The gloryhole that we have at the house has been a great success through its internet ad and through word of mouth, So sucessful we have to choose what men we want to suck off because the response has been so great, Now Jhon, my friend is filming each encounter so we can relive the most memorable of the encounters. There is a camera inside filming us doing the dirty deed together and a camera outside filming the guy getting serviced.

   One such encounter happened after I finally got the pleasure to suck off a security guard at Contrafa, I was there paying my monthly bills and there is always the same hot security guard dressed in a blue uniform with a basket to die for. I make it a point to start up a conversation with him, each time letting him know with my downward glances that I would like the chance to suck him off. One day, I got my chance, the line of customers was very long and I needed to take a wicked piss. I asked him if there was any way I could use the bathroom, He said it was against the rules but he would ask his boss. It turned out that it would be okay since I was a good customer and they knew me well. The security guard said he would have to go with me for reasons of security and I followed him to the bathroom. I entered first and I could hear the distinct clicking of the lock by him behind me. I was taking a piss at the urinal when he suddenly asked me whether I would be interested in sucking his cock. I turned toward him to see his cock was already outside of his pants semi-erect and growing by the minute. The security guy was a white guy but by the color of his cock I knew he had some black blood within his family genes.I was staring at a huge black uncut cock already dripping precum. He motioned for me to come closer until I was standing in front of him, all at once he put his hands on my shoulder and forced me down level with his cock. I was so close to it I could smell the musky masculine aroma of his cock , He grabbed the back of my head and brought me to his cock which was now totally erect.He had peeled back his foreskin and eased it between my lips. I tasted the immediate sweetness of the clear liquid covering the slit of his glans. I let it slide til it hit my tonsils and deep throated it  til it was lodged within, ending with his heavy hairy balls against my lips. I could hear him moan and start the vocal words of domination saying ¨he had always wanted to fuck my mouth and make me eat his load.¨and he knew I wanted the same. The security guard said we had to do this fast so his boss wouldnt get suspicious of our long absence. He started to thrust his cock within my lips, each time faster and with audible moans. I had never been face fucked when sucking a guy´s cock so this would be a first. Each time he thrust his 10 inch cock into my mouth I was rewarded by more precum making it easier to take such a huge cock. He said he needed to empty his balls since he was so horny from all the good looking Colombian woman who entered the business to pay their bills. I let him do all the work until he shuddered and released his huge load. He told me to swallow it all and not to miss a drop of his leche. He came for what seemed an eternity filling my mouth each time with his essence. Finally it stopped and I could feel his cock deflating. He withdrew his slimy member and wiped it off with some toilet paper so it would stain his blue uniform and tucked it back iside with his balls. We both exited just when his boss was entering to see what was taking so long. Before we left the confines of the bathroom he asked for my number since I sucked his cock like he liked it done.

   It was less than I week I got a call from him saying that he had some spare time at lunch and wanted a repeat. I gave him the address to the house, and told Jhon he was coming. Five minutes later,the doorbell rang and I asked him if he had ever experienced a gloryhole. He looked confused and answered no. I brought him to the room and Jhon was already inside. I explained what he was to do and I entered the dark recess of the closet. Kneeling down along with Jhon we saw the huge outline of his cock tenting the crotch of his uniform. He slowing lowered his zipper and brought his member out in the light of day along with his heavy balls. He also unbuckled his belt with hhis pistol and laid ii on the tile floor of the bedroom. He then unsnapped the button to his pants and peeled his pants down to just above his knees. His huge erect cock was sticking out of the opening of his white boxers with his hairy nuts resting below. He walked slowiy, coming closer to the hole with his cock in hand. He had a huge foreskin and peeled it back over the glans of his head as he entered the hole and into the mouth of Jhon already waiting. I was filming from above and knealt to film from below watching my friend start to swallow his huge cock. After about two minutes it was my turn and without missing a beat I took over and heard a huge moan from him, He said ëso eso como antes¨which translates that´s it that´s it, that´s it like before. At that point, i knew he knew he was getting sucked off by two different mouths. He abruptly withdrew his huge organ and knealt and said that he wanted to suck a cock and it didn´t matter which one. Jhon jumped at the chance and sent his cock through to enter his lips. Jhon´s pelvis was pressed against the hole as he cock was serviced by the security guard. Evidently he was a good cocksucker himself because all at once Jhon was lost in his orgasm, shooting his spurts of cream into the man´s mouth. Jhon ´s legs shuddered and trembled until he withdrew his slimy saliva coated black cock.The security guard said to send the other through which I did . What I felt was the warmest mouth and the thick lips of a real talented cocksucker. I had no idea this guy sucked cock but was pleasantly surprised when I too unloaded within his lips. He then stood up and sent his cock through just as he was coming luckily Jhon was ready and received his heavy load. Finally after what seemed an eternity he withdrew his cock and we both exited the closet. He was sitting on the bed with his pants down to his ankles. Jhon sat next to him and they both started to kiss and make out. The security guard ´s cock was getting hard again and he said he wanted to fuck Jhon´s ass. This was a treat for both Jhon and I since Jhon loved to take a huge cock up his ass more than sucking one off. I watched the whole hot scene develop between the two. The security guard pounding my friend´s ass til he shouted and filled it to overflowing. After a bit he withdrew his cock from Jhon´s ass and said he wanted to see me eat his spent cum from Jhon´s ass which I obediently did while my friend jacked off  and came a second time into the mouth of the security guard.  





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