When I first meant Jhon on a website he struck me as a person of incredible openness and acceptance of what real love really is . Jhon had been in a relationship somewhat open in certain aspects and closed in others. All the while being torn between the two, constantly causing conflicts between his lover, Eduardo and him. These were two persons while in love had differences that finally couldn´t be ignored. Ultimately one had to win over the other and accept defeat.

   For some reason, gay relationships in the minds of the participants have to mirror straight relationships. While striving for this is a very admirable goal it is very hard to attain. I, even had to make the  journey through this complicated process to truly attain what is true happiness is also. Every person is unique with latent wants and desires groomed by their upbringing and sexual experiences throughout their lives. Some of us mature much quicker and come to the realization it is better to attain a equilibrium that serves us the best. 

   I remember when Jhon and I became friends, it was like a light bulb which had been turned off finally had the chance to be illuminated and dispel what had been in the shadows of my psyche all along. He once told me he could give me his loyalty but not his fidelty. He said to think about the two words carefully and ask yourself what is more important. I thought about what he had said and finally realized he was indeed right. This notion of only having sex with one person whether in a relatinship  or not is an obstacle to truly finding oneself. Especially when it come s to two males of our species who are constantly bombarded by temptations from other males who have nothing more on their minds than pure animalistic sex. Sex that lasts a few minutes until both empty their balls. I decided to choose loyalty over fiveminutes of unbridled sex.

  I´m always intrigued about the past sexual experiences of a person  and how they formulate the person in the end. jhon ´s experiences were truly imformative to me how he took advantage of each possible sexual opportunity and experience that presented itself to him while growing up. Jhon told me he first experience was with a older classmate who introduced him to m2m sex. And how his classmate had tricked him into having sex. Jhon said it was an incredble eye opening experience both painful and pleasureable at the same time. Jhon´s rendition of what had happened explained alot of his present thoughts and feelings about sex. Sergio who was almost eighteen had been the one to take his cherry forever imprinting this experience in his young brain of a fourteen year old. Jhon said he had a huge cock which at first he sucked ,giving him a taste of what was locked within the balls of his classmate. Eventually Sergio took the opportunity to introduce his young classmate what it was like to get fucked, having your ass invaded by a huge cock. A cock that caressed your prostate at first ever so gently and finally abused it as this huge member slide by producing your first orgasm. It was just luck that Sergio had fucked Jhon´s ass at the point his own young balls were getting ready to have their first release of cum.It certainly made an incredible on Jhon having experienced both pain and ectasy at the same time. This experirnece was the start of Jhon´s insatiable thirst for big cock. 

   The next experience was with his father, Jose who worked at night and slept during the day. There was one day when Jhon had come home from school earlier than usual and had interrupted his father jacking off. His father reprimanded him from walking in on him when he  was at the point of emptying his balls. Jhon had never seen his father´s enormous cock before fully erect for that matter seeing his father´s black cock shooting an incredible series of spurts of cum each landing on his father´s chest and belly. He became obsessed with his father´s cock til finally his obsession was satiated by sucking him off and finally taking his own father´s cock up his ass even though there was hestitation by both to cross the thin line of taboo. This experience with his father would provide the means of having sex with one brother later in life.

   After finishing school, Jhon´s his repertoire of sexual experiences especially upon moving to Medellin increased dramatically. It was the journey of the country mouse going to the city, a city where Jhon found there were much more opportunities to have sex with various men without any strings attached whatsoever. He told me about one instance where he had hooked up with a guy at a bar. They ended up climbing up a tree in the middle of the city to have sex. jhon said it was an experience he would never forget since the guy was fucking his ass while people were walking below. They had no idea what was happening just above their heads. He also related a story how he had become friends with a blind lady who invited him over for dinner. Her husband was immediately attracted to Jhon  and wanted his ass. Since his wife was blind he exposed his big erect cock right in front of Jhon and asked Jhon whether he wanted to get fucked. Jhon said the guy pulled his pants down and motioned Jhon to suck his cock while he fingered Jhon´s ass, getting it ready for his huge cock. There was one point while they were fucking that the big balls of the husband were smacking so loudlyagainst Jhon´s ass that they almost got caught.  This type of voyuerism  appealed to both and was totally exciting to the point the husband  had to muffle Jhon´s moans as he impaled him with his cock. They  fucked til he had a ass full of the husband´s hot cream and had shot his load while the husband was jacking him off. John said he visited the blind lady and her husband many times to relive what happened between them before. 





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