Kelsey hated this part of the job. He really didn't understand people anymore. It was so much easier if they would just let the company charge their credit card each month or take advantage of the automatic debit. Sure would save him time because having to go out and collect each month cut down on his profit margin. Sure he got paid only when the accounts were paid, but he spent enough time delivering the rag every morning. That was 3 hours every blessed morning, rain or shine. To have to go out after supper and collect from some added time to the job, which meant he worked for less money.

Not like those who didn't use the automatic debit or credit card option didn't still tip him at Christmas either. In fact, the slugs who wouldn't use those services rarely gave him a tip at Christmas. He hated cheapskates and this new customer seemed like a real pistol too. To begin with the guy was always up when he delivered the paper. That in itself was odd. Worse was if he was late, the guy would be on the front porch, stamping his feet as if it was Kelsey's fault. Didn't the guy know that he just delivered the paper, not print it?

Mr. Horace Burton was the guy's name and Kelsey would snicker each time he would think of the name. The guy looked like a Horace too. He wore horn rimmed glasses and was so fucking thin, you'd swear any gust of wind would blow the dude away. Well for his money he wished the guy would blow away. He was ornery and just not nice. Always scowling or tapping that damn foot. It made him pissed to think he had to be polite to him, or else get yelled at from his boss.

He couldn't afford to lose the job either. It was either deliver papers for 4 or 5 hours each morning or work at McDonalds. He simply couldn't hack working there with all those nattering kids. Besides, to think that some 16 year old would be his supervisor was just not something a college kid should be subjected to. He had standards after all plus the paper route paid better.

This would be the second month of having to collect from Burton and he wished he could convince the old sod to sign up for the automated payment plan. It didn't give him extra commission as Burton had insisted last time, but it would mean he didn't have to face the old crank any more than he already did. Mind you this last week the guy hadn't appeared to be home when he delivered the paper so that was a plus. Maybe the guy had switched shifts or something though he rather doubted if the guy even worked.

More than likely the old codger was on a pension. He had a few of them on his route but they were nice. Some even left him out cookies and stuff. Old Mrs Driscoe used to always leave him some fresh cinnamon buns out every Friday until she had that fall. All Horace Burton ever left him was nasty notes whining about him making too much noise.

He knocked on the old door, tapping his own foot as he wanted to get this over with. Kelsey was hoping to get this part of his job done and then head off to the campus student union building. They had a special on shooters tonight which meant that Colin would be working the bar. Colin always worked the shooter bar and fuck was he hot. Kelsey wished he was gay but it didn't really matter. Colin was out for Colin and that always meant that if you had the cash, you had a way in to Colin's pants.

Thinking of Colin had given him a bit of an erection, but he didn't give a shit if the old creep saw it. Not like he'd know what a hard on was anyhow. The guy more than likely was still a virgin as he waited, knocking again but a bit louder. Deaf too more than likely he thought as he stared around the porch. It wasn't all that bad looking. Seemed the old fart had repainted it and fixed the banister. Must be because he has nothing else to do he figured.

The door opened and there stood the creep himself. His glasses made him look like an owl. The thin gaunt face peered down at him with that ever present scowl.

Horace Burton “Yes? What do you want?”

Kelsey “Collecting for the paper Mr Burton”

Horace “I Just paid you”

Kelsey “No sir, that was last month”

Horace “hasn't been a month”

Kelsey “Well, sorry but it has Sir”

Horace “I don't know, you were late 3 times and I had to get my paper out of the bushes the other day. I should get a discount”

Kelsey “I am sorry, I can't help it if the papers get delivered late at times, and I didn't leave your paper in the bushes. I always put it exactly where you have asked”

Horace “I got it out of the bushes the other day”

Kelsey “I didn't put it there Sir”

Horace “I won't argue this, certainly not out in the middle of the street. You better come inside I suppose, I'll get my wallet, but I am not satisfied with this, not one bit young man”

Horace “Yes Sir'

He stepped inside to the older home and noticed it had a strange odour to it. Not what you expected from the house of some old person. It didn't smell old, but had a faintly familiar aroma to it. He couldn't put his finger on it as he stepped inside, wiping his sneakers as the old man scowled at him. God if he hadn't the old guy would have a cow he thought. Still it was strange, how he had insisted on him coming in.

Horace “Fine, you wait here. I'll get my wallet while you think on what I said. I don't like to pay for what I am not getting young man. I expect my paper on time, and in the right place.”

Kelsey “Yes Sir, but as I have explained before, I don't print them, I just deliver them. I can't help it if a press breaks down or a delivery truck. You'll have to take it up with the paper.”

Horace “I just might. And I'll be sure to tell them about your attitude as well, don't you think I won't”

Kelsey “yes sir, I won't”

He watched the old man go up the wide staircase. He didn't move badly for an old geezer. The idea of the old fart bitching to his supervisor was not something he relished. Besides he knew he hadn't left the paper in the bushes. He might toss the paper at some houses, but he always made sure he put Burton's paper in the mailbox, as requested. He hated doing it instead of just tossing it but the asshole had insisted when he signed up for the paper.

