My friend, Jhon is a nice looking black Colombian guy who has shared my life in Colombia for the past six years. Since I am always traveling for reasons of my job it is very convienent having someone I can trust while I'm away.Jhon is a very horny and hot Colombian with a nice 9 inch cock which I get to enjoy when I'm home.Jhon is a size queen and has the talent and the good looks to happen up guys straight and gay who want to fuck his ass or have him suck them off with his talented mouth.

Many times, the guys that he brings to the house

are into trios which Jhon and I are open to.One time he brought an aquaintance to the house who had a thick 14 inch cock. The guy was nothing to look at but he indeed had a huge cock.Jhon and his friend were having sex in Jhon's bedroom when to my surprise both came to my room stark naked. His friend knew Jhon wouldn't swallow his load but Jhon had told him that his roomate upstairs had no problem.

So they came to my bedroom and his friend brought his massive cock for a blow job.He said he hadn't come in two weeks and needed to watch someone eat his load that was still in his huge balls.

So Jhon's friend laid on his back and Jhon was sitting on his chest getting his black cock sucked.I got between his friend's legs and started to suck his cock.It was so large I could hardly fit the head in my mouth.After a bit I managed with help of his copius precum and was able to take his cock to his ripe hairy balls.Jhon's ass was directly in front of my face and at times I would eat his ass and then go back sucking his friend's cock.I wanted to see if Jhon could take

this huge cock up his ass so I got a rubber and got it ready to enter when the time was right. His friend said when he was ready to come I was to pull the rubber off and finish him off and eat his load.

I positioned the large head of his cock at Jhon's hole and watched Jhon impale himself on this great spear.His friend started fucking him with hard thrusts until his balls were smacking against

Jhon's ass.After a while Jhon said for me to suck his cock since it wouldn't be long til he came.I managed to get my head between both their bodies and engulfed jhon's already leaking cock.Jhon began to breathe hard and gasp forcing his cock down my throat.All at one he said he was cumming and I started to receive his hot semen which coated the back of my throat with each spurt of his creamy ball juice.After a bit I released his spent cock and went back to watch him receive each thrust. I could see his friend's bloated balls start to rise and change in appearence. I was able to start licking them to increase what he friend was feeling fucking Jhon's ass.

All at once his friend pulled his cock out and

managed to pull the rubber off just in time for my mouth to enclose around his cock's swollen head. In no time I was rewarded with a two week pent up load which I was able to savor with each heavy spurt letting it fill my mouth at least five times.

I had to swallow very fast since my mouth was full with each spurt.After I let his cock shrink in size still seeking the nectar flowing from his cockslit with my tongue. I massaged his balls making sure they were totally drained.His friend said it was the best sex he had ever experienced in his life.

After that he would call me up when Jhon was out and come to the house for a quick blow job.He said that he was really into having a guy eat his load more than anything.So he would save up his cum usually for two weeks until he couldn't wait anymore and would come by to be serviced.

The next guy was a friend of his family who came by to say hi and Jhon proceeded to show him the house.After a bit I went upstairs and Jhon was sucking his cock. The guy was straight and I don't know how Jhon had convinced him but it was mo mirage.Jhon saw me and said whether I wanted to join him sucking this guy's cock.So we both took turns sucking his cock and I could see the difference when Jhon was sucking his cock and when I was sucking his cock.Jhon wasn't really into sucking cock but I will say he has a great pair of lips.But I could tell when I was sucking his cock would grow in size telling me I was indeed better at the job than Jhon. After a bit Jhon said he had to leave for an appointment so all three odf us went downstairs. I offered the guy a beer while Jhon was getting ready to leave. The guy hadn't came probably cause the experience was new to him. After Jhon left we were drinking our beers and he said would I be willing to finish him off. So we went back upstairs and he pulled his 7 inch cock out and I started to service him. While I was sucking his cock he mentioned that I was better at it than Jhon. I started to swallow his entire length to his balls each time producing a gasp from him.I worked his cock until it grew in girth knowing I was doing a good job.He told me he was almost ready and warned me to stop which I ignored.His whole body started to jerk forcing his cock into my mouth.He didn't say a word when he started to come and he was watching me intently as he spurted his load into my mouth. He said it was the best blow job he had ever received saying that all the women he had been with had never wanted to swallow his load.After we were finished he asked me whether he could come by to have his cock sucked. He said he would only come if Jhon was out. I told him it would be a secret between us.

