I stood beside my Dad at the age of fifteen as I watched the bulls mount the cows and slip that long bull dick to those big balls into the cows.

And then of course the Stallions as they mounted the mares, God was I attracted to those big animals and those immense cocks as they bred.

I couldn't help myself, I ended up going to the outhouse that was kept by the barn, and stroking my own young hard-on,, Damn was that a fucking treat, blowing my young load on the floor, and then cleaning it up of course.

I guess my Dad knew because he went in the toilet (outhouse) right after I had finished shooting my young load one afternoon.

He called me over to him when he came out and said, "Ken, I know a young man has to do what he has to do, but the least you can do is wipe it up off the floor when your finished, no one wantes to see cum splattered on the floor." I felt like a tiny mouse, embarassed, I blushed, Dad put his arms around me and said, "It's o.k. son, just wipe up your spunk next time," and smiled at me, Then walked on back in the barn.

I felt so grown up, My Dad knew that I jerked off and was o.k. with it, I had figured he would probably give me some sort of talking to, or lecture on the sins and evils of Jerking off.

My first real sexual experience was at our church picnic, I was just sixteen, we were at the county park and ball fields of our Local area.

We had been playing ball with friends and went back to have bar-b-que and lunch.

We had just finished eating when the urge hit me to go to the toilet and take a dump.

I walked alone to the mens toilet to do my business, and I walked into the toilet, there was a man, looked to be in his twenties, standing at the Long trough type urinal, he wasn't pissing, he was just standing there.

I was a little curious and I walked up to his right side and pulled out my young six incher, and let it hang and started pissing, I noticed he was looking over at me and smiled, I smiled back and realized he was sporting a very nice sized boner, he was cut and it was swollen, hard and I was so attracted to it. My own cock began to grow and throb, I wasn't sure what to do at this point.

This young man just stroked his cock a little and looked at mine which was now at the point of almost hurting it was so hard.

"That looks like it could use some attention," he said.

"Yeah! it sure could." I said.

I noticed him motioning me to follow him to the crapper stall, I followed not knowing what to expect.

We went in and he closed the door, turned around, dropped his trousers and sat down, facing me, his cock was standing upright like a flag pole, thick, tall, and hard.

He pulled me over to him, pulled down my shorts and reached up and I felt that awesome feeling of his warm hand as he felt my young nuts, and then his hot, wet mouth as he took the length of my hard-on into it.

I thought I would swallow my tongue, Damn it felt so wonderful, I thought jerking off was phenomenal, but Holy Shit, I was gasping, breathing heavy and he sucked and slid my young uncut cock in and out of his mouth, the feeling was unbelievable, He was applying just the perfect amount of pressure, and going at the perfect speed, coupled with the warmth and wetness of his mouth, I was lost in another world as the intensity of the pleasure just went from awesome to phenomenal, I felt that churning in my balls, feeling that preceeds the load of cum, and the climax.

"Oh Shit man, I think I'm gonna squirt it," I said. He stopped long enough to tell me "thats why he was doing this, and he wanted me to shoot it in his mouth," That was all it took, I had been sorta holding it back, now it was just full steam ahead, and man did I ever blow a load.

I made this dude gag from the amount of cum I had ejaculated.

"HOLY FUCK KID, MAN DO YOU EVER PACK A LOAD," that was fucking awesome Kid,"

I wiped off moisture with toilet paper, feeling like I had just became King of the world. I was walking tall, that young man kept stroking my softening cock, "Your Cock is fantastic, Kid, I would like to do this again sometime, if you'd like." "Hell yeah!" was my reaponse. any time your around.

I then ask him if I could try sucking his cock. "Are you sure?" he ask, "Yeah, I always wanted to try it." I said.

We traded places and I sat down and he dropped his pants to the floor, and there in front of my mouth was this thick beautiful head, almost glowing a bright pinkish flesh color, a circumcision scar around the thick shaft, it was gorgeous, veiny and long, I wondered if I could get it all in my mouth.

I leaned forward and took about half its length into my mouth, he took my head and began fucking my mouth, it was awesome, I could taste the flavor of his pre-cum and wanted more. I could hear this moaning and slight groaning sound and I thought he was really enjoying my sucking and then I realized it was coming from my voice, I was enjoying this thing called cock sucking.

