I could feel my pulse hammering in my ears as I slowly made my way to the weathered door that read 'Mrs.Bondurant: World History.' My breath caught in my throat as my hand turned the doorknob and I was greeted by a classroom full of unfamiliar faces.

'Class, meet our new student, Matthew Calhoun,' Mrs.Bondurant announced in one of those sickeningly upbeat voices.

'Matt,' I corrected softly.

'Ok,Matt,just sit wherever there's an open seat,' she said sweetly.

I was grateful for her kind tone after the day I had endured. Being the new kid isn't easy. First, I got lost in the massive halls of this place, then I was almost crushed by the stampede of students who were making their way to their lockers,and to top it all off,I fell flat on my face in fist period English. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get out there. It was, hands down, the worst day of my life.

I wasn't my choice to move to Charleston, but my the company my parents worked for started a new branch here, so I was forced to come along.Even though I had misgivings about the move, I couldn't deny that this place was beautiful, with its cobblestone streets and the massive oaks sturng with spanish moss. And it was even cold!I knew it was winter and all, but i didn't know it got this cold in the south. You learn something new every day, don't you?

My brooding was suddenly interrupted by the high pitched peal of the bell, signalling that we were finally free. I jumped up out of my seat and headed for my locker. Did I fotget to mention that I'm a serious bookworn? I'm one of those aggravating people who always do their schoolwork and have their nose buried in a book. I had plenty of time to study and read, because I never had that many friends to hang out with.

I was always the quiet, shy type, but now it was magnified by the fact that everyone was staring at me. I guess new people in this place are a novelty.

As I was walking down the fromt steps, i heard raucous laughter behind me. As I was staring at the gtoup of laughing jocks, my foot slipped off of the step and I was falling. You know how when you fall everything is in slow motion? I closed my eyes, waiting for my body to connect with the pavement,when I felt a strong arm suddenly catch me and pull me upright. My eyes snapped open and I was staring into a pair of laughing black eyes.

'Are you alright? That was a close one,' he said in deep, drawling accent.

'I'm fine. Thanks,' I managed to breathe out after I had my wits about me. When I gathered up my books and stood back up, I got to see him fully. My breath caught in my throat as i took in his god-like body. I took in his tall, tan, muscular frame, and black hair and eyes; the complete oppostie of my small, thin frame, auburn hair and green eyes.

'Well I guess I'll see you around. Oh, and by the way, my name's Carter. Carter Bowles,' he said as he stuck out his large hand.

'Matt Calhoun,' I choked as my small hand was lost in his warm, callused one.

'I better go,' I said suddenly. Much to my bewilderment, face fell slightly and a disppointed look came to his eyes.

'Ok, bye!' he said enthusiastically as I turned away.

The glacial wind whipped at my face and clothes as I made my way home, careul not to bust my ass on the uneven cobblestones. As I walked up the front steps of my house and turned the doorknob, I let out a grateful sigh as the warmth of home enveloped me. Another good thing about Charleston was the architecture. My parents were fortunate enough to have snatched up a classic townhouse that was perfect for the three of us. I dumped my bags on a chair in the hall and mad my way upstairs.

On the way to my room, the image of Carter's face popped into my mind. I couldn't understand the disappointed look on his face. Oh well, it's not important,I thought as I lay down on my bed. I fell asleep with the image of Carter's handsome face in my dreams.

To be continued.......



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