After having sex with Diego,the brother of my best friend Jhon I knew it wouldn´t be the last but I never imagined what would happen the next time I had the opportunity.Jhon and I are the best of friends, sometimes enjoying each other and sometimes adding a third person to make it more exciting.I remember the first time we had sex with a third person and it was the hottest scene imaginable.We had been drinking in his hometown of Andes,Colombia,a medium sized city known for Juan Valdez, a man famous for Colombian coffee around the world.

While were drinking and enjoying the nightlife of Andes in the main plaza of this mountain city , a friend of Jhon came over to our table to say hi and Jhon invited him to join us. Carlos was his name and he was from the same barrio or neighborhood where Jhon´s family lived.I knew aaalot of intimate things about Carlos since Jhon had told me once he had let Carlos fuck him.I remember Jhon wasin his house alone one day and Carlos had stopped in because he lived almost next and also was the brother of Jhon ´s brother-in-law janes.Jhon told me that he always had the hots for Carlos since he had a beautiful muscular body and more important an incredible ¨mercado¨or basket. Jhon said Carlos was standing next to him talking and Jhon kept glancing at his crotch which Carlos noticed. During the conversation, Jhon was sure it was growing by the minute.Now I need to say Carlos is straight but like all Colombian men if the opportunity arose for a quick blowjob or fuck they were indeed open to it.As the conversation progressed Jhon kept looking at Carlos´s growing cock and Carlos asked him if he wanted to see it up close. Jhon said he couldn´t resist that he had always wanted to see Carlos´s cock.Carlos pulled his cock out and made Jhon kneel on his knees. Jhon knew exactly what Carlos wanted. The word for blowjob in Spanish is mamada and to suck is mamar Carlos asked Jhon if he wanted to suck his cock.Jhon motioned Carlos to come closer. Carlos´s cock entered Jhon´s mouth and Jhon began to suck his cock. I know from personal experience Jhon can suck a cock.He has a real inborn talent.Carlos had to be at least a good eight inches and fat Jhons favorite. I need to say Jhon is more into getting fucked and not really into sucking off a cock,but he knew Colombian men expected alittle head at first.He was sucking this chimba or cock with gusto and Carlos was really getting into it cause he was breathing hard and was holding Jhon´s head so he could make him take more and more of his cock.Jhon hnew he wouldn´t last long so he Jhon took his lips off Carlos´s quivering cock and said that his brothers might catch them.Carlos agreed so they made their way to the nearby coffee plantation where carlos worked.Jhon asked Carlos whether he wanted to fuck him. Jhon got

on all fours with Carlos behind and Carlos proceeded to fuck his brains out.

I remember the first time Jhon recounted what had happened with Carlos made me very hot and horny.So like I said Carlos joined us and we all three were drinking aguardiente a real potent liquor from Colombia.We all three got plastered and decided to call it quits and walk to Jhon´s mothers house.I got Jhon aside and asked him did he think Carlos would be into having sex with us both. He said he would ask him since they already had a history. Carlos said he was into it but asked Jhon if after fucking him whether i would finish him off with a blowjob and eat his load. Jhon told Carlos that I loved to give blowjobs and always swallowed.I remember it had started to rain so the coffee plantation was out so we all three ended up in my car. All three of us in the back seat.Carlos took his pants down and I proceeded to pull down his underwear.When I did out sprang a cock to drool for. Meanwhile Jhon was taking off his clothes so he could be ready for Carlos´s cock. I remember Carlos bringing his cock to my lips which in no time was down my throat. He immediately started to breathe heavy and fill my mouth his precum. After sucking his cock for about two minutes he started to buck and force it down my throat emptying his balls of its load .It tasted salty and somewhat acrid .I managed to swallow it all to his satisfaction. His cock stayed hard and he put on a condom to fuck Jhon so while they were fucking I took my cock out to beat off watching these two got at it. It wasn´t long til Carlos was shooting his load up Jhon´s ass. I had been jacking off and was in front of Jhon´s cock when it erupted on my face but I was able to capture his spurting cock and drink half it´s juice. This made me come and to my surprize and Jhon´s Carlos gave me his mouth to empty my load into which he greedily swallowed and even shared with Jhon.

So I knew from this experience Jhon and I would be open tohaving sex with a third person . I had no idea the next time would be with his brother Diego.Like i saiid before Diego enjoyed getting head from me and after the first time he wanted more. Jhon and him had been drinking in a bar and Jhon said let´s go to the house and drink there. Jhon said I would be arriving later so all three of us could have some drinks. When I arrived , the two brothers were drinking and sitting listening to music and bullshitting with each other.I had no idea before I got there Jhon and Diego had planned to have sex with me and that Jhon would watch me blow his brother which he regretted not doing before.

so sfter a bit we decided to watch the soccer game and went to my bedroom where it would be more comfortable. While we were watching Diego abruptly pulled his big dick out and motioned me to suck it in front of Jhon. I started to suck Diego´s cock while Jhon took his cock out and started to beat off. It wasn´t long til Diego motioned Jhon to join me sucking his cock. We both took turns sucking his cock while Diego laid between us.If Jhon was sucking his brother´s cock i was busy sucking his big balls enjoying the musky flavor of each lemon-sized nut. Diego was writhing under our oral ministrations and nearing climax. I knew Jhon wanted Diego´s 15 inches up his ass it didn´t matter if it was his brother or not.I remember Jhon was sitting on Diego´s chest and out of the blue Diego began sucking Jhon´s cock and saying he had never sucked a cock but what better person than he own brother. While this was going on I busied my self with sucking off Diego. I remember his legs begin to quiver and he started bucking and thrusting his big shaft into my mouth wanting me to take more and more. I took my mouth off for an instant to watch Jhon´s cock enter Diego´s lips and Jhon began to thrust his black cock more forcefully into his brother´s mouth. All at once Diego moaned and shot a huge spurt which landed near his right teat on his chest. I was alittle disappointed since I was trying to direct his cock into Jhon´s hole which I had lubricated with my spit. I guess it was just to much for Diego to stand .When I had touched Diego´s cockhead to Jhon´s waiting hole it erupted. The first spurt was enormous from Diego´s balls like I said landing on his upper chest. I managed to capture his thrusting spurting cock in my mouth and massaged his balls while receiving the remaining load of leche or cream. While I was swallowing his gift Jhon began to fill his bother´s mouth.Diego couldn´t back off Jhon´s cock since Jhon had a strangle hold on Diego´s head so he could force more of his cock into his brother´s mouth.He said he had no intention to make his brother eat his load but he was lost in the moment. Diego laughed and said he was too since was able to swallow it all and plus the fact Diego knew I was positioning his cockhead at the entrance toJ Jhon ´s asshole. Diego said it was too much sucking his brother´s cock and getting to almostfuck him at the same time.After that I laid between them both and got the best blowjob Diego sucking my balls and Jhon sucking my cock til I rewarded both with a copious amount of cum which both eagerly savored and enjoyed.We all three fell asleep exhausted.




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