Kelsey's supervisor was one of those nit picking creeps too. Only 28 or so but he already thought of himself as being the publisher shortly. God what an arrogant ass and he'd like nothing more than to ream Kelsey out for some imaginary infraction. Fuck, why did he always get the loons?

Last thing he needed was some lecture by his supervisor, or worse getting fired. That prick would do it too if he thought he could get away with it. Unlike the others who delivered, Kelsey knew enough about the law to not put up with any bullshit. His boss would love to get rid of him, and get one of those dumb ass junior high kids to take over. He could screw him over easier than he could Kelsey.

Horace “Well”

Kelsey “Huh? Oh, sorry.. uh it is $18.65”

Horace “I know how much it is when the job is done right. You didn't' do your job, I shouldn't have to pay full price for your mistakes.”

Kelsey “I am sorry, but I didn't' throw the paper into the bushes, and it just isn't my fault if the paper is late”

Horace “No? Your supervisor might disagree with you, specially when I tell him about your attitude”

Kelsey stared at the scowling face. The guy was serious about calling his supervisor. He felt a bit uneasy, wondering how he could get out of this. There really wasn't anything he could do about the price, he had to submit the money they asked for.

Kelsey “I am sorry Mr Burton, but I have no authority to change the amount due. I can't help being late when the press breaks down either, and I know that is what my supervisor will say too”

Horace “Will he? Even when I tell him how you make me go out hunting for my paper? Will he still insist on the full subscription amount?”

Kelsey “I didn't throw your paper into the bushes”

Horace “Your word against mine young man, just who do you think your supervisor will believe? A smart alec kid or a senior citizen like myself?”

Kelsey “That's uh… look, I know I didn't throw it in the bushes, honest. I am not trying to be difficult, there just isn't anything I can do about it”

Horace “Back in my day we'd take kids like you and put across our knees and teach you manners”

Kelsey “Yes sir, but I am sorry, there just isn't anything I can do. I have to turn in the $18.65, I don't know what else there is I can do”

Horace “Your supervisor is available now is he?”

Kelsey “Uh, No, he is available at normal business hours, at the subscription number”

Horace “I shall call him tomorrow then”

Kelsey “I really wish you wouldn't, I mean, I honestly didn't throw your paper into the bushes, I'll uh, I'll make sure from now on, okay?”

Horace “That doesn't compensate me for last time”

Kelsey “I don't know what else to offer”

Horace “Well you made the mistake, you should be held accountable, not the paper”

Kelsey “Well what do you want me to do? Cut your grass or something?”

Horace “I think you should be taught a lesson, just like we used back when I was a kid”

Kelsey “Huh? Come on, you aren't serious?”

Horace “I never joke about punishment young man”

Kelsey “But I am too old for that, besides I uh… I mean…”

Horace “I can handle a young pup like you, but yes, I am serious. It is the only way you young people will learn respect”

Kelsey “Shit”

Horace “I don't tolerate such foul language, not in this house.”

Kelsey “I am sorry, but come on, you expect me to let you spank me? For being late when it isn't my fault?”

Horace “Out of principle, I most certainly do. Either that or I shall complain to your supervisor tomorrow, first thing”

Kelsey “Fine… this is too weird, but fine. I don't need the hassle, fine… have it your way then.”

Horace “Now that is the first sign of showing some sense. Step into the parlour and we can deal with this matter now”

Kelsey “yeah fine”

He couldn't believe he was going to let the old guy spank his ass. But fuck what else could he do? If the man phoned the paper, he'd more than likely get fired which would mean job hunting or worse, McDonalds. No way was he gonna lower himself to that, even it meant getting spanked. Besides, the old guy would tire of it easy enough.

The room was like any other old person's room, filled with a lot of pictures, but it surprised Kelsey to see a new 48 inch flat screen plasma television set up on one wall. More than that though was the surround sound stereo that adorned the cabinet next to it. That had him thinking as he heard the old man pull a chair out.

Turning around he saw the man sitting on a firm chair, but it wasn't that which had his mouth hanging open. Next to the chair was an end table where stood a nice brass type bong. God it all fit now. He remembered why that smell was so familiar, it was the acrid scent of pot. Shit, the old guy was a pothead? Impossible!

Horace “Well? Come on”

There was something different about the man as he approached him. It wasn't his normal scowl in place but more of a look of eager anticipation. He didn't really understand it, but it made the old guy look less forbidding, less of a crank. He shrugged his shoulder as he walked over and went to bend over the old man's knee when the voice stopped him cold.

Horace “I think you are forgetting something young man”

Kelsey “Huh? What?”

Horace “Your trousers”

Kelsey “My what? Trousers? What about them?”

Horace “Around your ankles, no one spanks a boy dressed, didn't your parents ever discipline you?”

