I had drifted to sleep and was at peace. I slowly drifted off to my dreams and swore I was having the most amazing sex dream. I opened my eyes and much to my surprise found Martin in between my legs devouring my cock. It was morning.

"What are you doing," I whispered. "My parents are in the next room!" "No they're not," he replied. "I saw them leave and since your window was open I figured I'd wake you up to talk this way." "Why are you doing this?" I asked. "I had feelings for you when we were younger. I didn't know what they were but I did. Even today I don't know what they are." He replied. "We both have girlfriends." I said. "Yeah and I have no intention of breaking up with Lauren but I also have no intention of stopping from sucking your dick and swallowing every chance I can." He replied. "Now just lay back and let me finish."

I'm not going to lie, I wanted to push him off and tell him to get off on an emotional level but on the physical level Martin was taking me to heights I had never felt before. Sex with Victoria, my girlfriend was good and I always got off and so did she but this was electric. I felt chills all over my body, in a toe curling, floating on a cloud kind of way. Was I gay? He worked his tongue on the underside of my head. Swirling it and licking my piss slit. If this is what it took to be gay, I'd suffer like this forever. I feel chills on my entire body, my toes began to curl and I released into his hungry mouth. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He sat on my bed and said, "Now can we talk?" I was still floating and wasn't really processing anything so he began.

"Alex, I'm so so sorry. Last night on the bus I wanted to do so many things. I wanted to talk to you about the game and the pictures you had taken. I wanted to celebrate with you. I wanted to hold your hand. I wanted you to cum in my mouth. I don't know what I wanted to process or do and everything came out wrong. I felt so bad and seeing you walk away hurt, hurt me. You wouldn't talk to me and I knew I screwed up. I couldn't go to sleep so I came back. Then you started yelling at me and all I wanted to do was kiss you. And you remember the rest."

I sat in amazement. This guy was feeling the same things I was but he was doing something about it and here I was just debating. He started speaking and I took note from him and just planted my lips on his. Instantly his tongue was probing my mouth. I was in heaven. I made him lay down on my bed as I kissed down his neck. Slight moans escaped his mouth. I wanted to please his so bad. The smell of Martin and soap was intoxicating. He smelled so fresh and clean. I reached his navel and he tried speaking again. I put my finger up to his lips to shush him. He opened his mouth and started sucking my finger as I lapped at his engorged head. I felt his pulse through his throbbing cock. I kissed up and down his shift. The entire time he was licking and sucking on my finger. Finally I tried taking his entire cock in my mouth. He must've enjoyed what I was doing because his mouth opened and he released my finger. He was having short small breaths. I licked and lapped working to bring him the same pleasure he had brought me. He put his hand on my head and in breathy words exclaimed, "I'm cumming." I licked and sucked every huge squirt that he shot out. I looked up at him and saw this look in his eyes that no one had given me before. It was a look of infatuation. Like one of those cloudy, slow motion looks the cartoon characters get when they're falling for something. He finally caught his breath and was able to get his words out. "That was amazing! Have you ever done that before?" "Just once when I was younger, I would've done it again but the asshole blew me off the next day," I replied. A small smirk came across his face.

"Look Alex, I was very confused but even then I knew I wanted to be around you. You have this intense gaze and you're so smart. You're able to talk to anyone with ease and everyone wants to be around you." "You're the same way," I said. "No there's a difference with you and I," He said. "People like you the person, people only like me the jock. You're the first person who saw me for me and treats everyone the same. Lauren and I are only together because I think we bought into that stereotype of the Head Cheerleader and the Quarterback. After that night when we were younger, my Dad came home and was talking about how one of the guys at work had a "fag" for a son and how awful it must be. I had never heard that before and when I asked what it was, he told me they were horrible people who sucked cocks and were evil. I got scared and had to fight my feelings about you. I thought if I pushed you out and away it would be easier and I wouldn't become a "fag"." "You don't become a "fag" Martin, you're born that way. Gay people aren't anything to be afraid of," I replied. "I know that now!" I just didn't know that when I was 13" He replied. "So basically your Dad said Cocksuckers are evil and I had to pay the price? What logic is that," I asked. "Well it was more about me. I wanted to suck your cock and I thought that the more I did it the more evil I'd become." "That is the stupidest logic I've ever heard," I replied. "Yeah I know that now. I could fight it easily because you weren't around. You would have your nose in a book and acted like it didn't matter that I forced you out. That hurt me. Then Lauren started bringing you around and I'd get butterflies. I knew better than to believe what my Dad said so I thought I'd take my chance." He said. "I heard the guys talking about who might get the cover and how amazing your pictures are. When I sat next to you no one dared sit around us because they figured I was staking my claim towards the picture on the cover. I couldn't fight it though and had to have you. Unfortunately everything in my brain went bad and I said the wrong things and ruined it all." He finished his speech and I sat in awe. This guy was honestly looking me in the eyes and telling me everything that was in his heart.

"What do you want Martin," I asked. "Like what is it you want from me?" "I don't know, I just know that I want to be with you, touching you, kissing you, all these things I can't explain." He said. "I love Lauren I do but my body craves you. I've never had that before. It's intense." Knowing my parent's had gone on their normal Saturday trip to the Farmer's Market I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

"Well......" He waited for my reply and all I wanted to do was see where this was going between us. "Stand up." I said. He complied. I kissed him and he returned it with an amazing passion. I kissed on every part of him. Working my way from his neck and nibbled on his ears. As I let my lips and tongue explore him I slowly removed his shirt and let my hands explore his all star body. I ran my hands over his abs and run my fingers through the hair of his treasure trail. I kissed slowly along his collar bone and went from one ear to the other. Small moans and his nuzzling into me let me know he liked what I was doing. I worked my way down to his nipples and sucked and licked on them. I gave him a small nibble and saw him wiggle in pleasure. I kissed all down his treasure trail until I reached what I wanted. I slide off his basketball shorts and grabbed a hold of his nice firm butt cheeks. Martin didn't have a big bubble butt but he had more than a handful. His dick was dripping and leaking precum. I opened my lips slightly and rubbed the head of his dick across my lips, giving him small licks with my tongue as I did. I felt his knees buckle and him go slightly weak. I finally placed the head in my mouth and gently worked the underside of his cockhead with my tongue. I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth and his eyes were locked onto mine. The pleasure he was receiving compared nothing to the look of sheer pleasure in his eyes. I took the entire length of his dick in my mouth. I licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I deep throated him and heard his moans. I forgot to breathe about and was losing breath. I finally caught it and vibrated my throat trying to breath. Without trying that set him over the edge. He came what felt like a gallon. I nursed his cock until I felt I had gotten everything. As I pulled off of him, he helped me stand up. "That was amazing! I've never had anything like that. I have chills and literally my eyes are filling with tears." He exclaimed. Before I could say anything he planted the most passionate kiss on my lips! I felt his tongue explore every crevice of my mouth and almost lost my breath again. We finally broke the kiss and he held me close. He gently touched my chin and put his forehead to mine. "I love you Alex." He said. I couldn't breathe and my knees buckled.

To be Continued...........




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