Back to Chicago part 2

Well, we all laid in bed, exhausted from some hot steamy sex, or at least that's what we thought its was.

Erick and his dad, laying together, both of them sexually drained.

And me laying between their hot bodies.

Erick had woken up about an hour later.  He couldn't believe he and his dad had made out and his dads new lover had sucked his cock and swallowed his cum.

Just thinking about it made his cock harden.  Soon he was back to his throbbing 8" and wanted to cum again.  But his sexual curiosity got the better of him.  He wanted to see what it was like to suck a guys cock.  All the time erick had spent in Europe in school, he never jerked off, sucked their cocks or anything else with his buddies.

He looked at his dad and mike.   He was Not sure what he wanted to do. 

His dad had woken up and looked at his beautiful son.

"Erick, what are you thinking about ?"

" way too much at the moment right now dad. I want to suck your cock, suck mikes cock, fuck you both and get fucked by you both. I don't know where to begin."

" well, first off, there is plenty of time to do everything.  One thing at a time.  I've only played with mike, just us sucking each other and I've fucked him twice.  I'm sure when he wakes up, he will know how to start things.  And I'm not sure youre gonna fuck me with that huge cock of yours.  It's as big as mikes and I've tried once to take it and it hurt to much and from that I think I'm a top only.  So you'll have to fuck mike, but I will tell you, he loves uncut cock and with the two of us, he will be in foreskin heaven."

" really?!?!, it's just a piece of skin, how can anyone be obsessed with a foreskin.?"

" well, I guess when you don't have one, you want one and can become obsessed with them.  He says there is a difference when I fuck him to when a cock that is cut fucked him.  I believe him with his knowledge of pleasure.  I've always enjoyed what we have done in the past."

" I've not really seen his cock, is he cut or natural?"

" he's cut with extra skin"

" I'd love to see if I can feel the difference like he does.  He's really a handsome guy dad.  I'm glad you two know each other. And that we can live together."

"Well, mike still lives in California.  Not sure how things are gonna work quite yet. "

" we'll dad, sadly you're between jobs and I can switch to a school out there and we can move in with him. Besides, I hate the weather here and would love to see California. "

"your mom would freak out, she hates mike and he hates her. But it's something we can thing about and talk with him."

Slowly I woke up and saw my two sexy men talking away.

" so what are you guys talking about?" I asked

" well, erick thinks we can move to California with you.  He can transfer schools and I have no job right now, so it could work." chris told me.

" well it could work, you'll miss a lot of stuff here.  Chris, she won't care of you move out by me and erick, your mom won't like it if you move in with me & your dad.  Unless you tell her that a school out there has accepted you for your intense tennis skills."

" dad, would you mind if I suck mikes cock first ?  I want to learn from the expert here."

"Sure but listen to what he tells you so you can blow me later"

"will do dad, mike you ready?"

"well, I haven't cum yet and I'd love to teach you how to suck a guys cock right" 

Erick and I switched places and he carefully too my cock between his fingers and licked at the head, and then again and again.  Soon he took the head in his mouth as my cock began to grow.  He said he'd never sucked a guy, but this hot stud was a natural, he must have watched lots of porn or something to be this good.  

Because of this hot sexy kid sucking my cock and his dad stroking his own cock and Chris and I making out, I was ready to blow my load.

" erick, I'm close, keep sucking and jerk my cock and I'll shoot. "

"I want to taste your cum, I need to taste your cum"

" are you sure, there's gonna be a lot."

" I'm ready , give me your cum !!"

He went back to suckin my cock and soon, I started to shoot and he caught it all in his mouth and then swallowed it done.  He looked up at me with a smile and asked how he did.

" well for a first timer, you did better than I expected , a natural cock sucker.

"are we really gonna do this dad, the three of us living together as lovers.  I would love it to work.  I love you and think I can love mike as much as you do.  And speaking of that, mike, can I call you daddy ?"

" yes erick, I think it'll work out and I'd love it if you called me daddy, if your dad is cool with it?"

" that's up to you guys, if fine with what ever you agree on" Chris told us.

Erick & I looked at each other and smiled, I was officially daddy to my new son.

"So son, you want to see why your dad loves fucking me ?  You've never fucked anyone right?"

" FUCK YEAH, I want to find out what it's like !!! But what about when slide into you, isnt it gonna be messy and gross?"

" well, I knew your dad would want to fuck me, I know him too well.  So I cleaned out at the airport, so the only thing inside is his huge load of cum. You want me to clean out again or you want to fuck his load deeper into my ass?"

" hot, I'd love to push his load deeper!!  I want to try everything!!  But first I have to piss like a race horse!!"

My eyes popped open, " what about you Chris, you need to piss too?"

" yeah, as a matter of fact I do need to piss"

"well, I'm in for a treat, I'm gonna get in the tub and I want you both to stand and piss on me.  You just stand there , i pull back your skins and let it flow all over me!!"