Kelsey “Huh? No… I mean, wait a second, I didn't agree, I mean…”

Horace “Let's not split hairs, I told you that you needed to be dealt with as they used to in my day, that means simply that you drop your trousers and any undergarments you might be wearing, then lay across my lap and I shall administer your punishment. Now if you do not wish to abide by this, that is perfectly fine and I shall pursue my other option of calling your supervisor in the morning”

Kelsey “Uh… I mean.. you didn't mention any of this before, Isn't this a bit, kinky?”

Horace “I take no pleasure in administering punishment to those deserving of it young man, now either assume the position properly or not, I haven't all day to debate this matter.”

He stared at the impassive face before him, wondering what to do. No way did he need the hassle with twat head but to drop his pants for some old fart? Christ what was the world coming to? Still the prospect of having his bare ass spanked wasn't all that displeasing to him. He had endured a few whacks in his life but that was about sex, this wasn't. Standing there he realized he really hadn't any choice so he began to unbuckle his belt.

As the metallic click echoed in the room he noticed a strange glint in the old man's eyes. There was a glimmer that he hadn't noticed before as he undid the button and then zipper of his jeans. He let them fall, standing upright for a second feeling a bit giddy actually. In some ways he felt like he was showing off to the old man, showing him what a stud he was.

It was a bit of a turn on as he kept himself upright as he pushed his boxers down his frame. Only when they pulled free of his cock did Kelsey realize he had a hard on. The notion suddenly made him blush but nary a flicker from the old fart. Just a bit of a curl of his upper lip which Kelsey couldn't decipher. Was it disdain or admiration? After all he was considered to be hung. Maybe it wasn't like 10 inches hard, but it was almost a full 8 inches long. No way had that old fart seen a pecker that big.

Kelsey shuffled forward a bit to get closer. He had kept his eyes on the old guy's face but now he turned his attention to bending over when he noticed that the son of a bitch had his own damn hard on. Christ he thought, what was he getting into as he stretched out across the knees, feeling the old man's stiff dick pressing upwards into his stomach.

The sound of the first whack took him totally by surprise as did its force. He cried out involuntarily as the sound reverberated in the room. It wasn't exactly a gentle love pat as he waited for the next one. It came with equal force that once more made him groan a bit. This guy knew how to friggin spank. The warmth of the first slap on his cheeks had eased as the second boomed across the room.

His head was down and he could see the man's legs, the thin little spindles but sweet Jesus the guy knew how to hit. With each blow on his cheeks he felt the sting, felt it burn even as he tried to remain still. Biting his lower lip he felt the tears in his eyes as more of the long hard slaps came crashing down on his raised buttocks. The sound and the feel made him squirm but he could feel something else too.

With each blow his cock seemed to pulse, to actually grow as if it was enjoying the discomfort of his ass. His mind was confused as it hated the stinging slap but relished the after flow of warmth into his body. His groin began that tell tale ache as more hard slaps came. Kelsey began to worry that if it continued much longer he might cum. The prospect didn't displease him, just made him worry what the old man Burton would do or say. No way would he understand.

Kelsey could hear his own laboured breathing as his body began to relish the hard slaps. He could feel the pleasure inside with each stinging hit, enjoying the warmth it generated. His balls began to ache and he knew it was a matter of time before he would cum. His body wriggled under the slaps when just as suddenly as it had all started, they stopped. The man's arms pushed signalling him to stand up.

He did and the man stared straight at the very hard cock. Kelsey didn't know what to say as the man just looked at his cock, saying nothing. Just stared at it which made Kelsey blush a bit though he didn't reach down to pull his shorts or pants up. There was something about just standing there, showing his erect penis to the old man.

Finally Burton cleared his throat and looked away from Kelsey as he told him to wait, while he went to get his wallet to pay for the paper.

When he returned Kelsey was dressed, his buttocks still tingling from the hard whacks. His cock was a bit softer but not much as he stood there. In his mind he was thinking of how quickly he could get home, to jerk off. Damn he had never felt so aroused as he did when the old man was punishing him. As Burton approached him, he tried to keep his own face impassive, hoping the man didn't understand how the spanking had aroused him.

Horace “I believe this settles our account for the time being”

Kelsey reached out to take the money when he realized that there was more than what was due. He saw the added $20 bill and he looked up at the man.

Kelsey “Uh, yeah, yeah it does”

Horace “Fine, but let me warn you young man, if you are late again or I find my paper in the bushes again, I will be a lot more strict with you. Do you understand?”

Kelsey “Huh? Oh, uh… yes, I am sure it won't happen again”

Horace “I wish I could believe that, however you know I won't hesitate to punish you again, more severely if I must, if it does happen again”

Kelsey “Yes Sir, I understand, thank you”

Kelsey left the old man's house without another word being spoken but he had seen the glint in the man's eyes. It was an odd feeling he had, as he walked quickly down the sidewalk to his home. The notion of another punishment rather pleased him. More even than the extra $20 he had pocketed.

As he entered his own home, climbing up to the stairs to his bedroom, Kelsey no longer thought about getting Mr Burton to switch to the automatic payment plan. Instead he wondered how he could adjust his route to be a bit later in getting there in the next morning. Maybe the presses would break down?




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