After moving to Medellin, Jhon began to experience the gay culture of a big city, hooking up with various men for m2m sex. All the time, trying to  emulate a relationship as it appears  between a man and woman. It was to no avail and he finally realized it was almost impossible. First of all, men are egoistic to the point one believes their other half is a possession, not a human being with their own thoughts and desires. Jhon had entered ina relationship with a  man who kept him almost caged like a bird at home for his needs and no one else. Everyone knows what happens to an caged animal, in the end he escapes when the opportunity arises. 

   Jhon escaped one night which changed his whole life and thoughts about male sex. He went out when his lover was away and really didn´t have the street sense required when one was out alone in a big city. Jhon is black as spades, and as he was walking alone he ran into three black homeless guys. Thinking they were harmless  and secure in the false sense of comradery being of the same  skin color. Jhon ended up in a very dangerous situation. Subsequently, being tied up up and held prisoner by them for two days servicing them in every way sexually imagineable. It all started when they invited him to drink with them, his first mistake, because they laced his drink with something that made him docile and prevented him from fighting back. Jhon said all at once the three stripped him naked with no resistance at all from him. The alpha of the pack of three black men pulled out his huge uncut black cock and told Jhon to suck him off. Jhon was never really into sucking cocks, he had only done it twice once with Sergio, the guy who had broke his cherry when he was fouteen and  the second, his father, Jose when he was sixteen years old.  Jhon had told me once that his father had a huge 17 inch cock when fully erect. Once he was alone in the house, he had slipped under the covers when his father was sleeping. After his eyes had adjusted to the darkness beneath the blanket ,he found himself only inches away from the cock he had seen spurting its load of cum,  and the huge  balls that had made him. He had tasted Sergio´s load by wanted to know what his father´s thick cream tasted like. He waited til he made sure his father was breathing normally as if sleeping. What he didn´t know was that his father was aware all the time that Jhon was underneath the covers, waiting for his son to act. Jose had even turned over making his cock more accessible to his son. Jhon was curious about how his father´s balls would taste and finally how his cock tasted in comparison to Sergio´s . Sergio was totally shaved but his father´s balls and cock were nestled in black pubic hair. As he got close his nose smelled the aroma that only black men possess almost musky and  totally earthy. As he adjusted his body, bringing  his head above his father´s huge black balls he extended his tongue for a taste. He was surprised at their saltyness as he speared the huge orbs encased in the wrinkled dark scrotum, finally taking one within his mouth. As he did he noticed right away the reaction it was having on his father´s uncut cock, it was growing and expanding as he nutured the orb containing what he truly wanted ,his father´s cum. He mouth engulfed the other one and Jose fought back a muffled moan of acceptance. Eventually after his father´s cock was fully erect he traced the thick ebony shaft with his tongue up til its particially covered head. Once there  his tasted his father´s precum which had started to leak fron the huge slit on top of his father´s glandular head. His small mouth tried to engulf the head and had to stretch his lips to achieve it. He kept the head within his mouth letting his tongue search out where this sweet slimy liquid was coming from. He knew this was where the load of his father´s balls would finally exit and empty into his mouth. He nursed his father´s cock not realizing his father´s member was slowly but surely entering farther within the recesses of his throat. He noticed his father had begun to feed him his ebony member  withdrawing alittle and sliding back in. Jhon noticed his breathing had changed as he did this. Jhon liked the fact he didn´t have to do any work but let his father control everything. At this point he knew his father wanted what he wanted,to get sucked off and make his son eat his load. Jhon continued receiving the huge member but noticed his father´was sliding his member farther within his mouth. 

 All at once he felt his father strong hands grasp the back of his head forcing more of the 17 inches within his mouth til it ended up lodged in his throat. He had to breathe through his nose since his mouth was blocked off completely. All of a sudden his mouth was filled with the salty yet sweet cum coming from his father´s balls. He swallowed since more and more was filling his mouth with each heavy spurt. He found himself counting the spurts of cum at least eight .Then his father relaxed his grip and pretended to be asleep. He let his father´s cock shrink in size allowing him to breath normally but yet sucking and eating the cum still coming out of the slit. When he finished he slipped from underneath the covers and left the room, thinking he had done the deed without his father´s knowledge. All the while his father laid back on the bed content that his big balls felt much lighter than before.    

 Jhon was more into getting his ass filled by cock while jerking himself off as he was being fucked. This night was totally different the alpha male took out his cock and wanted Jhon to suck it. It was about 12 inches totally erect and tasted horrible a mixture of urine and bad hygiene.. But he had no choice as this man was forcing his cock down his throat so he started using all his talent that he had acquired from sucking his father´s cock and subsequent others. He could only hope he would come quick. The only two were taking turns abusing his ass with both their cocks , both were endowed like their leader.  Again he began to move his tight ass, milking their huge members  hoping all this would end soon.  Soon  his mouth and ass were being filled by the cum he didn´t want to take. The next morning ,he found himself still naked and robbed of everything including his dignity. He had thoughts of his friend , Oscar who once had entered an area of Medellin known for quick m2m sex in search of a big cock to suck. Oscar  was a talented cocksucker and had a insatiable thirst for sucking off cock. Jhon could attest to this since oscar had once said he had sucked Jhon´s brothers. When Oscar didn´t return he went to search for his friend within the dark shadowy locale only to find his friend robbed and stripped naked. Ever since his experience with the three homeless men he was more attracted to white cock than black cock. He found that white Colombian  men of his country had just as large cocks somtimes bigger than his kind.

   Jhon had found a woman from his hometown that was blind and had offered a room for him to stay. Jhon said one night, he woke up startled by a noise. When he opened his eyes her husband stood naked in front of him with his huge cock and asked Jhon to suck have sex with him. The guy was white and had a huge 10 inch cock,that wanted nothing more than to fill his mouth and ass.  Jhon not only sucked his cock but ended up having his ass filled by it. Jhon said the husband fucked him so hard that it woke up his wife, who came to investigate the commotion. She was looking for her husbamd but being blind  couldn´t see her husband laying on Jhon´s bed with his hard cock in Jhon´s ass. After almost getting caught  they were more careful afterwards waiting til she went out for the day visiting friends.




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