Back to Chicago part 3

I woke up, about 730 and felt an arm wrapped around my chest and a hard cock between my ass cheeks.  At first I was trying to figure out where I was, then I remember Chris and erick.  And remembered that erick wanted to sleep,with me.

I reach and stroked ericks arm.  He was so much like his dad it was unreal, almost like his clone, except for his cock of course.  Maybe those policy genes gave his something good.

" morning dada, how'd you sleep?"

" like a rock, kinda like your cock right now"

" I've never slept naked with another guy, and I love it"

" dada, I want you to fuck me today, I want to feel your cock inside me"

"well, as much as I'd love to do that, I think you should give your virgin ass to you dad.  He's never had a virgin ass and it would show him your love for him, just being family and a lover.  Then I'll be glad to fuck you."

" yeah, your right, he is my dad and I love him so much."

" me too kiddo, like I told him, I've loved him since I first saw him"

" really, when Was that?"

" back in high school, we both took wood shop and I just saw this cute guy, chubby, dorky, dirty blond hair and beautiful blue eyes.  Maybe it was hormones of a horny teenager, but I knew I wanted him to myself."

" wow, that's been 20 plus years then"

" yep, we have been together thru my rough times and his rough and lowest times and thru his high times, like when you were born"

" has he always loved you?"

" loved as a friend,yes, as a lover, that just came out yesterday"

" well, what are you two talking about?" Chris asked as he walked into the room, with a steel hard erection.

" just talking about you and dada, just getting to know him better and how much he loves you and for how long he's loved you"

" that old sappy story ?"

" it's not sappy dad, it's great !"

" Chris, erick wanted me to fuck him, but I said no"

" why did you pass up a virgin ass ?"

" I've had the virgin ass I've always wanted, but I said someone else should get his cherry.  I said you should have the privilege of fucking his virgin ass"

" oh really?"

" show him that you love him Chris, make love to his ass, and give him the load that made him."

"Ok, I'm ready now !!"

" I think I need to show him how to clean up first, I've always hated being a dirty fuck or giving a dirty fuck"

" come on kiddo, let me show you he to clean up."

Ok, dada"

We both got up and headed to the bathroom.  I brought my cleaning kit, to clean him out.

" so how do we do this, dada"

"Well, first I fill this with warm water, then lube up your ass a bit and slide it in and fill you up with the water "

" an enema is how you clean up"

" yep, that simple.  Ever have one ?"

" no, but wondered what it would feel like."

With the bottle filled with warm water, I told erick what to do.

" now bend over and I'm gonna slide this gently into your hole using some soap as lubricant.". Then I'm gonna squeeze the bottle and the water will fill you up.  Once all the water is in, then just relax and wait a few, then sit on the toilet and let's natue do it's thing.  Once the water fills you, you're gonna feel a lot of internal pressure, it'll feel uncomfortable, but it'll feel good at the same time."

He sat on the toilet and he relaxed and everything came out easily.

" wow, that's hot.  Didn't think it could be so erotic and felt like I just too the easy dump of my life"

" let's do it again, to make sure youre squeaky clean"


We came out of the bathroom, Chris looking incredible sexy, stroking his cock, Covered in precum.

Erick jumped into bed with his dad.  Erick slid up and began to suck his dads cock, his first taste of his dads uncut cock.  His eyes were closed as he sucked and was moaning with pleasure.  As he sucked his dads cock, I got some of my favorite lube and applied some to ericks vrigin hole.  I slowly slid a finger in and moved it around and added another finger.  Just to loosen him up a bit more before his dad plunged into his sons virgin hole.

"okay, babe, he's ready for you. But be gentle, I know you want this more than anything, but it's a ripe cherry and you want to make sure he enjoys this"

" I know, but I'm so horny and I want him so bad."

" don't worry, I'll keep you from slamming into him"

Chris got up as Erick moved to the edge of the bed and got on all fours.  His hot ass, was just like his dads in every way.

" ready kiddo?"

"yes dada, I'm ready, scared and nervous, but ready"

" Chris , it's showtime for you. "

Chris' cock was dripping with thick gooey precum and smeared it on his sons hole. He pulled his skin all the way forward, and placed it at his sons hole and gently pushed in.  He pushed just a bit in, I could see his skin rolling back and then head slide easily into his son. 

" how you doing kiddo?"

" so far so good.  It hurts a bit but feels good"

" go slowly, babe, need this to be good for him if I'm ever gonna get the chance to fuck him."

" I know, but the thrill of fucking him is making me crazy"

" just ease in and out"

Chris slowly went In and out.  After a few minutes, his cock was buried in his sons ass, father and son connected in a whole new way.

" how ya doing kiddo?  Does it hurt too much ?"

" oh my god ,this feels incredible.  Dad, start moving in and out slowly"

Chris followed his sons instructions, slowly he pulled out and then back in.

" hows that erick, you ok ?"

" yeah dad, it awesome, now fuck me good, I want to to fuck me like you fucked dada"

" I'm not gonna go that hard on you, but it'll be close."

Chris started to fuck his son, picking up speed, his hard cock, pounding his son, their skin slapping away.  Chris wasn't gonna last long, I knew he was getting to that point soon.

" ok erick, feel his cock sliding in and out of your hole, feel how he hits all the right spots inside you.   Focus your bodies feeling on your ass"

Erick dropped down to his chest, changing the angle of his dads cock.  

" oh god, is this how it feel for you mike ?  " I can feel his cock getting harder, I can feel every bulging vein on his cock. This is the best feeling ever.  I never knew my ass could feel like this"

" it's gonna get better in just a few minutes."

" Chris you ready ?" 

He just nodded his head

" ok kiddo, he's getting really close, his cock is gonna get as hard as steel and feel thicker, and the head of his cock is gonna get bigger too"

" I can feel it all, oh my god, fuck me harder dad, as hard as you can"

And with that, Chris screamed " aaaaaaagggghhhhhh, here's my cummmmm"

Erick took the pounding of his dads cock and yelled," shoot it dad, shoot it in me!!"

Both of my men were dripping sweat, Chris had just fucked his son and taken his cherry.

"well guys, how do you both feel?"

In perfect unison, they both said, " that was the best"

" erick, did you know or realize that. Your dad shot his load into your ass, you came at the same time?"

" I did?" he got up on his hand s and saw a huge load of his own cum all over the bed.

" how'd I do that ? I didn't even touch my cock!"

" your dads cock is the perfect size and shape, when things are really good, he can fuck the cum out of me , and the same with you."

" wow, that's awesome.  "

Chris pulled out slowly and then fell onto the bed, where he and his son kissed passionately.

" you want to fuck me know mike?" erick asked

" I think I should let you rest before I fuck you.  I don't you to over do it.  I want to make sure we enjoy everything.  And think, we only just begun, we havent gotten to rimming yet."

" rimming?"

"yeah, rimming.  I lick your asshole to get you relaxed and opened up, the I slide my cock in."

"Maybe I'll introduce you to rimming later" 

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