Meanwhile Andres and I arrive at the farm  after I had the pleasure of enjoying a prelude with the father´s enormous cock on the side of the road. During the long trip to the farm through the mountains cultivated with coffee trees near Andes, our conversation was alittle more subdued  and I asked him about his life in this town famous for its coffee thanks to Juan Valdez. Andres told me he was the small milk producer  and he had the nickname of  El Lechero¨or ¨The  Milkman¨He said that it had a double meaning  for the fact he processed and sold milk but also for the amount of hot cream that his balls contained and shot when he came. I laughed and said he was joking with me and he said just wait til he made me swallow his huge load of cum. Andres said no one, almost proud of the fact, had been able to take his whole load. Both women and men always ended up wasting my load on the ground. I had meant guys that came alot but  I thought this guy was exaggerating a bit.

   We meant his caretaker at the gate to his farm which he opened calling his boss ¨patron ¨a sign of respect. He told the caretaker that he was going to the main house and didn´t want to be interrupted for any reason. The caretaker glanced at me and knew immediately the reason why and smiled.  Andres pulled the jeep up near the front door of the main house, it was a beautiful house in the colonial style famous in Colombia at the turn of the century. We  walked  inside the immense covered veranda and Andres opened the heavy wooden door. As we entered, I heard the door close behind us along with the noise of him locking it, He took out jis huge cock which was soft and hung a good seven inches limp in this state resting atop his huge hairy balls.Andres bragged and said I was going to suck the biggest cock in Andes, As I stood staring again  at his enormous endowment between his legs he brought his work calloused hands to my shoulder and forced me down to its level. I was glad it was in its soft state since it always excited me to bring a cock to full erection.

   I took the soft cock inside my mouth and it immediately started to respond, ,growing by the second until I was having alittle trouble taking it all. I was surprised with such a big dick he was able to attain a full erection, I again deep´throated his organ again savoring the beginning flow of his precum. Andres said that if I wanted his cum I really had to work for it utilizing all my talents as a cocksucker. After getting his cock hard in my mouth, I wanted to taste his heavy balls nestled in his pubic bush. The scent and aroma of his bush was making me hard and I tugged out my cock to jack off while I sucked his cock. I stabbed each heavy orb  and lapped his wrinkled scrotum  savoring the salty flavor of his balls. I liked the fact that I had started to suck his cock through the zippered opening of his jeans with only his cock and balls exposed. As I nursed each ball within my lips, he unsnapped the button to his jeans and slid them down along with his boxers to his thighs for more access. I licked under his balls having my nose buried inside his heavy bush and then licked each side of his firm thighs  tasting the sweat from the heat of the day oversized . His cock which was as erect as a masthead was sticking straight out, its slit dripping drops of precum onto the tiled floor. It was so much that maybe he was right about the amount of cum he shot. I had to show him that I could take his whole heavy load almost as a challenge to do it. I had to back up still on my knees til I could start suckig his cock. As I did I lookied up at the huge tube swollen with a heavy tube underneath the length of his cock. 

   I have seen many videos where when a guy is getting serviced orally this tube starts to pulsate bringing each spurt of cum to the waiting mouth when he starts to cum. I was alittle dismayed that Jhon had not accompanied us with the camera so he could film this unprecedented and memorable blow job. I resigned myself with the task ahead and took the head of his cock inside my mouth,scrapping back the foreskin so I could enjoy its uncovered slimy head. I felt his hands on the nape of my neck forcing more of his cock inside my lips. Andres  began the short thrusts of his pelvis til the point I had got used to his size. I was able through much experience breathe through my nostrils each time he bottomed out in my throat. I continued to jack myself off til there was a distinct knock at the door. Andres had been resting his back against the door all the while . As he turned he yanked his member from my sucking lips and unlocked the door and opened it a crack to see who was knocking. It was the caretaker who asked his boss if he could watch. The caretaker slid his body through thecrack of the open door  and Andres quickly closed and locked it behind him. The caretaker saw me on my knees and as Andres turned toward me I took his cock between my lips again. After a time , the caretaker tugged out his swollen cock and dropped his jeans to his ankles. He noticed my erect cock and knealt to capture it within his lips. I was glad I was going to feed my cock to the caretaker at the same time suck a cock. The caretaker was a good cocksucker no doubt having serviced the cock I was sucking before.

   At this point, Andres said for us to get completely nude along with him, for a man in his early fifties he still had a good body. He body was covered in a mat of thick black hair which turned me on to no avail, The caretaker being in his twenties  had a great body  with even a hard as nails sixpack. His cock wasn´t bad either being around nine inches  and real thick. I was thinking to myself I was going to enjoy two cocks with this encounter. I continued to mouth this enormous cock my saliva dripping to the floor. I started to jack his shaft as I was sucking my mouth already feeling its fatigue . I felt Andres legs begin to tremble and shake and knew what it meant. I stepped up the speed, forgetting to breath and found myself feeling dizzy to the point I fainted. As I woke up on the floor Andres was feeding me his load, and the caretaker was feeding on mine. I hadn´t realized both of us were coming since I was unconscious. This fainting had never happened to me but it must have excited Andres to start cumming. As I regained awareness I was swallowing a enormous amount of thick white cream he was indeed the milkman. I could even feel my stomach had been filled to capacity. After an eternity of shooting his cum his cock began to deflate, I felt bad for the caretaker, who was still rock hard so I took his cock and had his sweet load in no time. 

   As we dressed, Andres said I was the only one in his life who drank all his cream. He said he was coming to Medellin in a few weeks and wanted another repeat visit with my talented mouth. As we left the farm and headed back I mentioned our gloryhole and he wanted to try it. He said he had never had the pleasure of two mouths fighting over his load. He liked the fact, he wouldn´t know who received his load even though he said he would recognize my talented if his cock was being serviced by it. I told him that Jhon liked to get fucked by a huge cock and he said he knew this through a personal experience of having fucked Jhon´s ass when Jhon was a teenager. I remember Jhon through our conversations about a guy who had fucjked him. He said it was the best fuck he had ever had. Jhon had been a teenager exploring his newly found attraction to men. The story goes that he visited a house where the wife was completely blind. The husband had showed Jhon his huge cock which Jhon serviced with his young ass while the wife was in the same room. I remember asking Jhon din´t she know what was going on and he said no. The huisband was so hot and my ass so tight that within two minutes he had taken the husband´s load. So this was Andres all along.

   Andres arrived in Medellin and gave us a call, he came to the house and after a pleasant conversation we three went upstairs. Jhon and I got within the closet and waited for his cock to enter, As it did I was faster and took the organ within my lips so Jhon was left to lap his big nuts til he manned the camera. I started to suck Andres with the past experience of sucking his cock. Jhon was filming the whole episode from start to finish recording the pulsing tube along the length of this great cock. Again I managed to swallow his entire load, but it didn´t deflate but stayed erect. Jhon who wanted to get fucked backed his ass to the hole and Andres penetrated his hungry hole and in no time had a ass full of fresh cream. The same cock that had fucked him many years ago. After Andres left Jhon said when Andre had fucked him when he was a teenager he filled his ass with so much cream that he was sure it would be leaking out of his freshly fucked virgin ass and someone would see it. 





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