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This story is dedicated to a very good friend and brother, Simon. Thank you, brother for all you did for me in the past few days. I couldn't have made it through without you.

Not another teen story

Chapter 2


*Beep beep beep...*

As some of you might have guessed, that was my alarm clock, and today is the first day at my new school. *sigh* I'm not even excited because I already have done this a whole lot of time. My dad is in the military and every few years we have to move along with him to a new place. This gave me an opportunity to see a lot of new places, but the only problem with that was I had to see them alone. I had no long term friends and my social life sucked miserably.

One thing my dad taught me is to be punctual, so I was at school before most of the other kids showed up. I talked to some of the teachers and headed to my first class... the dreadful History. Slowly, the room started filling up but no one made any attempt to talk to me. Some of them smiled and that was it. And just when I thought everyone was in, a guy walked in- he was tall, may be like 5'9 and well-built for his age, short black hair and chiseled jaw (reminded me of Taylor Lautner). Now I wouldn't have cared much but he was staring at me and I was trying to play it cool.

When he got close, he said "Are you new here?" in a gruff voice. I thought I was going to make a friend on the first day in a new school and was really excited.

"Hi! Yes, I'm..." but I was cut off and my hopes shattered when he said "You're on my seat." In the rudest way possible and the gruffness of his voice didn't help much. I was too sad to say anything after that and just went to a corner and sulked throughout the class. I was also pissed at him. It wasn't like I was going to eat his seat or anything. He could have asked me in a nice way. Well, he must be one of those kids who just likes to bully around. A typical asshole.

After that I went to all of the classes a little late, on purpose to avoid a similar situation if I had the same classes at me. By the time lunch rolled, I had made a couple of friends but none of them asked me to have lunch with them, so I just took an empty table in the corner of cafeteria and had my lunch. I was listening to some opera when I noticed someone standing by the table. It was the grumpy guy from the morning. Naturally, my first instinct was to avoid him and bolt, but he actually said that he was sorry and wanted to talk to me. No one had ever apologized to me for anything but he was there and he looked like he meant it.

I was actually having fun talking to him but my happiness quickly faded when a (a little too loud) girl and took Caleb away. I was thinking nothing could be worse than my morning incident with Caleb, but boy was I wrong. This hot piece of meat was straight and had a girlfriend. Well, at least he seemed like a nice guy and I could always have him as a friend. I didn't see him after lunch that day and I was sad because I was hoping to make sure that we would be friends. Oh who am I kidding? I just wanted to see him again.

At home it was peaceful as usual, mom asked me about the day and I gave her the same answer I have been giving her whenever I went to a new school. "It was fine, mom. I made some friends, but no one that special. I like the new school..." later dad came home and told us about his day at work and how everyone was nice to him and all. We did a lot of moving around, so the three of us didn't have any real friends. All we had was each other and we always had our meals together whenever dad was home and had real conversations.

Surprisingly, I didn't have much work to do even though I started at the middle of the term. That was mostly because I had no friends to copy the notes from. So I turn to face book and search for, well you guessed it right, "Caleb Pierce". There were a dozen other by the same name, but I found the one I wanted in no time. First I go after his information and I was kind of glad to see that he had not listed Nicole as his girlfriend. In fact his relationship status showed he was single. With a little consolation, I started looking at his pictures, but I couldn't see much because we were not friends there. So I just saw some of his cover and profile pictures. In one of the picture, he was at some beach, laying down on the sand shirtless and his hair still wet. Man was he hot and the shorts he was wearing were glued to his body showing off his crotch area. I got a boner in no time and locked the door and started stripping. With a little bit of body lotion, I started rubbing myself. My eyes closed and the vision of Caleb on my mind, I quicken my pace and my breathing gets rough. For the first time in my life, I felt like I needed something more. The orgasm was coming with all its might but still I wanted more. I don't know what exactly, but I felt like I wanted to have real sex!! So I start fantasizing about Caleb and me in one of the porn I had seen a few days ago.

...He's on top of me and holding my hands above my head and kissing me. We both are naked and our dicks are rubbing against each other sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. He's then kissing my neck and his hands have found my butt. Kneading them with his rough hands... oh I'm in heaven. I could feel myself getting close so I had to skip to the part where he's already inside me... so I'm still on my back and my legs are wrapped around his waist. He's doing me with a steady rhythm sending me to the height of ecstasy. With his hands resting on either sides of my head he starts kissing me... and that's when I lost control and came all over myself.

Wow, look at me. A guy who has never even been kissed, dreaming of having sex with the hottest boy in school. Way to go, Ed. But now that I'm done, I feel really relaxed and fulfilled. I just wipe off the mess I just made with my tee and go to sleep with a smile. So what if he's straight and has a girlfriend? I can still be his friend. And he doesn't seem like the guy to stop being friends with me for being gay. I mean he apologized to me for his rude behavior when no one asked him to. May be he isn't really that grumpy after all.

End of Chapter 2

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