Back to Chicago

I decided on a trip back to Chicago to visit my friends that I hadn't seen in years. One friend that I wanted to see was my friend Chris.  I hadn't seen him in years and was excited to see him first.  He picked me up from the airport and we went to his place where I'd be staying for the long weekend.

We got to his apartment , which was pretty nice and had done a great job with setting the place up.  We sat and talked for a few hours about everything that had been going on since we last talked and seen each other. I noticed that after a while, he kept grabbing his crotch. Not like he had an itch, but like he was hard and his cock was curled up and was in pain, and needed some relief.

" you ok? " I asked him.

" yeah, I'm fine."

" well you keep grabbing your crotch and rubbing it around.

" oh, you saw that"

" yes I did, you know how observant I am "

" honestly, I haven't gotten laid in a few months and I was thinking that maybe.... You could....... Well you know , help me out"

" you know I'd always help you out like that, you're one of my best friends and you know I've helped before and would do it again"

A huge smile came to Chris' face.  He got up and walked over to me, his bulging crotch in my face.  I put my mouth on his bulge, and gently biting his hard cock, thru his shorts.  I nudged his balls with my nose and just smelling him thru the fabric.  Soon I could see a wet spot on his shorts.

He must be really horny of he's this wet already.

" should we go to your room and do this right ?"

" yes , I need some relief bad!!"

I got up and I followed him to the bedroom.  I think he planned this, the room was clean, bed made and candles burning.

As we stood there, he turned to me and started kissing me. I was startled because it was very passionate, which is normally not Chris.

Soon, at the thought of sucking him, I was rock hard.  He felt my hard cock with his cock and soon, we were taking off each others clothes.  Our naked bodies, there for us to enjoy.  He grabbed my arms and flung me to his bed and jumped on top of me.  His weight felt soooo good.  His hard cock against my body felt even better.

" suck me" Chris said softly.  

I rolled our bodies over and i moved sown his body til his rock hard uncut cock was in view.  He was so horny, that precum was oozing out of the tip in a steady stream.  I started at the base of his cock and licked up the stream of sweet precum.  As I got to the tip of his 6" cock, I reached up and pulled his skin farther over his cock head, giving me some skin to nibble on.  As I nibbled more precum oozed out and I sucked it down.

I began sucking his cock and all he did was lay back enjoying the pleasure that had been denied for so long. After fifteen minutes of sucking his cock, he finally spoke.

" mike i need to tell you something"

" what's that Chris ?"

" well, after the last time we did this when my cousin was in town, I started thinking and searched my feelings. And ...we'll, I am pretty sure , oh hell, I'm gay.  I didn't think it was possible, but I miss you and have grown to love you."

" congratulations Chris, I've always felt that way about you"

" there's something else I need to tell you, I sounds sick and depraved, but I want to see you, me and Erick, my hot sexy son living together, in a sexual relationship.  I want to make love to my own son.  I know it's sick, but I love him and want him badly"

" well, that's pretty hot actually.  He does look just like you, last I saw in the pics you sent me.  Is he gay or straight?  If he's straight, that could cause a problem with your plan.  And it's not so sick to me, I'd love to watch you to making love.  And to tell you the truth, me and me brother have played together for years."

" he's straight, but when I see him, I get so turned on, I just want to rip his clothes off and make love to him."

"Well, let's finish what we started here and can deal,with that later"

" ok, I want to fuck your ass so bad, there's a pool of precum on my belly, want to use that as your lube?"

" already thinking that"

I scooped up the lube with my finger and ran it around my hole, which hadn't been fucked in months.  Chris' lube was thick and slimy. I was able to slide my finger into my hole, getting it a bit loose if his cock.  I scooted up on his body , reached behind me and grabbed his cock and lifted his prefect cock.  Then slowly, to get Chris more excited , I slowly sat in his cock, filling me only the way his cock can.  It felt soo good.  I started to rise up and down, over and over, soon he was moaning like a man possessed and I was doing the same, my hard cock aching and dripping precum.

" lay on my chest" Chris told me.

So I laid down on him, he rolled us over with his cock leaving my ass.

" now I'm really gonna fuck you good and hard !!!!"

Then He began to pull out and slide deep inside me, I loved how he fucked my like this. He pounded me for a while, but I wanted more of his cock deep inside me.

" hold on, I want a different position" I lifted my leg, and rolled onto my back and then lifted my other leg and rested them both on his shoulders.

