I took note of your comments so i'll start of making the description of the main character and his friends


Louie as said before average looking, shy, introvert-(low self-esteem, bullied at his high school and pretty much ignored by others so no friends), a bit smart being in the top 10 of his batch, 5'8" tall, 6" hard cock

Renz is a ripped gay like a jock, happy go lucky, smart, girl magnet-pretty much surrounded by girls, 6' tall, well as seen at the previous episode 6" semi hard and will see it fully hard later in the story which is 8"

Now i'll introduce how Louie and Bruce met...

I met Bruce one day from the days i was swimming since i was not hanging out with Renz anymore but i was finished swimming at that time. Coming out of my recreation, i decided to go to starbucks to chill out and fill in my loneliness. I was sitting at the smoking area or outdoor part of starbucks and looking at the bright sky while drinking my espresso. When suddenly someone stand before me and said "Wow that is deep you are thinking, may i sit with you cause there is no more sits available". That surprised me and look around soon enough saw he was right so as friendly i could be said "Sure i was about to leave anyway" but he stopped me and said "Why don't you stay for a while and look your not finish with your drink yet... oh! by the way i'm Bruce". I look at him and he looks quite harmless and quite cute in fact so i said "Well why not, I do not have anything to do and my name is Louie". We both sit and took our time drinking our coffees but suddenly he surprised me by asking "Why were you so deep in thought?" Unaware my eyebrow raise made him stammered by saying "Oh not to be rude or anything for asking, you could not reply or whatever... sorry". I replied "well it is not that a big deal" and told him i was having problem with my friend which is i being gay and he is homophobic unknowingly in a sorrowful tone. Then it dawned on me that i just said my problem to a stranger i just met today and when i saw his faced his reaction was of shock. As of my personality, i reacted by standing up and get away but before i could stand completely. He spoke suddenly "Wow never thought you were gay hmmm... and this being my observation he is your only friend or your closest friend"

I was taken aback and said "Yes you are right he is my only friend and along being my closest friend but what can i do? I'm just at a lost" in my lonesome voice. We talked for a long time mostly of my problem which i found out he makes me comfortable talking to him. Along our conversation i learned some things from him like he is also majoring in chemistry but in a different section and he is 5'7" so 1 inch smaller to me and he has a girlfriend so pretty much was straight along from my observation a very caring person. When we finish, it was really late so i said "Well it is getting late need to go home and thanks for listening and for cheering me up" "Sure no problem and don't let it get you down that you can't have friends cause you're gay and your friend may turn around" I smiled at that and wave goodbye. While on my way home, I thought the scenario was quite a classic for a guy meeting a girl and laugh at it. The next day same thing happened but the difference is the place has more available sits and i was not in deep in thought. A couple of days of having this routine we became friends and started hanging out not only in starbucks anymore, we also do some school works by researching and such.

Now back to the previous story...

I was shocked that Bruce kissed me and most of all that was my first kiss which was coming to someone i'm not even in that kind of relationship but my god i did not know how good a kiss could feel. Renz suddenly got angry and separated me and Bruce from the kiss and punched him then drag me away. I was in shock and bewildered as to what happened and why. Then Renz have brought me to the roof and shouting "Why did i just did that? I'm going crazy...". While he was in conflict with himself i creep out not hearing what he is saying since i'm pretty much scared he would hurt me (not a big fan of violence and much more of pain). When i was at the door, he saw me and stop me then suddenly held my shoulder to face him and i instinctively close my eyes to face a punch of some sort but instead i felt something warm and wet at my lips. I was shock that i open my mouth and eyes to protest but forget that his lips where at mine which suddenly made his tongue go to my mouth and kiss me hard. That kiss was so good that made it hard to start to fight back which made my knees weak so i fell down on my butt which in turn separated the kiss but when i look up at his face, he had a bewildered face. Not wanting to take any more shocks, i began to move away without him noticing.

This is my second part of my story and please still do comment on how far i'm doing to my story.



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