David my son had left for the Great Lakes Naval Training center in Great Lakes Illinois, I was alone for the first time In 21 years, I felt really strange two walk aroung in an empty house, Three bedrooms and just me, I just shrugged my shoulders and said, Life goes on.

I had married my childhood sweetheart when I was nineteen, we had fucked around and started having sex and of course didn't think anything would happen, we were dead wrong' Jean got pregnant, and we got Jeanette, a beautiful little girl, now grown and married, and living in Chicago, a year later David came along, the joy of my life. I had worked hard to get where I was in life, a successful Insurance Agent and broker for several Insurance carriers and had a nice tidy sum of cash flowing as residuals from my endeavours over the years I am thirty nine years old, I have kept myself in good shape and I work out and swim at the 'Y' I jog at the local park running track and I have a Home gym settup in my basement, I do keep rather in good shape, I have a lady that cleans for me, so my house stays neat and tidy, all in all I have done pretty well, Oh yea I finally broke down and bought me a Hot Tub and put it on the deck on back porch, which is covered with an awning, really nice and I have a tall Privacy fence around my house, no one can see in and thats the way I prefer it.

I have set up the back deck patio area with a varitey of eminities and have it very nice and comfy, I have a little frig out there next to the grill and keep it filled with soda pop and beer for friends and guests and of course me.

Well I guess I might add My wife Jean had passed away when Jeanette was eleven, from breast cancer, and David was ten, and I have had the responsibility of raising my two children by myself, I think I have done a very nice job. I never took the time to find another lady companion or wife, was too busy making a living for the kids sake and my sex life was about the extent of my right very loving and friendly hand, I could really give my old cock hell with her.

It was Saturday night late in August a really sorta mild night for August, David had been gone for about a two months and I was really missing him, I got a call from him and he said, Have Eric and Garret been over to visit you? I said not yet why, He said I told them to come over to keep you company ever so often and they said they would, I said No David they haven't shown up yet, He said well Look for them, I said It will be nice to see some of your friends, they are always welcome son.

Now Eric was going to the local community college and Garret was attending Nursing School and joined the National Guard and was only gone about one month a year to active duty.

Well I had decided this warm Saturday night that I would enjoy the Hot tub and kinda just lounge around in it and kick back and enjoy the evening out in my tub, I didn't kick up the heat very warm it it, I stripped down to my nothings and walked out into the night air naked and sorta stood there nude feeling the fresh air hit my body and felt the ole pecker sorta bouncing upward with my heartbeat, My foreskin had just naturally slid back about half way and the fresh air felt awesome blowing across my cock head, Since no one's house was close enough and I had the Privacy Fence, I was not worried that someone would see, me and if they did, Who gives a shit, its my house and yard and fuck em, I got me a good cold Beer and climed into the Tub, the water was just warm to take the real chill of it, It felt just wonderful I punched the switch that turned on the Jacuzzi in the tub and felt the bubbles as they swirled up and around my body and I sat right in front of the bubble orafice and then I started feeling the bubbles swirl up around my nutsack and cock, Damn for some reason It felt awesome, I was getting a rock hard cock out of it an I just layed back took a swig of my beer and let the good times roll I was even catching myself moaning at the pleasure the bubbles were giveing me, I just rested my hands up on the edge of the Tub and enjoyed the night air and the bubbles swirling around my crotch area man This Is The Life, I was not even thinking about anything else and had my eyes closed and I was sorta rubbing on my chest and feeling my nipples and they felt awesome, just going into a erotic trance, and was thinking about jerking it off after a few seconds, and I heard something like a door closing and Fuck Me, there stood Eric and Garret, Davids friends, and they said Hey Mr. Sims, Looks like your enjoying yourself, I said wha! Eric, sorry sir we saw the garage door opened and just came on back, we rang the front doorbell and no one answered, and we saw the car in the garage and knew you were home, thought you'd be back here, I said yea, guys would you like to join me, I asked before I even thought, oh fuck I'm naked as a jaybird in this tub.

Well I said help yourself to a beer or soda if you'd like, and they did, they started to get undressed and I notice they got down to their underwear and Eric, said man we don't have swimsuits, Garret said, do you care if we get in naked, I said HUM, yea sure, and not even really thinking what I was saying they stripped off their shorts and I saw a really man sized package on these two dudes, Now I noticed Garret was hung like a fucking Horse he must to have had six good thick inches soft, of uncut meat swinging over two very large nuts, and Eric was cut and had a good five inches and just nicly shaped and thick, I couldn't believe that I was actually staring at these kids packages and I noticed my cock was hard as flint, I thought Mel,thats my name, whats wrong with you, these are your sons friends, but my cock was thinking with another 'Head' and was not giving a damn about that.

