I had always been popular ever since I was in kindergarten. Not in a stuck up way, but in the, everyone knows me because I'm outgoing and friendly kind of way. I had lots of acquaintances growing up; I wouldn't say lots of friends because as soon as the school bell rang we all went our separate ways. Books became my friends and I was a good kid that my parents never had to worry about.

When I reached middle school everyone else seemed to develop and here I was still the same height. I wasn't tall or short just average. I wasn't skinny or fat just again average. Everyone started dating and giving into their hormones and here I was with my nose in a book. I was very smart and as such most of the kids at school kept asking me to be their tutor. Never being one to say no, I obliged. I wasn't interested in dating so I thought we were all friends.

One day when one of the guys in school, Martin had asked if I would tutor him I said sure. I called my Mom and told her the situation and she said that was fine. Martin's Mom picked us up after school and drove us home. When we got to their house I was surprised at how nice it was. Again I come from an average family so our walls were plain white and kind of just plain in every aspect. Martin's Mom was a designer and their house was beautiful. His mom left us some money on the kitchen table and said she was meeting a client. We could order pizza for dinner and when she came back she'd take me home. Here we were two thirteen year old boys in a picture from a magazine left alone. I felt weird because my parent's never left me alone with a friend so this was all new territory. Martin said he was going to go get his stuff from his room. I stayed sitting at the kitchen table sipping the lemonade his Mom had left us just admiring the house.

Martin called out and asked if I needed anything to change into because he was getting comfortable out of our school required uniform. I had just taken a sip when for the first time in my life I had a heart palpitation. I started choking as Martin walked in with just some basketball shorts on. I was an only child and was somewhat modest because again I felt average.

Martin had developed early and was taller and more athletic than all of us. Here he stood before me shirtless with a body I swear I'd only seen in a magazine. He had a slender swimmers build with a well defined set of 6 pack abs. He walked in and I was nearly choking when he said something. I couldn't stop coughing when he came over and patted me on my back. He asked if I was alright and I suddenly had butterflies in my stomach as he touched me. Once I caught my breathe I told him I was fine. He smiled and I felt weak in my knees.

What was going on with me? I had crushes on girls and was just not really in to dating at the moment. Why was the sight of seeing Martin shirtless causing my heart to beat faster? I regained my composure and we got to studying. I took easily to history being an avid reader and remembering dates easily. Martin was more about scoring the winning shot and being an all star in every sport. He was struggling and getting frustrated when there was a knock at the door. Must be the pizza he said and got up. I watched him walk away and noticed how well his butt looked in his basketball shorts. I caught myself again and kept asking what was happening to me.

Martin returned with the pizza and said we should take a break before his head exploded. We went into his family room and decided to eat and play some video games. We had gotten into the game and I hadn't noticed that Martin was sitting very close to me, until his leg brushed against mine. I suddenly felt a strange tingle in my pants. I had gotten a boner before and certainly had begun experimenting with masturbation. His leg touching mine sent electricity through my body. He put his hand on my knee and said good game. I snapped back to reality and he noticed the visible tent in my pants. I was immediately embarrassed.

Martin looked me in the eyes and asked if I had seen another dick before? I replied by shaking my head that I hadn't other than mine. He quickly stood up and dropped his basketball shorts. I gasped when I saw his 6 inch soft dick flop out. He had a smattering of pubic hair and my mouth dropped open. "Touch it" he said. I reached forward and smiled. Almost in a trance I was drawn to him. It grew rock hard at my touch and he smiled. It likes you he said. Hard Martin grew to 8 inches. He placed his hand on mine and started jerking it a little. I was looking at his dick with such amazement. He told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. I don't know what hold he had over me but I did. He placed the tip of his hard dick against my tongue and giggled. I was sitting in awe. I couldn't react. How did I end up with a dick in my mouth when I was just supposed to be tutoring this guy in history?

He asked if I would give him a blowjob. I had heard the guys teasing and talking about it. I had even seen some pictures in a porno magazine my cousin Eric had. I had never done anything sexual in nature aside for masturbating. Noticing my hesitation Martin stood me up and dropped my pants. He was on his knees before I knew it and engulfed my raging hard on. I'm 7 inches hard a little above average in that department and about 4 inches in thickness. I whimpered as he sucked me and came in less than 10 seconds. I was weak in the knees. He stood up and said a proper guest would return the favor. I slowly eased onto my knees nervous but all excited at once. I took the tip in between my lips like he had. Slowly I put more and more into my mouth. I felt his pubes tickle my nose. I opened my eyes to see the look of enjoyment in his eyes as he looked down at me.

He put his hands on my head and started humping. After a minute Martin was cumming in my mouth. It was a sweet and salty taste that I surprisingly enjoyed. He stood me up and I don't think I moved for a good 5 minutes. He nudged me finally and said, "Alex, are you ok?" "Yes" I replied, "What did we just do?" Martin smiled and said you just had and gave your first blowjob, Kind of awesome right? I was shocked. I don't do things like that. He said he'd been watching porn he found that was his Dad's and got the idea. "I'm not gay though." I muttered. Neither am I," he replied." I just wanted to try it and I know you won't say anything right?"

"We should get back to studying," I said. We went back to the books and before long he touched my hand. "I really liked what we did but we can't do it again ok? I was just wondering what it was like," he said. My head was spinning and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it again either. I just knew I like being around Martin. We finished our study session and Martin's Mom arrived. She asked if we had fun and Martin replied, "We sure did!" His Mom went to go change her shoes and was going to take me home. I stood in the doorway waiting for her. Martin walked over and said Thank you. He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I felt shivers and electricity all through my body. He walked away and his Mom walked in.

The entire car ride home I had my hand on my cheek and kept reliving the events of the day. I couldn't wait to talk to him the next day at school and really become friends. I went to my room and began reading a book until I fell asleep.

I awoke the next day and was surprised when Martin ignored me at school. I finally cornered him and asked him what was wrong. He told me we couldn't be friends anymore and to leave him alone. I was devastated. The rest of the next two years of middle school passed and I was shunned because the all star had deemed me "uncool". I had my books and school work to keep me busy.

Our paths never really crossed until freshman orientation. I was soon dating another outcast like me named Victoria, and Martin was with the head cheerleader Lauren. I worked hard and slowly was becoming popular again. Martin and Lauren had a volatile relationship as all they did was argue and break up but were making out and all over each other within 5 minutes. Our first day of Chemistry class and I was paired with Lauren for the entire semester. I had no problems with it seeing as I got along with everyone. We would talk and laugh and actually help each other out. Lauren soon had me and Victoria tagging along with her and Martin to everything much to Martin's dismay. I didn't want to but she would always bug until we gave in. Time passed and we were popular again.

I was soon the sports reporter and photographer for the school newspaper. Suddenly every jock in school wanted to be my friend so they'd get great pictures in the paper. I actually got really good and was requested by everyone for the school events, sports related or not. After Martin had scored the game winning touchdown as quarterback (because why wouldn't he be, right?) everyone crowded around him to congratulate him. I took some shots and headed to the bus as it was an away game. I sat towards the back of the bus and soon the football players began to crowd in. The seat next to me was empty and I was expecting any one of the receivers to come over and sit next to me to bug about the cover shot. I leaned my head against the glass and closed my eyes. Before I knew it there was someone sitting next to me. I opened my eyes to find it was none other than Martin. I planned on not speaking to him seeing as his words all those years ago were to leave him alone. I closed my eyes again hoping to drift off. The next thing I knew I felt a hand rubbing the front of my jeans. I heard a slight whisper saying, "Don't make a sound just let it happen."

To Be continued.......




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