Then I felt his buildup and his cock seemed to be geting harder and thicker and his breathing became more intense then he jerked and moaned loudly and the underside of his cock began contracting with each shot of cum.

I began swallowing as fast as I could,, Not wanting to miss a drop, then he just sorta slumped over on my head, "Holy fuck Kid, are you sure this was your first time." He asked.

"Yes I'm sure" I told him, "Well, Kid your a natural,Your one hell of a dick sucker." But we never did see each other again.

I felt like I was ten feet tall after that, and was already looking forward to my next cock to suck.

It seemed from that time on I was on the look-out for cock, any size, shape or color, cut or uncut they all needed my attention.

It was several months later that we got the call from Uncle Cal, I had always had this affection for Uncle Cal. Uncle Cal was my fathers younger brother, he had been a High School sports hero, and then College he played sports and went into the Marines, he was getting out of the marines and wanted to come and help my father work the farm, I was elated, he had been my hero from the time I was little.

He arrived at about noon one day the following week, god he was handsome, Looked a little like Dad, but younger, built like a Bull.

He grabbed me and squeezed me around the neck in a headlock, and roughed my hair, "Hey Squirt hows my best bud doing,' he asked, "you sure have shot up, your not the little bean sprout anymore." He squeezed my arms and shoulders, "Nicely built too I see, family trait I guess." I felt so proud.

Dad said "you'll be bunking with Ken till we can get you a bedroom made, hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, we get along great." I couldn't have been happier.

It was later that night when we went to bed I really had a problem, seeing Uncle Cal in his briefs, his awesome muscular body, thick hairy muscular chest, his bulging briefs, he looked like he was sporting a radiator hose in the front, just like my Dad.

We had to share a bed, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I always sleep in just my briefs and I was laying on top of the sheets on the bed when Uncle Cal stripped off his levis, shirt and crawled on the bed beside me.

"Your one hot looking young stud, I hope I can keep my hands off you" He said with a smile.

"Why, would you want to keep your hands off me, I would love it." I ask.

Uncle Cal looked sorta pleased but probably more astonished.

He lay on his back and I leaned over and he put his arm around my neck and there we layed, I felt the heat of his thick muscular body, I could smell the aroma of his underarm deodorant plus underarm odor, it was like and phrodisiac, I was in a state of painful bliss, not knowing what I was gonna do.

I began reaching over and testing the waters so to speak, My hard-on was aching, I wanted to suck his cock so bad I was hurting, yet afraid to bring up the subject.

I couldn't keep my hands of his body, "Uncle Cal, Your so well built, and as I bragged and built him up with my words, I began to stroke his lightly hairy chest and then without noticing I found myself thrusting my boner against his leg.

He never moved or said a word, I was rubbing his chest and I found myself brushing his hardened nipples I heard his vocal in the form of a slight moan, I began to rub his nipples more, "Your getting me fucking turned on Ken, you know that," I kept up the rubbing and then I worked my way down to the bulge that was now swelling in Uncle Cal's briefs, "I Sure the hell hope so," I said.

Uncle Cal gave me this serious look, reached down and slid of his white briefs, there you go Ken have yourself a blast, His cock was now at full girth and hardness, a good eight inches long and thick like a soda can, it was awesome looking, veiny, a full foreskin just like my Dad's thick, big balls pulled up tight into a bag. Damn I wanted it bad, when my hand touched it he smiled,"Now Ken, don't start something you won't finish."

I leaned over his cock and looked that gorgous slab of cock and bunched up that foreskin around the head, noticing that pre-cum, I licked off his pre-cum, I loved it, I heard Uncle Cal, sorta groan.

It took a little doing and I had it to the balls in my throat and mouth, I thought Uncle Cal would pass out he was in his zone.

I kept up the sucking and it didn't take very long to feel Uncle Cal's body responding to my sucking skills I tasted the first shot as uncle Cal gasped and thrust his hips upwards, and just grunted as he filled my mouth with his awesome cum.

As I continued sucking and making sure I got the last little remnants of his seed, he did those little after sensitivity jerks.

"Mother Fucker Ken, where the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that, Not only are you my nephew but your now my new best friend. I ain't had a blow-job like that in a long time.

Before the night was over Uncle Cal had sucked me off, and we slept like babies, and as you guessed it we are still best friends.

My father never did find out about me and his younger brother, we do other things too, but that we'll keep for another time........ Ciao...........



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