I was seventeen when this story happened, I was a junior in High School, and I was very athletic, well built, or at least I thought so.

I had played Baseball, ran track, some gymnastics, but my best sport was swimming, I was really good at this, and it was by my own choice my favorite.

Thats how I came to be initiated into the world of sucking cock and fucking and being fucked.

I explain, when I was just fourteen I began to take swimming lessons at the local 'Y.'

I guess it all began when I was fifteen, I had been taking swimming lessons and diving at the local YMCA but I wanted to go on with it into something better, I had watched the olympics and swimming meets on the t.v. and was really into it.

There was an underlying motive too, I loved seeing those guys in those speedo's, those cocks bulging outward, laying upward, downward or to the side,it was the objects of my sexual fantasies.

I had began jerking off to the thoughts of guys, and what was in those diving and swimming speedos.

I loved rubbing my nuts, sliding my tight fist up and down my seven and a half inch boner, I guess you might say I was fairly large for my size in the cock department.

Well my parents got ahold of a private Swimming instructor named David Herholtz, holy shit was David a hunk, I started lusting after David as soon as I saw him in his dark blue swim trunks, they were not quite speedo's but they were low rise brief type with a tie string flopping out in the front.

He was gorgeous, he had a nice muscular simmers build, hairy chest, not heavy but lightly hairy, and that treasure trail disappearing down into his swim briefs. His legs were like tree trunks thick and muscular.

His bulge looked huge, and of course I couldn't take my eyes off his bulge, I would almost have to hide my boner every time I got dressed out for lessons.

I would really enjoy the feelings that I got as he would press his body against mine showing me certain swim stroke possitions, I would sprout wood big time when I felt his hot flesh against mine.

Then one day it happened, He was leaning against my body showing the correct possition for a certain swim stroke and I got a major boner, and I felt something hard against my but cheek, I looked down and saw his cock sticking out against my legs and it looked like it was eleven inches long. I looked up and noticed David staring into my eyes, my hand slid down and rubbed against it and I felt it felx out and he pushed his hips against my hand, I knew at that point he liked it.

I squeezed it a little and he leaned his head back and said that felt 'sooo fucking good.'

We went into his family room there a few feet from his pool. I felt David's hand began to feel around on my crotch and it was out of sight wonderful. It was the most awesome sensations I had ever felt.

David let me pull his briefs down and out flopped a good nine inch cock, thick as my wrist, with a skin still covering it's head, I had not seen that before and it intrigued me..

I wrapped my fifteen year old hand around this monster and began enjoying my self as David moaned his pleasure vocally.

I was enjoying watching that foreskin slip back and forth exposing that purpleish head, then seeing that clear liquid come peeking out from the slit in the head.

Something inside my head told me it would taste good and as I rubbed his nuts with my left hand, I slid back the foreskin, and started licking on the tight swollen leaking head, his pre-cum was awesome tasting, my first taste every, of a cock.

I took as much of it into my head as David put his hands on the back of my head and began to face fuck me with his huge cock, at first I thought I would gag and choke, but I adjusted and the next thing I knew I had relaxed my throat and was takeing it to the balls into my throat, I was a natural I guess or at least he said I was, I had sucked his cock for about tne minutes my own about to explode from the excitement, when David stopped me and pulled me up, 'I'm too close, I want to suck yours for a while,' he said.

I pulled my trunks down and out flopped my seven and a half incher, David was impressed at my size for a fifteen year old which made me proud.

David knelt down in front of me, took my balls into his mouth and I almost fainted from the intense pleasure I was receiving from this gorgeous guy.

Then it almost tripled when he slid his hot wet mouth up my shaft and took my cock into his mouth, I almost felt my knees buckle, and I was in for the long haul, it was the most incredible feeling of my young life, my nuts were aching tight against my body and David was working my cock over like a vacuum, sucking my cock, deepthroating me and I was about to blow when it happened, I let out this loud moan, and then 'OH Shit, I'm cummmmmmmmmming' I yelled and I felt the most intense climas of my life take place, David kept up the intense sucking and sliding movements untill my cum was drained from my body. I fell over on my side, exhausted and drained.

I wanted to die right then totally satisifed and happy. I had been wondering what it would feel like and now I knew.

David smiled at me and said, 'I think you enjoyed that, I smiled and said, 'Ugh Hugh' and kept gasping for my breath.

I noticed Davids cock was still standing upward and out thick and hard, I went up on my knees and took it into my mouth and began my first intense blowjob of another guy, and was rewarded for it with the most awesome mouth full of cum ever, David's body was jerking and almost spasming as he filled my mouth with his spunk, moaning and groaning.

Well David continued teaching me not only private swimming lessons but man to man sex lessons too, I learned the great pleasure involved in fucking his asshole, and on the other hand his cock took some use to me getting use to takeing it to the hilt took a while for me, since he was so friggen big, but it finally happened and I was enjoying the [Full extent) of Davids manhood.

My lessons went on for almost three years and would always include swimming time and end up in sex, which I loved just as much.

That was my introduction and initiation to sex with other guys, and I love it.

