As the years past Jason grew up and Randy grew old. Randy started to come out of his shell a bit and started to do things with other men. He had been blown and he fucked a few guys. But he was always a top. He started to go online and looked at a lot of kinky shit. He was especially turned on by by the whole domination and submission scene. But he really had no one to experiment with. Except for guys who blew him and let him fuck them. 

He also started to look at stuff about nudist and nudism. Randy had always been somewhat of a nudist by not wearing colognes as a kid when his parents weren't around or sleeping almost or completely naked. 

Sometimes while in the woods he would strip and hike naked. He wondered if he could be naked in the house while his son was there he was the man of the house and his son was young and wouldn't know it was wrong. 

He was always home when his son was he was a teacher and Randy's now 5 year old son Jason was in kindergarten. So there was never a time when Randy was there and Jason was not. 

One day Randy decided that it was his house and he could do what he wanted. So when he got up one saturday morning he only had on some boxers and just did what he usually does on Saturday. Make and eat breakfast for himself and Jason. Saturday was pancake day. 

Jason awoke to the smell of pancakes. It was Saturday and he would have some of his dads awesome pancakes and then do whatever. 

When Jason got down stairs he saw his dad make breakfast but he was only wearing under wear. That's weird Jason thought. Daddy always wears normal clothes. 'hi daddy why are you not wearing clothes?' Jason questioned.

'oh morning son I guess I just didn't feel like it and there isn't anyone around so it's not a big deal.' Randy replied to his son. 

'daddy can I only wear my underwear like you? Please' Jason begged 

'okay Jace' thats what Randy sometimes called his son. 'but you have to promise you won't go around telling everyone. They might think Daddy's a little crazy 'and this is only at home not anywhere else or when people are over okay' 

'yes daddy' Jason said 'thanks daddy your the best' he began to take off his pajamas and only had on his little tighty whities. He ran to the living room to watch some cartoons while he waited for breakfast. 

It then became a regular thing Randy started to wear clothes less and less and so did Jason but only at home. It really saved Randy a lot of laundry. 

Randy really wanted to go completely naked but didn't want his son to see him like that and he didn't want his son to start doing that either. 

Over the years Randy kept working out but gained a little weight. And got a little hairier. He was muscled with a small layer of fat over his body and was hairy. In the gay community he would be considered a 'bear' and it was his understanding that many men found bears very attractive. 

Randy also got more experienced with domination he would sometimes go out to gay clubs when Jason was at a sleepover and find a willing guy who should be submissive. 

Randy really loved being a Dom and really got off on it. 

Randy once had this guy lick is shoes for an hour then move onto his ass and finished with fucking the guy hard and cuming up his ass. 

He was starting to become known as one of the best and hottest doms in his town. A lot of gay men would stare at Randy on the streets and wish they could have him. Even some of his students did also. 

One day Randy was getting ready to go home when one of his students showed up. It was Sean he was an 18 year old senior and also happened to be gay and was so hot for his teacher it hurt. 

'hi Mr. Masters I have a question about the homework.' Sean said. Sean was Randy's beat student and understood all the material. Randy thought it was odd that he had a question not once the entire year did he come for help. 

'sure Sean what are you troubled with?' Randy asked.

Shit Sean thought. He didn't actually have question he really wanted to try to get in his teachers pants. 'uumm... I really don't understand how chloroplasts in plants make food for the plants I don't know how they like do photosynthesis' sean just thought of something off the top of his head. 

'okay Sean go get a text book from over there and the come sit down here next to me and I'll explain.' Randy sat down and was wondering why Sean was really hear. Sean was the one who explained photosynthesis to the class the previous day when they were learning about it. For now he would just play along. 

Sean got the book and sat Next to his teacher. They were so close. Sean ached to just get on his knees in front of his teacher, go under the table and shove his face right in his crotch. Their thighs were touching and seams dick was hard as a rock in his jeans. 

