Randy had known he was gay ever since he hit puberty and started jacking off. He never really found women attractive. He couldn't get over the was a man's body looked he thought it was a masterpiece.

Through his teens he never did anything with other guys just looked on any gay porn he could get his hands on. Any magazines, pictures, anything. 

In college Randy couldn't find any other gay guys. It wasn't that there weren't any, it was that he wasn't looking that hard because he didn't want to get caught by his friends. He was also really busy with school work. He wanted to be a teacher and worked really hard so one day he could be one. 

During school most of his friends and roommates hooked up with girls and had girl friends. Randy didn't. They all questioned him why. His main argument was that he really needed to focus on school so he could get a job because his family wasn't all that rich. He also said that he just didn't find a girl he liked or that would be up for sex. 

His friends didn't believe his second argument because Randy was a very handsome guy. He was 6'2' well built had nice black hair on his head and just the right amount all over his body and emerald colored eyes. He was a hunk. 

Finally he thought of just fucking some girl so his friends would get off his back. If he couldn't get hard or didn't really know what he was doing he could explain he was a virgin. It was the truth. 

One friday night he went out to a party with some friends and was hopping he could find a girl who would be up to fucking. About 2 hours later after some shots or assorted tequila and vodka and some beer he was getting a little tipsy. He was talking to this blonde girl who to wright men would be a real nice catch. She was flirting with him and he was just playing along. 

'hey wanna come back to my dorm? my roommate had to go home for a few days so it will just be the two of us?' she asked 'come on' she said as she pulled Randy up by his arm. 

'okay' he said as she pulled him out of the club. She was walking really fast and dragging Randy along. 

They got to her dorm. A 2 bedroom dorm with one of those living room/kitchen things. 'I'm Kim by the way' she said as she took off her shoes 

'Randy' he said as he stood there

'come on lets go to my room and get a little more comfortable' she said with a devilish grin on her face as she pulled Randy to he room.

Kim got on the bed and pulled Randy in for a kiss. He just played along. She started groping him all over and felt his package. It felt weird to Randy but good. She took his hands and brought them to her breasts. 

She was moaning a little and told Randy to lie down on the bed and she would take care of him. And so he did. Kim unburied his belt and unzipped his jeans. Feeling his cock through his boxers. Although he wasn't really attracted to women her hands felt good and he heard her gasp as she pulled down his boxers and saw his cock. He was semi erect and probably about 8' then. He thought he was big and apparently so did she. She smiled and went down on him like there was no tomorrow. Randy could not believe how good her warm mouth felt on his cock. He was moaning the whole time and was gonna be close to cuming soon. But she stopped and started to strip. He wasnt really exited by seeing her tits and vagina but he was thinking of good it would feel to fuck her. 

Kim got back on the bed and lied down and put he legs up. 'fuck me' she said as she rubbed her clit with her fingers. He got up and was on his knees between her legs his cock was fully erect and not 91/2' inches. 

He kind of knew what to do watching all that reproduction shit in high school to teach kids how to reproduce. What do u know it actually helped Randy thought. 

He aimed for he cunt and just pushed in it was tight but warm and felt good. 'this isn't my first time but your defiantly the biggest go slow babe and then speed up. 

He did just that after 10 minutes he was thrusting hard in and out. Randy had never experienced so much pleasure. Kim was also in ecstasy and moaning really loud. 

After 15 minutes he was ready to blow. 'fuck fuck I'm gonna blow' Randy yelled

'yeah yeah fuck me uuuhhhhh' she yelled they were both to drunk to remember that your supposed to wear a condom. Randy shot a huge load of 10 shots into her pussy. His little swimmers well already really deep in his pussy and didn't have to travel that far. Randy collapsed on to bed. They were both panting hard. 'your fucking amazing Randy' she said and they both fell asleep. 

The next morning Randy woke up with Kim next to him he had a bad hangover and after a few moments it all came back to him. The fucking and his amazing orgasm... In her pussy. 'shit she could get pregnant' he thought 'no she cant not after one fuck and this is defiantly the last one.' He looked at her naked body and he was repulsed how could he have had sex with that. Obviously Randy was still gay. 

He said goodbye to Kim and walked back to his dorm. His room mates were up and noticed when he walked it. 'so Randy do anything interesting last night if you know what I mean?' asked his roommate Eddie. 

'uuumm... Ya know partying drinking shit like that.' he said

'really where did u stay last night?' he asked Randy 

'and this blonde girl kim's dorm.' Randy replied. 

'Kim? Kim Donahue? Damn nice one bro. Do you ya know...?' Eddie questioned. 

'um... Yeah' randy said back to Eddie. 

'that's my man how was it what what she like' Eddie asked. Randy proceeded to tell Eddie and his other room mates what happened the night before. 

A week later Randy got a call from Kim. 'hello?' Randy said

'hey randy we need to talk' Kim said. 

'yeah what about' 

'about what we did last Friday' 


'Randy I don't know how to say this so I'll just say it. I'm pregnant' she said. Randy heard it but couldn't believe it.

'no no you cant be' Randy said. 

'yes it can okay let's meet at that restaurant on Washington ave. We will talk there' whit that Kim hung up the phone. 

Randy and Kim worked out that they would keep the baby the were both 22 and graduating in 3 months. So they would try to get a place to live get jobs and raise the child. 

After they graduated they found a food sized home in South Carolina. Kim's parents were they nicest most caring people in to world and very rich her dad owned a business that was throughout the nation and starting to move into Europe as well. 

Kim's parents actually bought them a house and 2 cars! The house was a nice 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. That was a pretty good size. And it was lake front property. And in farm land so thief closest neighbor was about 20 miles away they had their own woods too.

Kim had the baby he was a beautiful boy. They named him Jason. When Jason was born The same day Randy was 23. He was born on the same day as me December 8. When he was 2. Randy had gotten a teaching job and Kim had just left for no reason. 'that fucking bitch' Randy thought. 

Sorry not really any sex in this one just the nessasary  background for the upcoming story.  New chapter comething soon. 



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