how excruciating was that being entered and dry even that i cried so hard. He nibbled at my ears and lick my neck (which by now i know was my sensitive area) that made me moan till the pain subsided then he started to fuck me like there was no tomorrow and still continued to nibble at my ear and lick at my neck occasionally giving kiss marks. I kinda felt better when he hit something cause i croak a sound of "ahhh...hnnnn...". His hands was roaming around my body as if memorizing the touch of my skin and would stop at my nipple then tweak it. Pretty much i was groaning and moaning and soon enough i felt like cumming then the enivitable came which was my first orgasm without touching my cock. After my orgasm i felt a hot liquid inside me so i knew he came into me without wearing any condom after he pulled out i kind of slump at the toilet sit and faced him i saw a white and red liquid at his dick then realizing it's blood, my blood, i cried again since this would be my first and it was not a thing i envisioned. When he saw me cry and look disheveled with blood, he freaked out and ran away leaving me. I was angry at myself cause how can i feel so good if the person is not someone i love soon enough i learned that it does happen to guys no matter how you resist it the outcome will still be the same. After awhile Bruce was shouting my name since we planned to walk home together and when he look at the restroom, he saw me there tears at my face blood at my inner thighs and was mumbling about my first time. He ran to me and hug me then asked "Who did this to you? I'll make whoever did this to you pay"

"No Bruce people will know about us and you'l..." in sobs.

He interrupted "I don't care what they say about me but sure can't let this pass"

"But what about me people would see me disgusting and worst of all they will know i've been rape"

Bruce was shocked at what i said and he did not think about what would happen to me so with a sigh, he nodded with agreement and help me up and fix myself. When i'm about to walk i came light headed with pain at my back then passed out. When i woke up i'm at the clinic and beside me was bruce with a look of relief. I said "Thanks for not going to the hospital, i don't know what would happen if my parents found out (since i'm also not out yet)". Suddenly my head hurts and some images were in my mind of a familiar figure and i was smaller but he was doing somethig to me not very clear and there was crying. Suddenly tears were falling and my body was shaking. When Bruce saw this, he instantly hug me and caresses my back to soothe me.



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