Chris had a look on his face that was one I'd not seen on him.  It was a look of " are you kidding, you want us to piss on you?!?!"

"I'm not sure I can do that" Chris stated.

It's easy, you just piss in the tub, and I happen to be in the tub, it's more a turn on for me, and relief for you."

" ok, erick you ready to try this ?"

" fuck yeah, I want to try everything!!"

We went into the bathroom and I got into the tub and kneeled down.  They got as close to each other as the could and as close to the tub as possible so nothing would get on the floor.

I reached up and took their cocks in my hands, and told them to let it go, soon their golden water began to rush out, splattering all over me, I pulled back their skins and direct streams of hot Danish piss was on my body and I stuck out my tongue, to taste it.  It was heaven for me, I moved my mouth to get some of Chris' piss in my mouth and then I moved to ericks' cock to get a taste of his.  I was in heaven.  I never told Chris that getting pissed on by uncut guys was a total turn on for me.  Soon both guys were done.

" Well, I think I need to rinse off before we do anything else, anyone want to join me?"

" I showered before I picked you up" Chris told me

" I need to shower, I skipped the shower after practice. It's a good thing I did, or this wouldn't have happened."

I turned on the water and erick joined me.  We didn't talk at all, just washed each other and got each other nice and clean.  As Nature would have it , I needed to piss too, so I let it flow and splash on ericks leg.  He looked at me and smiled. I think he liked it, so maybe one day we will play more.

We got out of the shower and dried off and rejoined his dad in bed.

His cock was rock hard and he gave me that look, the look of " I want your ass again"

" well erick, I think your dad wants to fuck me first, then you can fuck me, how's that?"

"Live porn, I'm game to watch and I can see what I should be doing."

Erick jumped on the bed, I got on my hands and knees and Chris got behind me.  He rubbed his dripping cock against my hairy hole and gently slid his cock in, little by little, until he was completely inside me.  Then he picked up the pace and started fucking my ass like he'd never done the few times before.  Erick just watched in amazement, watching his dad fucking me good and hard.  In a few minutes, Chris couldn't take it any more and slammed his cock deep as he could and blew his load deep in me and I took every drop he gave.

Immediately, erick jumped out of the bed and shouted , " my turn , my turn!" like an excited little kid.

" let me catch my breath first erick, and besides my cock is still in is ass.  "

"ok dad, I'm just really excited to fuck my daddy"

" I know, thats how I was when he got here"

Chris slowly pulled his beautiful cock out of my ass.  And erick was ready to take his place, with his dad watching and guiding him like a teacher. 

" ok, first rub some of that precum on his hole, just to give his more lube before you slide that monster cock in his hole."

"ok, then what?"

" then just slowly slide into him and I think you can figure the rest once your inside him"

Erick lubed my hole with his precum and slowly, just like his dad told him, slowly slid into my hole.  He was so much bigger than his dad in length and girth.

Soon, I felt his hairy bush against my ass cheeks. My ass always felt full when Chris fucked my, but now I almost felt overstuffed.  But I loved the feeling his young thick uncut cock in my ass.

" now erick, slowly pull out and then slowly back in.  Let him get used to the feeling of that monster cock of yours, once you feel it start to relax and loosen up a it, then you can go faster, ok" Chris instructed him.

"ok dad, got it"

And erick did just that, slowly pulling put and going back in felt so damn fucking good.  After a bit he could feel my ass relax and he increased his fucking speed.  Soon  He was going faster and faster, it felt great, a virgin cock deep in my ass.  

" oh god, dad I'm getting close, I'm gonna cum soon, what do I do?"

" just keep going erick, just keep fucking his hot ass and after you shoot the first shot, ram deep and shoot the rest of your load, mix it with mine and push it so deep it never comes out."

"Ugh, ugh, here it comes dada, uuuuggggghhhhhh" erick grunted as he slammed his cock the deepest it would go.

He held his cock deep in my ass, until his breathing was back to normal.

He slowly pulled his cock out, no longer a virgin.

"holy fuck, that was incredible, I've never felt anything like that." 

"dad, what's  it feel like being inside a woman, is it better than dadas' ass?"

" first, we're did dada come from, just curious ?  And being inside a woman is nice, but mike is soooo much better, wait til you're fucking him and he tighten his muscle and grips your cock, that's something a woman can't do from what ive experienced"

" well, I like calling him daddy, but dada just sounds like its a better fit for him"

" well, I don't mind dada at all, daddy make me think he's only 8 years old.   it's getting late, we should all get some rest,  I'm beat myself , ive been up for way too long today, im still on cali time." I told them both.

" dad, you sleep in my bed tonight, I want to sleep with dada, you can sleep with him the rest of the time he's here"

" ok, fine, your bed is better anyway"

Good night guys

Night dad

Night Chris 

And we all drifted off to sleep.

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