" ok, now fuck me good and hard"

He pulled out and then rammed all 6" deep into my hole and then started to pound me over and over.


Erick was coming over to his dads so they couple spend the weekend at his dads place as he was 17, and 18 tomorrow. He stuck the key In the lock and pushed open the door.  He heard sounds from his dads room. Familiar sounds, like his dad finally getting laid.

" yeah, take my cock In your hole, I'm gonna fuck you till you drain the last drop of cum from my balls". Erick had heard.

Finally dad is getting laid, he thought to himself.  What he couldn't figure out was why he cock was getting hard.  He was hard very fast, and very hard in just anew minutes.  He walked to his dads room and thought the door would be shut and could jerk off listening to the live porn. But the door was open and saw a pair of legs and feet over his dads shoulders and knew his dad was having a great time.

" I'm gonna cum, here it is , all for you mike, my love" Chris shouted Erick could believe what he just heard and saw, his dad fucking someone and yelled out a guys name.

"uuuuugggggghhhhhh", Chris and mike had moaned together

" dump your hot load deep In my ass you sexy stud" mike had shouted


Chris whipped around and saw his son standing there with a bulge in his pants

" when did you get home, how much did you see ?"

I saw you finally get laid , but I'm confused with who"

I peaked my head around Chris and saw Erick.  The last time I saw him, he was only 3 years old and now he's 17 and practically a twin of his dad.

All I could say was " hi Erick"

"who are you ?"

" I'm one of your dads oldest & dearest friends "

" I think we're more than that now mike" chris replied

"ok, you're dad and I just became lovers"

Erick had a look of shock and suprise on his face. I think we all need to talk guys, I had said after a bit of silence.

" well, if you guys are lovers, that means your gay, right? Erick asked

" yes, I have always known I'm gay, and your dad just came out to me before you got home and we made love to celebrate"

" well, I had some feeling that you might be gay dad, you never have luck with the ladies, and you always talk about Mike, it makes sense now."

"you ok with this Erick ? " Chris asked

" yes, I am. More than ok with it, I'm glad you finally found someone, I

just wish it would have been me!"

" what ???"

" I'm gay too dad, but too afraid to come out and say it til now.  I have always loved you and wanted us to be lovers, but now it'll never happen."

Erick said with tears in his eyes.

" erick, there is room for you in this relationship. Your dad loves you too and told me how much he wants you." mike had told erick. " I love Chris, since the first day I saw him and always will.  And as his son, I love you too.  We can work things out and we can all be happy.

" ok, let's talk, but first I have to jerk off, my cock is dripping in my shorts"

" why jerk off and waste a load of cum.  Join us, we can help you out "

"But I'm not 18 yet, it's illegal to have sex with a minor."

" we'll erick" Chris said, "you can jerk off by yourself or in a few hours you're gonna be 18.  You can join us for some fun and we can help you get off in any way you want.  Just don't tell anyone, especially your mother."

" OK dad, just us !!!"

Erick walked over and was removing his shorts and out dropped his perfect uncut cock.  He looked about 8" long and very thick With a good amount of over hang.

" have you ever been with anyone erick? Are you a virgin ? Mike asked Yes, I'm a virgin, I've been saving myself for my dads cock.

Well, Chris , you want to have him first?

No, I want to watch you suck his cock and give him the pleasure you give me Ok, erick, come lay down with us, He walked over, and took his shirt off and layer down.

Chris, you kiss your son and I'll show him what a blowjob is all about. Ok, sounds good to me, that work for you Erick?

" yeah dad, sounds great.

Soon father and son were making out, it was like watching twins kissing. I slowly made my way down to ericks cock, it was huge, thick and dripping precum.  His cock was dripping precum, I licked it up just like I did his dads cock, I heard an approving "mmmmmm" while he kissed his dad. I pulled back his skin to see his head, just the way I love them, hard, shiny and dark red with a pale skinned cock.  I pulled his skin over his head and began sucking his cock, he must have been extremely turned on. His cock turned rock hard and throbbing.  Soon, his white hot cum began to shoot out of his cock and into my mouth.  I moved to where his head was just in my mouth so I could taste every drop of his cum.  It tasted just like his dads cum.

They stopped kissing, and Chris asked how his first blow job was" well, I think I came too fast , to really enjoy it, but It was great.  I think I'm gonna move out of moms place and move in here with my two sexy dads , if that's ok ?

I looked at Chris and he looked at me, at the same time we both said, I think this will work out just perfect.



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