As Randy explained photosynthesis he noticed that Sean was hard. Then it hit him. Sean didn't come here to ask about biology he wanted to see Randy. Well if it's Randy he wants it's Randy he's gonna get. He put his hand on sean's thigh as he talked and looked into his eyes. He could see the lust exploding in them. Ready to come out all over Randy. 

Randy got up and made it look lime he had to get a pen from his desk and when he came back he didn't sit down put pulled the book in front of Sean and stood over him. His crotch was right on his shoulder. He cock and balls were basically resting on Sean. Sean was so turned on he could barely hold himself back he started gently moving his arm so that it would be like he was massaging Randy's cock. Randy started to get hard as he realized what Sean was doing. 

Sean felt Randy cock get hard and couldn't hold himself back. He got down on his knees and begged his teacher 'please Mr. Masters please let me suck your cock please' 

Randy couldn't believe what he was hearing but he wouldn't turn it down 'yeah boy you wanna suck my fat cock well hear take it' he unzipped his pants pulled them down and off and jammed sean's head has into his crotch. Sean was licking Randy's cock and balls through his boxers but wanted the real thing him pulled down Randy's boxers and was amazed at the size he was in love with his cock. He took it in him mouth and didn't his best to suck. But it was huge he was having a hard time but he managed. 

'oh fuck boy that's amazing. Yeah you like sucking your teachers cock? Yeah suck yeah....' Randy exclaimed. He face fucked the boys throat and was about to cum. 'fuck boy take my jizz!!!! Aaaaahhhhh' Randy yelled as he came down the boys throat. 

Sean swallowed every drop. It was the best thing he ever tasted. 

'thank you Mr. Masters I hope u can do it again.' Sean said. 

'yeah boy you'll be doing that a lot now. Now don't tell anyone boy or I'll beat your ass into next week' Randy said as he got dressed. 'no get outta here boy.'

'yes sir' Sean said as he hurriedly walked out the door. That night Sean went home and jacked off like he never had before. 


it had been 15 years since Jason was born Randy was now 38. He still walked around the house in his underwear. And so did Jason. Randy had started to notice Jason's development he was fit had some muscle but not much and his ass was very round. Something he inherited from his mother. Randy loved looking at his sons bubble butt. He was turned on by his son. 

By now Randy was known all over town to the gays as the best Dom around. He was very hot had a big cock and was very rough. And he loved showing subs their place. 

Randy had recently joined one of those online sites for gay men and there was one guy he couldn't keep away from. He was 18 and very cute nice bubble butt but he lived really far away so he didn't bother to friend him he just went to his profile to look at his pics. 


Recently Jason spent a lot of time in his room he was on his new laptop. Be he wasn't doing things that were very innocent. He was going on to gay site and things like that Jason was gay. 

He had the perfect idea he would create an account on a gay site and say he was 18 and lived in california so that he looked legal and it wouldn't raise any suspicion.

He uploaded pics but never ones of his face. He was loving it lots of guys loved him and wanted him but he said that he was busy with college and couldn't do anything. 


One day Randy was online and wanted to go look at the profile of the little hot 18 year old from California. The kid had uploaded some new pictures, which made Randy real hot. He always day dreamed of fucking that kid and making him submit to him. As his was looking at a picture of the kid on his bed with his ass up in the air Randy could see outside through a window in the picture. He did a double take but he could swear he saw himself in the background of the picture outside hanging laundry. WTF Randy thought. His son was out so he went to Jason's room and his bed had the same sheets as the one in the picture. 

Randy wasn't mad that his son was gay just a little upset that that he was doing this and Randy had no idea. He read over the profile that he know knew was his son and in his about me it revealed that he loved being dominated and was submissive to older men and that he really loved the bear type. 

Well Jason if it's a dominating bear you want a dominating bear is what you'll get. Randy knew it was wrong but his cock was telling him it was right. And by doing it he could also punish his son for going behind his back. And with that Randy began thinking of a way to seduce his son and make him his little bitch. 

I know you just want the father son sex but next chapter is just that. Hope you enjoyed. 



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