The advertisement  for hung Colombians wanting to get sucked off has been so successful. Jhon and I have had the pleasure of giving head to over three hundred men. The only prerequisate is for our clients to be hung and have balls  full of hot cream for us to swallow. The men range in age from 18 years old to 60 years, both straight and gay, and probably some bis in the mix. Their cocks have been from the normal eight inches to the fouteen inch monstrosities, from normal thickness in diameter to ones that stretch our lips to full capacity.Each has been different in two other aspect, the size of their loads that they have eagerly relinquished and the consistency of the ball juice.

   The following are the  most memorable of our talented oral escapades. The first, a taxi driver who had picked us up after having dinner out. Jhon and I were alittle drunk from the wine we had had with our meal, but we were well aware of how good looking  our driver was, around 25 years old .Jhon, my friend is a good looking black guy who has an inate talent of seducing a unwary man, began the process since we were game to suck this taxi driver off. First, Jhon unleashed his uncut cock as we were riding in the back seat of the taxi cab and I went down on his ebony cok oblivious of our driver. Needlessless to say when I suck a cock it is very noisy with the sucking noises  and moaning of the man I´m servicing. As I was sucking Jhon´s cock I kept my eye on the rear view mirror of the taxi and noticed the driver was enjoying what was happening in the rear of his taxi, In a hoarse voice, the driver asked Jhon what they address again was, Jhon enoying my mouth muttered for him to drive around for a while.

   The driver in no time was talking to jhon while I was busy between his legs. The driver knew what was happening in the rear since he stopped at a redlight and leaned back to view the scene. After Jhon saw this, Jhon asked the driver if there was anywhere he could park the taxi where it was dark and less people around. The driver said he was just ready to call it quits for the night and we were his last fare. Jhon pretended not to hear him and leaned forward, Jhon noticed the driver had taken his cock out evidently hot from the blow job I was giving Jhon. Jhon asked the driver whether he wanted to join us at the house and take care of the growing problem he had between his legs. The driver jumped at the chance and Jhon gave him the address again. A we arrived he parked his taxi, he leaned back and watched as I was receiving Jhon´s hot load. Jhon had been filming this and the light of the camera illuminated his cock as it pulsed between my lips. I even let some of jhon´s thick cream run down his shaft. for the driver´s benefit. As I finished and wiped my mouth, Jhon put his now deflated cock away and so did the taxi driver. We exited the car and entered the house with the hot  Colombian man. He said he had to take a piss and Jhon showed him the bathroom. While he was pissing ,I asked Jhon how big it was. John said he guessed it was 11 inches and thick as a beer can

   Jhon asked him had he ever had the experience of a gloryhole. The driver acted ignorant of what gloryhole was. Jhon quickly explained the ins and outs of what a gloryhole was. The taxi driver said he wanted to try it. So we all three went to Jhon´s room, jhon with a srewdriver removed the mirror covering the hole in the door I was amused how fast the man was getting a huge hard on outlined in the denim of his jeans. I even noticed a wet spot where his precum was wettting a good three inch area near his crotch, John told him we would go inside and when he was ready to shove his cock through the dark hole. We got inside and watched through the hole as he unleashed his huge white cock with its blue hued veins rising on the surface of his shaft, He was uncut with a foreskin to die for. Even erect the skin flap of his foreskin still covered the head of his cock. Since I had sucked off Jhon on the way to the house, Jhon would be he first to savor his cock.Jhon was kneeling as the cock entered the hole and filled his mouth. There was an audible gasp from the man outside as Jhon began to suck his  cock. I watched as his length hit the back off Jhon´s throat and proceeded down his throat to be massaged by Jhon´s throat muscles.I positioned myself below to savor this man´s heavy balls amidst the wiry pubic hairs of his crotch. I could feel them rise and fall as I stabbed them with my tongue. Jhon was letting the mixture of precum and his saliva flow down the man´s shaft which I eagerly savored and swallowed. At times there was so much I thought Jhon had started to receive the load from the guy. In no time it was my turn to suck the big cock. As jhon relinquished his cock I went to work again hearing a gutteral moan from the guy, John filmed me sucking this great stalk of white flesh from it´s head to the point where it ended near his balls. John  was filming his balls as they reacted to my nursing and watched how they rose and separated each time I deep throated his cock. Jhon knew from experience it wouldn´t be long til he gave up his load to the lucky one who was sucking his cock at the time.As I came up from deep throating his cock I searched with my tongue his cock slit whick seemed enormous to me. As my tongue found the slit I was rewarded by a huge release of thick precum. I heard the man begin to mutter that he was near to the point of no return. John brought the camera closer to the man´s cock and waited til he saw the beginnings of the automatic pulses of his orgasm. I readied my self encasing his member down my throat  one last time and then eased off so only the head was within my lips. I immediately started to taste the heavy bleachy taste of his semen as it filled my mouth. I let part of his load drip from my sucking lips, Jhon was below filming and was hit in the face with the many gobs of thick white cum that escaped from my mouth. I continued to feed on his load until his cock started to deflate in size. Most guy´s amount of semen amounts to little more than two tablespoons, but this guy was different in that aspect. After he withdrew his spent cock from the hole, we exited the dark recessof the closet. I asked him whether he wanted to view the video of him having his cock sucked off. He said no since he wanted to fantasise and not know who had received his load. He did say though that he was still horny and wanted to fuck some ass. Since I´m not really in to getting fucked especially bt a hug dick, the task was left up to Jhon. I told Jhon I was tired and wanted to hit the sack so I left both of them to their own devices. I knew Jhon could easily take his cock  up his ass with no problem. I vaguely heard the front door close after the guy had filled Jhon´s ass with his cum. 

