After having such great sex with Diego and Jhon I expected it to cool off but I had no idea Diego had to have his balls emptied each week. Diego would drop by when he could no longer resist having me suck his big black cock and eat his savory reward. He would always take all his clothes off and rest on his elbows and watch me service him.I would always start by kissing and licking his heavy musky flavored balls.Then I would lick just below his hairy balls savoring the taste close to his asshole.I had been doing this since the beginning of having sex with him and each time he allowed me more access to his bud. This time he put a pillow underneath his ass and I knew he wanted me to eat his ass before I sucked him off.I got between his legs and started licking about a inch above his hole.Diego arched up providing me clear access to what he wanted. The tip of my tongue touched his hole and he quivered pushing his ass toward my licking mouth.I entered his hole with my tongue savoring its taste and blowing hot air within. His ass would wriggle wanting more and more. After a bit I would get so hungry to suck his big black cock and I would start to nurse his ebony spear. It was hard to swallow by being between his legs so I would position myself on the bed alongside him.

I would always remain dressed because I really wasn't interested in getting off but just wanted to service his cock. This time however was different I felt him tugging down my pant's zipper and he was tugging out my dick. I was busy swallowing his cock but just the thought he wanted my dick made me hard.He removed my cock and balls and tried to swallow my 9 inches of stiff white meat choking on it's length and hardness. I was hoping his was getting into it and continue sucking me off since my balls were full and needed release.We managed to position ourselves with me above and him below. In this position I could begin to swallow his entire cock to his hairy balls. Each time I did he would moan and I would thrust my fat dick into his mouth. I told him I wanted to eat his asshole out so he brought back his legs giving me his hole to suck. Diego was busy sucking my balls and very close to taste his first taste of ass. His tongue felt great around my bud and when he spread my cheeks I knew he was hooked. I went back to sucking him off with gusto until he started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth I knew from this it wouldn't be long til he filled my belly with his cream. When I felt his cock harden and expand I found his hole and put my middle finger all the way up his ass. This did the trick because he started to shake and shoot his load. I told him to suck my ass and jack my cock off which he did with a frenzy.I covered his chest with my white cum all the while enjoying his hot load of cum. He said he had never had busted so good in his life.

Always after having sex I would tell him that this was a secret between us and that his family wouldn't like it. I had no idea that when he drank he had loose lips especially in front of his brothers Dario and ChuCho. Jhon my friend had gone to visit his mother for the weekend in Andes and Diego and his brother invited me to drink with them. We were sitting in the Mayorista where all they worked. It was full of alot of people drinking and there were many prostitutes who served the drinks. I had to take a leak so I went to the bathroom while there Dario, Diego's brother came in . While I was pissing next to him I was curious how big a cock he had because Diego had 15 inches. When I saw his cock I couldn't believe its size it was like a horse's cock.He had noticed i was looking and said you thought Diego's was big.I was kind of hypnotized by what I was seeing and Dario said you think my cock is big take a look at my balls. I couldn't resist and spied these emormous hairy globes below his shaft.I knew they had to contain alot of cream which I certainly wanted to taste.

   Before we left the bathroom, Dario said if you´re lucky and I feel in the mood  I´ll let you suck my cock  and see if you can handle all the cream in these balls. Dario asked if I thought I could handle such a a big cock and I asked if I could try it out before. There was a stall which was empty with a door so he told me to go inside and wait for him. There was a knock and as I opened up Dario came in. He said quick let´s see if you can swallow it to my balls. Dario stood before me as I at first took the head inside my mouth, letting his slimy precum lubricate my throat as I swallowed it. When I knew my throat was well lubricated I let him slide his cock down my throat to his balls. Dario said it felt so good he wished I could suck him off then and there but he would have to wait.

We went back to the table and Dario said lets go to your house and watch the soccer game. So we all three jumped into my car and arrived at the house. The two brothers sat down while I got the glasses and the Aguardiente.The two had lit a joint and were passing it back and forth and offered it to me. I said no since I knew it was creepy a pot Colombians smoked. The first time I smoked it it made me so horny I jacked off three times in one night. I told them this and they laughed and said what was wrong with that.

All three of us were drinking shots and they were smoking more pot. I went to the kitchen to get more ice and Dario came in and showed me the front of his pants.there was a distinct outline of his cock hard and ready.It made me hard just thinking about sucking his cock.Once inside again I told the two brothers I was tired and wanted to hit the sack. I told them there were enough beds so they could take their pick.I was in bed for about 10 minutes thinking about Dario's horse cock and there was a knock at my door. The door opened and I could see a shadow of someone nearing the bed. I felt something hard and wet touching my face tryin to find my mouth. It was a cock I didn't know whose but it didn't matter.I opened my lips and I knew right away it was Diego by the size and taste.Diego said he had been thinking about a blowjob all night and his balls ached for release. Evidently he was real hot cause I sucked him off in 2 minutes swallowing his creamy reward.I let his cum slide slowly down my throat enjoying it's taste.And abruptly he left.

About 15 minutes later my door opened again, someone turned on the light and  It was Dario holding his big cock.He came to the edge of the bed with his cock rock hard. He said since he had gotten a taste of my mouth in the bathroom he knew he waited more.He swung his leg acoss my chest and laid his hairy ballsack on my lips.I started sucking each one savoring its taste and thinking about what it contained. While I was sucking his balls he was jerking off his horse cock,all at once he pointed his cock toward my mouth and said suck me. I managed to swallow its entire wide shaft until his balls were resting again on my lips.He was thrusting in and out and drooling alot of precum into my mouth. All at once he said are you ready I said for what. All at once I felt a stab of pain and realized he  had entered my hole with a finger with  just alittle spit. As I continued to suck his cock he was busy fucking my ass with one then fingers. Dario asked whether I thought I could take his cock in my ass. Dario said to lay on my stomach. and I felt the weight of his body on me. Soon I felt the pressure of his huge cockhead knocking at my backdoor which eventually gave in to its pressure. As his member slide in, Dario kept saying he couldn't believe Diego when Diego said he had gotten a blow job from me and that I deep-throated his cock to his balls and would even eat his load.Dario said when he heard it from Diego's own lips he knew it was true and wanted a blowjob plus wanted to fuck my ass. 

All of a sudden I felt  Dario ´s big balls hit my asscheeks. I had him alll the way in my ass which was a feat in itself. I let him start to ravage my ass to the point I shot my load on the sheets below. Dario noting this said he wanted to finish off in my mouth. He withdrew his cock and brought it to my lips and let it slide in. Dario began to face fuck me holding my head in place as he thrust his huge cock in and out of my mouth. He was thoroughly enjoying it feeling my throat muscles milking his great shaft. 

As I was taking his cock I was wondering if his cum would taste like Diego´s or not. It wasn´t long til I found out he let out a shout that he was shooting and I readied  my mouth  for his ball juice . It tasted like Diego's but was so much it was hard to swallow because it filled my mouth so fast and it was so thick.I had to actually eat it like it was a thick pudding. After he was finished and withdrew his spent cock fro my mouth he collapsed next to me saying it was the best head he had ever received. I glanced at his cock and saw it was still semi hard. There was still cum seeping from the cockslit which I proceeded to finish off. Soom his weapon was hard again and mounted me from behind and fucked my ass til he buried another load in my ass.




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