The years seemed to fly by as I got older, I had had my first sexual encounter at the age of 16 and my direction in the sexual arena was set.

It was in the summer months that my virginity was taken and even tho I was a very young man, I remember it with fondness and excitement.

I was living in a Medium sized town in the mid-west and I was like most young men of my age, beginning to feel that necessity to enjoy my manhood. I had learned that the feeling of rubbing my dick was awesome and the shot of cum at the finality was the best feeling in the world. I had though, not as yet had felt the feeling of someone touching or feeling on me.

Like I said it was in the summer that I lost my first load to a neighbor man, an unmarried office worker downtown.

I use to like to go over to his house and help Mr. Langston work in his garden, something I like to do to this day.

This one particular day was rather different due to the incident that I speak of.

Mark, (Mr. Langston) was working in his yard and I saw him. He was wearing a blue tee-shirt, shorts and sneakers, I had not as of yet seen Mark in this light but this particular day, he was setting on the grass beside his beautiful rose bed. I walked up to say hi, and spoke and I looked down, and as I usually did, I glanced at his crotch, Something I alway do with guys, I guess I'm a crotch watcher by nature, I do love to see a nice thick bulge.

I was a little suprised and very delighted when I noticed Marks balls and about four inches of a thick uncut cock hanging out of his shorts, Mark wasn't wearing underwear.

I couldn't take my eyes off it, it was bronzy looking, the head was pronounced under its gorgeous foreskin, and about half and inch of the glans was peeking out of it's sheath covering, I just ogled it with passion.

Mark noticed I was looking down at the area and just sat there and smiled, he didn't do anything to put it away or cover it up.

I kept talking to him like nothing was wrong and as I did, I noticed it began to thicken out and grow longer, Mark was sprouting a boner, and so was I.

After about ten minutes of me staring at his thick uncut cock, Mark Spoke, "Well Ken, it's about time to go in the house and have something cool to drink, would you like that?" he asked.

I followed him into the house and I noticed his hard-on was bulging outward in his shorts, as was mine.

He gave me a coke, and stood there by the counter and he smiled as he reached down and run his hand down the length of his thick cock.

"I noticed you admiring and staring at my hard cock Ken, is it something you would like to feel or enjoy, I noticed yours is hard too, maybe we have the same problem, Have you ever had anyone touch yours or rub it or perhaps suck on it for you?" he ask.

I almost gasped as he reached over and began to feel the hardness of my cock, "Nice piece you have here Ken, I think it needs some attention," I of course never said no.

Mark came over to me, knelt down on the floor in front of me and reached up and slipped my shorts and tidy whities down to my knees, and out sprang my young hard as a rock boner.

"Wow Ken, I had no Idea you were sporting a cock like this, Man!" he had no sooner said that than he leaned over and took my 16 year old cock to the pubic bone in this hot, wet, senusous mouth, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

All I could do was put my hands on his head and just lean back and enjoy his skill, he was sliding his hot mouth with just that perfect amount of suction and as he slid his mouth the full length of my hard cock, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and took his wet finger and began to encircle my asshole with it, I thought I would fly away, sensation, upon sensation began to flow thru my body and I was hooked for life. My body was so alive with erotic and sensuous feeling I thought my young heart would stop.

I began to feel that churning feeling down deep in my groin, knowing that soon and very soon I would be blowing my load into his mouth, I wasn't sure I should do that, and tried to pull away, but Mark sensed it and as My climax grew nearer I became almost wild and Mark began to suck even more vehemently, "I'm gonna squirt it, Oh Shit! Mark" Mark just kept up the sucking pace and as I was right on the edge He slipped his index finger up my asshole to the knuckle and that did it. he hit something up there that threw me over the edge, I have never had such a powerful climax as I experienced that day. I stood there with my cock flexing as he took each shot and volley of my young man-cream.

When Mark finished he was wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand."Well Ken, How was that?" He ask.

"Wow Mark I have never felt anything like that." he stood up and I knew I had to return the favor.

"Can I do you now, Mark" I ask. "Well if you think you can handle it. believe me Ken, it won't take me long."

I knelt down in front of Mark, and for the first time in my life I slipped another guys shorts off and looked his thick uncut boner eyelet to eye. I leaned forward and licked on the tip which was wet with Mark's pre-cum, I loved its sweet, salty, awesome taste and I heard Mark's slight moan as I took about four inches of his gorgeous cock into my waiting mouth, I must have been a natural, I realized that I had to watch my teeth and I did. Before I knew it I was sucking his cock enjoying his steady flow of pre-cum and bracing myself for his cum, I felt his muscles tighten up, I realized his nut-sack had all but disappeared and his cock was like flint.

"I'm almost there kid, God your awesome," he said.

I felt his loud grunt, and moan and he grabbed my head held it tight and slipped the full length of his thick cock to the back of my throat and down into it.

Then as he grunted and moaned I felt his cock begin to sorta spasm in my mouth on the tongue, I realized he was shooting his cum into my throat, I gulped and swallowed as fast as I could to be sure to get it all.

