As We Lay there that night several weeks after that first night, Uncle Cal and I was talking, I looked over at Uncle Cal, just having sucked his cock dry, he was standing in the almost dark, just the moonlight shining thru the window he was looking out of, making his gorgeous body almost glow.

It was a little funny, yet so fucking awesome, the still wet tip of his uncut cock was shining like a light in the moonlight reflection on the moisture, God he was awesome looking. He looked like a statue of a Greek God.

"Damn, Uncle Cal, your one hell of a good looking man, you know that?" He just looked at me and smiled. "It runs in the family I guess, I never did tell you about me and your Dad, His cock was the first one I ever sucked as a younger man," I almost swallowed my tongue, "My Father?" I said in an almost unbelieving way.

"Yep when we were boys, he was a few years older but yeah! he loved getting his cock sucked."

I was almost astonished. I just smiled almost in an unbelieving way. "But I'll strangle you if you ever tell him I told you. It's a skeleton in his closet."

"Don't worry, my lips are sealed." I said.

Now that thought gave me some meat to chew on, so to speak. Never in a million years would I have thought of my Dad getting his cock sucked by a man.

I lay there just ogling Uncles Cals naked body, his ass was a work of art. I noticed as we talked Uncle Cals cock began to rise again, it was standing out straight, thick and hard, still moist from the blow-job just a few minutes ago. I could see that bouncing throb with each heart beat.

He came back over to the bed, and lay down beside me.

I lay on my side, just wondering if he needed more.

Cal just smiled and said,as he reached over and began to stroke my chest and then let his hand go down to my now hard cock, "HUMM he said, then he rose up lifted my legs by the ankles and pushed them up over my shoulders and told me to hold them behind knees, and began to licking my ass, slowly working his mouth to my asshole, and when his wet warm tongue touched the opening of my asshole I thought I would fly out of bed.

I had never even thought of my asshole being sensitive like this, Uncle Cal began to sucking and licking my asshole, shoving his tongue about two inches into it and Making me go absolutely wild with the sensations it was creating throughout my body, I felt like I had Died and gone to heaven.

Uncle Cal ate my asshole about twenty minutes, I could tell he was loving it, and I noticed his cock looked like it was about to split it was so fucking hard, his foreskin was pulled back letting that head shine and the pre-cum was glistening in the little bit of light.

I didn't want him to stop, I was about to cum from his eating my asshole, when he raised up and I felt his body inch closer mine, and at that moment he could have murdered me, and I wouldn't have objected.

I felt his cock head wet with Pre-cum, push against my anal opening, it felt hot, flushed with blood, hard, and Uncle Cal looked me straight in the eyes as he thrust his awesome cock thru the opening, I thought I would pass out, not sure it was the pleasure he was creating by this action or the pain I felt from first thrust, haveing never had anything but a Doctor's finger penetrating my asshole.

After he had slid that slab of cock to the balls inside my asshole, he held it there motionless untill I adjusted to the thickness and feeling of the first fuck, to say it didn't fully wake me up was an understatement.

As I tried to breath, Uncle Cal began to lean over and passionately lick on my chest working his way up to my face where he began deep tongue kissing me, he never said a word as he began to kiss me like his lover and begin a slow rythmic fuck of my asshole, pulling it all the way out to the head and slowing sliding it back in.

I began to feel the awesomeness of being fucked, and before very long I was whimpering and moaning and thrusting my ass back up against Uncle Cal, as he panted, and pumped, and pulled me closer as he fucked my virgin cherry asshole.

I knew he was about to blow, I thought he would explode as he picked up his speed, it felt like his cock was harder and thicker, and I heard this gutteral growl and he slammed his cock hard deep into my body, I felt his Jerking and body actions as he unloaded his seed into my man-pussy. I Wrapped my legs around his body, pulling his body deep inside me, and began squeezing his thick cock and milking it with my asshole muscles as best I could. We lay there untill we were both spent, totally wasted.

Untill Uncle Cal had finished I didn't realize that I had shot my load during his climax, I knew there was some reason why I loved Him fucking my asshole.

I got some kleenes and wiped us both clean, then I leaned over and finished cleaning Uncle Cals cock off with my mouth.

"Whew, Fuck Kid, that was fantastic. How did you like your first fuck, was I too rough on you?"

I leaned over and put my arms around Uncle Cal, "Your Awesome Unc, you know that. Im fine, and you can have my asshole anytime you want it."

He then leaned overand kissed me on the lips, a slow passionate kiss.

We both fell into a deep peaceful, restfull sleep.

I woke up my asshole a little sore from the nights festivities, but feeling like a million.

Uncle Cal was already up and down at the kitchen table haveing coffee with Dad.

Dad spoke up and said we had some fence mending to do in the lower pastures. Uncle Cal looked over and winked at me, "Ken has no problem handling fence posts, Im sure." he said.

I looked over to see and Dad said. "Well Problem or not the fence has to be mendedd."

I realized he did not have the slightest clue was to what Uncle Cal was talking about.

We both worked long and hard in that hot sun that day, and we were both exhausted, Uncle Cal and I decided to go Skinny Dipping down at a Large pool of water, deep enough for swimming and at which we had swam many time in my youth.

We got to the pool and Uncle Cal, shouted out a dare, "the last one in is a rotten peice of Horse shit" he yelled, I just jumped in clothes and all, "Looks like your the horse-shit" I said.

Uncle Cal looked up and me as he stripped his clothes off, "I'll get you, you little shit," he said.

I got out and stripped my clothes off and Uncle Cal just lay out in the sunlight, naked, waiting for me to get in.

As I got into the water I noticed Uncles Cock was standing up tall like a mast on a ship as he lay there on his back floating, "Wanna ride on my Ship?" he asked with at big Grin.

I paddled out in the water next to him, "What brought that on?" I asked.

"The sight of seeing just the hottest young thing, doing a strip-tease for me, I just happened," he said with a big smile. Come to Pappa so Pappa can cum."

The next thing I knew I was leaning over and Pappa thick cock was up my asshole slipping in and out as we stood in the water. I was stroking my own cock as Unc was fucking me like mad when we looked up and there was a neighbor boy named Jerry, taking off his clothes on the bank, we stopped, still connected as Jerry stripped and mother fucker, his cock looked like one of our horses, although he was not as well built as I was he was good lookeing and hung like a horse,

We never disconnected, and the excitement of sex while in the presence of another was exhilerating.

Jerry walked out to us in the water, and by the time he got there His cock was thick, and hard, it was awesome, "Can I join you," he said holding up his cock with his right hand."

Uncle Cal, just smiled and as Jerry got closer I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth, Jerry let out a Gasp as I took about half of his thick cock and began blowing him, "OH Fuck, I never, Oh shitttttt!" Jerry exclaimed.

As I sucked him he just got into the swing of things, we found out him asking to join us wasn't just what I had thought but he did enjoy it, and by the time he busted his nut and I sucked it dry, he was into it big time.

I guess watching Jerry get his cock sucked for the first time sent Uncle Cal over the edge and he loaded me up with seed too.

All in all That day was a first for us both as well as Jerry, but it turned out not to be the last.

Jerry has found himself in the middle of us now on many occasions. And we just keep plugging away.

The last time we were with Jerry I got to introduce him to the pleasure of getting his asshole eaten out as he sucked Uncle Cal and tasted cum for the first time, and then fucking him, he seemed o.k. with it, actually he said he loved it, which is just fine with me. Till next time.




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