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My angel leading me into the garage. His sweet pre cum still tastes so ecstatic in my mouth. My nostrils filled with the scent of his pre cum as well. I was no more on earth. I'm on a very heaven that all gays would die to go for. We reached my garage. I didn't think about what to do in here. I was just awestruck! So I just kneeled to continue taking his elixir to sate my lusty hunger.

Before I manage to kneel, "I don't wanna feel any cloths on yu. I have fucked enough cloths for a long time. I wanna feel your body, CJ. Your hot body!" grey screamed like a lusty bitch and with haste he ripped my cloths off me. I covered my crotch with my hands and made a blushing girl pose. He just grabbed me and kissed me so hard. I can feel a greater lusty monster than myself invading my mouth with fierce force. He pushed m with his force, made me hit the wall behind me. He moaned so loud inside my mouth.

"mmm!!!....mmm!!!" he rubbed his whole hot sexy body with mine as he moaned like crazy! He also sucked my sharp chin. Then all his pre cum he spread on my face out there a while ago. I hugged him tightly to make him slowdown. But he's not stopping. He kept on licking me in my neck and my ears. I know that gonna make me trip into a hell version of hot sex. I held him so that he couldn't move, " can we do a proper sex now? I'd love to eat your whole body just as you want. So gimme a chance too. Don't be so selfish!" I smiled to him.

"um!! I'm sorry. been loving you for a some time now. Never thought this will happen out of my dreams. I love you!" gray shed tears of excitement as he talked. I just raised his head and kissed him. He responded to it. i slowly moved him in a ball dance motion without breaking kiss. I know he's still crying like baby. As we reached at the tools locker in my garage, i broke kiss with him. I took a blanket from inside the locker which have been placed there so that we can spread on the floor in case we need to lay down on the floor. Well It served it's purpose.

We placed ourselves comfortably on the blanket. He was still crying. I hugged him with his head on my hairless chest, " grey why are you crying? If you want to end it here, I won't say no. we will end it here. I won't force you. You wanna do this? It must of your own will." The next thing I know I had his palm crash landing on my face. I looked at grey shocked! " you made it this far, don't even fucking think of end it here. I felt so lonely CJ. So lonely. I want you CJ. I'm all yours. Do whatever you want to do with me" he smiled and laughed a bit and still crying.

With all this emotions, he still looks so fuckable hot! This time we kissed more passionately. He pushed me down so I was laying on my back. "I'll suck you this time. I wanna taste you inside my hungry mouth" grey kissed me and tried to move down to my crotch. " grey babe, I'm hungry too. I want you too. I have waited long for this too. I wanna taste you" I looked at him with desperate eyes. Without waiting for his approval or anything I prepared myself for a 69. I was laying on my back and he's on top of me. His uncut elixir injector was hanging right above my mouth. I licked his pink head. He moaned. Then I moved the tip of my tongue from his head to his balls.

Meanwhile he was working on my cock. I can feel his tears dropping on my balls. He was licking all around my 8 inches uncut cock. " you crying on my balls. Better clean it off the salty tears of yours" I joked at him. He just laughed and moved to my balls. He was rimming my balls. I was always weak for that. To prevent me from cumming faster, I focused on his dick. I clasped his entire dick with my lips worked on it with my tongue inside my mouth. I moved my head up and down. Then I swallowed his nuts and soaked it with my saliva. Saliva was dripping from his nuts. I continued to give him head while rimming his nut with my finger.

After a very short while I could feel a strange vibration started from his nuts. His meat suddenly became extra hard. I prepared myself for the sweet consequence of my BJ. I opened my mouth wide while stroking his dick aiming to my mouth. He probably was right about haven't masturbated for three weeks. His cum was so much. I couldn't swallow it all. It was leaking from the end of my mouth. I even got choked a bit. But I managed to swallow the most. He got weak on his knees and landed his penis on my face. I was just so pleased.

" I guess I have to pay my depts." Grey spoke softly with still lying on my body. He then got up and I moved to sitting position. I felt his cum still running on my face. I scooped it with a finger. Before I could put that finger in my mouth, he sucked the finger off his cum. "perfect position. Just be like that" he ordered me with a grin and kneeled in front of me. He lowered his head with his ass up in the sky and started to suck my dick with more intense way. He was a master! My 8 inches was totally inside his mouth and my penis head is hitting throat. I groaned in pleasure. He pulled my dick all the way out and again moved all the way in. with my whole dick in his mouth, he opened his mouth. Saliva dripping from his mouth. He used his tongue and rimmed my balls with my whole cock inside his mouth! Holy fuck!!! Can anyone in the world really do such thing? For a moment I thought he was a immortal gay or something. The pleasure was so intense. I was gonna explode inside his mouth.

Before I could do anything, my cum got sprayed all over his mouth wall. I quickly pulled him to me and started to kiss him intensely (I'm a cum whore! Remember?). after a three minutes of non-stop kissing we broke kiss. He stopped crying already. But his head was looking down and flushed as if he was embarrassed of something. I raised his head with his chin. He smiled (also blushed) and looked at his crotch. I laughed! " babe you are ready again fast. Don't worry I just know how to help you" he was hard again. That is why his face was all red. Hahaha... " now I'll help you get off. But the condition is, you shouldn't touch your dick neither will I" grey looked confused hearing my words. I carried him off the floor and walked toward the wooden bench in the garage. I put him down there.

Then i kissed him. Slowly descended to his nipples. He was screaming in pleasure. I descended further to his belly button. He started hump his dick on my chest. " not that way. Just wait sweetheart" I whispered to him and descended further with the tip of my tongue lining his pubes then his hard dick, his balls, the bridge in between his balls and anus, finally the destination – his asshole. His pinkish complexion made his ass look so delicious! I kissed his ass cheeks. I slowly made circles on his ass cheeks with my tongue. He moaned and twitched. An access to his asshole was granted. I licked the surface of his asshole.

"fuck! I'm gonna die! This feels so fucking good. Tear my ass with your tongue. I would die this instant with this pleasure lasting in me" grey started to scream and moan like a bitch. But he was beautiful. So I enjoyed it. I made a fast tornado like whirl on his hole with my tongue. And I licked each part of his hole with a very fast rated strikes. He grabbed my hair and pressed my head close to his hole. I can feel his body shaking strongly and he moaned "argh.... Ah....... Ha..... ha......." He let go of my head and his legs dropped. He just released his second orgasm without even touching his dick (no prostate massage too) He was lying on the bench on his back with all his energy spent. I slit my hand under his neck and raised his head, " feel better now babe? " I smiled.

With breathing heavily, " yeah. that was the best help ever. Thanks CJ. I love you" grey looked into my eyes. I just kissed him. We both went into my house and took shower together. After that grey asked if he can lay on my chest for a while before he leave. I let him to....

My hunger was sated! So does his. But what he's feeling is not just sex satisfaction. Something more.........

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