Jhon after our meeting in a mall, I invited him to my farm just outside Medellin and in no time he was experiencing my talented mouth on his black uncut cock. At this point , I didn´t know he was in a relationship with Eduardo even though it consisted of ocasional sex now and then. Really it represented a relationship of necessity more than anything almost between to family members such as brothers. Each had his space to sleep separate  within the small apartment. Jhon had told me he lived with a friend, both sharing the expenses to survive. I told Jhon to invite Eduardo to my farm and seemed pleased by this invitation. I told Jhon to remind him to bring his swimming trunks so he could use the pool.

   When Eduardo arrived for the weekend, he seemed quite ordinary. I told Jhon and Eduardo to change and take advantage of the hot day and enjoy the pool. When they came out of the house after changing  I noticed right away that Eduardo had a dollop of fresh cum still hanging just under  his chin. This was the first indication that Eduardo was something more to Jhon than just a friend. Eduardo had a nice body with chiseled abs  and definitely from the movement of his cock within the tight speedos he was hung. Jhon had mentioned to me if Eduardo could stay the weekend and if it was alright they would share a room together so they could talk about old times. This was the second indication that they was something more going on between them. I told him no problem since I liked a little respite now and then of sleeping alone.

   I went to bed early and after awakening to a strange noise got up and investigated where it was coming from. It was coming from the room where Jhon and Eduardo were sharing. They we doing more than talking about old times, I could tell Jhon was geting fucked by Eduardo to the sounds of his balls slapping against Jhon´s ass. I stood at the door and listened until I heard Jhon shout to Eduardo that he was shooting his load. I could hear as Eduardo continued to fuck his ass only stopping when he too shouted he was going to come. I never mentioned to Jhon what I had heard, respecting his privacy. I decided to wait and see if Jhon would come right out and tell me. I was alittle jealous but also turned on by their secret intimacy. The next night,  I thought they were asleep but got up to take a piss, I could hear hear Jhon moan evidently enjoying his cock being sucked by Eduardo. I could only imagine what was going on behind the closed  bedroom door. Then I heard Jhon sucking Eduardo cock at the same time to the point both were feasting on the cum from both their heavy balls. I went back to my room and jerked off thinking about the hot sex that they had just had. 

   Like I said I never mentioned what I knew to be the truth, I told Jhon I was going to take a trip to the states for about a month. He seemed overly pleased and said Eduardo would keep him company so he didn´t feel so alone. During my stay in the states, we communicated via skype and at times I could see Eduardo in the background just wearing his briefs. Again I didn´t say anything since Jhon and I had an open relationship. During my stay, after about a week I noticed Eduardo wasn´t around. I questioned Jhon about this and he said Eduardo was mad at him. I asked why and he said Eduardo got mad now and then. Finally Jhon told me what actually had happened. Jhon had invited a friend over when Eduardo was working and Eduardo had come home early. As he climbed the stairs he could hear a bed creaking. Jhon´s bedroom door was closed and when he opened it up he caught  Jhon being fucked in the ass by his friend.Both were at the point of shooting their loads so there was no stopping until both had emptied the balls in front of Eduardo. Eduardo after seeing this ran out of the house and went back to his family´s farm. Jhon said he ran after him but he was too late to catch him.

    I arrived in Medellin about two weeks  later, Jhon had met me at the airport with another friend of his. As we were driving to Medellin ,he took my cock out and started to suck me off right in front of his friend that was driving. About half way to the Medellin, his friend pulled over and joined us in the back seat. When I saw he friend´s cock, I knew right away that it had been up Jhon´s ass . It was huge about 11 inches and reak thick. I sat back and let Jhon continue to suck me off while his friend fed me his cock. I told Jhon I wanted to see his friend fuck his ass til  he was ready to come. Jhon said he had told his friend that I swallowed and that he would let him fuck him til he was ready to shoot his load. Jhon produced a rubber and helped his friend with it. I noticed the rubber was almost too small and only shealthed about four inches of his tremendous cock. I started to suck Jhon off while he was being fucked and in no time was rewarded by Jhon´s hot cream,, to be quickly added to with the hot cream of his friend ripping off the rubber and filling my mouth.

   It took Eduardo about a month to get over hissy fit and show up at the house. That same night Jhon had left his bedroom door open and later that night I could hear both having sex. I descended the stairs quietly hoping to get a glimpse of Eduardo cock. I could see Eduardo was fucking Jhon´s ass with his cock a cock I estimated at around ten inches. Jhon had caught me watching them and after they were finished he came to my room covered in both their hot semen. He asked if I wanted to taste Eduard´s cum and I said Yes. He showed me where Eduardo had shot his cream  and watched as I fed on his friend´s cum. It tasted great but I told him It would be better coming from Eduardo´s big cock. Jhon said  to be patient. Sure enough the next time Eduardo visited and spent the night, they both came to my room. Both we naked with their stiff cocks in view. I started t suck Jhon´s cock aas they kissed and caressed each other. Jhon didn´t last long and said he was coming Eduardo watched as he deposited his thick cream in my mouth. This was too much for him and as Jhon stepped aside and Eduardo entered my mouth and sent his cock down my throat. I heard him moan and grunt and the flood of his thick cum filled my mouth. He milked his cock til I had gotten every drop.

From then on things were much easier between the three of us. Eduardo liked the fact I would take his cum and eat it in front of him which Jhon wouldn´t do.  Jhon was happy getting fucked by his huge cock. Everyone was happy. I remember all three of us were watching television on Jhon´s bed and Jhon took his cock out and asked if both of us would suck him off. There was no hesitation at all from me. I got on one side while Eduardo  positioned himself on the other. I started to suck Jhon´s cock while Eduardo watched then I took Jhon´s cock and fed it to Eduardo. We shared this lollipop until I noticed Eduardo unzip his zipper. He motioned to me to suck his cock which I did. I astonished him again by swallowing his stiff cock all the way to his cum filled balls. As he continued to suck Jhon I made it my job to make Eduardo cum.  He started to fuck my mouth to the point of no return and started to fill my mouth. When I finished I joined him to make Jhon cum . We shared an eruption of cum soon from Jhon´s balls. Jhon said he was so turned on by getting sucked off by two guys at once.

   After that many times after they had sex Eduardo would come to sleep in the bedroom next to mine. What Jhon didn´t know was Eduardo so in love with my talented mouth would come to me for a repeat of being able to get sucked off til he emptied his balls a second time. He loved how he could face fuck my mouth until he shot his load. He said Jhon would suck him but not to the point he came. He said he really got off knowing I would swallow his thick cum like most guys did when I sucked their cocks.  I loved how he grunted as he  emptied his big balls of their contents. 





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