I couldn't believe this, well they got into the water and I was feeling like a school boy, again they were bringing back my youth and I noticed Eric, slid over next to me and said Mr. Sims, and I said just call me Mel, he said well Mel, can I share the bubbles with you and he slid right next to me and layed his head back on my arm while setting next to me,His hip and leg waa touching mine and I thought down boy, I'm not gay what the fucks going on here, Garret I noticed was setting across from me and I was splayed out sorta laying looking like I was sleeping and Garret raised his foot up and set it between my legs letting it brush my cock, fuck I liked to lost it, then he kinda smiled mischeviously and said why Mel do you have a Hardon, And Eric said Mel would you let us enjoy our evening with you, I said well sure thats what I thought you came over for, I had misunderstood what he ment, He leaned over and started sucking my nipples and I like to jumped out of my skin, Fuck man It was so fucking electric a moment, I felt jolts of excitment going downward right into my cock head, and then I felt Garrets foot rubbing my hard cock and He was staring right into my eyes, and he said Mel, Your fucking gorgeous for an older man, and we know David says you don't go out, you dont' date and as far as he knows you don't have sex, so we want to change that for you. Erick reached down and started rubbing my nutsack and said Guys, Guys wait a minute but my will was gone, I was beginning to wimper as I talked and my speach gave me away, fuck I hadn't felt someones touch sexually for years and I was slowly loosing all restraint, Oh fuck His hand felt wonderful on my nuts and then he reached up and started Jacking me off, and I just layed back and grunted and moaned my pleasure and Garret came over, I noticed Eric leaned up and started kissing me on the mouth, fuck no one had done that in Years, I had kissed the kids but not sexually, I was fucking lost in a world that I had never gone to before, and I was really enjoying it, Garret said Mel, I said UGHUH, hes said, get up on the edge of the tub, I said like this and lifted myself up with my hands on the tub edge, he said thats a good boy, and then he leaned in and took my cock and slid back my foreskin and leaned his head down and started sucking, and boy could this kid suck a cock, I had once stopped at a rest area on a business trip and gotten a blowjob from some dude there in the mens room, they called it a 'Glory Hole' but fuck me, this kid was a pro, I could tell I had not been his first and I wondered if David had felt Garrets mouth on his cock, all I could think was if he had, He had had a one hell of a good blowjob at least for once in his life,.

Garret was doing a fantastic job and all of a sudden I wanted to feel Erics cock I said stand up and I reached over and started sroking Erics cock while Garret was sucking mine, I was about to loose the load Garret was just taking me to the hilt and slowly sucking and licking and swirling his tongue and God what an awesome feeling, I was starting to do a little stomach jerking movement and felt the cum boiling and told Garret I was going to cum and he stopped long enough to say I know I can tell, and went right back to work, I then had Erick Stand Up and I took his cock into my mouth for the first time in my life I was sucking a guys cock, and I was getting off on it, I had excitement like never before, and I was gettting closer to shooting my load and Erick Grunted his cock flared out and he started jerking and saying Oh fuck, Shit and he let loose a load into my mouth and I tasted my first load of cum, It tasted kinda funny, different, like nothing I had ever tasted but I liked it, I just swallowed and sucked some more and Eric said, Oh shit Mel, you better stop, and about that time I started shooting my Pent up, about a two week load, I felt like I was shooting a bucket full into Garrets Mouth and he was just swallowing and slurping and taking it like it was drinking a glass of water, he was going at it like a hungry wolf, Damn it was an awesome feeling to climax in his mouth, i just layed back with my back on the patio floor and I saw Garret get out naked and still with a huge boner and Eric knelt down and Garret spit and had spit some of my cum onto his hand and used it for a lube an and slid his eight inch, very thick cock up Erics ass, I stood there and watched with my mouth opened, I was mesmerized Eric was likeing it and saying yea man give it to me, fuck me Garret, yea man, Make me cum again. He was pumping and humping and fucking like a madman sliding that cock into Erics asshole and they were both in their own Zone, and then Garret said Mel, stick your cock into my mouth and I stood up and with my rehardened cock slid it into Garrets mouth still wet from before and Garret started slurping and sucking me again, well needless to say I guess this old man had enough for a second load, because when Garrett started fucking Erics wilder and faster I realized he was gonna shoot it into his ass, I started to feeling another shot comming on and I started jerking and I felt my nuts tighten up against my body and I started firing like a cannon into Garrets mouth again and he went wild and started shooting into Erics asshole at almost the same time. Eric got so excited he shot another load on the deck floor and we all three layed there and finally slid back into the tub to rinse the sex and sweat off our bodies. I was totally spent, and I said guys lets go up to bed. we got out, got outselves another beer grabbed a towel, and went up to the bedroom. Since I had a large bedroom, I had gotten me a king sized bed and we dried off and crawled into the bed all three of us still naked, I was in the Middle and they were snuggled up like little boys under each arm and I just layed back and enjoyed feeling their bodies next to mine, we slept like Little babies all night and we woke up refreshed and Garret, said Mel, David told us to come over and keep you company, and were gonna do that as often as we can, O.K. I said Hell yes man I enjoyed it very much, Eric saidhow about this Saturday night again? I said Guys its a date, come earlier and well bar-b-que. WEll This went on for almost three years and Garret got called shipped out to Afghanistan to active duty, Hes due to come home in about two months and were looking forward to the reunion, and I hope he will be coming over with Eric again, and Maybe David will be home soon to enjoy in the fun too. You never can tell what will Happen in the 'Hot Tub'.



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