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The evening passed with a weird wind. I just can't believe it all just happened. I would never have thought grey could be a gay. I was on my bed trying to sleep. But I couldn't stop all the thoughts and visions in my head. I did enjoy what happened between me and grey today. I have had sex twice before. But I have never felt this way. After each sex I will just forget what happened and will look for next hot guy. This is just third time. But this feeling I have in me now is totally strange one.

I looked at the clock. It was 12am. I took my mobile phone and typed a message: " hey... are you still awake?"... after a few seconds which felt like few centuries: "yeah!". I quickly called him.

Me: hello

Grey: hi CJ. Not feeling sleepy?

Me: no. trying to sleep. But cannot sleep.

Grey: same here.

Me: why?

Grey: erm... well just...(he sounded like having difficulty to breath)

Me: you ok there?

Grey: yup! I'm good.

Me: okey then. Thought wanna call you. Good night

grey. Sweet dreams.

Grey: same to you... ( he sound he still sounded like having SOB)

After a difficult time with sleeping, I finally lost myself into the dark abyss. I was dreaming. It was a beautiful scenery. The place was full of lavender. Looked like a purple heaven. In center of these flowers was a huge circle of grass. There were mists in the end of every grass. The morning sun was shining like a holy light. I saw myself lying on the ground and grey beside me with his head on my chest. It was a very happy scene. As we was lying there, I heard a strong piercing sound. I came to half consciousness. And realized that it's my fucking alarm!!!

I woke up. I realized that the morning tent in my pants was not there today. Perhaps "he's" still tired after yesterday action. I went inside the shower. I had an habit of bathing 45 minutes every morning. I'll fill the Jacuzzi with hot water, get in there and sleep with hot water covering my body up to my chest. But today I wasn't sleeping in Jacuzzi. I was recalling and trying to complete visions from my dreams. And then the very thoughts that made me sleep late yesterday returned to my head. After about 1 hour, I left the shower got dressed and went downstairs.

My parents are divorced. I lived with my mom until I reach 18 years old. Then I moved to this apartment where my mom and dad used to live. This apartment is now mine. My parent still taking care of my expenses. It was my mom's idea that I shouldn't go for any part time work because it might make me lose focus on my studies. That was convenient for me. So I got my own house so does privacy!

I got in to the truck and drove to the diggory donuts. It's a local cafe for breakfast, close to my place. Grey's place also close by this place and I know he'll be here. As I stepped in there "good morning CJ" ruth magdelin, the owner of the Diggory donuts. "morning ruth. How you feeling today?" I smiled widely as response to her's. Ruth been quit close to me ever since I moved to my parent's apartment. She's like a sister to me. " the usual, and coffee" I said to ruth. I also been having my breakfast everyday from the first day i moved here until today. so she knows my favorite. My favorite breakfast is French toast.

Then I turned to find a place to sit. I saw grey was there. He pointed his hand to the seat next to him. I also sat beside him.

" hey good morning. Had enough sleep?" I asked grey.

He smiled " I think so. How about you?".

"I'm good" I looked around if anyone is close enough to hear us.

Then I talked to grey, "grey would you like to spent the night with me today?"

He gracefully turned and looked at me like a baby " sure. I do. I'll be there at your place around 7" his voice was deep. I can hardly hear him. Thought it's weird for him to act like that.

I realized that grey have been avoiding me the whole day in college. After college I went shopping to buy things to cook dinner. (yep! I can cook) I pre-topped a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. I waited for him. I took my shower and arranged my bed for two person to sleep. I heard the door bell ring. My eyes straight away looked at the clock. It was 6.55pm. I rushed to the door and opened the door. It was him.

I invited him in. we both went upstairs to my bedroom and settled down there.

Then I started "grey, about yesterday. Thanks." Before I could finish,

"CJ... I loved it. don't thank me for that. That was my first time. I have to thank you. I have suffered solitude for a long time. I knew I was a gay since I'm 16. But I was scared at the way how people treat gays. I thought it will be me alone to the end." His SOB again.

"grey... try and relax. It's alright. I'm here now." I hugged him. He buried his face in my chest. I kissed his head. His black straightened hairs smelled good. Then I raised his head and kissed him in the lips. And then I pulled him back into my chest.. then suddenly there was a pathetic growl from my stomach.

"Looks like a tiger is hungry inside you six packs" he laughed.

" then lets go stuff our face before yours start to roar."

The pre-topped pizza was spinning inside oven. We was sitting at dining table facing each other. Grey wasn't looking at my face. He was kind of blushing. He was a guy who appeared so much straight. He was my seduction target. I just can't digest the view of such a manly teen jock is now before my eyes, blushing and looking down. He was very cute.

I suddenly remembered something. "hey grey! Why was you avoiding me in college today?"

His face turned cherry red "i....i..i...jus..." he stuttered.

"you...just.. what?!!!"

" after what we did at garage, I can't look into your eyes. I feel nervous around you. I don't want anybody to notice anything weird about me. I hope you don't mind" he said with a very nervous voice.

I was puzzled " of course I don't mind. but why would you feel that way around me? We are still friends. What's wrong after that so called sex we did? You're talking as if you suffering SOB. What's wrong dude? I suppose you liked that!"

"CJ, I told you! That was my first time. And I had my first time with someone I dreamed to have it with. Its as if a dream came true or a dream of a dream! I can't grab it. I was secretly admiring you ever since I met you. now my dream have come true. But what's next? I'm in love with you. its not a moment decision. I have loved you by knowing you better everyday. So this question in my head make me feel scared!"

