A few hours had passed after my family left the room; I was now calming down and had been holding Bruce’s hands. Bruce was looking at me with concern.

“L, are you alright? You know you can tell me anything right?”

I swallowed hard and said “I can’t… I just can’t… cause this-this thing would ruin me and you-you won’t be able to take it” and then I’m suddenly crying cause the thought of Bruce leaving me is just too painful.

“Sorry, sorry. I won’t press you anymore” while hugging me which made it more painful for me cause he was the one apologizing.

The next day was discharged cause of my constant pressing to leave (the reason is my cousin was there) but my family was reluctant to do so cause they were worried of me. Then me and Bruce went to school together and unexpectedly saw Renz at the gate of the school standing. When he saw us together his face change a bit; he look at Bruce and glared at him but when he looked at me he smiled. My heart just skipped a bit at that and wondered the change of attitude then it dawned on me of his confession. He ran towards us and said “Good Morning! Had a good weekend?” while taking my bag and the books that I was carrying and put his arm around me shoulder. My mind is getting more stressed out cause of what happened yesterday and what is happening now. I was about to speak but Bruce got to it first.

“Renz, what are you doing?”

“What? I’m just showing that I’m true to my words”

“And what words may that be?”

“That I’m so in love with Louie” and kissed me at my cheek. Bruce got mad and yelled.

“Are you mad, after you…” and look at me then I knew what he was about to say

“After I what? Ahhh! You meant after I…” he stopped when he saw me glaring at him

Then the atmosphere became heavy and none started to speak again. Three of us went inside the school at the hallway and then everyone stop what they were doing and look at us. After they were whispering at each other while looking at us. I realize what it was then took Renz hands away from me, took my things back and move away even leaving Bruce. Renz then yelled…

“What are you whispering about?!!! Huh?!!!” everyone was flinched then became quiet

“If you’re talking about me and/or Louie and I caught you… hehehe, be prepared for something” with a snicker then punch one of the lockers which became bent.

Everyone swallowed hard and nervously tried to get back at what they were doing. Bruce was amazed at how Renz can just openly show his feelings toward me and pretty much fight to protect me. Then they ran towards me going to the classroom and tried to talk to me about what happened. When we three arrived at the door at my classroom, Bruce suddenly held my hand and said “I’m here for you. You know that right?” I nodded at him while Renz was eyeing our hands and saw the rings in our hands which are similar. He spoke making me and Bruce jump…

“Are you guys together? Caue those rings are…” before he finished, I withdrew my hands from Bruce and hid my hands with the ring cause I was embarrassed being caught like that.

Bruce spoke “Yes and so?”

“For how long?”

“A month now”

“Oh!!!” then Renz started thinking and suddenly spoke again

“Are you confident in protecting him if they ever knew about you two?”

“Uh… I…” and was suddenly interrupted

“Cause I know I can so I won’t give up on him” then went inside the classroom and leaving us speechless

I spoke “B… uhhh… uhmm” but did not know what to say

Bruce suddenly said “L, it’s okay cause I alos won’t give up in what we have” and went to his own classroom

I went inside the classroom and saw Renz was standing and waiting fro me. I then sat at a nearby chair and then Renz went beside me

“What are you doing?”

“As you heard awhile ago, I won’t give up on you and am a persistent guy”

“Do what you want” in annoyance

During class, he was staring intently on me which made me bothered. At lunch, he would join me and Bruce and sit beside me still putting his arms around me. Whenever I’m ignoring him, he would do things to get my attention to him. When going home, he would also come with me justifying that it was a way for keeping an eye out for me. During weekends, they would visit me but apparently won’t be able to go out since they are rambling at each other. The days passed and Renz was still trying to win me over would try different things like passing me a paper with the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ during class. When going home Bruce and Renz would argue which made me angry then reprimanded them and banned them both from taking me home. The attention is making me crazy as if I was a bone being fought over by dogs. The next few days, I was always see something inside my desk like a flower, a card etc and to top it all off, the things I liked that I see at a nearby store when I was going home. I thought those were from Bruce at first since he give me things but not those things I saw a the store then I thought it was Renz but a text change my mind cause it came from that unknown number again. The text talks about the ‘gifts’ I was receiving and ask me of my day. During night time, I was always have the feeling that someone was following me. I never told anyone about those things cause I did not want to worry anyone. Then some night, I thought I saw Christopher but when I look again he was not there which made me thought it was my imagination.

One night while I was sleeping, I felt someone touching me so I woke up and started to scream but instead my mouth was covered by a cloth. I fought with all my might but soon enough was getting nauseous and thought to myself what did this person want from me or could this be the end of me then fell asleep.



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