Jhon's father once again was coming to the city and needed a place to stay.Jhon his son would be away for a few days.I had been working on fullfilling both their deepest fantasy.If everything planned was sucessful, I would be involved in a very hot scene between father and son.Now there were three secrets that I had to take to my grave.

Jose ,Jhon's father had arrived at the house and Jhon greeted his father before leaving. I told Jose which bedroom to use and gave him a towel so he could shower after traveling such a long way.I stayed in the kitchen preparing lunch while he went upstairs to shower. After everything was ready I went upstairs and Jose was lying on my bed with a tremendous hard on. Jose said do you remember this and I said how could I forget such a huge cock.He said he had been saving all his thick cum for me for the past two weeks.I got between his legs and started to nurse his cock,savoring the taste of his precum which started to flow immediately.While I was sucking him he started talking about how he would love to have his big cock sucked off by his son, Jhon.

I loved chewing on his foreskin and sending the tip of my tongue inside to receive his slimy liquid.Jose just laid back and enjoyed and dreamed his son was servicing him.Jose said as Jhon was growing up sometimes after showering Jhon would catch a glimpse of his huge member.Jose said his cock would always start to harden but that he never force his son to suck him off and that his son would have to make the first move.I continued to suck his great black cock til I had swallowed it all the way to his balls. This was some feat since it was 15 inches long and real thick.I felt his cock expand ready to give me the reward.As he started to come he would watch my cheeks bloat with his sperm and would watch me swallow each time my mouth was full.

When we were finished I told him I had a friend that wanted to suck him off and that he had a real talent sucking big dicks. I asked him I would arrange the time and place for this to occur if he was into it.I spent the whole weekend servicing Jhon's father and was satisfied part of the planning was in place. Jhon's father left before Jhon arrived and he wanted to have sex.I stared to suck his cock which was about 9 inches but still a mouthful even after his father had stretched my mouth.Jhon wanted to suck my cock and he started sucking me while jacking off muttering give me your hot cream father.I played the role of his father and soon felt my back coated with his semen.I took the chance of telling him I had found a straight guy woth a huge cock that loved getting sucked off but that if Jhon was interested would have to agree to the rules. I said the guy was real bashful and discrete since he was married. Jhon said to arrange it. So now the second part of my plan was ready.

I drilled a hole in my closet door, a gloryhole big enough for Jhon's father cock to enter along with his huge black balls.I told Jhon he would have to suck this guy off blind folded since he was straight and had never got sucked off by a guy,Jhon agreed to the request.I had called Jose, Jhon's father and arranged when he could come to the house and have his cock sucked.I told him about the gloryhole and he got all excited not knowing who was sucking his cock. When all was ready, I put the plan in motion.

I told Jhon to stay in the closet and had put on the blindfold.I told him he would have no trouble locating this guy's big cock since it was 15 inches long.Jose was on his way and rang the doorbell when he got to the house.Jose came upstairs and saw the hole and immediated got hard.I told him I wanted to watch his cock get serviced and he was already tugging at his zipper unleashing his cock.He had also tugged his enormous balls out and edged himself to the opening.As his cock entered,Jhon had no trouble finding his member.He opened his mouth and started to suck this black cock. I watched Jose's face as his cock was being serviced by an expert cocksucker.I watched each time Jhon went down on his rod all the way to his nappy haired balls.Jose was in ectasy feeding his cock to this unknown person.Jhon after sucking for a while wanted to taste his big balls ,one at a time.I could hear Jhon jacking off at the same time. By this time the cum had started to rise in Jose's balls. I got behind Jose to watch as he withdrew his veined cock from Jhon's lips and watched as Jhon´s lips expanded as his father's cock entered his mouth once again.Jose had peeled back his foreskin to make sure when he shot nothing was in the way and that the person sucking him would feel the full force of each spurt of cum.Jose always did this when I gave him head which drove me crazy since his cock head was so big and satiny to my tongue. I continued to watch from behind almost feeling jealous of his son sucking his father´s huge black member.I was waiting to see the second he started to come. I got behind and between his quivering legs and licked his big bullocks ,tasting the musky favor only black guys had to offer.I could see these bulls balls start to rise even more and told Jhon to get ready that he was a big cummer. Jhon continued to suck with a frenzy causing his father to thrust his cock deeper and harder into his son´s mouth.Jose began to gasp in short breaths and I could see through the hole that Jhon was getting ready to come himself.I just hoped his father would beat him. It was going to´be close.All at once Jose began to shake uncontrollably saying

¨Hijo suck my cock harder and eat my cum like you did after sucking my brother´s off.¨Upon hearing this I was shocked, I thought I had been had all along thinking Jose had known the feel of his son´s mouth all along. I don´t know if Jhon had heard his father because his father started to grunt and start to fill his son´s mouth.I could see the cum traveling along the bottom of Jose´s cock in pulses to spurt inside Jhon´s gulping mouth.I could see Jhon swallow each time his mouth was full.After a bit Jose withdrew his dripping member.Jose turned toward my mouth since I was still on my knees since I had been lapping his balls and I captured the remaining cum before it hit the floor.Jhon suddenly rose up and stuck his swollen cock through the hole and Jose motioned me to suck his son´s cock and wanted to watch.Jhon had an incredible orgasm,emptying his balls with as much cream as his father. After finishing Jose hurridly pull away his spent member and left.I was afraid Jhon was going to find out that it was his father he had sucked off but Jose had left just in time.Jhon opened the door and took off his blind fold, I asked him what he thought and he said it was the hottest scene he had ever been involved in and that I should try it sometime.I said maybe next time.




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