Jhon''s old lover sometimes stays overnight in thew bedroom next to the one I have.I was sleeping one night and heard my door open and could see the shadow of someone standing next to my bed. It was Jhon's friend and he had a stiff cock which he said needed to be sucked off. Jhon had took him about our past escapades and he said he wanted to fill my mouth with his cream knowing that I would swallow it completely.He had a uncut 9 inch a little bigger than Jhon's.He said whether I would be willing to suck him off. I started sucking him off and he proceeded to stradle my chest and feed me his cock.He said he had been jacking off and couldn't resist the temptation of me being in the room next to him wondering whether I would do it or not. He started to thrust his cock in amd out od my mouth to the point he grabbed my head and force fed his cock rammimg it til my nose was encased in his hair surrounding his balls.I knew he was almost ready and taken my cock out to jack off. It wasn't long til I was shooting my load on to his back which made him empty his balls.He grunted each a spurt left his cock and made me swallow every drop.After we were finished he asked whether I would suck him off each time he stayed over. I told him no problem.

I have never told my friend Jhon what had developed each time he brought someone into our lives but I hope he continues since I am having the best time taking advantage of the situation and his friends are also enjoying the rewards at the same time.If Jhon asked me I would not hesitate to tell him. There is one secret though which I will have to go to my grave with since it involves his father.One weekend while Jhon was away his father needed a place to stay for the weekend since he had appointments in the city. Jhon asked it would bother me if he stayed.I said I had no problem. His father arrived and through many conversations with Jhon I knew he had a huge uncut cock at least 15 inches.I had never seen a cock that huge and I must say I was curious but I respected his father greatly and would never make the first move. The first night he father brought up the subject that his wife Jhon's mother never sucks him off and that he had never had a blowjob

I said many women aren't into it and that I felt sorry for him since he never had his cock sucked off.I knew I had to change the conversation since I was thinking about his cock constantly.So I started talking about something else but he would always bring it up again. He said he knew Jhon was gay and asked whether I had ever sucked his son's cock. I said yes that I had sucked him off various times. Jhon's father said whether I would be willing to suck his cock and I said I don't know if it would be a good idea. He said it would be our just between ourselves and since Jhon is away he would never find out.

I said let me think about and I would give him an answer later that night.At around 8 p.m. that night he showered and knocked on my door to my bedroom.He had the towel aroung his waist and wanted to know my answer.I looked at him embarassed and he let the towel drop in front of me.It was true he had a huge cock at least 15 inches and it was rock hard. He came to thew side of my bed and I couldn't resist looking at this black spear just waiting for my mouth.I looked at his huge fur covered balls dangling under his cock.He said if I wanted to touch it so I touched it with my hand and jacked the foreskin revealing the head of his cock already drooling a slimy precum.I stuck my tongue out to taste the essence and was hooked.I let it's head enter my mouth until I had at least 6 inches within.I told him it was huge and that I wanted to suck him off. I laid on the bed and he got above so I could accomodate

more of this great cock.I let him feed me his cock all the while jacking off.he was gentle at first but as time passed he wanted to sink his whole member down my throat.Once the big black spear had passed my gag reflex I was able to take him to his sperm laden balls. I could actually feel the veins on the outside of the shaft rub against my throat. I had mastered the breathing technique when sucking a big cock.As he was thrusting into my mouth I couldn't help from hearing the words he was saying.Jhon's father was actually enveloped in a fantasy of having his cock sucked by his son,Jhon.I heard him say take my cum like you did my brother's.He had me pinned to the bed impaled by this great dick.He increasd in speed thrusting his member with a frenzy of passion. As he started to gasp I knew I was in for a feast and in no time I couls feel the molten liquid of Jho's father filling my stomach.I couldn't taste it since it was way down my gullet. I just let him savor his first cock sucking.As he was shooting he kept saying swallow son ..swallow the seed which made you.I managed to swallow his entire load of hot cream and was surprised his cock didn't soften so I kept sucking until I got a second reward.It was so hot I had covered my chest with a flood of cum from my balls.After a bit he released me and collapsed next to me. I asked about what he had said about his son and he admitted he had always wanted to get sucked off by his son.He said he knew Jhon was tempted but he had never acted on it.I told him his son sucked great and whenever he sucked me he had me shooting in no time.I noticed his cock getting hard again just talking about having sex with his son.As I lowered my ass enveloping his great cock I told myself I would make his fantasy come true since Jhon had expressed the same fantasy of having sex with his father.We spent the weekend having great sex.Jhon's father was totally straight and never reciprocated but that fact didn't bother me since I enjoyed having sex with straight guys who just wanted to fullfill their inner needs.




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