I was on pins and needles the next morning. The thought of seeing Carter after our argument had my stomach in knots. I'm not a confrontational person, so fighting gave me serious anxiety. In the middle of me biting a hole in my lip, the doorbell rang. Sprinting to the door and jerking it open, I was pulled into a bone-crushing embrace.

"I'm sorry, babe. I could punch myself after the way I acted yesterday," Carter mumbled into my hair.

"It was a little out of character for you, but you're forgiven," I said humorously as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"So this means you still love me?" he asked, poking me in the ribs.

I jumped. "Of course I still love you. That was a stupid question," I giggled.

He took my face in his hands. "Good," he replied, pressing his lips softly against mine.

His arms tightened around my waist and his tongue explored my mouth. My hands crept around his back and slid down. I pulled his hips toward me. My hands slid lower, holdin onto his backside possessively, and his breath caught until it purred in his throat.

"Matt," he began, a not of caution in his voice.

My kiss demanded he tell me what the problem was.

Carter's only answer was to move his mouth against mine. His hands slid under my behind and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist as he carried me up the stairs and toward my room. He lay down on the bed and I climbed on him eagerly, my hands going to his jeans button. I struggled to get it undone, and was almost crying with frustration when he decided to help me. I showered his facd with kisses while I pulled off his underwear.

"Wait. We have to go to school," Carter said, coming to his senses.

"Fuck school," I growled, and went back to work.

I pulled off all of Carter's clothes and admired his perfect body. I wrapped my hand around his already stiffening shaft and felt it pulse. I storked it gently, smiling with satisfaction when his cock grew to its full length. I loved the smooth skin of the shaft and the way the veins were slightly visible when he became erect. Leaning down, I softly licked his huge balls, sucking them into my mouth and making him moan with pleasure.

I lowered my mouth to his waiting cock, loving it when he gasped in pleasure. I licked my finger and rubbed my tight hole, pushing a finger in to loosen myself up. I added another finger and almost lost it. Somehwere along the line of this relationship, I turned into a slut. But I loved it.....and so did Carter.

I straddled him and aimed his cock at my hole. I slowly lowered myself, my other hand resting on his broad chest to keep my balance. The head of his cock broke throught the ring of muscle, stretching me out immensely.

"Ow! Oh, fuck!" I gasped, the tears welling in my eyes.

"Stop, babe, you're in pain," Carter said as he reached for me.

I pushed his hands away and sat myself fully on his cock, closing my eyes tightly to fight the pain. I slowly brought myself up and sat back down, making us both moan in sudden pleasure. He placed his warm, callused hands on my hips while I picked up the speed and started riding him. All the pain was gone and I could feel ever inch of his cock filling me. After a few minutes, I started to get tired, so Carter sat up and started lifting me up and down, his thrusts going deeper than ever before.

The head of his cock was rubbing all the right places inside me, hurrying my impending orgasm. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and sprayed my cum all over carters stomach. I went limp and nearly fell off the bed, but Carter held me close to him, kissing my neck and moaning softly in my ear. I felt him start to throb inside me and I knew what was coming(no pun intended). Each shot his cum felt like liquid fire inside me.

We fell back onto the bed, holding each other tightly and breathing heavily. I sighed with disappointment when he softened and slid out of me. Out of sheer exhaustion, we drifted off to sleep


My phone woke me later. I didn't know what tome it was, but the dull winter sun was high in the sky. I looked at my phone: Shea.

"Hello?" I coraked.

"Where are you? Are you sick?" Shea asked with concern.

"No. I'm just....," I looked over at Carter's sleeping face," .....busy."

"Busy?" she demanded. "And by the way, I noticed your boyfriend wasn't here either, so I think I have an idea as to what you're doing,"

I laughed loudly, waking Carter. "What time is it?"

"1:30," she answered.

"Damn. It'll be a bitch to catch up with my work. Can you come over after school?" I said.

"Sure. I'll be over. Just make sure you and your stud boyfriend are decent."

"Wait, are you in class? Where are you calling from?" I asked.

"No, I'm not in class, I'm in the bathroom. I just got to this school, do you think I'm gonna get in trouble right away?" she said with a laugh.

"Alright, whatever. I'll see you in a little while," I said.

"Ok, bye," she replied and hung up.

"Who was that?" Carter asked groggily, tightening his arm around my waist.

"Shea. She's coming over after school, so you'll get to meet her," I said happily.

"Well in that case, we need to get dressed," he said as he got up.

A little while later, I heard Shea knock on my door. She greeted me with a quick hug and walked over to Carter who was laying on the couch.

"Hey, sexy," she said warmly.

Needless to say, they hit it off immediately. Shea was just that type of person, she got along with everyone and never met a stranger.


After Shea had left that afternoon, Carter and I lounged on the couch and watched T.V. Carter loves Beavis and Butthead, so I had to suffer through about 10 episodes. I thougth the show was stupid, but he enjoyed it.

In the middle of his laughter, his phone went off. When he saw who it was, he broke into a broad smile.

"Hey, Mom!" he said enthusiastically.

Thinking about meeting his parents made me very nervous. But I consoled myself on the fact that they wouldn't be home for a few weeks.

"What? You're coming home early?" he asked, excitement coloring his voice.

The color drained from my face and I felt cold. Early? They were coming home early? Oh God, I wasn't ready.

Carter noticed my panic and quickly ended the conversation.

"Matt, it's ok," he said gently, sitting me on his lap and wrapping his arms around me.

"I'm ok. I'm just scared to meet your parents," I siad in a quivering voice.

"You'll be fine, babe. They aren't going to hurt you or abything," he said jokingly.

"When are they coming back?" I asked, knowing that it would be very soon.

"They'll be back Friday."

I felt a little better about it then. I had a week to prepare,

"It's going to be fine. I promise," Carter said, kissing me softly.

"I know," I whispered, carefully hiding my trepidation.

I had Carter with me, and that's all that mattered. Everything was going to be ok. Or at least I hoped so.

To be continued........



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