"well stop thinking that way and stop worrying. Nothing changed between us. We are still friends. Just be as normal as you was. If you avoid me in college also, people gonna know something happened between us. So be normal ok? Let's enjoy the pizza." I'm now having a mental struggle now.

He just nodded. We both had pizza. We was watching tv for a while. Then we went upstairs to bedroom. There I ripped all my cloths except my boxer short. He followed. But I didn't try to make sex here. We just lied on the bed. "how you feeling now, grey?" I asked.

"feeling better. I try not to cry again. I just feel weak to be having my sexuality a secret. Its really painful."

"You are my buddy now. So you can share your feelings to me. I'm here as a friend" I said with a smile. Deep inside me. I felt a fear. This "love" word he been saying. It has a lot of trouble to bring in future. I just made him feel comfortable for now. As I was chewing all my thoughts, the sex scene in garage appeared in my head. My boxer short wasn't tight. So my cock slowly started to beam upward. All that long time of silence made me believe grey has already sleep. I touched my dick. Rubbed it. then I put my hand under my boxer short to feel my balls. It was good. i continued to play with my balls.

A moment of shock! When I felt grey's hand grabbed my rock hard dick! "so you wasn't sleeping either?" I asked happily.

"I was trying to sleep. But as I was facing you, I saw a third guy woke up in your boxer shorts. So I came to greet him with a kiss" I replied.

"well then, go on. Greet him with your kiss. He's kind of need it right now more than ever" i ripped off my boxer short and spread my legs wide to let him access my big dick! he first sucked the head. Then he blew a hot air on my dick. the sensation of hot air and chill on my head made me twitch.

"oh shit! You are super cock sucker! Did anyone told you that ever before?" I'm getting out of control.

"I'm afraid your dick is the first dick that ever felt my mouth. Thanks for the compliment" he swallowed my cock as he said that. I moaned as loud as I could. I wanted more and more. My dick was such a lucky dick. it was going all the way in and out of grey's mouth. My dick was super slippery. He grabbed my dick with his lips very tightly. I can hear a "pop" sound every time he release the head of my penis. I was at my extreme level of control. If not I would've shoot my cum long ago in his mouth.

To make things more interesting, I stopped him for a while. We positioned ourselves lying on our side facing each other. We began 69. He continued sucking my dick. I went for my next heaven of pleasure. His tight virgin asshole. I rimmed his hole while stroking his cock. He couldn't concentrate on sucking my dick anymore. He moaned like a bitch. He started to rub his own body as if searching something that is missing on his body.

As he moaned louder and louder, I put a finger on his lips to sign him to be quit. But then his lips felt so good. I put my finger inside his mouth. I fucked his mouth with my finger. I was giving him the ultimate pleasure. My tongue rimming his hole. A hand stroking him dick and another fucking his mouth. His saliva is special. Its super slippery than anyone else I had sex with before. I took my finger out of his mouth and inserted it inside his hole. It was super tight.

He gasped and released a very soft moan. I slid my finger in and out. He enjoyed it. I put fingers now. I fucked him with two fingers. Got his ass is so beautiful. He used his hands to spread his butts. I was now able to put my three fingers in. I can say that was his limit for now. His hole is very small. And extremely sexy. I rimmed his ass again. He needed more than this. He put his finger in his hole and fucked his own hole.

"I have a better finger to put in there. Can i?" I wanted to fuck his virgin ass.

"don't ask! Fuck me like I'm nothing but a ass. Fuck me CJ. Fuck me HARD!!!" he rubbed his whole body looking for which part gonna give him the ultimate pleasure. I got up. I kissed him in lips. He kissed me so aggressively. He even bit my lips. But it was just too much pleasure at the moment. I slowly went down for his nipples. His nipples was really hard. I sucked em like a baby sucking their momma's tits for milk. Meanwhile my fingers was still fucking his hole.

we had enough of this foreplays. I pulled him out of my bed and made him lean against a wall. "now babe. This might hurt a little. Just breath and relax. Ok?" I won't really enjoy the sex if my partner is suffering pain. I slowly pushed my dick inside his hole. After some of the stretching he had earlier, it was not that difficult. My head made it inside his hole. I slowly fucked him. With every attempt, my dick went deeper inside his hole. At one point I heard a 'pop' inside his ass. He gasped and gave a painful expression. "are you ok?" I was worried.

"yeah. You popped my cherry. Keep fucking me. I love you CJ" he moaned like a bitch boy. I fucked him in a wall doggy position. That was my favorite fuck position. As I was fucking his ass from his back, I turned his face to be able to kiss him. I sensed vibrations caused by his moaning inside his mouth. We shared our saliva with that kiss.

After a while, "let us change position" grey moved from the wall and lie on his back on the bed. I pinned his legs up and fucked him. I knew I was fucking very deep inside his ass. I could feel his dick jump everytime I hit his prostate. I fucked him hard and harder by time. He was really enjoying it. after some real hard penetrations, he cummed all over his body. Some even flew as high as they can hit my chest too. So I also intended to bring it to an end. I took my cock out and stroked it real hard. Grey moved into position to take my cum on his face.

I saw his 'justin timberlake- looking' face in between my legs. I rubbed my dick on that face. That was sexy. I blew a mass load of cum on his face. His face was mostly covered with my cum now. My cum was running through his neck down to his six packs to mix with his cum which is already there. I tenderly licked the cum on his face. And then his neck, all the way to his six packs. I ate all that much cum. Still not satisfied, I ate every bit cum left on his now shrunken dick. we both was spent. After a few minutes rest, we went into the shower and we washed each other's body.

That night I requested grey to sleep naked with me in the bed. He agreed. We both slept hugging each other...


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