My Best friend Gregg and I have been best buddies for almost seven years, we have gone thru Junior High together and now are both Juniors in High School, Im not all that great in math so Gregg who is a mathametical whiz has been sort of tutoring me, and on this special occassion that I write about it was a Friday night, I called Gregg and he told me to come over, he lives in the same suburban subdivision that we do only several streets over.

He had told me to come on over and just wait for him he would be getting off work from the grocery store that he worked for as a bagger and stocker at about 10:30 that night, but go on in and watch t.v or play his xbox 360, his parents were to be out of town this weekend but it was o.k. the kitchen door would be open in the back garage which was also open.

I went on over and I went on up to his bedroom, I watched a little t.v. it was boring and then I had this idea, Gregg had his own computer and he watched porn I know, so I clicked on the computer and on came the screen, I knew of a couple sites that catered to men, gay sex and videos etc.

I knew Gregg would be gone for a couple hours yet so I decided to slide off my sweat pants and took off my tee shirt and enjoy myself setting at his computer desk naked, watching porn and enjoying a good nut busting stroke off.

I brought up this very hot sexy looking couple guys enjoying themselfs, and as well as I was.

I was into stroking my meat really getting into the video, when 'Holy Fuck, What the hell? Wow Ken, What the hell kind of Pervert are you, Holy shit man, you some kind of ass fucking, Dick smoking queer or something?'

In a total state of complete shock I turned to see who's voice it was and there Stood Kyle, Greggs older brother, we were Juniors in High School, Kyle was a sophomore in college, four years older that we were.

I had no idea he was home from college this weekend, Gregg never told me.

I was grasping for words, as I said, 'Ah, Well, UGM, what can I say man, you caught me redhanded.' I said. totally embarrassed, and shocked,

Kyle slowly walked over to me, looking at what was on the screen in front of me, and then looking at my hard cock between my legs, there was no doubt at all what I was doing.

'Well, Well, Well,' what do we have here? was his first words. 'So My little Brothers best friend is a cock loving, dick smoking faggot?' he said with a smirk.

'Tell me something Ken, does it feel as good as they seem to act like it does?' he said with a smirk.

I couldn't lie, 'Well truthfull yes but if you want to know why don't you let me suck yours and show you.' I said. 'You'll Never know till you try it yourself.'

Kyle stood there watching the video, and I noticed a bulge forming to the side of the shorts he was wearing, damn he looked big from what I could see.

Kyle stood there a few minutes, and then as I reached up and rubbed the length of his cock in his shorts, 'Hey man, you realize I ain't no queer,' he said.

'Hey Kyle, Queers arn't the only ones who like blowjobs, most every guy alive loves getting his cock sucked, they just never give over to enjoying a guy doing it for them, and truthfully guys give better head.'

I reached up as he looked a little bewildered and pulled the top of his shorts out and away from his crotch and slid them down a little.

Holy Fuck his cock was like that swimming teachers, thick, at least eight plus inches and uncut, I knew just what to do with a nice foreskin.

I took his cock into my hands slid that foreskin and took a wiff of his manly genital aroma and I almost came on myself, I leaned forward and while I stroked my own cock and enjoyed this even better than the video, I took about five inches of Kyles gay/virgin cock into my hot, wet, wanting mouth and began to lick and swirl my tongue around the head and tip of his throbbing male member, Kyle let out a slight gasp and moan, 'Oh Shit man, that feels awesome, I never dreamed in a million years that I would be allowing a dude to suck my cock and be enjoying it so much.

'Hey man, you can never tell anyone that I let you do this o.k? or Ill break you in half, got it?' Kyle said.

I let my cock go and began to rub on Kyles ample nut sack with egg sized balls inside it.

Kyle was a stud to be sure, I sucked away at his tasty thick cock taking it to the balls with each suck and reached up and began to tweeking his nipples, I had Kyle where I needed him, he was in lala land as I sucked his cock as good as I could give.

Kyle had my head in his hands when I felt the climax coming on, he began ramming hisrock hard cock into my face all the way to the hilt, and I did my best to allow his cock to slide down my throat, it was the best I could give.

'OH HOlY Shit man, I hope you like the taste of cum, cause I'm about there,' He said as he ramrodded his cock deep into my mouth and throat.

It was awesome, I tasted Kyles slight tasty pre-cum just before the main dam burst and Kyle flooded my mouth with his seed, and as he grunted and moaned with the onslaught of his climax, I felt my own coming on in my groin, I stroked my cock a few time and covered the keyboard with my load, I slumpted back in the seat as I finished licking Kyles last remnants of cum.

Kyle was exhausted, 'Mother Fucker man, that was incredible man, does Gregg get these from you?' he asked.

'Not yet, we have jerked off a few times together, but I'll work on giving him a head job soon.' I said.

'Wow Ken, You have done this before haven't you, that wasn't a beginner blowjob you just gave me. I know, I have had girls give me head before but not like that, and they don't swallow, your fucking awesome man.

Kyle stood there before me letting me lick on his deflating cock.

'Hey man, I sure hope this won't be the only time this happens, now that I know what it's like, you and me are best mates, O.K.' he said.

Well theres a lot more to cum, with Kyle and Gregg, as the next chapter will tell.



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