'Oh crap awe thanks' I said running up to him and hugging him. 'You didn't have to go through all this trouble for me'

'I didn't have to I wanted to' he said smiling.

I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks so I looked away looking for his mom or some kind of distraction.

'Where are your mom and dad?'

'They went to go buy your cake, but shhh it's a surprise' he said giving me a wink and that smile that made the hair stand.

'Awe crap really, you know I didn't want any of this'

'I know which is why I didn't mention anything' he said laughing.

I sat down at the table and started eating the delicious breakfast. It was really good and this was the first time in a long time I actually had an appetite. I feel so like a burden to these people. Ugh I need my mom to get cleared of charges so I can go home. So I can stop bothering these people. I look across the table and find my best friend looking back at me, he gives me this side smile and dumb cute look ive grown to find so adorably cute.

Oh shit I have to go see my mom; I don't want to spend my birthday without seeing my mom.

Danny looked at me already knowing what was running through my mind. 'Don't worry I already told my mom we were going to go visit your mom, she's more than happy to go visit her'

I sighed with relief. This kid knows me to well, hmm not sure how i'm liking that. 'You're amazing Danny really'

I was just finishing up my dishes when I hear the front door unlock. I hear Danny's mom greet Danny at the door. She walks into the kitchen and gives me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek.

'Happy birthday Kevin' she said with a bright smile.

'Thanks so much Ms. Gonzales'

'Hey it's your birthday why are you doing dishes'

'Ah its no problem really, just I can't thank you enough for everything. You really didn't have to go to so much trouble for me'

'It's never trouble honey'

I was happy for the rest of the day until I got to the precinct. My mother looked bad; she looked tired and looked like she lost a lot of weight. Still it made me happy that she still smiled and wished me a happy birthday. I gave her as many hugs and kisses I could before she had to go back to her cell.

The Gonzales took me out for dinner in a restaurant. At one point it actually felt like I was on a date with Danny which made my heart accelerate and it felt like a lump was in my throat making it hard to swallow. After dessert where I couldn't stuff another spoonful of food even if tried we decided to head home. It was a very good day for me.

When we got home Danny's parents went straight to bed, he and I lingered for a while talking.

'Man you can't imagine the gratitude I have for your parents'

'It was nothing, I'd do it all over for you any day' he said smiling.

I blushed a little and he noticed and started pinching my cheeks.

'Awe that's so cuteeeeee'

'Shut up' I said pushing his hand and rolling my eyes.

'Hmmm make me' he said narrowing his eyes.

I rolled my eyes and turned away like I was walking away and then pushed him and ran to his room. We were as quiet as two boys horsing around could be. He pushed his way through the door and pushed me back laughing.

'Cheap shot punk' he said sticking his tongue out.

'Whatever' I said putting my hand in his face.

He pushed me back and I fell onto the bed, he was clearly stronger than me and he knew it. He jumped on top of and pinned my wrist down to the bed. This actually hurt from the scars that reopened when he grabbed on too hard.

'Oww oww owwww' I bucked my hips so he could get off.

'Awe did I hurt el baby'

'Danny i'm serious you're hurting me, get off please'

'Oh crap, i'm sorry'

He got off and I walked out of the room to the bathroom, he followed. I tried to hide me wrapping tissue paper around my wrist and he tried not looking but he saw.

'Kevin here gimme that' he grabbed my shirt and flipped it over my head. I stood there and closed my eyes and let his eyes run over my arms and wrists.

I heard no noise come from him; he just looked at me till I opened my eyes. His eyes were starting to water.

'No Danny don't' I said point blank.

He sniffled and wiped the tears forming in his eyes. 'You need to clean these cuts, or have you done that already'


He grabbed the alcohol from the cabinet and some wraps. 'It's going to hurt'

'I know'

He got some on the cloths and rubbed all the cuts. Most had fully healed except for the fresh ones. It hurt so bad I had to bite my lower lip from yelling in pain. I kept hearing Danny sniffle which broke my heart. I didn't want him to care about me this much. It's getting too much that I want to act on my feelings but I don't want to ruin this friendship. I think it would really kill me if that happened. He did it twice more and by that time it didn't hurt as bad. He stopped tearing and sniffling and was just quiet. He wrapped my wrists in the bandages and walked me back to the room. He clothed me like the first night I came, not that I needed his help but I let him. He got a long sleeve to hide the bandages from his parents i'm guessing and a pair of sweats. He changed also and we both slid into bed.

He wrapped the covers around both of us and cuddled over with me. We both looked at each other and fell asleep staring into each others eyes. The first time it didn't feel weird acting this way with him I don't know why. I woke up with his arm and leg wrapped around me and when I moved a little I felt something pressing up against my butt. I didn't know what at first but then I got it. This time Danny jumped off the bed and was the embarrassed one this time. I giggled a little and walked out the room, no need to torture him anymore. He came down 5 mins later, probably 'taking care of business'.

'Good morning Ms. Gonzales'

'Good morning mom' Danny mumbled.

'Good morning you two, you know you playing around woke us up right, you shouldn't play around at night it's rude'

'Sorry it was my fault' I said looking at Danny and smiling.

'Fine because it was your birthday yesterday' she said sticking her tongue out.

'Hey mom can we go into the pool later today?'

'Yeah sure just be careful i'm going to be running errands all day today'

'No problem Ms. Gonzales we'll be good'

I loved swimming in their pool; it was a pretty big pool and went real deep on one end. They even had a diving board.

Ms. Gonzales left and we went and got changed into our swim suits. Mines were tighter in the front and displayed my cock. You could see the outlining of it. Danny's was also noticeable but his ass was just amazing in his suit. I swear I think I drooled a little.

At first when we jumped in the water felt freezing but we got use to it and in no time we were doing tricks off the diving board and splashing each other in the water and play fighting in the water. We got tired out and we went and lay down in the hammock they had set up in the back yard in between two trees.

We had to sit pretty close from the way the hammock was set up and at a point my leg kept rubbing against his and my cock was more prominent. I acted as if I didn't notice but I saw him look down at my crotch for obvious reasons. I calmed myself and thought about anything to get my mind off. It worked a little. We decided we had enough fun for the day and decided we needed to go shower and change.

I showered first since I usually take less time, and Danny would go after. I was washing when my little friend got aroused and I decided to take care of it in the shower. I ended up thinking of Danny in his bathing suit and was climaxing in no time. I washed up again and walked out.

'You took your time huh' he said winking. Did he know what I was doing? Or that I was thinking of him while doing it.

I acted like I didn't know what he meant and just played dumb. 'Uh huh' was all he said and walked out.

I heard the shower turn on and I started dressing in tight pants and a long sleeve shirt. I flipped on the TV not really watching anything when I heard the water shut off.

'So Kevin I was hoping that I don't offend you in some type of way but it's just that....'

'What happened?' I said turning to look at Danny. I looked at his face that looked worried and then my eyes went down to his naked body and his hard on and my eyes grew wide. Oh crap am I dreaming?



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