Part of me felt good to have some alone time, but the other part was hoping that Carter would turn around and come back. I went back upstairs and lay on my bed in an attempt to get some rest. Every time I closed my eyes, though, my mind would replay the earth-shattering kiss that I had just experienced. The thought of Carter's warm lips made me spring a huge boner.

I pulled off my shirt and pants and took my hard-on in my hand. I lightly stroked my cock while my other hand played with my balls. I decided to stop teasing myself and started jerking it in earnest. I stuck my finger in my mouth, getting it thoroughly lubricated, and pressed it against my tight hole, letting out a moan as I felt it slip inside. I developed a rhythm and worked myself into a frenzy of pleasure, fucking myself with 2 fingers and jerking my cock feverishly.

My fingers rubbed my prostate, sending electric shocks throughout my small body. I angled my fingers more, straining to reach my love nut. When my fingers found it, I screamed and began cumming all over my stomach. When the tremors subsided, I got a tissue and cleaned myself off, realizing that a hot shower was in order.

After I was all fresh and clean, I jerked on my favorite jeans and my Princeton sweatshirt. I got that sweatshirt when my mom and I visited there, and it's been my favorite ever since. While I was tying my shoes, I heard my phone vibrate. It was a message from Carter telling me to pack a overnight bag and get my school books, because I was spending the night with him. Just then, I heard the doorbell.

I looked out the window and saw carter waiting on the front steps.

'Whoa, we match,' he said as I met him at the door. He was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a Citadel sweatshirt.

'Oh, God, we do,' I groaned. 'But you look better.'

'That's a matter of opinion,' he said with his crooked smile.


I was deep in thought most of the drive, racking my brain about who I was about to meet, and completely ignoring the breathtaking views of the marshes and the quaint fishing cottages that appeared every now and then. I was jerked out of my reverie when we pulled up to the entrance of his driveway. I let out an audible gasp when I saw the ancient gates. They were filled with worught-iron ducks, turkeys, and oak trees. They were extraordinary! Carter punched in the pass code and we passed slowly down the avenue of Spanish moss-draped live oaks, the gravel crunching under us.

Several ponds sprung up here and there, edged by azaleas and camellias, and cypress trees whose roots' tannic acid turned the water brackish. We drove over a small bridge and the house cam into view.

The house was one of the largest I had ever seen! It was three-storied and flat-roofed, in the Classical revival style. Fourteen tall, dazzling white Corinthian columns extended in a colonnade around the front and two sides, and the shallow steps swept in a graceful curve up to the Italian-tile veranda. The steps were flanked by striking Medici lions, and there was another on the huge door knocker. Tall green-shuttered windows marched symmetrically around the house on the ground floor, reaching from the veranda ceiling to the tiles, and more shuttered windows firdled the second floor.

I counted sixteen windows, eight on the first floor, and eight on the second: the windows went on around the house and were lost in the towering Cape jessamine hedges that shielded the back garden from the driveway. Between the windows on the second floor, hung a white railed balcony.

'Oh, my God,' I choked. This place made my house look like a dump.

'It's home,' he said nonchalantly as he climbed out of the car and helped me out.

We climbed the front steps and he opened the heavy front door for me.

'Eugenia?' he called as we stepped into the sunlight hallway.

'In here, dahlin'' I heard a husky voice say.

We traveled down the hall and into the kitchen. There was a tall black woman peeling potatoes over the sink. She turned around, her flowered silk dress twirling, and her eyes lit up when she saw us in the doorway. She looked to be in her mid-forties, with her graying black hair fashionably styled in a chignon at the nape of her neck. Her kind brown eyes sized me up as she walked over to us, wiping her hands on her apron.

'Matt, I'd like you to meet Eugenia. She's looked after me ever since I was a baby,' he said affectionately with a kiss on her cheek.

'And Imma keep looking after you until I die,' she said matter of factly.

'And who is this?' she asked, eyeing me.

'This is Matt, my boyfriend,' he said, blushing.

'It's a pleasure to meet you, Matt. I've heard alot about you.'

'You-you have?' I stammered.

'Of course. Who do you think Carter ran to for advice when you two were on the outs?' she said with a chuckle.

'Oh,' I replied lamely, the color coming to my cheeks.

'Come on and sit down so we can get acquainted,' she ordered.

I told her all about myself, mainly because she told me to, and I got her to tell me some embarassing stories about Carter, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

'I'm gonna keep you two away from each other,' he said as he kissed the top of my head.

Just then, a little girl appeared in the doorway. She looked to be about four or five, with long black ringlets and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. She was a breathtakingly beautiful child. If Boticelli were still alive, he would have painted her.

'Bubba!' she yelled as she dove into Carter's lap, wrapping her little arms around his neck.

'Bubba?' I aksed, puzzled.

'Just a nickname,' he said as he hugged her tightly.

'Who's that?' she whispered, looking at me.

'That is my friend Matt. Go say hello,' he said.

'Hello, Matt,' she said, smiling as she crawled up in my lap and kissed my cheek.

'Hello. What's your name?' I questioned.


'What a beautiful name,' I said.

'Thank you,' she whispered as she climbed off me.

'Alright, baby, go on and play,' Eugenia said sweetly.

'Ok,' Betsy sighed as she turned and ran down the hall, giggling as she knocked over the coat rack.

'She's the Terminator,' Carter laughed.

We sat in silence for a few minutes after that, looking out the French doors at the graceful terraces that led to a gigantic pool.

'Well, boys, I gotta start cooking, so y'all better get,' she said as she pushed into the hallway. 'I'll call you when it's ready.'

'What do we do now?' I asked him.

He thought for a minute. 'I know!' he said brightly, taking my hand and leading me out the door.

'Where are we going?' I asked as he urged me into the passenger's seat.

'You'll see,' he said conspiratorially.


We dorve down a shell-paved trail until we come to a clearing. My breath caught in my throat when I saw where he had taken me. There was a long dock that overlooked the marshes, the steel gray sky giving them a dreamy look.

'I come here all the time,' he said, 'I just wnated you to see it too.'

'It's beautiful,' I breathed.

He grabbed a thick wool blanket out of the trunk and led me to the end of the dock where there was patio furniture scattered around.

'Damn it's cold,' he said as he settled on the chaise lounger, pulling me into his lap.

'We can warm each other up,' I said softly as I cuddled close to him.

'There's the silver lining,' he chuckled as he pulled the balnket over us and wrapped his strong arms tightly arond me.

'I love Eugenia already,' I laughed.

'I knew you would.'

We sat and looked at the softly rippling water for a while until I spoke.

'Did you really talk to her about me?' I asked.

'Yeah. I had to tell someone about us. I needed advice,' he stated.


'Because I was so in love with you. Ever since that first day I drove you home, I couldn't put you out of my mind,' he said softly.

'Really? Then why didn't you tell me?' I asked.

'I didn't know how! I didn't want to scare you away or anything,' he replied.

'You wouldn't have,' I said, ' because I was in love with you too. Ever since you stopped me from falling that day.'

He cupped my face in his hand and pulled my face up to his. His eyes were soft and made me feel warm, despite the cold wind.

'I love you so much,' he whispered as he pressed his lips against mine.

'I love you too,' I said softly when the kiss ended.

We continued to lie there until the cold was too much for us.

'Let's go back to the house,' he said, lifting us up from the chair.

'Ok. I want you to give me a tour of your house, too,' I replied.

'Alright, let's go,' he said gently.

To be continued.....



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