I had noticed a group of laborers from the City of Envigado were replacing sidewalks. My eyes were drawn to one of the laborers in particular. Some months ago, Jhon, my friend had showed me a picture sent to his cel phone.It was picture of a huge uncut cock, it made my mouth water just thinking about servicing such a organ. Jhon said the guy was working in the area and asked Jhon whether he wanted to suck him off. In their conversation, Jhon had mentioned the private gloryhole in our house and asked whether he had ever been sucked off through a gloryhole anonimously. The man answered that it interested him and told Jhon he would come when he was on his lunch break. Sure enough the guy showed up still dressed in his work uniform. I was already waiting in the  dark recess of the closet as they entered the room. The guy said he had to make it quick since he had to get back to work. I noticed from the hole he was a tan skinned guy, very good looking with a slim but muscular body. 

   Jhon entered the closet and told me to get ready. As I knealt near the hole I could see the guy unzip his work overhauls and brought his cock and balls out. It was enormous around 11 inches and very thick and had already had its slit filled with the clear precum which I loved to savor. As he approached the hole, he slid his cock through. I opened my mouth to receive its huge head. My tongue sought out its slit and was rewarded by the sweet nectar of precum. I let it lubricate my mouth as I tryed to engulf more of his member. After sucking him for a few minutes, He withdrew his cock and bent down. Jhon knowing what he wanted, got in front of the hole and sent his black cock through entering the mouth of this worker. I heard Jhon moan and gasp evidently enjoying the mouth of a talented cocksucker. After sucking Jhon´s cock for a few minutes, he told Jhon to come out. I was alittle dismayed and disappointed since I wanted to suck this cock off. The worker had another idea in mind. As Jhon left the confines of the closet. the worker still kneeling received Jhon´s turgid cock in his eager mouth wanting to suck Jhon off. I watching intently as the guy was swallowing Jhon´s black cock. Jhon was thoroughly enjoying his servicing since he  liked his cock sucked more than sucking a guy´s cock. Jhon grabbed his head and I could hear the familar growl and grunt of Jhon as he neared  orgasm. The guy was jerking off as he received Jhon´s elixir. After Jhon had emptied the contents of his huge balls into the worker´s mouth, he withdrew his organ still dripping with the remnants of his orgasm. I noticed the guy had shot his load on the floor in a huge puddle. The worker said he had to get back to work and Jhon offered him a ride. They both left, as I exited the closet I went to the puddle on the floor and started to lap it up along with the drops of Jhon ´s cum which were sporadically  mixed in the worker´s semen.  When Jhon came back. I had told him I cleaned up the cum from both of them, not wanting to admit I had ate my fill of their loads  from the floor.

   As I watched the laborre from the house, he kept glancing at the house  with more than casual interest. He was talking to his co workers  and they all began to glance at our house too. I had to clean the garage, and as I was hosing the garge down, the worker that had sucked Jhon off appoached the open gate. He asked whether the black guy was around and I said he was studying at the university. He looked dismayed so I asked him if he knew Jhon. As we spoke I kept glancing down at his package he was showing at his crotch. He even grabbed his cock showing me the outline of his huge cock. I thought to myself maybe this was my chance to suck him off, this time from start to finish.  The worker knew I was interested and he said some of his co workers would like to have their cocks sucked off too. He mentioned the gloryhole and how he was torn last time whether to finish getting his cock sucked off or whether to suck the black guy´s cock. I confessed to him I was the one sucking his cock through the gloryhole. He smiled asked whether he could use the hole again and complimented me on how I had almost gotten his cum. I said sure and told him to come around lunchtime.

   As lunchtime approached I kept thinking abut his cock and how I wanted to finish sucking him off. I thought about the amount of cum he had left on the floor and I would finally receive it directly from his big balls.The laborer rang the doorbell and I opened the gate for him. I could smell the odor of his sweat mixed with a morning shower. As we entered Jhon´s room I went inside the closet and readied myself. This time he took off his overhauls and stood totally naked ecept for his workboots. The worker´s cock was totally erect as he came toward the hole. I watched as his huge cock filled the diameter of the hole eclipsing the only light entering the closet. I let the big head enter my lips  and proceeded to swallow his entire cock, leaving about two inches which were lodged inside the hole itself. I savored his familar sweet precum . I started to suck his shaft for all I was worth not wanting him to escape this time. Within two minutes he was filling my mouth with his nectar,a nectar I had savored off the floor. After he emptied his balls he said  about two of the other workers wanted the same treatment. As he dressed and as we went downstairs there was another worker waiting at the gate. I let the worker out as the other entered. As I closed the door, he already had his cock out which was as dark as a piece of ebony wood. I asked him whether he wanted to get serviced through the hole or where he was standing. He said he couldn´t wait so i knealt and captured his succulent cock between my lips. I started to go down on him and he moaned and fed me his cock. He asked whether I would eat his load and I nodded with assurance. I had to taste his sweaty balls covered by the fury black pubic head only a black man possessed . I sucked his enormous balls til his brought his cock back to my mouth to feed me his heavy load of semen. Both men had huge loads and my stomach was full and satiated. As he zipped up his zipper I opened up the door and noticed there was a third guy waiting. As he entered and as the other worker was leaving, the guy I had just sucked off gave him the high five sign.

   This third worker was also black as ebony and said he wanted to try out the gloryhole. He had started to undressed as we entered the bedroom. I went to the closet and knealt to see what he had to offer. It was bigger than the first guy at least 12 1/2 inches. It was almost erect as he slid it through the hole and into my gullet. He gasped and started to thrust its length  in and out banging his balls against the door outside. I managed to take his cock and get it lodged within my throat muscles to massage its shaft. I felt it expand I didn´t let him withdraw his cock until I felt the familar pulse on the underside of his cock. Then I withdrew til only the head was left resting on my tongue. I tasted the first spurt of his cum coating my tongue which I relished and swallowed.I let him keep his cock spurting its load  til I had all I could take. He withdrew his spent saliva coated cock and was still shooting more cum. I watched as it entered again to make sure I took all he had to offer. He said it was the best cocksucking he had ever had. As he took a piss inthe bathroom I went downstairs and peeked through the window to see if there was another worker to service luckily there wasn´t since my mouth was tired and my belly full of three heavy loads. He asked whether he could get serviced tomorrow and each day through the week while he was working in the neighborhood. I told him he had a great cock to suck and his cum was the the best tasting cum I had swallowed in a long time. He asked whether I like to get fucked and I said I had a friend who would like to take his big cock. I told him I would like to watch his cock thrusting in and out of my friend´s ass. 

   When Jhon arrived from studying I told him what had happened and said he would help me out tomorrow with the third guy´s cock.





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