After having this incredible sex with Jhon and his brother,Diego we all fell asleep exhausted and satiated.I guess it was about 6:oo a.m. when I got up to take a piss.I decided to make myself a cup of coffee and have a smoke. It had been almost an hour and I went back upstairs, as I approached my bedroom door I heard moaning within.I opened the door and there was Diego fucking Jhon. Jhon on the bottom facing his brother while Diego was on top thrusting his black dick into his anus.

I got on the bed and was watching this scene envelope from behind. I could see each time Diego´s cock would withdraw and quickly enter again until his balls slapped loudly against Jhon´s ass. Diego was bare backing his brother arching his legs to make sure all his 15 inches went inside his brother´s hungry hole.Diego´s back was covered with his sweat which was dripping onto his brother´s body below.Diego was muttering to his brother whether he liked being fucked by his own brother,who by the way during their chidhood growing up had one time placed his cock head at his brother´s hole wanting to fuck him.Jhon wouldn´t let him even though truthfully he wanted it to happen.

Jhon felt it was taboo since it was his brother. Jhon said many times his sisters after arriving at the housewith their boyfriends, would end up sleeping in the same bed with the sister´s boyfriend. Jhon said the boyfriends would have such blue balls and be so horny that they would do things with him.One happened to be his future brother-in-law James, who was the brother of Carlos. James was always horny when he stayed over

Jhon knowing this, would be always ready to service James.Jhon told me one time that James in the early hours of the morning had started jacking off his uncut cock next to Jhon. Jhon awakening to the comotion in the bed was watching James jacking off. Jhon´s cock started to get real hard. James seeing his reaction motioned Jhon to get under the covers.Jhon said James had a beautiful uncut cock at least nine inches and fat.Once under the covers ,Jhon got close to James´s cock only inches from his face.He could see James´s cock was leaking alot of precum so with his tongue he flicked the drops inside his mouth.James feeling this ,turned toward Jhon and said open your mouth ánd I will put my cock inside so you can suck me off¨¨Jhon could think of nothing better so he got next to James´s crotch and James entered his girlfriend´s

brother´s mouth and started feeding his cock to Jhon. Jhon was sucking it like a newborn, swallowing copius amounts of precum. While he was sucking James positioned himself next to Jhon in what later Jhon would learn was the 69 position. He had no idea what was happening until he felt James´lips engulf his black cock.Jhon was busy sucking James´s cock finally ending up below James and James on top.James was thrusting his cock down Jhon´s throat and Jhon being new to this could hardly breathe each time James´s cock filled his mouth and throat.James´s balls would end up laying across his nostrils and he was turned on by the man smell that inpregnated Jame´s bush.James was busy swallowing Jhon´s black dick with a tempo

increasing all the time. Jhon was tried to communicate to James to ease off his cock since he was ready to come. Jhon wanted it to last since he had never sucked off a white guy before and wanted to enjoy James´s cock.All at once Jhon´s throat felt full of somthing coing out of James´s cock .You see Jhon had never swallowed a guy´s load before always reomoving his mouth when the guy said he was ready to shoot. This time was different and his first taste of a guy´s leche was a experience he thought he would never have.James said swallow amigo and proceeded to suck Jhon´s cock all the way to its root burying his nose in Jhon´s bush. It did the trick Jhon started spewing and emptying his balls into this guys mouth. James greedily swallowwd while still giving Jhon his reward at the same time.Jhon below had no choice but to swallow James salty ball juice.

Diego was pumping his cock into his brother´s end to beat all I told them I wanted to watch from below so I laid on my back under Jhon while Diego was behind. I could see Diego directing his hard cock to Jhon´s quivering hole. Since I was below I could watch this hot scene and I started to jack off and even was able to suck Jhon´s cock at the same time. Jhon´s cock was so hard it was hard to deep throat since when Diego was thrusting from behind and forcing Jhon´s cock down my throat. Jhon was telling his brother to fuck him harder and faster. I could see Diego´s big balls start to rise and hug his cock. This was real hot since with each thrust I could see each ball separating and nearing release. All at once John told his brother that he was going to come .I could feel Jhon´s cock expand inside my throat. I readied myselj for the flood. All at once ,Diego withdrew and started jacking off his ebony spear nearing his climax. Diego said for me to get ready for two cocks at once and when Jhon partially withdrew Diego put his cock right next to Jhon´s . I felt both cocks begin to pulse at the same time.I could feel both cockheads laying on my tougue when they both began to shoot. They both moaned as if in pain but in reality they were enveloped in pure ectasy and lust. I tryed to position my tougue at the entrance of Diego´s cockhead and then at Jhon´s feeling their juice coat my tougue and fill my mouth with their hot Latino seed. This was too much for me and I started cumming without touching myself. I had never came so much in my life.After I swallowed both brothers cream Diego still hard entered Jhon´s ass again for seconds. It wasn´t long til Diego was shooting and filling his brother´s ass with his cum.

I didn´t think I could experience a scene hotter than this but in no time there was something about to happen which surpassed this experience with Jhon and Diego.




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