   The next memorable experience was a guy working near the house at a construction site. Jhon had been an app where guys could hook up for a fast fuck or suck. The guy had sent jhon a picture of his cock. It had a huge head which is great when giving head  and measured 7 inches soft. Jhon went to pick him up and brought him to the house. I was already within the closet waiting as jhon entered. The guy said he had to do this quick since his lunch time was almost over. He didn´t remove his work clothes, just pulled his zipper down and unleashed his monster. It was almost erect as brought it to the hole. I started to suck it´s head savoring the taste of both urine and sweat from working. I sucked it for about two minutes enjoying the hot precum. He abruptly withdrew and got on his knees in front of the hole, Jhon knowing what he wanted sent his black cock through the hole into the guy´s eager mouth. Jhon fucked his mouth for a good two minutes and the guy asked Jhon to come outside. The guy still wanted to suck Jhon´s cock while he jerked off. Within a minute Jhon was feeding his own load to this young construction worker, where upon he shot his load on the floor of the bedroom. After coming , both Jhon and him left quickly since he had to be back to work. I exited the closet and noticed the puddle of cum which was at least a cup of semen. I started to lap it up , savoring the taste of and noticing there were two flavors of cum. I tasted  the strangers cum but also realized I was eating Jhon´s cum at the same time. I figured the guy had spit out jhon´s load from his mouth letting it increment his own spent load. I could see Jhon´s thick spurts within the more liquidly load of the other guy. It was a great quickie at lunchtime.

   Sometime s I have to man the gloryhole alone since Jhon goes to school during the week. As fate would have it a friend of his was staying over for an appointment in the city. He knew jhon and I were into men so when he got up after clubbing with Jhon all night . He knocked on my door and asked for a towel and he was stark naked. I looked down at his cock which reacted immediately to my eyes locked on his cock and balls. It stared to lengthen  and he asked whether I was up to sucking it off. I asked him whether he had ever enjoyed the experience of a gloryhole. He said once he was in men´s room relieving himself and noticed someone was trying to get his attention by tapping his foot. Soon a hand was egging him to stick his cock under the stall. There was no one around so he knealt  and slid his legs under the stall until his cock was enveloped between a pair of lips. He said the guy was an expert and in no time he was feeding his load to the cocksucker. John´s friend said the worst part was he was with his lover who was waiting for him in an office while he went to the bathroom. Upon returning ,his lover saw that had a curious spent look on his face. He said his lover got suspicious and said he had to use the bathroom too. He said he lover went to the bathroom and ended up getting sucked off by the same toothless guy that he had enjoyed. I chuckled when he told me this story. We went down ti Jhon´s room and I waited til he put his hard cock through the hole. He had a 9 incher but was real thick.,truly a great cock to suck. I used all my talent til he unleashed his load, it was thick as paste making me eat it like it was porridge. It stuck to the insides of my mouth well after he had finished cumming. He asked me if I was into drinking a guy´s piss. I told him I had never tried it but would do it since I needed to wash his cum down my throat. I took his deflated cock between my lips and waited til he was filling my mouth with his yellow liquid. He held my head so tight I couldn´t escape until he had finished.It wasn´t too bad since his cock was lodged down my throat and I couldn´t taste it.

   The best was when I arranged for Jhon to suck a friend of mine, Carlos who I had asked many times if he was into doing a trio with Jhon and I. He said he was only into white guys so I didn´t press it. Once I told him I had a surprise for me the next time we had sex. I told Jhon he was going to suck off Carlos through the gloryhole. I warned Jhon ahead of time that he had to swallow all of his load since he had to prtend it was me sucking his cock. Carlos came to the house and Jhon was waiting inside the closet. I entered and told Carlos to stick hehis cock through the hole. Jhon readied himself and let the 10 inch cock slide into his mouth. Carlos was a quick cummer from my experience sucking him off and less than two minutes of Jhon nursing his cock, he was feeding his heavy load to Jhon.I watched as Jhon swallowed his whole load.  Jhon was so hot and horny from the experience that he jacked himself off into my waiting mouth as his was being filled with Carlos´s cream. Next time i want to watch Carlos fuck Jhon´s ass through the gloryhole and suck Jhon off at the same time. Several times when we have had a trio while the guy is fucking jhon´s ass I am below watching the guy´s cock enter Jhon´s ass from below  During the fucking, I would take Jhon´s cock between my lips knowing I would receive his load since the guy would be pounding his prostate  to the point John had to come. Then when the guy was ready to unload he would tear off the condom and let his cock enter my mouth below to receive his load. I have received many black guys ´loads that way.

   I have many more true stories to come in later chapters about our gloryhole escapades. 







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