Jhon and I employ many means of securing the hottest and most hung Colombian men to suck off. Jhon has a friend Hector from his home town Andes famous for Juan Valdez and his burro loaded with sacks of Colombian coffee. For us , it is more famous for having Colombian men with huge cocks. With the help of Hector who happens to be a real size queen we have had the pleasure of finding various familes noted for having huge uncut cocks willing to let us savor their wares from the patriarch to the youngest son. 

   One memorable find was a family that Hector had located through real diligence and personal experience. so off to Andes we went to see if Hector was exaggerating or not. When we arrived we went to the neighborhood in search of the males of this family. we would find out for ourselves.Jhon and  I met the father in the local drinking spot and offered him  a few shots of Aguardiente , a liquor that makes it easier to seduce a guy by bringing down the sexual barriers that might be present. After a while, his three sons showed up to drink with us. Andres ,the father, upon meeting him showed the obvious signs of possessing a huge cock. First, one could easily see he had a huge basket which jutted out from his crotch.and second it was confirmed when he took a piss.In these small drinking cafes the place to take a piss is readily accessable and visible to other customers, When he went to take a piss,he unleashed  a huge uncut cock which I had the pleasure to see right from the angle where I was sitting. Andres was totally comfortable in the fact I was eyeing what he held in his hand as a torrent of yellow liquid splashed the white china of the urinal. As he turned when he was finished, I could even see a nice set of hairy balls  as he tucked away his endowment He saw me lick my lips and returned to the table, After downing a couple more shots he said he had to visit his coffee farm and asked whether I would be interested, I jumped at the chance while Jhon was entertaining his three sons. I am really into more mature cock whereas Jhon likes the young studs. I guess it is because I´m really turned on by a big cock and balls surrounded by its hairy  bush, The younger guys shave their public area completely which takes away the masculine aromas from a man´s crotch, So I left with Andres, jumping into an old Willys jeep parked outside , leaving Jhon to his own devices.

   We had driven a few miles out of town when Andres said he had to take another piss. Upon getting out of the jeep he whipped out his cock in front of me which was semi- erect, I watched him as he peeled away his foreskin and exposed his cock´s huge head. It was so close that I could see its slit already filled with  the clear liquid of precum. Andres asked whether I thought I had the ability to suck off a huge cock like his. I jumped out of the passenger seat and went to where he was standing. I guess my actions meant a yes whereas he brought out his huge hairy balls also and leaned against the side of the jeep. It was a desolate area  with few cars to bother us. I stood by him and fondled his cock already which was already getting hard and growing in length. Andres took me by the shoulders with his strong hands and forced me down level with his cock. I first savored its huge head swiping off the precum to help in lubricating my mouth. I then attempted to deep throat his whole 10 inch member ending up with my nose buried in his thick dark bush and with my chin resting on his huge cum filled balls. I breathed in his aroma which was a mixture of his musk and soap residue from showering. Andres looked down at me as I was feeding on his swollen cock  and said  I had passed the initial  test and said let´s go to the farm where things are alittle more private. I got to my feet thinking about the huge load of cum I was going to get from those huge balls that had just smacked my chin.

   Jhon and Andre´s three sons were three sheets to the wind after consuming a media of Aguardiente. Jhon has a real nice bubble butt and straight guys love to sink their cocks into it and deposit their seed within. Jhon said to the brothers he knew of a place outside the town along the river which he had frequented as a young boy. So he and the three left the cafe in search of this place in Jhon´s past memory. After driving a few miles, the car came to rest at a secluded ara of the river dotted with huge boulders of granite. Jhon had brought along more Aguardiente which would help in their seduction. The older brother was in the front passenger seat while the two others were on back. They were all joking aroumd makiing inuendos about Jhon´s ass. Carmen the older brother patted Jhon´s ass as they got out of the car making his younger brothers snicker with delight. Carmen asked if he knew about their reputation. Jhon acted naive  to the question and said what reputation. Whereupon Carmen unzipped his zipper and produced the reason for their reputation. Jhon gasped at the size, he surmised a good 11 or 10 inch uncut cock shaved of all pubic hair thereby making it look bigger than it was. The other two younger brothers seeing the actions of the older brother exposed their cocks also. The youngest had the biggest cock by far a good 10 1/2 inches if not bigger, Jhon´s ass twitched  wuth anticipation of getting fucking by all three brothers starting with the oldest and ending with the youngest. Carmen started to fondle Jhon´s ass reaching around to unsnap  Jhon¨s jeans. Carmen roughly yanked down his pants and briefs exposing his cock and ass. Jhon has a nice uncut black cock which was already at full erection after seeing these huge cocks in front of him. Carmen groped his cock and leaned down and took Jhon´s cock betweem his lips saying he had never had the pleasure of sucking a black cock before. Jhon was surprised since Carmen was married and definitely straight as an arrow. He thought to himself maybe Carmen was alittle more bi than totally straight. Carmen grabbed Jhon´s hairy legs initiating Jhon´s thrusts of his cock within his lips . After about two minutes of sucking he told his younger brothers to try out Jhon´s cock each one taking turns with this big uncut cock between their virgin lips. Carmen had positioned himself behind Jhon´s ass kneeling to tongue his asscrack ending at Jhon´s rosebud. His oral service to his ass and having his cocks shared by the younger brother was too much to take  for Jhon and his cock spurted its load  as the younger brothers were licking each side of his cock. The youngest brother caught up in the moment took the spurting head between his lips to savor the taste of  black man´s cum. After finishing he held the thick liquid inside his mouth and shared it with both brothers whch made them more eager to fuck Jhon´s ass. Carmen after finishing and preparing Jhon´s hole positioned the head of his cock and penetrated Jhon bareback making Jhon yelp both in pain and pleasure. Carmen after sinking his whole length within started to fuck Jhon´s bubble ass like a male dog fucking a bitch. It was over in a matter of two minutes til Jhon felt Carmen´s load filling his ass. After withdrawing his cum soaked weapon Carlos made Jhon clean and savor the remains o f his cum still oozing from his cock.

Felix , the middle brother positioned himself behind Jhon and entered the already lubricated hole. The youngest brother, Felipe stood in front of Jhon and force fed his cock and started to face fuck him. Felix would withdraw just to the point his cock was out of Jhon´s hole. Felix had such a big head that it prevented his cock from slipping out easily. He would then thrust his whole length inside, feeling Jhon´s ass muscles milking his cock along the way. Felix wanted to change positons and told Jhon to get on all fours . Then Felix started to fuck his ass for all that it was worth. He groaned and shouted that he was going to cum and filled Jhon´s ass with his heavy cream. Felipe seeing Felix had withdrew his weapon, hurridly got behind Jhon´s ass and entered with one thrust enough to make him cum since Jhon had got him close a few times when he was sucking his cock.  






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