I just held his throbbing cock in my mouth and kept sucking gently and slowly, feeling each and every after jerk licking and cleaning each and every drip of cum, being sure to not waste a drop of his sweet man nectar.

Mark was silent after this was over until he got his composure, He smiled "Ken, wow, that was fantastic. I haven't had the pleasure of receiving a blow-job in years.

Mark grabbed a paper towel, handed me one and we wiped ourselves clean, "Damn Dude, I would marry you if your parents would allow it." He said with a giggle.

We began a regular thing of sucking each other off and I got very good at sucking cock, and to that point of needing a good mouthful of cock and cum on a regular basis.

All thru college and school I found cock to suck and totally enjoyed it, In college I had several jocks and guys and even one young professor that could drop by my dorm room to get a blow-job almost weekly, I loved it, and it kept my addiction going, guess you might say I was "Addicted to Dick" LOL!

I finally got my business degree, and my Father who was senior V.P. of a Firm, got me a job in the Company he worked for.

I went to work for the company and found myself going up in the company, working in the Accounting Dept.

While I was there after about a year I learned of a men's room in the basement of the building.

I went down there where there was very little traffic and went into a cubicle and noticed this hole about three and a half inches in diameter.

I just wondered how man cocks had been sucked through this hole and who they might be.

It was on a Thursday I had a lot to do but We had a problem with the Xerox machine and I needed to make copies before I could go on, I had called the repair man and was just waiting for him to show up.

I decided to go down and just kill some time in that bathroom, maybe get lucky and suck some cock, just never know what fate had in store for you.

I went down and when I went into the men's room, I noticed a pair of Levi's down around a man's ankles, he was wearing a new pair of Reeboks sneakers too. very white and noticeable.

I opened the door to the next stall and went in I had on a tie and white shirt, black pin striped suit pants, nice shoes.

I sat down not even pulling my pants down. I looked through the glory hole, the dude was standing up with his white briefs, bulging and he was rubbing the bulge as he stood there more or less offering himself to me.

After a few minutes he pulled his briefs by the elastic band down and hooked the elastic under his nuts sack, which were fantastic looking, he was gorgeously hairy, dark hair, and his cock, when I saw it sent chills through me. I looked just like Mark's, uncut, thick, long, he must have have eight or nine inches, and that foreskin was pulled back just enough to be totally awesome, leaking that clear, awesome pre-cum.

I all but began to beg him to put it through the hole, which he did, and I had that gorgeous cock balls deep in my throat in less than a second.

I felt his body bumping against the wall of the stall as I sucked with all the knowledge I had and he was really into it. After a few minutes he let out a loud groan and he began shooting his load into my mouth, there was so much that I wasn't sure I could take it all, man could this dude unload a torrent of cum.

I swallowed as fast as I could and I Knew I needed to get back to he office, I just had my lunch for the day. but before I went I sat there having taking my cock out and as I finishes sucking this dude, I stroked myself off to and awesome nut.

Well the dude left and I went back to my office and the secretary told me that the repairman has just shown up to fix the Xerox machine.

I went to the room where the Xerox Machine was and there was this gorgeous man, so handsome that He made my stomach ache, "Hey Hows it going, I'm Doyle Fletcher, having problems with this derileck machine." he said. "Sure the hell am, It always seems to give us problems when you need it the most." I said. "yeah isn't that the way it always works," he responded. "Lets have a look."

I really wanted to get to know this dude, and as he talked I looked down and noticed he was wearing Levi's and those sneakers, this was the dude I had just sucked off in the basement men's room, I hadn't seen his face just that awesome cock, but Damn he was a very handsome man on top of it.

As we stood there He looked over and said, "Looks like you got some gravy or sauce from lunch on your tie, I looked down and there was a glob of his cum streeking down my tie, I swiped it up and licked it off my finger, "Don't want to waste good food." I said with a knowing smile.

Well after he finished fixing the machine, I had him come into my office and shut the door, "Well Doyle, I will cut to the fucking chase, I loved sucking your cock a while ago in the men's room downstairs, you have one beautiful cock. and your one hell of a handsome man. No need to deny it, your pants and shoes gave you away, and by the way that was a drop of your cum on my tie a few minutes ago, and yes it was delicious." I said.

Doyle was speechless, "Hey man, not to worry, I would really like to take you out to supper, and get to know you and maybe make wild passionate love to you. Do you think you might be interested in something like that?" I said.

He was nervous and yet excited, but finally said yes. We made a date for that night and Well one thing led to another and I got to feel that awesome cock of his balls deep in my asshole that night as well as drain it again upon waking in the morning, he spent the night, and many nights after that.

Doyle and I have been an Item for several months now, and I thoroughly enjoy him in ever way and yes he enjoys me too, I seems all he had ever done was get sucked off at Glory holes, but now hes gone past that into the greater world of living life with someone you love.......

Life is good.........Ciao my friends.



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